No, Mr. Perfect Doesn’t Exist. Sorry Ladies.

No, Mr. Perfect Doesn’t Exist. Sorry Ladies.

I have this girlfriend named Tiffany who goes through men like candy. I asked her once why she didn’t date men for long and she said she didn’t want to waste her time on a guy that she knew she had no future with. I asked her how she knew she had no future with a guy when she never gave them much of a chance? She said she was looking for Mr. Perfect. But is there even a Mr. perfect out there? I mean the answer is no, Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist. He’s a fairytale, or fantasy that we’ve made up in our minds.

The sooner you realize this sad but true fact, the sooner you can get on with finding Mr. Close-Enough-To-Perfect. Prince Charming, riding on a white stallion, lost his way, or found Princess Charming and got married on his way to your castle. Get over it and get on with it.


You ARE going to have to actively seek the man of your dreams and you won’t find him hiding under your bed. You already know that he isn’t among the men that you are acquainted with so, now what?

Online dating is “what”.

I mean it’s not the perfect solution but it’s a way to put yourself out there and week through some of the toads, the weirdos, and perverts.

It really is the way to go to meet eligible men who want to meet you. It doesn’t matter what any of your numbers are…like age, height, weight, or race. Somewhere out there in the big wide world, there is a man who will like you…..then love you….and think that you are beautiful and desirable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you think you aren’t perfect, that’s okay. Somewhere out there is the perfect guy for YOU. The question is, will you let him in? Will you give the guy enough of a chance to prove that he is your Mr. Perfect?

Just remember to be honest, not only about yourself but in what you are looking for. If you don’t like short guys, don’t waste your time talking to a guy who is under 5’6″. But when you set your basic must-have’s, then really put effort into getting to know the guys who do fit that mold. Don’t rush into anything.


Talk and get to know him.

Spend some time learning about him.

If you do that, you just might find your true love.


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No, Mr. Perfect Doesn’t Exist. Sorry Ladies.

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