Procession Up the Aisle

Procession Up the Aisle

A friend of mine is getting married in the summer and she had a question about the procession. She wanted to know what the proper etiquette was for the procession up the aisle. Some of the wedding books offered suggestions, but none that she felt comfortable with. She is having a very formal, traditional wedding. So that’s why she came to me … Macy Manners.

I’m here to help with all your questions regarding proper attire, rules of social graces and online etiquette. Feel free to send in your questions and I’ll try and answer them in a future article.


Many styles are adopted for the procession up the aisle. A good order is for the ushers to come first in pairs, then the bridesmaids, maid of honor, and last the bride on her father’s arm. At the altar, the ushers and bridesmaids open ranks to allow the bride to pass through.

This order is usually reversed in the procession down the aisle.

Keep in mind that when it comes to weddings, there are no hard and fast rules anymore. Just do what makes you happy. This is your big day so don’t let someone try and tell you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.


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Macy Manners
Good manners never go out of style! Have you ever been embarrassed by not knowing how to handle yourself properly in certain social situations? Do you admire the style and elegance that seems to come so naturally and easily to others? Worry no more! I'm here to help!

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Procession Up the Aisle

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