Stop Talking About Your Ex-Boyfriend Already

Stop Talking About Your Ex-Boyfriend Already. No seriously. Just stop.

There is a big difference between thinking about how bad your ex was and always thinking about your ex.

And you know what? It could be ruining your chance at happiness. Do you really think a guy (any guy) wants to always hear about your ex boyfriend – good or bad things about them? Seriously. Enough already!


If your ex-boyfriend cheated on you, sure I understand you might have some trust issues, but that doesn’t mean that every guy is going to cheat on you and it’s not fair to hold what your ex-boyfriend did against your current guy.

Just because your ex-boyfriend looked good in blue, doesn’t mean you need to say that to your current boyfriend.

There just flat out isn’t a reason for you to need to talk about you ex-boyfriend to your current boyfriend. So stop doing it already!

If you want to be happy then stop thinking about and above all TALKING ABOUT you ex. That relationship is over. Time to move on and be done with it.



Stop Talking About Your Ex-Boyfriend Already

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