Making an Afternoon Call

Making an Afternoon Call

Hello! I’m Macy Manners and I’m here to help with all your questions regarding proper attire, rules of social graces and online etiquette. Feel free to send in your questions and I’ll try and answer them in a future article.

Now it’s time to talk about visiting friends and family. Yes, even making an afternoon call has rules. An “afternoon call” is simply a fancy way of saying you are going to visit a friend.

Afternoon calls should be made between three and half-past five.


If making just a regular afternoon call, and not attending a formal afternoon tea then you should wear the regulation afternoon dress, which is an informal dress such as dressy casual wear.

  • Women:  Wear a casual dress. It should fall to, or slightly above, the knee, and not be too sparkly or low-cut. Incorporate a jacket or shawl to cover the arms.
  • Men: Opt for a dark suit, paired with a French-cuffed, crisp white shirt. You can go with or without a tie. Opting for a vest instead of a tie adds to the informality of the look.

Making an Afternoon Call

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