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Nose Piercings are More Popular Than Ever

Nose Piercings are More Popular Than Ever

When my friend Ashley told me that she was getting her nose pierced for her 30th birthday, I cringed. Really? Wasn’t that something you did at 15?

Turns out nose piercings are more popular than ever and hers turned out amazing.


She got hers done in Vegas (before the Covid-19 lockdown) and it blew me away how absolutely adorbs she looked with it. My friend is super shy and wouldn’t let me post her pictures but not to worry, I found some of another beautiful lady with her nose pierced!

Nose Piercings are More Popular Than Ever

What she got is called a septum piercing and it cost $100 with the jewelry. She got it done at a place called LV Tattoo in downtown Las Vegas.

I asked her a few questions and here is what she told me ….

Did it hurt?

Ashley: No, not at all. I mean it was uncomfortable at first, but not painful.

Is it hard to maintain?


Ashley: I need to clean it a few times a day. I do a saline rinse like twice a day, on both the inside and the outside of the nose. They told me to be careful about over-cleaning because it can cause irritation and that might make it take logner to heal.

How long does it take to heal?

Ashley: They said that it can take up to a year to fully heal but if you are careful it could be only four to six months.

Are you glad you did it?

Ashley: Yes! I love how it turned out. I couldn’t be happier. The people at LV Tattoo were honestly super nice to me. Very patient and spent a lot of time going over everything with me, making sure I was comfortable. I’m very happy with the results.

Nose Piercings are More Popular Than Ever

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Nose Piercings are More Popular Than Ever

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