Some men just can’t take rejection!

If anyone has ever used a dating app like Tinder you are well aware of all the crazy ass men out there who freak out when you don’t immediately reply. But honestly I think I have found a winner when it comes to insane men.

Imgur user msmessyclean uploaded a gallery of images, screenshots really, of text messages sent to her after she tried to call of her blind date. Let’s just say some men really don’t take rejection well. You should use this as a reminder to trust your gut instinct! If you think some guy might be bat shit crazy, you might want to call off that date.



So I matched a guy on Tinder. He seemed pretty normal as first, a few quirks here and there, but who am I to judge, right? Matched, had a brief conversation, asked for my number and I gave it to him. Talked two or three nights ago and agreed to go on a Wednesday date. After agreeing and chatting on the phone, something felt off. He was too offbeat and I began to feel uncomfortable. The following day he said a few things that didn’t sit with me. This is was the final thing that did it…

blinddate-02 blinddate-03

Around this time (4 pm) I was working and I had already told him this. He called non-stop. Within 5 minutes I had about 5 or 6 missed calls from him.

blinddate-04 blinddate-05

He pointed out that my sentences are incoherent, probably should have read his first text in this screenshot.


Is this flaking? Still unsure. 


Still non-stop calling me at work…


and wtfffff. Edit: For those that are asking, he wasn’t strange or creepy at first. It was when I had a conversation with him on the phone where I actually started getting a bad vibe. Phone conversation over, then the next day was where this shit hit the ceiling. What you’re reading here was within a 2.5-hour time span. Keep in mind that I was working, I can only glance at it here and there.

Some men just can’t take rejection!

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