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Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

If you haven’t heard of The Boys, you aren’t alone. Honestly, I’ve been so busy binging Netflix, I didn’t even know Amazon had such a great show out. The Boys season one, first came out in July of 2019.  Seasons 2 will come out any day now and Amazon recently announced a season 3. Amazon said it was the platform’s most-watched shows ever. That in itself says a lot about it.

So what is The Boys about? Well, imagine a world where superheroes were real. I mean like Superman, Woman  Woman, you know … you standard comic book characters come ot life.


The Boys is set in a universe where superpowered individuals are recognized as heroes by the general public but they are actually owned by a powerful corporation known as Vought International, which markets and monetizes them.

They are like super celebs who are obsessed with their image and branding.

Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

Outside of their heroic personas, most are arrogant and corrupt.

The series primarily focuses on two groups: the Seven, Vought International’s premier superhero team, and the titular Boys, vigilantes looking to keep the corrupted heroes under control.


These heroes are utter psychopaths. With all that power and money, it was really inevitable. It’s a side of superheroes that you don’t see in regular movies like Spiderman or any of the other Marvel or DC movies.

The Boys is based on a comic series by the same name. “The Boys” comic book ran for 72 issues from 2006 to 2012.

Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime


Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

I was so busy watching Netflix that I completely missed The Boys over at Amazon Prime. I’m glad I finally got to it though. I highly recommend it. It really was well done.

Good production values and a great story. Netflix has been cutting production budgets left and right. In fact, they’ve been trying to save money by having shows produced in foreign countries and just dubbing the voices in English, and more often than not it shows. Amazon went all out on this one. The show’s quality production really makes a difference.

Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you don’t know what you are missing.


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Review of The Boys on Amazon Prime

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