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Review of Watch Over Me

Review of Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me is the 7th book in the Danvers series by Sydney Landon. This is a contemporary romance that is also an office romance.

  • Title: Watch Over Me
  • Author: Sydney Landon (@SydneyLandon1)
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 304 Pages
  • Released: September 1, 2015
  • Rating: 8.7 out of 10

Although I read the first book in this series years ago, I can still remember it. That book was called Weekends Required. It wasn’t a perfect book, but it was still heartfelt and romantic. Any book that you can still remember years later, even if only parts of it, says a lot about how good of a story it is.


Fast forward seven books later, and we have come to the story of Gwen Day, a person who works at Danvers International.

This is an odd sort of complicated love triangle that isn’t really a problem except for the people involved make it one. Basically, in a previous book Gwen briefly dated Mac. It wasn’t a match made in heaven since, as you know (if you read the previous book), Mac went back with the love of his life and is now living happily ever after with Ava. Dom has always had a thing for Gwen, but the problem is that he’s also Mac’s best friend and happens to live next door to Gwen. Confused yet? I know it takes a while to take it all in, and it really helps if you read the previous novels in the series.

See what I mean about a little complicated?

Overall it’s a sweet love story with a few problems that could have been solved by the author doing just a bit more research into the subject matter. In fact, this is pretty common with the author.

Do I recommend Watch Over Me? Absolutely if you have enjoyed any of the other books in the Danvers series.  But if you haven’t really gotten into the series yet from the start, I might suggest a pass on this one. It’s a great continuation of the original story, but if you haven’t invested yourself into the world of Danvers, then it might not mean as much to you.

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Raina Rivers
I'm the dedicated romance book reviewer here because who doesn't love a good love story? My reviews may not always be nice, but they are honest. Lately, I've also been reviewing some shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime, and well, who knows what else I may find to review for you.

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Review of Watch Over Me

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