Book Review of No Perfect Hero

Book Review of No Perfect Hero

No Perfect Hero is a contemporary romance novel by Nicole Snow. This is the 1st book in the Heroes of Heart’s Edge series. This isn’t really a military alpha male romance because he’s former military, so I guess I’d call it just a sexy alpha male romance.

  • Title: No Perfect Hero
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 383 Pages
  • Released: April 2, 2019
  • Rating: 8 out of 10

I was looking for a good billionaire romance to read when I came across No Perfect Hero by Nicole Snow, and it caught my attention instead. A former Army Ranger or military special forces something or another comes back home to his sleepy little hometown, called Heart’s Edge.

Suspenseful, sexy, smart, and sweet. No Perfect Hero is a very satisfying read!


He’s your typical alpha male that’s moody and just wants to be left alone.

Haley is on a road trip from Seattle to Chicago, where she is looking forward to starting a new life away from her cheating ex-fiance. With her on the trip is her ten-year-old niece, who she is babysitting while her sister is away on a 2nd honeymoon, trying to rekindle the passion of her marriage.

On her way to Chicago, her car breaks down in this small town, in the middle of nowhere’s Ville. She checks in at the local bed and breakfast in the only available room, which happens to be the other part of a duplex where Mr. former military alpha male, is staying.

It’s not a bad book. It was well written, clearly professionally edited to boot. However, I had to lower the overall rating because much of what happens is predictable.

Still, overall it wasn’t bad. It was your typical former military alpha male who falls in love with the sweet girl next door who he has to save.

Another reviewer put it best when they said, “it’s a lovely little romance.” And that it is. If you are looking for a good escape for a few hours, this is the book for you. It won’t wow you or make you go, OMG, did that just happen?!?!  But it will warm your heart and make you smile.


Can’t complain about that. 🙂

No Perfect Hero by Nicole Snow

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – a twisted small town love story. See how far a damaged alpha goes to claim the feisty damsel in distress under his skin. Full length romance novel with a rollicking Happily Ever After.

My next big mistake has a name.

Warren Ford. Best kept secret in this weird little town.
An alpha’s alpha. Spartan abs. Too blunt for everybody’s good.
Moody, broody, mysterious, and totally up in my business.

I thought Heart’s Edge would be safe.

No two-timing exes. No pink slips. No hulking, loud, inked up –
Oh. Right.

Leave it to a badass to bring the drama piping hot.
Then he goes and saves a cat who means the world to my little niece.

Making me a mushy little puddle of wishes.

Wishing I didn’t know his savage kiss like my own reflection.
Or how erasing tears must be his superpower.
Wishing I’d never poked his scary past.

Or hear him growl when he swears it’s not our future.

There’s no way this works.
He’s no white knight. I’m no princess.
I need to go. He says stay.
Even our sheet-ripping nights can’t work miracles.
Only an answer as the danger closes in.
Is Warren my perfect slice of hero?


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Raina Rivers
I'm the dedicated romance book reviewer here because who doesn't love a good love story? My reviews may not always be nice, but they are honest. Lately, I've also been reviewing some shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime, and well, who knows what else I may find to review for you.

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Book Review of No Perfect Hero

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