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Real Black Lipstick

Ever since I did my post about how to create a vampire lips look I’ve gotten a lot of questions about a solid black lipstick look. People wanted to know what I thought was the best way to go about getting a real goth look with their lips.

Real Black Lipstick

It turns out the lipstick I mentioned in my vampire lips article actually looked more blood red than solid black when applied. If you want really black lips you need a lip stain like the one here. Lip stain goes on in liquid form and dries completely matte.

Just remember to be careful when you apply this or any lip stain because they tend to smear easily. Once you put it on, give it a moment to dry before eating or drinking anything.

Something else I learned is to start out slow and apply a thin layer.  I was tempted to lather it on thick to get the coverage I wanted but when you do that the black lipstick will cake when it dries.  I also applied it with my own lip brush and not the applicator that came with the product.

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