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Really crazy excuses to get out of a bad date

Ever been on a date so bad before that you would go to extreme measures to get out of it? Here are some of the more crazy ones we found from Whisper.

Really crazy excuses to get out of a bad date

  1. I paid the waiter to spill red wine on my shirt. At least one of us got a nice tip at the end of the night. LOL
  2. To get out of a bad date I once pretended I had an allergic reaction to the food I was eating.
  3. This is gross, but I was in a horrible date but he was a sweet guy. I was on my period, so I took out my tampon, then just let myself blood out so I stained my dress, so I had to go.
  4. Told them my dog was having a seizure. I didn’t have a dog at the time.
  5. I told her I had to go change my grandfather’s diaper and she was more than welcome to come with me. I said she would need the experience because I wanted to have kids as soon as possible.
  6. I once texted my on duty police officer best friend during a bad date to have him pretend to arrest me to get out of the date.
  7. Told him I was pregnant with another man’s baby.
  8. I just walked out of the restaurant.
  9. Shit my pants.
  10. Faked a heart attack.
  11. Put a whole bunch of ketchup in my mouth to make it look like fake blood.
  12. Claimed my mother was in the CIA and that I had a code alert to leave because we needed to go into hiding.


Really crazy excuses to get out of a bad date



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Really crazy excuses to get out of a bad date

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