Overline Lips

How NOT to Over Line Your Lips

We’ve recently talked about over-lining your lips and how it can help give you that Kylie Jenner look. If done right, it really can make an improvement. But when it comes to ‘doing it right’ there seems to be some confusion with some.

You should never over-line your lips with a color that doesn’t match your normal lipstick perfectly.

Doing so will make you look like a clown, and will make it obvious that you’ve over-lined your lip because your lip color doesn’t match your outer line.


Look at this girl. She’s a model in the UK. I found this picture of her on Facebook and almost fell over. What could be an otherwise really pretty girl has ruined her looks to the point that she looks almost comical, because she used a lip liner many shades darker than her lips.


What was she thinking?

OverLined Lips

Don’t be THAT girl. Never use lip liner that is an obvious different color than your normal lipstick (lighter or darker).

How NOT to Over Line Your Lips

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