Stop talking about your Ex-Boyfriend on Social Media

Okay girls, toady we are going to talk about something not so fun …. your ex-boyfriend. I know. Who wants to talk about the douche bag, right? Well here in lies the problem. See … some girls can’t seem to stop talking about their ex-boyfriend even if it’s been weeks or even months. And even worse, they do it publicly on social media.

Totally embarrassing, right?

I know a girl who broke up with her boyfriend probably about six months ago. In that time she’s already been in two new relationships. The second one she’s even living with the guy already – yet you know what she’s still doing? Talking about her ex-boyfriend on twitter and facebook.

Even if it’s negative, we aren’t stupid. We all get that you can’t get over him. Because if you were over him, you would not still be talking about him all this time later.

No matter what negative thing you have to say about your ex-boyfriend, you are the one who looks stupid because you are the one still talking about him.




Stop talking about your Ex-Boyfriend on Social Media

3 thoughts on “Stop talking about your Ex-Boyfriend on Social Media”

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  3. How exactly is this website sexist? Look at the very article you just commented on …. it’s an article about moving on with your life after a breakup. Exactly what is wrong with that?

    Our very mission statement says not all men suck, but sure some do. In fact, quite a few of them do. But that isn’t really what this site is about. It’s about empowering females, giving them a place to get advice on love, life and even their careers.

    Heck we even do book reviews. Given they are mostly romance novels, but still, just because we have a site dedicated to women, doesn’t mean it’s all about man hating.

  5. This website is rude sexist, man hating and misandrist! How long would a website called womensuck last? Not very long but is ok if there is sexism toward men isn’t it?

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