Does he love me?

Is he really into you? Be honest.

Does he love me? Does he love me not?

Despite what some people seem to think, men really aren’t complicated creatures.

If he misses you, he’ll call you just to hear your voice. There are no if’s and’s or butts about it. Men are just that simple.

If he cares about you, he’ll show it. If he wants you, he’ll say it. If he has a thought about you, it will come out of his mouth. If you are on his mind non stop, he will do anything he can just to see you. If a man truly likes you, he won’t let anything get in the way … we will do whatever it takes to keep you in his arms.

If he doesn’t do this, then he’s not worth your time because you are obviously not worth his.

So next time you are wondering if a guy really cares about you, just remember this post and you’ll have your answer.


Is he really into you? Be honest.

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