Is there going to be a new Twilight movie?

Is there going to be a new Twilight movie?

A new rumor has been making the rounds about the possibility of a new Twilight movie – a 6th movie that would take place after Breaking Dawn Part 2. But is it true?

Well, I’m sorry to say it’s not. It’s a rehashed rumor from 2012.


While it’s true that Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment definitely wanted to do a 6th movie, only if Stephenie Meyer was willing to write another book.

Is there going to be a new Twilight movie?

Rob Friedman who runs Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment,said,”If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her with a sixth film.”

However, it’s been eight years since this statement was made, and as you know, Stephenie Meyer never wrote another book. Well, not really. She did recently announce the soon-to-be-released “Midnight Sun,” which is due out in August of this year. But that’s just a retelling of the original story, only from Edward’s Point of View instead of Bella’s.


It’s more of a companion novel than a new book in the series. By the way, you can click here to order the book, which again is due in stores on August of 2020.


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Is there going to be a new Twilight movie?

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