Polka Dot Nail Polish

Polka Dot Nail Polish

If you love Polka Dot Nail Polish as much as me you are going to love this simple technique to give your nails that classic or retro look that polka dots gives you.

Polka Dot Nail Polish

Step one: Give yourself a base coat with a solid color, like black.


I personally prefer the OPI black matte color but that’s just me. Honestly you can use any color you want as your base – matte or shimmer.

OPI Black Nail Polish

Now make sure your base coat is fully dried. This may take awhile but it’s important you don’t start putting on the dots until your base coat is good and dry.

Now I use the rounded end of a bobby pen but some people use a flat toothpick. Someone once told me they used a cotton swab (Q-tip). I found that did not work for me for a variety of reasons, the least of which was it was to big and talk about messy. So yeah just use the rounded end of a bobby pin or a toothpick.

Black and White Polka Dot Nails

Get a little piece of tin foil and then pour some of your white nail polish on there. Now put the end of your bobby pin into the white color.

Take the bobby pin or toothpick and gently dab it onto your nails to create the dots.

Gold and Black Polka Dot Nails

When complete, make sure the dots are fully dried. This may take longer than your base coat. When you are sure the dots are completely dry, paint a clear gloss coat on top of the nail so the dots will last longer.

If you skip this last step you might find that the dots will chip or fall off to quickly.

Polka Dot Nail Polish

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