Tampon Makeup Tutorial

The Tampon Makeup Hack. Does this really work?

It seems like every day I’m hearing about some fabulous new trend in makeup. The latest however is just too much – it’s called the tampon makeup hack.

Beauty Blender

Instead of using a beauty blender girls are actually using tampons of all things. The question is, does it really work?


I mean tampons, as a beauty blender, really?

Tampon Makeup Tutorial

I watched a few of the videos on YouTube of people doing it. And to be honest I couldn’t help but think it wasn’t that it was the best thing to use but more like they were just trying to be outrageous to get views. And you know what? It worked. It’s all everyone seems to be talking about lately.

The question remains, does it really work?

The answer is no. It’s an absolutely stupid idea.

Tampons are meant to be absorbent. So why would you want to use something that would absorb all of your expensive liquid makeup?

Depending on which foundation you use, it could cost anywhere from $7 for drugstore brands like Revlon to $40 to $100 for the Sephora type foundations. Do you really want half of your $40 foundation being soaked up into an absorbent tampon?

This whole idea is just nothing short of stupid.

I give this beauty trend a big fat #FAIL

Sorry my friends, but the tampon makeup hack is a bust.


The Tampon Makeup Hack. Does this really work?

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