7 Relationship Rules To Live By | A Manifesto To Make Your Relationship Better

Relationship Rules to Live By

Here are some of my favorite relationship words of wisdom. Do you have a favorite? Let me know! You can post it in the comments section.


I think that every woman deserves a man who can make her forget that her heart was ever broken.


Don’t let the imaginary person in your head keep you from loving the real one right in front of you.


There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you.


Sometimes people don’t seem to realize that there’s a huge difference between giving up and having enough.



I have put my faith in you. Trusting you is indeed my decision. Proving me right, however, is your choice.


It takes a lot of truths to gain trust, but it takes only one lie to lose it all.


Here we have compiled seven relationship rules that can help you make your relationship better.


7 Relationship Rules To Live By


From my experience and observation, couples who follow some idealistic relationship rules enjoy a better and long-lasting relationship. Here are the seven rules to know. 


  1. Respect Each Other
  2. Talk Things Out
  3. Appreciate Small Efforts 
  4. Never Create Comparison With Others
  5. Be Honest With Your Partner
  6. Make Extra Effort 
  7. Help Each Other Creating A Bond


1. Respect Each Other


Mutual respect is the most important thing that defines the strength and longevity of a relationship. For me, without respect, there is nothing left for you in a relationship. That is the reason respect has to be the one that must be on your relationship rule list. 


When having a conversation with your partner regarding your relationship goal this list must be the one that you have to discuss. And respect for each other must be the leading factor that defines your relationship. 


2. Talk Things Out


Every relationship faces issues and hardships, but the only way that helps in finding a way is to talk things out. In my relationship experience, the thing that helps me a lot in finding a way out of trouble is talking. When you talk things out it helps you understand each other’s feelings and each other’s behaviors well. 


Moreover, when you talk about things you understand your partner’s perspective about different things and understand their feelings. 


3. Appreciate Small Efforts 


In a relationship appreciating small efforts is very important and sometimes necessary. This rule has to be in your relationship rule because appreciation develops more dedication in the relationship. 


When we talk about small efforts it means small details your partner does like taking care of your likes, giving flowers, complimenting your looks, and expressing how much he loves you. When you appreciate these small efforts you make your partner feel special and he eventually puts in more effort. 


4. Never Create Comparison With Others


When you compare your relationship with others you are destroying your relationship because comparison is hazardous for a relationship. It eventually kills the spirit of your relationship and makes things worse for you. 


Every couple on this planet has their own goals for their relationship and they have their own way to express their love. With different means and different goals drawing the same comparison is something truly out of order. 


5. Be Honest With Your Partner


Honesty is another major thing that has to be the most integral part of every relationship. This is the reason this rule has to be on your relationship rules. For me, honesty does not stand only for always telling the truth, it’s more about committing with your full heart and doing whatever it takes to save your feelings for your partner. 


An honest relationship requires unconditional love and commitment. It’s not about the occasional expression of love with some gifts and hearty moments, it’s more about taking care of each other’s side. 


6. Make Extra Effort 


When talking about the extra effort it’s about doing whatever you can to take out time and make comfortable surroundings for your partner. To make your relationship better I think this rule is very important. 


Most people just end up with a weak relationship because they think the relationship is about being together. In order to make it lifelong, you have to put in some extra effort and extra compassion so that it lasts with love and care for each other. 


7. Help Each Other Creating A Bond


A relationship is mutual and it requires effort and help from both partners to make it worth spending time. When I get into a relationship I need help from my boyfriend to understand him and know him for our love, and same does he need my help in feeling comfortable around me and understanding me better. 


If you think by being hard to talk to and serious as hell you can make an impression on your boyfriend, you will not. You both have to help each build your relationship to last longer and spend your life together taking care of each other. 


It’s Not About Rules Its About You Who Make Your Relationship Better


Whatever rules you have or whatever mentor you follow at the end it’s your own efforts and heart that make your relationship better. For all of those who think by following some rules and checklists they can make their relationship better, then you are wrong. 


Any rule book or guide can only help you understand what can be good or what cannot be at the end your efforts make the difference.  



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7 Relationship Rules To Live By | A Manifesto To Make Your Relationship Better

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