Review of The Arrangement volume 1

The Arrangement is an adult contemporary romance novella by Abby Weeks.  What would you do if you were forced to become the toy of some very rich and powerful men?

That’s the question that April Masterson has to answer in this stunning new series from Abby Weeks. This story is intended for a mature audience. It follows the journey of a girl whose husband becomes a partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. But all is not as it seems, and pretty soon she is being humiliated and used by the partners in ways that she could never have imagined. The Arrangement follows the story of April Masterson whose life is about to be turned upside down. She is a devoted young wife and mother, even if her husband Walter can be domineering and possessive. She has always tried to keep him happy so that she and her children can enjoy a life of security and stability. When he is made partner at the firm she feels her life is entirely set up. They are showered with wealth and generosity and even receive a stunning new home in a secluded private community on the outskirts of the capital. But after the move, April begins to see just how drastically her life has changed. There is an arrangement that she never suspected. The partners always said that the firm was a family but she didn’t realize just how literally they meant it! Now she finds herself taking on a new role in her life and becoming a new person. She feels confident, powerful and wealthy. She realizes that she has what it takes to fulfill the desires of four of DC’s most powerful and wealthy lawyers. She also realizes that she likes it!

The Arrangement 1


The Arrangement volume 1 is now available at Amazon

  • Title: The Arrangement 1
  • Raina Rating: 1 out of 10
  • Genre: Romance – Adult
  • Author: Abby Weeks
  • Series: The Arrangement – Book 1

There is so much wrong with this book I barely know where to begin. Right from the start you get the sense that there is something wrong with this girl, April Masterson. She grew up poor and found herself married to a wealthy but controlling man.

Now let me stop right here and make a few points. If a man tells you that he is sending away your two children, your precious little daughters age four and six that should raise a red flag. If that same same man sells your car, makes all the decisions in your life, buys a new house and tells you that you are moving in two days, tells you what to wear and while you are in the back of a limo tells you (not ask but tells you) to “make me come”, then you seriously have a problem.

Throughout the whole first part of the book the author goes out of their way to tell us how insecure April was. Then at the end, in a way to justify what she is going to do with all of those men she goes the other way and says “She was always confident she was pretty.”  Okay so which is it? Is April confident and sexy or sweet but insecure?

A person is either so horrified that the driver might have seen her giving her husband a BJ and then 1 day later getting butt ass naked and having a gang bang with your husbands partners.

I get writing a sexy story. I get the whole concept of erotica. But there is also a big difference between a a good story and a really bad one. Let’s first start at the down right abusive and manipulative behavior of her husband.

  • (Husband to wife) Every time I come to you with something good in my life you try to sour it.
  • He rolled his eyes and sighed. —If you could just go with the flow for once it would be greatly appreciated, he said. She didn’t understand why he was being so hard on her. It wasn’t like she had forced him to wear something he found humiliating.
  • She vowed to correct her attitude and be more grateful. 
  • She felt like she could do nothing right with Walter though. Nothing she did seemed to please him.

That isn’t sexy. That isn’t character building. That’s just sad. It’s not okay and that the author thinks that kind of thing is really okay because April had a hard life as a child is even more wrong on just so many levels.

I won’t bother you with any more on this book.I’ll just end by saying don’t waste your time with this book. It’s horrible. It’s really really horrible and something I wouldn’t suggest anyone ever waste their time reading.

It wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t hot an steamy. There was no love story there or even any love between the husband and the wife. There was no major character development. Nobody grew or learned anything from the happenings in the book. It was just a mix and mash of confusing things that all tried to justify the final scene of where this girl agrees to have sex with all of her husbands bosses and then tried to be like, yeah she’s strong and sexy and confident and she wants it. But even then, when you could have said oh well it’s erotica, it didn’t even give you the hot and sexy love scene. It cut that out. How weird is that?

I don’t even know how to explain what this story was other than to say that it was the worst piece of crap.

Review of The Arrangement volume 1

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