Summary of the book Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score #spoilers

Summary of the book Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score #spoilers

Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score is a small-town romance. It’s the second book in the Blue Moon series. This isn’t a book review but an actual summary of what happens in the story, so keep in mind there will be spoilers ahead.

  • Book Title: Fall into Temptation
  • Author:  Lucy Score
  • Publication Date: January 17, 2019
  • Print Length: 382 Pages

Beckett Pierce has just returned from a friend’s wedding abroad. He has a new tenant he needs to meet, but he is content with his post-vacation happiness for the moment.


At least, he is until he finds out that his mother, Phoebe, is moving in with her boyfriend, Franklin.

Beckett took their father’s death the hardest of his brothers and did not trust Franklin with his mother. Gianna Decker is practicing in her new yoga studio. He watches her for a minute as she falls, laughs, and tries again. Then he goes home to meet his new tenant, who is next door.

She is not there, but he meets a twelve-year-old, Evan, who says she is not his mother and won’t return for a while.

The next day is the ribbon cutting for the new yoga studio. Beckett is the mayor and an important part of the ceremony. No one can find Gia, so Beckett goes inside to look for her. He rescues her from the bathroom because the door is stuck, and she kisses him in thanks.

Gia basically dares Beckett to take one of her classes. He agrees, thinking it will be easy, but hot yoga almost defeats him. He walks her home, and they talk about their families a bit.

He only realizes she is his new tenant when she leads him back to his rental, right next to his own house. Gia has sworn off complicated relationships, so she tells him nothing will happen between them.


When she gets home, her ex-stepson, Evan, is still awake, but her daughter, Aurora, has gone to bed. Evan says his father, Paul, did not call. Gia goes to shower but calls Paul from the bathroom first so Evan will not hear, insisting that he call Evan now.

Beckett goes to his brother Carter’s farm to work on the brewery they are setting up with Carter and their other brother, Jackson. He plans to leave before dinner because he does not want to see Franklin, but on his way out, he runs into Evan and Aurora.

They attended the Pierce family dinner because Franklin is Gia’s dad. When he sees Gia, Beckett almost kisses her. He has never been this attracted to someone. Carter, Beckett, and Jax want to brew the first beer, so they decide to have a yoga off to see who gets to.

On the morning of his father’s birthday, Beckett is prickly. He sees Gia at the gym and is frustrated she seems to be everywhere. He is rude to her about her father and in general.

She leaves, and he stews over it all day. He also avoids seeing his mother since he believes she has moved on. He is worried that neither of his brothers will be at the bluff where they meet to remember their dad, but they both are. Phoebe is also there for the first time because she has never felt healed enough to come.

Beckett realizes how selfish he has been all day, thinking he is the only one who still cares about his dad.

Gia avoids him, so he does not see her until the yoga competition. All three struggle, and in the end, Gia points out their good points and flaws and says there is no winner.

The three have to collaborate on the beer. Beckett finally manages to apologize to Gia. They kiss, and then both agree it is a bad idea. And then they have dinner together. He shows the kids the secret passage in his house, and they’re awestruck. He and Gia want each other but hold back because they are still trying to do the right thing.

They decide that they are doing the right thing by not dating. Gia loses her keys, and Beckett rescues her with the spare. This starts a string of Blue Moon gossip about the two when she says she was at his place the night before.

While at a yoga class, Summer feels sick unexpectedly. She agrees to go to a doctor and tell Carter about it. Gia tells Summer and their other friend, Joey, about what has been going on with Beckett. She also reveals some of her past. Evan’s mom abandoned him when he was younger and then later OD’d.

His dad, Paul, is a musician and is self-absorbed. He always floats along looking for the next gig and exposes his children to people and things they should not have been around. He didn’t try to fight when Gia said she was filing for divorce and that she wanted to take both children. He also rarely pays child support because he usually doesn’t have a job.

Beckett comes over accidentally during game night and ends up staying. He and Gia talk about parenting and how she always feels she’s failing. She shows him her bedroom, which is not unpacked at all because she prioritized creating a feeling of home for the kids.

It’s enough of a mess that he worries about her safety. The next day, Gia attends a town meeting. It truly is a small town, and a lot of what is on the docket reflects that. She enjoys listening to Beckett as he presides over the meeting. Summer tells their family that she is pregnant, and then Carter proposes. The whole town is happy for them. Summer talks to Gia later and asks her advice since Gia is doing great with two kids to care for.

On Saturday, Gia is overwhelmed. She needs to get the kids to two different parties that start at the same time and then stay for Aurora’s. Right before she needs to go, Beckett and Jax show up with a dishwasher to help ease her load.

They also bring Franklin, who will take the kids to their parties, and Phoebe, who will help Gia organize her room. She’s mad at first, but Phoebe explains that people in Blue Moon like to solve problems, Beckett especially. Gia wants to be independent. She learned from Paul that she couldn’t rely on anyone.

Beckett and Gia rarely see each other for days. He wants space because he is new to the concept of wanting someone as much as he wants her. Then, one night, he sees Gia crying and helps her out with his spare key. He made them when he realized she prioritizes a lot of important things over minuscule details like her key or phone.

She tells him how she’s proud of Evan’s kindness to a classmate and how she can’t help him the way she wants to. Due to Paul quitting his job, Evan doesn’t have insurance, so Gia will need another part-time job to afford it. She had asked if she could adopt Evan when they were still married but left it too much in Paul’s hands. Beckett suggests she could become Evan’s legal guardian. He offers to help her with the legal side.

A few days later, Summer invites Gia to her wedding at the Halloween parade and asks her to be a bridesmaid. She also hires Gia as an assistant editor for her online wellness magazine.

Gia and Beckett finally decide to have sex, thinking they might get it out of their systems. It’s far too good for either of them to want it to be a one-time thing. Gia schedules a meeting with Beckett for the next day and says Paul seems to be on board with giving her legal guardianship. She and Beckett are starting some sort of relationship, but they’re keeping it secret.

She takes Aurora and Evan to the farm, where Joey and Carter are planning to give them riding lessons. Gia has a meeting with Summer to plan some future magazine concepts.

Then she invites Gia to a fitting, but Gia can’t leave the kids alone on a Saturday. Her dad is too busy to watch them. Beckett overhears and offers to babysit. She is reluctant, but he argues that she is not pawning her kids off on other people. She is still their parent, but she is allowed to do things for herself, too. She isn’t alone now.

She goes to the dress fitting. Meanwhile, Beckett, Jax, and Carter watch the kids. They all have a great time, although the three men are exhausted after a few hours of Aurora’s energy. Phoebe talks to Beckett and tells him he should take a chance on a relationship with Gia.

Gia attends a meeting for women in business in Blue Moon. Beckett gives a lovely speech about how much he learned from the female business owners he knew growing up, and Gia realizes she is in love with him. They go to Summer’s wedding planning dinner and are assigned the same task.

They have sex in the barn and are almost caught by Carter. This prompts Gia to tell Beckett that she does not want to sneak around. Beckett fully intends to have a relationship with her if she is on board. He announces that they are dating his family and Franklin.

Gia wishes she were part of the decision but is also happy they know. She thought she would have to convince Beckett a relationship was a good idea. They also tell the kids.

They go on a date to a lovely restaurant. There is a woman glaring at Gia the whole time. She turns out to be Trudy, who Beckett dated for three weeks before she tried to convince him to marry her, leave Blue Moon behind for a bigger future in politics, handcuff herself to his porch, and set a fire. She corners Gia in the bathroom, but Gia is amused rather than intimidated or bothered. Beckett is impressed once he learns how she handled it.

To announce to the town they’re dating, he sends Gia roses at work. He also buys a car seat so he can safely drive Aurora around. The whole town is thrilled for them. Evan approaches Beckett at work to ask if he will sponsor the debate team at the middle school.

Beckett agrees. Later, he goes out with Carter and Jax and comes back with food for Gia. When he knocks, Paul answers the door. Beckett takes it badly and argues with Gia. He says that she should go back to Paul and try to recreate her first family.

She is utterly furious with him. Paul watches the kids while she goes to Franklin’s house. She tells him and Phoebe what happened, and Phoebe plans to bash some sense into her child.

It doesn’t take long for news to spread. Beckett knows he mishandled the argument but also really cannot deal with fixing it yet. To make it worse, as soon as he ventures out of his house, he hears from everyone about how wonderful Paul is.

He even sees some members of the community planning on how to get Gia and Paul together. He can’t handle it. Right after, he finds Aurora wandering around alone. She was supposed to be with her dad, but he didn’t notice when she walked away because he was on the phone. Aurora is hungry, but Paul can’t figure out how to feed her, so Beckett buys them dinner. It is quickly apparent that Paul is awful at being a parent and has no idea what

Aurora needs or wants. He also wanders off constantly to take calls, leaving her with Beckett. He realizes how wrong he was and that he wants the opportunity to be a part of Gia’s family. Carter and Jax come over and force him to get out some of his feelings via boxing. That helps, and Beckett plans to fight for Gia.

On the other hand, the whole town is reminding Gia how wonderful Beckett is. Everywhere she goes, she hears about some new kindness he did for someone. She gets locked out of her studio and has to call Beckett for help, but refuses to let him apologize. He starts his plan to win Gia back with Carter’s bachelor party by inviting Paul and Evan. This backfires when Franklin announces he plans to propose to Phoebe. Gia grabs Beckett, Carter, and Jax before Beckett can say anything he will regret.

After some prodding, he tells his brothers what it was like when their dad died, and he was the only one there to pick up their mom’s emotional pieces and try to keep the farm going. He’s terrified of seeing her hurt again. After she is done with the emotional intervention, Gia goes to Summer’s bachelorette party and updates everyone. She also tells them that Beckett apologizing won’t mean anything if his actions don’t change.

The first batch of beer is great. Beckett suggests they name it after Summer and that they let Phoebe and Franklin build a house on the farm. They keep it quiet until after the wedding. At the wedding, all three are still a bit bruised but presentable.

Evan tells Beckett he needs to fight for Gia. He also explains how his dad has never been reliable and doesn’t have a dad gene. Beckett dances with Aurora and Gia.

Gia says he made her doubt her decision to get divorced, which was an awful thing to do to her and really hurt her. He says he won’t let her go, but she is still hurt. She wants space. At the very end of the wedding, Franklin proposes to Phoebe—and since Beckett was the one holding the ring box for him, it is clear to Phoebe that he approves and has begun dealing with his issues after his dad’s death. They tell them about the house.

Beckett puts his plan into motion. He puts together a town hall meeting where he and Evan list out reasons why Gia should give him a second chance.

She is embarrassed but also impressed by the organization. Beckett apologizes, and Evan talks about how much Beckett cares for the whole family and how Gia is scared to let anyone else help her. They unanimously vote for Gia to give him a second chance, and she agrees. Also, they unanimously voted for the council, including Beckett, to have to wear powdered wigs.

Gia and Beckett talk through their issues further in private. They get back together, which the kids approve of. And Beckett leaves Gia a ring in her fairy garden for her to find the next morning and then proposes.

In the epilogue, a few months later, Gia and Beckett get married on New Year’s Eve. Her sisters love him, as does Franklin. They’re both happy to be there together with their family.

Summary of the book Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score #spoilers

Fall into Temptation by Lucy Score is now available on Amazon.

Beckett Pierce is the most eligible bachelor in the nosiest small town in upstate New York. But after his last girlfriend handcuffed herself to his porch and set his welcome mat on fire, he’s not looking for any more romance.

Especially if it lands right in his own backyard. And has miles of red hair.

Gianna Decker has her hands full—no, overflowing—with problems. With two kids, a useless ex, and a brand new yoga studio, the last thing on her mind is finding a man who’ll demand more of her time.

Fantasizing about her hot, broody landlord? Mistake. Lusting after the sexy mayor of her new town? Terrible idea. Getting naked with the “favorite” son of her father’s new lady friend? N-O. Getting involved with Beckett has disaster written all over it.

Those stolen kisses were accidental. A few moments of strings-free, sizzling passion couldn’t possibly cause any trouble. At least, not until tempers flare when their families complicate things and the interfering citizens of Blue Moon step in with their special brand of chaos.


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Summary of the book Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score #spoilers

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