Real Advice To Make Online Dating Less Awkward

We hear all of the time how there are millions of people who use those online dating sites. The stigma of online dating is a thing of the past but the problems of fraud is still very much a reality.

So I’ve decided it’s time to provide you all tips to make online dating a little less awkward.

While I’m sure most people know it’s always important to put your best foot forward, but that isn’t an invitation to lie.  If you don’t want to meet a guy that lies to you, then you shouldn’t do it yourself. In other words, post pictures of what you really look like.


But that being said, be classy about whatever pictures you do post. Wear makeup, dress up nicely and have your hair done. Posting no makeup selfies is the last thing you want to do.

Don’t provide false information in your bio.  Tell people who you really are and what you really like.  If you are 47, tell the truth.  There is nothing wrong with being 47. If you hate fish then tell the truth. If you hold back from things you may find them coming back to bite you in the ass later on down the line.

Spell check what you put in your profile. You online dating profile is like your resume and you want to make sure that everything you said actually makes sense, is a true reflection of who you really are and is spelled correctly.

Some dating sites let you create a headline, which is a short bold statement about what you are looking for. Your headline is what prompts people to click to learn more about you. Be clear about what you want in your headline without trying to be to sexy or clever. Why not just try simple and sweet? Maybe try something like “Looking for someone have margaritas and fajitas with.”

Okay I’m not the best with headlines but hopefully you get the point I was trying to make which is that you shouldn’t be to sexy or try and be to funny. Just simply state what it is you would like to do or who are you looking for in general terms.

Now as far as your biography goes, don’t write a book. Be clear and precise.  Also avoid negative statements. Try and keep your focus on more positive aspects.

Don’t talk about money in your profile. Your career or financial situation doesn’t define who you are as a person so why even bring it up?

If religion isn’t a big deal in your life then don’t bring it up. But if religion is a big deal like you can only marry a guy who is Catholic or something then you should be careful to tastefully include that in your profile.

Online dating allows people to fantasize, and create unrealistic expectations of this fantasy lover. That is one of the biggest downfalls of meeting people online. It is for this reason I suggest that if you find a guy you really like then you shouldn’t put off meeting him right away for that first date. After that first meeting you’ll know right away if you have a real connection or not. If you don’t, then why waste your time? If you had put off meeting him, you could have wasted weeks and weeks of getting to know some guy that in the end, you just had no chance of working out with. So stop procrastinating and go on that first date as soon as you can. In fact, your first meeting doesn’t even have to be a date. Some people go on short meet and greet type things in a public place, like get a cup of coffee just to make sure this person is the real deal. Just remember if you are going to do this then make sure you make it clear this first meeting is not a date.

Now that being said and this is the important part … after that first meeting, don’t be afraid to go slow. Take your time to let that bond grow. Don’t rush into anything. This isn’t a race. Don’t have sex on the first date. Don’t have sex on the third date. Take your time to get to know the guy. After the first date start communicating on the phone, via text message and emails. Get to know him more. Go on more dates. Go on a picnic. Go hiking, Take a cooking class together. Spend time really getting to know the guy and I promise you’ll find the experience far more rewarding in the end.

On your first meeting make sure to turn your cell phone off. Don’t accept any calls. Don’t read your text messages. It’s beyond rude. Give him your full attention, even if he’s an ass, you be the better person.

When you meet a guy don’t go posting about him on your Facebook. It will probably totally freak him out if he finds out about it later.

Don’t text him a bunch of sexy selfies. Seriously, just don’t do this.

Don’t go posting a bunch of pictures of yourself without makeup. It will scare him off.  Those #nomakeup #nofilter photos are not attractive. Just stop taking them right now. Please.




Real Advice To Make Online Dating Less Awkward

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