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Perfectly Simple French Manicure Tip

So I’m sitting around talking a selfie of me styling my cat eye makeup again. I was going to do another cat eye makeup tutorial post.

Perfectly Simple French Manicure Tip

Then I realized that Kendra has had some amazing nails lately so that got me digging into some nail tips. I found this little gem on the site You’re So Pretty.

I love nails done up with a French Manicure but it’s not easy to do on your own. Anyone who has ever tried to do it by themselves knows exactly what I mean. It’s hard to get that stupid line straight.

But there is a trick, a really simple one and that’s to use a thick rubber band and you get a perfectly straight line every time!

Perfectly Simple French Manicure Tip

How great is that? Now you can do your own French Manicure at home and don’t have to pay all that money at the nail salon.


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