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Review of Jingle My Bells

Jingle My Bells is an adult romance novella by Kelli Roberts and Audrey Hollander.

Five years after the death of his wife, Cris nursed his pain and a beer, waiting for another holiday without her to be over. Then the evocative scent of a woman broke through his shield and changed this from a night to get through to a hot night he’ll never forget. Will Santa give them just one night of passion, or can a lonely guy and an adult film star find the gift or something more?  This miracle may not have happened on 34th Street, but it’s way sexier!


Jingle My Bells by Kelli Roberts and Audrey Hollander

  • Title: Jingle My Bells
  • Raina Rating: 9.5 out of 10
  • Genre: Adult Romance
  • Author: Kelli Roberts and Audrey Hollander

Jingle My Bells is an adult romance novella with a Christmas theme … actually the description calls it an erotically naughty Christmas novella. I have to admit I’m not normally one for books of this adult romance genre, but a friend insisted I read this one.

She said it was a great story, and I would adore it. She was right. It was a short read, but it was sexy, the dialog was witty and at heart, and there was a really good love story about a guy who had lost the Christmas spirit when he lost his wife five years ago.

If you are looking for a quick and sexy story set in a Christmas theme, then you want to get your hands on this one.


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