His Banana

Review of His Banana

His Banana is a contemporary new adult romance by Penelope Bloom. This is a stand-alone book that is not part of a series.

  • Title: His Banana
  • Author: Penelope Bloom (@bloomsbadboys)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
  • Length: 172 Pages
  • Released: July 16, 2018
  • Rating: 9.4 out of 10

If someone was to tell you that you couldn’t find a “self-published” romance novel worth reading, then they clearly haven’t read Penelope Bloom’s latest work, His Banana.

Yes, it’s officially a best seller, but we all know that it can be manipulated. What I want is a great story and that’s exactly what you get when you read His Banana.


Penelope Bloom from what I can tell is well known in the romance genre, but her books are typically more of the adult romance variety, very often in the BDSM category. That’s not the case with His Banana, despite what you might be thinking by the title.

It’s really one of the cleaner romances I’ve read in a long time. Okay not completely PG-rated, but still far more sugary sweet than down and dirty.

Obviously, the author is well-loved with many fans and as a result, she can easily call on her large fanbase to make any book she releases a best seller. But in this case, it’s well deserved.

The one thing that did bother me though is that this author or obviously anyone that she worked with while writing the book didn’t do their research on the hiring of interns.

While it is true, interns used to work for free, that hasn’t been the case in a long, long time now. In fact, it’s highly illegal to have anyone working for you, including interns without paying them. Sure interns usually only get paid minimum wage but they are required to be paid. You also can’t make an intern be on call 24 hours a day nor can you force them to work overtime.

These are all major flaws in the story and since the entire story is based around this unpaid internship, it’s quite a problem with the story itself.

Still, despite this major hole in the story, I give her credit for her strong writing, witty conversations, and just all-around great story.

The story reads more like a movie. It’s one of those stories that you find yourself casting imaginary movie stars in each of the roles.

This might have been one of the better books I’ve read all year even with the massive flaw in the character’s internship story.

Review of His Banana

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