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Is miniature golf sexist? Believe it or not, it sure started off that way!

One of the first miniature courses was built by Garnet Carter in the late 1920s. His wife said it was meant to distract “golf widows” — a woman whose husband spends much time on the golf course.

Is miniature golf sexist? Believe it or not, it sure started off that way!

Thanks to its theatrical appeal mini golf soon became a fad and by August of 1930, there were an estimated 25,000 mini-golf courses in the US. More than half of which had gone up since January. Mini-golf always has the element of surprise: You never know when your ball might get knocked away by a wayward windmill propeller chomped up by a clown’s mouth.

Another reason for its rise in popularity is that once the Great Depression hit, most people couldn’t afford to play regular golf anymore. Mini-golf was a low cost alternative.

Still, it’s interesting to think that it all began with sexism.



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