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The Ex-Boyfriend List: Get your Ex Reported!

We all have that jerk of an ex-boyfriend we want to report, and luckily you now have a place to do just that. This is your very own bad boyfriend database, or as we like to call it, the ex-boyfriend list!

The Ex-Boyfriend List


The Ex-Boyfriend List, or the bad boyfriend database, the place where you can report your ex-boyfriend for cheating on you or just being a jerk. The truth of the matter is, we’ve all had a bad breakup – okay, maybe a few of them in our lives, but that isn’t what this is about.

Wondering what we are, all you need to know about us is that we are out here for girls who have gone through the worst at the hands of a man who didn’t appreciate them enough. Since our website is all about supporting strong women who have had lousy ex’s, we have a small surprise for all you women out there. A little snippet: It’s all about girls supporting girls.

What is the Ex-Boyfriend List?

The Ex-Boyfriend List is also popularly known as a database designed for an evil Ex. This place is for all you women out there who were happily in love with a guy who didn’t put enough and exploited you in ways you didn’t realize you could ever be used for.

From ditching you to making you feel terrible about a small task, cheating and making you feel as if you’re not enough, and even going as far as verbally and physically abusing you. You should know you are all strong individuals for having gone through all that you did. This site and its purpose don’t lie in the fact that we all have had a few bad breakups or seen someone in our lives have them. It’s beyond that.

Now that you’re finally out of the horrible mess and out of the relationship with your ex, you probably see him walk down the streets with another girl on his arm, and that doesn’t stop you from wondering if he treats that new girl the same way he treated you? Is he being overly sweet but hiding something behind his facade? Is he showing her the same patterns he showed you?


This database is for you because through this process that we have built, you can reveal the truth about him and save lives, and since we spoke about how we are all about supporting women, this is an excellent start to this initiative—wondering how it works? Well, read further to find out more regarding this exciting initiative.

Purpose of the Ex-Boyfriend List:

This initiative is solely out there to help all those girlfriends who you have personally seen suffering, or for girls, you do not wish to suffer at the hands of someone you know is capable enough, so revenge or making worthy and good men feel bad isn’t why we have taken this initiative. We’re all about a respectful man treating his women how they deserve to be treated, but this list is out there serving those who are not doing what they are supposed to.

So, if you are someone who’s planning to post about a guy with whom they had a bad experience? Here’s you do it? But remember to follow up the given rules below:

Rules regarding posting about an Ex:

  • No personal information is allowed! Personal information may include anything and everything related to the guy’s private phone number, address and work details, and even family details.
  • No false information is allowed unless you want your account removed. Talk about what your ex-boyfriend did to you but don’t make up lies. Come on, you are better than that.
  • Tell your story and give out respectful and limited details, keeping in mind that you give enough to raise red flags for the person reading it.
  • I repeat: DO NOT POST HIS PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL, OR HOME ADDRESS. Give his name, city, and state where he lives, and nothing more.

The Ex-Boyfriends list and its reach:

Are you someone who’s out and talking to a new guy and feel a bit doubtful? This Ex-Boyfriend List is the answer to your worries, questions, and queries. Worried that the guy you’re talking to at work ticks all the right boxes and wants to find out the real secrets.

You’re at the right place because through our database, you can search him up, and find out about him, and if there’s nothing, then you’re one of the lucky ones! But if you do end up finding anything related to him, you know your doubts were correct. Help is served, and this is how we do it, anonymously yet ideally.

Share Your Story With Us!

Let us help you relieve the mountain load of stress you have been feeling, and what better way than to help someone who’s probably with the same guy that is a reason for your trauma.

Feel better today and fill up that database; let’s help each other and empower and let these men know we aren’t going to be letting them railroad us. Get posting!

We’ve not gotten hundreds of entries on our ex-boyfriend list, so to help you keep up with all the names, I’ve made the list searchable. Just click the search button above, and you can search for an ex-boyfriend by name. If you want to add your ex-boyfriend to our list, just comment below and tell us all about him.


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The Ex-Boyfriend List: Get your Ex Reported!

784 Responses

  1. Alex Harris from Redditch, UK
    Compulsive Liar; relationships, finances, education, experiences, activities.

    He continues to lie that he’s won competitive competitions, that he is an expert in martial arts, that he has done a physics, mathematics, and electronics degree (final education is 16 years at school), tells people he is rich (I get his bank statements and he’s in debt), and blames every ex he has had for the break ups with weird excuses or long made up stories.

    Got fired 2 weeks into relationship as no showed work, gaslight was my fault as I’d caused lack of sleep so told me I owed him. Faked bank account shots of 5k savings and 140k of due monies for inheritance, so allowed to move in with me thinking would get new job. Said my nagging to get a job caused him depression and this is why he refused to do housework and spent all our money on food.

    Lied about university degree, job history and qualifications and had me make a fake CV to apply for roles. Was jobless for 18 months. Pretended to go job centre.

    He stopped seeing his family, and would only meet them behind my back when I was at work. He told them I didn’t let him see them anymore (to make me seem abusive) when I kept trying to ask him to make effort and arrange days out with them.

    When he got a job, lied he got paid monthly instead of weekly and lied he earnt £12.50 more per hour than he did. When he couldn’t pay rent, faked phone calls for bank fraud and this is when I found out he had lied the 18 months of the relationship about EVERYTHING. No savings, no house sale, no education, earnt minimum wage, pretended to try get work.

    It took me from October to March to get him to agree we were over as he kept pretending we werent and forcing us to continue. After he refused to move out my home and I couldn’t legally kick out. Continued to be naked, touched me without consent. Told me my family members were dying and berated me (i had to begin recording him as evidence of threats of violence).

    He would go to friends houses claiming I was hitting him, leaving house for ‘safety’ when I wasn’t even in the area and was visiting my own friends, to try create narrative I emotionally and physically abused him.

    8 months after break up, he still refused to leave. He posted my nudes to Fab Swingers, advertising us as available for s3x and tried to offer me out with my personal information. He showed my nudes round his workplace and actively encouraged the men to try have s3x with me. It took my new boyfriend staying over, an eviction notice, contacting his family and threat of legal action for revenge p0rn for him to leave.

    1 year + after break up he still tells people we are together and says we moved into a 3 bed house with a child. but says we are in an open relationship and that’s why I’m seen with my new boyfriend.

    He still attends my public workplace (gym) and has lied to other girls about his nationality, achievements and education to try convince them to sleep with him. Hasn’t learnt his lesson. Which is why I am making this post.

  3. Joe Foley from Alexandria, VA
    Joe Foley, Joseph P Foley, Joseph Paul Foley, from Old Forge New York currently in Alexandria, Virginia.

    Joe is a serial cheater and pathological liar. He carries on multiple relationships with women who each believe they are in an exclusive relationship with him while he simultaneously has casual hook ups. Joe does not use protection and has given several women STDs.

    Joe uses his military service and seemingly strong and stable character to lull his victims into a false sense of security.

    Run from this so called man.

  5. Elliam Hedges from Tasmania, Australia
    Elliam met his then girlfriend in January 2021. They were wildly in love and he seemed perfect. Bringing gifts, surprise dates, flying across the country every week to visit her in Queensland. She reciprocated and flew down regularly with her two daughters until he was able to relocate to QLD in July 2021. He suggested that they have a baby together and she was so in love that she believed it felt right. 4 miscarriages later they fell pregnant with Franklin. As soon as the pregnancy hit 12 weeks however, Elliam stopped showing any interest in affection, kindness, family time etc. This then led to him commencing (well, returning to) a second life filled with pr0stitutes, massage parlours, ex dates, and regular affairs. Even when confronted, the only thing that would come out of these discussions was complete denial (even with photographs, messages, and contact from these women). Even a level of acceptance from his partner wasn’t good enough because it was always about the SECRECY and deceit.
    The next year was full of domestic violence, gaslighting, manipulation, constant affairs, and telling his partner (and everyone around him) that she was “crazy”, so that they wouldn’t believe her if she ever told anyone. He manipulated her into thinking that if she had the police ordered DVO removed then they could work on their relationship. She worked hard for 12 months to have this removed, only to have his hatred and number of affairs skyrocket the moment that she was successful in having it removed.
    Elliam would deny his partner s3x for many months while getting himself ‘serviced’ by girls who looked barely 18. As a doctor he would fly internationally and look for young s3x workers available locally (in the Phillipines especially). Despite being a doctor, he put his partner in a position where she could not take maternity leave. She was left supporting him physically and financially, as well as their 3 children while he studied for his FACEM exam, built his nest egg and paid for pr0stitutes.
    He started his last affair with “Laura” on Snapchat days before his girlfriend’s birthday. He then started a fight and disappeared – To her. This fight was of course then blamed on his girlfriend (it always was). He has now taken a complete ‘victim’ stance where he has told everyone he knows that he is the victim in this situation. That being caught out caused him great suffering and he was living in constant fear. Fear of being found out.

    He was the perfect step dad in the beginning, but as soon as his step daughters saw him for who he really was (swearing at their mum and calling her names while she sobbed in a ball on the floor), he stopped trying. He dragged them to their rooms by their arms, threw them into their rooms, and said that his time being their stepdad was OVER after one of the girls told him that he couldn’t speak to her mother that way (he was yelling and calling her names at the time). He would start a fight and storm out/ disappear for days/weeks/months at a time (using this time for dates and brothels). The kids would be terrified. He made a special effort to make sure they felt completely unseen and unwanted once they had seen the other side of him. They are both still in therapy trying to rebuild their sense of self worth.

    To this day Elliam continues to see multiple women at once, insist that he doesn’t want an open relationship (because that takes the fun out of the deceit), refuse to financially contribute to his son’s upbringing, and push a false story about the entire situation to anybody who will listen.

    This relationship almost killed his partner. The level of constant abuse was insurmountable. His partner forgave and forgave, hoping that he would change one day. Hoping that one day he would be kind again. That he would learn to be honest, open, and compassionate. He never did.

    Many, many people can attest to these facts based on what they saw in person (family, tenants, cleaners). Messages, phone calls, photographs and recordings also do not lie.

    He now lives on the Gold Coast, looking for his next victim.

  7. Michael Robert Snider from Lakeland Florida
    Mike is a great actor and lier. He claims to be a Cattle Rancher, a Traveling Superintendent, a Construction Contractor, a great dog trainer and a former Marine special forces officer who served in Iran. Mike is actually a multiple felon who has served time in several states.
    He displays narcissistic behavior and is often controlling and abusive. He has stolen money, jewelry and other items from multiple women. He uses women then proceeds to walk away on to his next victim.
    He has left many victims broke, in debt and in some cases homeless.
    He will cheat on the woman he’s currently using with one to two other women at the same time.
    He claims to have a daughter who died, when in fact he abandoned her as a baby and never supported her.
    Nothing, absolutely nothing that comes out of his mouth is true.
    He is 6’3 300 pounds, bald with a goatee and multiple tattoos, excluding 2 foreign words on his neck, wicked evil multiple heads on his back, fallen angel and forgive yourself on each biceps, a clock with a woman’s eye and broken chains on his forearm and others on his thigh and calf.
    He wears glasses while he’s driving.
    He recently married a woman and proceeded to break her down and then abandoned her leaving her homeless. It has since been revealed that he has married multiple women and then disappears.

  8. Jimmy Peluso from Jacksonville, Fl
    Jimmy is a womanizer, narcissist, admitted he thinks he’s a sociopath, and overal scumbag. He told me he slept with two married women! He drove drunk to my house 3 times in the first week we were dating. We didn’t date for long but his charm made me swoon. But when we went on dates he’d constantly be checking out other women and commenting on how “hot” they were (on TV or elsewhere). He is honestly incapable of romantic love, in my opinion. He can’t connect to anyone and he treats them like garbage, actually, he looks at women like prey. Just waiting for the next one to sleep with. His top two when he looks for someone is “it has to be a challenge” and “great s3x”. So literally nothing about personality or who the woman is. Don’t date him. He will belittle and ridicule you. It’s the Jimmy show. If Jimmy doesn’t want to do it, it won’t happen. Be prepared for broken promises, being forgotten, and Jimmy always being more important than anything else. I believe he gets off on and boosts his ego by picking up attractive women and then carelessly discarding them. I will say, as a general human and friend he’s good, he just treats women like absolute trash.

  9. Brennan Towe from Virginia Beach
    Brennan is a habitual liar and suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He is infamous for dating multiple women at the same time everywhere in the US. He will love bomb you and make you think you are the only women he is dating. Please date with cautious. He is also still intimate with his former Morehouse College roommate.

  10. Eli dionne from Nelson canada
    Eli is violent. he attacked me on a date. later I found out he has done it to other girls and even went to court for it. watch out.

  11. Thomas R. Butler from Lancaster Virginia
    Lies about the number of children he has. If says 3 he really means 9 that’s right 9. From ages 25 to 7 or younger maybe He’ll love Bomb for years, which can easily be confused for consistency. Run as far and as fast as possible from this man. He’s the devil. You’ll think you’ve found Mr, right You’ll think now this is how xyz should have treated me all along it is his mask. The moment he leaves your side he takes it off flips it over, and is on to the next nest thing. Don’t let the fancy cars, and house fool you. This man is as unstable as they come. Ladies never second guess yourself, you know when something is off but you just can put your finger on it. He’ll break you and your heart and leave you there, causing me to have a nervous breakdown so badly I didn’t know the date or time. I d blank out looking toward the sun too long, literally, shocking the sh*t out of me. I’d birth his child, just days before catching him with another woman. He answered the door and pretend he didn’t know me. Jesus himself may have tried to warn me and I would have told him he was a liar. You’ve been warned, save yourself the hurt and pain. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone but himself, he’s a serial cheater. /// Lies more lie and lies some more. This man has 9 children with 9 different women. He lies and tells you he has just 3. These children range from ages 25 to 3 years. Don’t be fooled by the multiple cars and the lavish house he’s unstable as they come. He’ll love bombs for years which can be easily confused for consistency. He moves from woman to woman telling the sob story of how he’s tired of being tricked. Is a single father etc. He caused me a mental breakdown, where I was unable to recall the date or time. He literally shocked the life out of me. Believing all his lies, planning a wedding, and just days after I birth his 10 lbs son. Caught him with another woman, and he pretended to not know who I was. You’ll slowly feel yourself becoming insecure desperate not to become, what he told you was initially so off-putting about his exes. He’ll do everything in his power to lower your esteem eventually you are only happy when he is into you and sad when he isn’t. You’ve been warned, don’t be naive thinking your different, he doesn’t care about anything of anyone except himself. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what u own or don’t own your career or address, he’s just looking to feel grandiose momentarily.

  12. Thierry ¨Marc¨ Mazenc from France/Mexico/China
    Be careful, he travels to find his new victims. He trapped me into a fake love story to then abuse me emotionally and physically. He was extremely violent, kicked me, punched me, hit me several times ¨by mistake¨.
    He also had s3x with other woman when we were in a relationship, he broke my heart when I found out.
    He lies about his age to find much younger women on dating apps, latinas or asian, don’t fall into his trap.

  13. Michael robert Gonzalez from River edge, NJ
    Stay away!!!!!! Liar, cheater, alcoholic, drug addict. Evil in every way you could imagine!!! He’s not worth anything. Loser. Dead beat dad of 4. Probation forever. Always arrested. And he never leaves.

  14. Derek Sanders from Salem, Ohio / St Pete, FL
    He cheated on me but claimed it wasn’t “cheating” because it was only once…and then he had the audacity to ask me to still watch his dog for him before I never speak to him again because he has zero other friends in his life and I was helping him out even though we had already broken up. He also owed me money and when I asked him to pay me he wanted to deduct the cost of the flight cancelation fee because he had to cancel his flight home because he didn’t have a dog sitter…as if I am supposed to lose money out of my pocket because he f-ed me over and he is a loser with no friends?

  15. Stephen Allen from Lewistown, pa
    This man is the worst. He always has multiple relationships going on at the same time. I’ve been on to him for years but keep getting dragged into his life by new women. Just last night yet another girl called me crying because she found out about 2 other ongoing relationships he’s in. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. I am posting this so that hopefully it will save some new girls from going down the same road. My advice… do not even start because he is a smooth talker. He will have you convinced that you are the love of his life. He will tell you how he can’t stand men who cheat, while he’s already dating at least 2 others. You’ve been warned!

  16. Gavin Nicholau from Morgan Hill, CA
    Serial cheater and liar. Physically scarred me for life by engaging in cutt1ng during s3x without prior consent. Stalked me after we broke up, spread insane lies about me (like telling people my family were high up in an outlaw biker gang and had put a hit out on him), and told people he’d like to have me k1lled. Mirrors your values and beliefs to disguise himself as a good person all while intentionally deceiving and misleading you. Lies about who he is, where he’s from, and what experiences he has. Poor little rich boy.

  17. Danny Iniguez from Champaign, IL
    Warning: he is sexually unsafe and cannot control his anger. Be careful if you join his gym, he will try to entice you into what sounds like an appealing open/poly relationship, but only he is allowed to have multiple partners.

    • He did not ask for my consent to be gagged or choked during s3x.
    • He did not notify me or others that he gave us chlamydia.
    • He verbally abuses his gym staff, humiliates them, and has high employee attrition.
    • Admitted that a girl who used to attend his gym accused him of s3xual harassment.
    • Refuses to believe that you’re telling the truth and constantly questions your loyalty.

    His life story is sad, but he uses it as a lure. Please be careful.

  18. Austin Kirby from Spokane, WA
    Really sweet introvert turned super controlling narcissist. Accused me of cheating on him every day. Beware this guy, he’s paranoid and has a sharp, mean tongue when he’s angry. Lives with his parents, not worth the trouble.

  19. Reece Pickering from Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland UK
    Reece has too many unresolved anger issues as well as a history of violence and domestic disputes against even his own parents. He speaks horribly of every woman in his life as well and treats them like trash, please don’t add urself to that list, u probably think u can fix him but u can’t. Not to mention that he has a very severe addiction to p0rn, and has no drive for anything in life. Trust me, just leave as soon as u can, don’t let him weaponize suislide or his mental health, he’ll be fine, he’ll start talking to a new girl in no time.

    1. i also forgot to mention he’s incredibly non self-aware AT ALL and has a plethora of undiagnosed mental health issues, and a tendency to lovebomb. he can be very controlling and hypocritical as well, he’ll expect devout loyalty and kindness from you, but won’t reciprocate. If I were to armchair diagnose him, I’d say he shows signs of BPD and autism as he has extreme attachment and anger issues, paranoia, and lacks insight into other people’s needs which results in a one-sided relationship of always catering to him but him blowing up when you expect anything from him.

  20. Kevin Guzman from Toms River/Jackson New Jersey
    Kevin was fired from his job for stealing, he sold his prescription med, falsified his drug tests by collecting and presented ma friend’s urine and cheated Then he abandoned his girlfriend and she was pregnant. He left her. He never acknowledged the baby and left her with all of the medical expenses

  21. Jonathan (Jon) Oakley from Halstead Essex, Bedford Bedfordshire
    This man is probably the biggest liar ever, He is a fantasist who is leading a very cruel double life, getting himself as much s3x as possible from woman.
    He is predatory and appears in your life from nowhere.
    He approached me and i had never met him before and within moments he began his well rehearsed routine of love bombing, He sweep me off me feet with flattery and claimed to be a professional racing driver for a well known global racing team, he then claimed to be a motorsport design engineer with a successful business, the lies went on…. International super car rental company, the Stig from the BBC show Top Gear. He even wrote stories to back all this up on the internet. The speed at which he operated gave me no time to stop and think about anything, as the next amazing brag and the overwhelming promises and the next huge show of affection quickly followed. Of course this was all just a wicked plan to get me into bed as soon as possible because once you have time to analyse the ridiculous achievements, things start to add up. only they didn’t because a quick google revealed that there are stories which make it seem plausible, this is the extent of the intent he goes to in the plan to get s3x from you. When i googled him (which obviously i did as he comes across as one in a million and you are excited to see this) I discovered that he was married with 4 children! When I confronted him, surprise surprise he denied it and i never heard from him again. When I met my current partner, we were chatting and this vile predator came up in conversation and straight away he spotted that these boasts could not be possible and a quick investigation found that all the stories to back his bullsh*t up have been written by him and only appear on forums and low level websites where content can easily be uploaded. He has gotten away with this for so long because he only appears in someone’s life long enough to get his quick s3x and then you find out he is married, he makes a clean break and you dont look into the fact that you have been targeted by a s3xual con man, if it wasnt for my boyfriend i never would have found this out, so i am posting this to warn as many woman as i can to stay well clear of this scum bag. I am also hoping that any previous victim may read this too (and there of loads of us) because he doesn’t deserve for them to think they met a great guy who just happened to be a married cheat, they met a s3xual predator who targeted them, lied them into bed and abused their trust. He is a bankrupt nobody who has achieved nothing in life for himself.

  22. Joseph “Joey” Taylor from Waycross, GA
    Has a rap sheet a mile long that he lies about, has fathered at last count 5 children with 4 women the last 2 are 4 months apart. He is a grifter and only interested in what he can scam from women. He stole almost 2K from me.
    He uses burner phones and prepaid cards that is clue number one. He is trash plain and simple. Will consume any drug he can get his hands on and cannot even hold a minimum wage job.

  23. Raymond Thatcher from Ticondiroga NY
    He is a compulsive masturbat0r addicted to p0rn0graphy. Google Swampdonkey09. He lovebombs women starves them/ gaslights and projects his behavior onto his victims. Textbook narcissist. He spends hours “edging” online to young women in jeans and because of this obsession has had multiple bankruptcies. He takes no accountability for his emotional abusive tendencies and he hides behind a position of power in his community. He admitted he has taken life insurance out on prior girlfriends and they don’t know. He is literally obsessed with his pen15 and needs constant reassurance of its size being its average maybe. He doesn’t care about pleasing but expects it always.

  24. Michael Vincett from Mount Holly Springs, PA
    Michael is the epitome of a narcissist. He has multiple substance abuse issues. He’s a psych0path. Look it up. He fits it to a T. He is selfish. He is not loyal whatsoever. He cheats. He likes to use Snapchat and his long list of phone contacts to start that up. He has so many Sara’s in his contacts that he had to start saving them attached to the state or bar he met them at. He gaslights. He breadcrumbs. He lies and manipulates and tells complete stories. He’s good at what he does. He had me hooked for a year and a half before I finally got enough solid proof to finally be done with his f boy ahh. If you meet him, I would run in the other direction if I were you. Save yourself.

  25. Reece Thomas from Savannah, GA
    Dated this guy from few years. Works as a DJ at the str1p club and he cheated on my with multiple of the dancers who knew we were together, knew of him cheating on me, and some of them had no clue i existed. He’s not financially stable and would prefer to spend money on video games and DJ equipment to make music that isn’t very up to par. He’d play video games and restart it if he messed up or got “killed”, tells you a lot about how he is in life. Likes to cover issues up by buying you things and stays far away from hard conversations that create growth within a relationship. Doesn’t have much ambition expect for smoking and making music he never finishes. Had issues with control and lies a lot to make himself look good. Needs to go to the dentist as he has periodontal disease, active gingivitis, chronic bad breath, and severely bleeding gums. He doesn’t get along with his mother and talks bad about her, in which shows he has no respect for woman and a superior complex. Just steer clear, he’s 30+ and doesn’t brush his teeth and doesn’t have a solid future for any sort of commitment. Manipulative and rude.

  26. Kevin T Scott from Phoenix
    I dated this man for 7years, he was living a double life on me..
    We lived together and his wife/3rd party once she reached me told me that had been together for 16th,
    He’s a womanizer later she told me and I confirmed he bamboozles older women into s3x & eventually their money, he’s fluid in his sexuality as well, I’m embarrassed to say it but I thought other women should know & be careful of this predator . His an alcoholic, addictions like gambling & unfortunately s3xual too (any gender) I’ve been in counseling for 1yr as the shock really damages my life, my children’s. He needs to be exposed..
    Ex NFL player, narcissistic individual. Ladies please do the homework. God bless

  27. Jason Collins from Daytona Beach, Florida
    My ex was a good guy, at least I thought. We had been together for 5 years, And everything was great, he was attentive, caring, loving, protective, and the s3x was great. Well one night, I got home late from work and he was in bed asleep. As normal I crawled into bed and snuggled up to him and felt something very odd, press into me. I reach down and felt metal encasing his bits. I shot up and turned a light on and saw what looked like a metal cage, padlocked onto his bits. I woke him and up and was freaking out. Turns out he visited a D0minatrix that locked it on him, and she had the keys to it. There was no way it was coming off without the keys. I left, and never looked back. A few months back we ran into each other and I had to ask, and he was still locked up 2 years later. I don’t understand why he felt the need to go to a D0minatrix when he had k1nky fun at home, but whatever the reason is, I couldn’t continue with him. He emailed me asking if the D0minatrix could send me the keys, and him and I talk, but I refused. He told me that she won’t give him the keys back because he lied to her about being single, but then told her about me after I left him. Regardless there is 1 ex boyfriend running around Daytona locked in a chastity cage, and cannot get out of it.

  28. Jeremy Hansen from Antioch, IL
    He’s a pathological liar and cannot be trusted. He lies about everything, OFs, cheating, money and past relationships. He has literally slept with his entire town and friend group. Absolutely has 0 morals and is complete hillbilly trash. He will sleep with anything that walks and is the scum of the earth.

  29. Benjamin Dugas from New England area, U.S.
    Met him in a group of friends and we hung out a couple of times on what I guess were like “dates”. Beware- he turned out to be a huge creep. I stopped being interested when my friends and I noticed he was messaging us separately asking to hang all the time and saying very weird things on Facebook— he was pushy and got way too close/doesn’t respect body space when talking to women. He seeks out multiple women at once but will lie when asked about it though (thinks we don’t talk to each other!). There is something very disturbing about this guy – while out with him he was staring at other women’s bodies and seems perverse. He latches on and won’t take cues to stop messaging. He gives off stalker/p3rv3rt vibes. He also had poor hygiene and bad breath. Run.

  30. Curtis Pevehouse from Ardmore, Oklahoma.
    Curtis abused me physically and emotionally for about a year. He is a choker, which makes him the most dangerous type of domestic violence perpetrators. I no longer care one way or the other about him, but I always wished someone would have warned me and now that I came across this site, perhaps I can protect another. Watch out for love bombing- he’s the perfect boyfriend for the first few months, but that Curtis will leave as soon as you’re emeshed and you will not see him again. Serial dater, cheater, and married multiple times. I’ve spoken with one of his exes that came after me and he appears to use the same M.O. for each woman. If you MUST date him, take it really slow and don’t agree to everything he suggests. Be careful. This isn’t just a bad boyfriend, this is one who almost killed me. DV choking is no joke.

  31. Cody champion from Weatherford, tx.
    He is a liar, extremely manipulative and emotionally abusive. Cheats like it’s second nature to him, and doesn’t care at all about how his behaviors harm other people. Untrustworthy, deceitful, selfish, uncaring, buffoon!

  32. Skyler Briggs from Winnipeg Canada.
    He is manipulative. He pretended to care about me the whole time we were together and then dumped me right after I fell in love with him and he had also gotten me pregnant (and it was SA) he is now messaging me 4-5 times a week on random accounts on every platform I have saying I know you love me and you need me, trying to gaslight me into doing it with him. He is unloyal a liar and he is a sociopath, and I don’t mean that to be dramatic that is what he is. He has no emotion at all. He lusts and finds it entertaining to hurt women. He also threatened to hit me many many times when we were together and caused me to flinch many times because I was terrified. All throughout this his roomate and roomates girlfriend sat there and watched the whole thing never trying to help me once.

  33. Kevin Thomas Guzman from Toms River and/or Jackson, NJ
    abandoned a woman when she was pregnant and left her with all of the costs associated with it. He is 50 years old and was fired last year for stealing from his job. He was selling his prescription meds and cheats on every girlfriend he has ever had. He will charm you and research you and figure out the person you want. He will become that person and use you and then cheat on you the whole time.

  34. Noah J Barton from Acushnet/fairhaven MA.
    Manipulative and compulsive liar. he takes advantage of intoxicated and underage women and has a pattern of s3xua1 deviance. aka total psycho r****t

  35. Stefan from Baltimore MD.
    Stefan is a narcissist and nihilist. He is actually insane. He pretends to be a nice misunderstood guy but once you get to know him, run. He is manipulative and depressive. He drags the people around him down. He neglects those around him and disrespects them. Save yourself the trouble and don’t go on a date with this fool. He insults himself to make you feel bad for him. It’s all a play.

  36. Tom Stirk from Melbourne, Australia.
    Tom Stirk lead me on for almost a year. He took advantage of me and took me on dates and kept mentioning he wanted commitment and a relationship only for him to abruptly end things because he wasn’t ready for anything serious and didn’t have time to date anyone and wanted to be alone and even owned up to playing me along. He did this to me 3 times and whenever we weren’t together, I found him on tinder saying that he was after a relationship. The guy is extremely narcissistic and will always talk about his problems and traumatic past but won’t even give you the time of day to talk about your life. He is a grown ass man and still a mummas boy. He is a heavy drug user and is mentally unstable and doesn’t know what he wants. To any girls out there that unfortunately cross paths with him, my advice would be to RUN!!! Don’t waste your time on this f-boy! He will only waste your time and make you feel like you’re not good enough! The guy also has HPV and denied giving it to me and lied about getting tested for it and has potentially infected so many women with this disease! AVOID!

  37. Alex Merwin from Ontario, Canada.
    I know this from years ago, but Alex cheated on me, or well on his actual girlfriend and now wife. He slept with at least two other women as well.

  38. Jaime Villanueva from Lynn, MA.
    We reconnected on OKCupid a few years after college. This dude is UNWELL. He has serious issues with boundaries, as in you need to say, “NO!” at least three times for him to get it.
    He has issues with self control, he is a raging alcoholic, and he is delusional. On our second date, he randomly burst into tears in the middle of a bar, screaming, “My mom is a millionaire!” (she’s not lol). He then proceeded to tell me he was in love with me (bro, relax) and told me I couldn’t see other people…on the second date.
    Needless to say, I hightailed it out of that situation and urge anyone who knows him to do the same.

  39. Alex Burmeister from Redding, CT.
    Lying, cheating, manipulative narcissist. He has anger issues, substance abuse issues, and is a compulsive liar. He will steal from you (he stole from me) and he is incapable of being faithful (he cheated multiple times with multiple partners, putting me at risk). STEAR CLEAR!!!

  40. Marcus Brown from Maricopa, AZ. This man is detrimental to any female’s mental health. He fed me lies…so many lies, manipulated me, depleted me of everything emotionally, and in the end gaslighted me and then blamed me for the break up. He was very mean, cold, emotionless. In the entirety of our relationship he was emotionally chaotic, berated me on several things from my communication style, how I dressed, and repeatedly falsified his intentions of what he actually wanted from me. Ladies, save yourself and run away!

  41. Drew moore from Jonesboro, Arkansas.
    Drew is a loser. Who is a junkie and uses women. He has nothing but d1ck to offer and he has herpes so watch out!!! He got me pregnant than blocked me!!!! He’s a loser ladies

  42. Jeffrey Steven Knowles from San Clemente, CA.
    1. Lies about his past… said his wife cheated on hiim then I found out he cheated on her for 2 years before they got a divorce. He would cheat on hiis lunches and have s3x in his car with a married woman named Kristi.

    2. Keeps his phone very private, aalways accused me of cheating. now that we are not together I see all of his instagram comments on exes and other women of wanting to “motorboat them”

    3. Everytime we had a fight he would immediately get on a dating app. one time we had a therapy appointmnet at 6pm, at 5 when I told him I would meet him there and he respoinded I love you, he also send me a voice memo of him flirting with anither women he met on a dating app on accident.

    4. I always had to beg him for s3x he was never in the mood, howver he was constantly telling me how he used to have regular hook ups when he was single.

  43. Scott Hardina from Scottsdale & Prescott, Arizona.
    Scott Hardina is a 47 yr old trust fund baby, he was in an accident in his 20s and got a settlement. He has a hobby job to keep his mommy off his back. All the nice things, car, house, he didnt work for a day in his life. Which would be fine if he were humble and not a lazy piece of shit. He’s a spoiled brat. Mom pays all his bills, dad does his yardwork and he can’t make a decision without having hours of conversations with mommy first. He did so many drugs in his teenagers that it fried his brain. He uses that as an excuse for being forgetful. He dates women half his age. When he was 20 he dated a 14-year-old for 10 years. The one after that was 15 years younger than him. He finds the young ones so he can be in control and feel smart. Smart women are intimidating to him so he finds ways to make you feel small and stupid.

    I’m only two years younger than him. We went to high school together, he Facebook messaged me and I foolishly replied. We dated for five years. Multiple break ups throughout the years. He pretended to be somebody he’s not. But he found me shortly after my divorce and my daughter going away to college so I was vulnerable and naïve.
    He’s Secretive, shady and untrustworthy. Anytime he’s confronted about these things he’d gaslight me,makes you feel like you’re crazy. Just to find out your gut instinct was right. He had our relationship from all social media sites. When asked he lied and said I’m being crazy. He was having secret conversations with young girls on all platforms.
    He uses women to clean, take care of the dogs and the house. He’s only interested in the relationship when it’s convenient for him Then if he feels like you’re getting too close he pushes you away and then yo-yo’s you back. He’s emotionally abusive and manipulative. Five years of my life wasted on a manchild but I bent over backwards for him because I saw the good in him sometimes I made excuses for him
    and now all I have to show for it is cervical cancer. He gave me 2 strains of high risk HPV that progressed in pre-cancerous within a year and cancer in 4 yrs. Annual Pap before we started dating was clear, 1 yr later, fresh new case HPV. So either cheated on me or had it right before we started dating.

    He got the dogs I got the medical bills.

    Anybody find his name on here RUN! don’t let the first 3-6 months of charm fool you. Everything he pretends to like and do is a lie. because he finds out what you’re into and pretends those are his interests also. Within six months he will tell you he does not like any of these things, he will never socialize with your family or friends, he will never go on vacation unless it’s with his parents. Yep all our vacations his mom was there and she planned them. Mommy is the only woman he loves and respects, she controls him. He’s already married to her. Their relationship is beyond unhealthy, boundaries crossed.

    And I’m pretty sure he and his buddy may still be selling drugs, like in their high school days. the amount of cash stashed is suspicious, and I think he drugged me one New Year’s Eve.

    Stay away ladies!! Especially the young 20 year olds that he likes.

  44. Nicholas Mis from Encinitas, CA.
    Manipulative, narcissistic, mentally and physically abusive.
    Met on hinge. Dated for 6 months but it was pure hell. I worked my butt off to be with him but he kept manipulating and gaslighting me. Told me I have issues, I’m nuts, crazy, a c*nt among other things. I’d bring up how I feel and he got mad at me and made it my problem. I needed to go to the hospital one day and he said “I’m at the gym then I’m going to the store then I’ll come and take you.” His mental abuse turned to physical abuse.
    He used to pick up woman at the beach and at gyms so beware. I’m sure he’ll be back to doing that again now that I broke up with him.
    Hes not worth it ladies.

  45. Rahman “Ray” Adedoyin from Chicago/Algonquin IL.
    Only his needs are important and nothing is his fault. Always broke, he refuses to work because he doesn’t want to pay child support to his son’s mother. Perpetually “down on his luck” but this is due to laziness. Uses people so he will borrow your things and destroy them, will not offer to replace. Abusive to people, children and animals. Every personal problem is a social media post, so if you’re dating him your business will be made known to all his friends.

  46. Micah Joseph Barwick from Austin, TX USA.
    Once a cheater, always a cheater. Ten years ago he cheated on his wife and left her for me (Karma is paying me a visit). Five years ago, he dumped me and then came crawling back begging me to marry him – stupid me, I did.

    Well, here we are, same pattern, he is cheating again but this time tried to blame the relationship’s failure all on me. In these past weeks, he used me several times for s3x, told me he loved me while saying lies about me to his friends and family. I filed for divorce and told him to leave. He’s a broken boy with mommy abandonment issues that I thought I could fix. Save yourself the trouble and heartbreak – run!!!!

  47. Jeremy Cutbirth from Spring, Texas.
    Beware of JEREMY CUTBIRTH from SPRING, TEXAS. I am writing this to spare other women the hurt that he caused me and continues to cause women. When you meet him, you will wonder where he’s been all your life. He says he wants to travel the world with you, he wants to grow old with you, and he will buy you whatever you need. Your phone cracks? He will make an appointment with at&t and go pick up your new iPhone. He seems too good to be true, because he is. I woke up one morning and he was having s3x with me ana11y. He was just finishing when I woke up. I felt so gross and like a rag doll and was scared. I confronted him about it about 30 minutes later and he was shocked and duped that I knew. His response was, “Next time I’ll just jack off to p0rn.” That’s the last time I saw jeremy. Bottom line is he seems like such a nice guy and he’s really not. There’s so many other things I could mention, but this person truly does not know what love is.

  48. M from Indiana.
    Dated X for over a year.
    he would say I am not beautiful because of how I look and controls how I dressed, the make up I ware, sets rules I needed to follow on how I need to act as a person, he said a physiologics says everything is my fault for what happens and goes wrong in the relationship and he refused for us to see physiologics together. He used to tell me when I should cook and clean, I was not allowed to listen to my own music and my own shows, he says I wrong about everything and he says he has fur more knowledge than me about everything in the world.
    He says he is against feminist.
    When I was assertive towards him or when I changed my mind he would blocked my phone number.
    Threatened to block me if I call him or message him to many times.
    He blames me for everything, says he did not ask me to be empathic and to help him, says its not my problem.

    When I told him, he makes me upset when I was emotional and emtionaly stress he would say I am too sensitive and told me not to be too dramatic.

    Starts agurments out of the blue, conutines agurment for days. He leaves the house and call a girlfriend he has been trying to get with.

    He says he is looking for girl who can give finicical status and full time residency.

  49. Justin Juho Yun from San Antonio or Houston Texas.
    Justin has a 3 year old who he doesn’t want anything to do with. He is also narcissistic and will love bomb you in the beginning before he gets super abusive and controlling. He doesn’t care about the girl he’s with, only his gaming business. He had a protective order for being abusive to his kid and baby momma. He also has genital herpes and has purposely given it to girls, also chlmadyia. Stay safe ladies in Texas

  50. Fraser Stead from Southwest of England.
    Been with this man for 10 years 2 kids, I saw some red flags in the beginning but didn’t think anything of it, how quickly we dated, love bombing, after a week asked me out, then the belittling me in front of friends etc cutting me off from male friends the lies, list went on I found out pieces that he was cheating nudes, emails etc I’d raise it with him and he would react in abuse physically aswell as emotionally he’d say they mean nothing but be cold and distant making out I’m the reason he’s unhappy and never apologise for what I’ve found out. The second one I found out and threw him out because I couldn’t take it anymore didn’t know what he was truly up to ignored me for months but still controlled me due to finances of the house I met someone and he came back pleading he was trying to find himself he realised I’m his soul mate, love bombed me, made me feel bad because he never slept or done anything with these women it was only me for 9 years, when I said no raised what he’s done to me and how he’s treated me he done the normal threatening to end his life superficial cuts and this man knows the body, he wants to become a dr knows too many facts and has an answer for everything. I took him back because I thought he needed help even though I should have learned he has done this in the past to reel not only me back in but others to feel sorry for him think he needs help he will carry this on for weeks/ months until he can say he’s a changed man and he’s ‘sorry’. I’ve found out the last 5/6 years he’s been in full blown relationships with other women promising them after a week they will be his wife, have a family together, grow etc only because he was messaging me saying why is my mum saying I’ve tried kissing you and he was next to her, I’d outline we literally slept together today and he responded with when, prove it. I know the audacity I sent screenshots picture of him half naked because I knew deep down he was with another woman, he had been sleeping with me staying at the house promising we was going to make this work and little did I know he was forcing this girl to be with him, staying at hers ignoring me making up lies not only to me to this other woman also, we contacted eachother, shared the details we was both speechless to say the least, he then started the disappearing act texts that makes no sense for us to worry and ignore everything he’s done we didn’t give in I shared with his friends, mother and work, to prove I wasn’t going crazy I wasn’t a psych0 this man had literally ruined me for his own gain along with other women. She sent me a recording of him going there to declare his love it was sickening because it was the same lines same tactics but she knew the truth, he then was making me feel sorry for him to the point I said do not come to the flat I have a friend over he came in wielding a knife assuming it was male and the information I got out of him was just shocking, he made a post it note video to the other woman saying let me protect you can you be my wife I meant every word etc just so she would talk to him! Saying he will travel with her and FaceTime is there for a reason in disrespect to our young children. Last November I found dating apps, s3x worker sites fake only fan accounts, telegram, messages from pr0stitut3s while he was claiming to go gym, I asked him how many other women how many pr0stitiut3s he said he’s never touched one but said he wanted to see their menus and catfished one. The police officer listening to this recording stopped it looked at me and said please get tested he was meeting up with these women still paying for their services and then catfishing them. I felt sick! He would then come home love bomb me sleep with me and spout lies. He’s put trackers in my car, he joked about cameras in the house but it got me to the point I was going through every room to find something because I couldn’t trust him, he took my phone December after manipulating me all of it was research purposes because he wanted us to do only fans I am not confident and don’t feel comfortable doing it and he would spout something to make me feel even worse for not doing it. I gave him my phone because he didn’t trust I wasn’t being loyal to him little did I know he was going through my phone and deleting all evidence I found of him cheating on me, the tracker the lot. Gave me a pre engagement ring christmas saying he’s devoted to me I’m his and I didn’t know he was pursuing this other woman. Police are involved and it’s sickening because he’s been messaging her saying how can we fix us and so on and messaging me at the same time the same thing. I don’t want another woman falling for this and getting sucked in to abuse it’s frightening and sick at what he’s been doing so please don’t fall for him ignore him because he’s clever until he gets caught and then uses the ending his life to get out of owning up to it. Stay safe

  51. George Joseph McQuade from Los Angeles / formerly Indiana.
    He’s just lonely because -although he’s working (military) and earns a lot more than he should, he is homeless since all his “crazy exGFs” throw him out after he lives off them, and chooses to live in his car until he finds another woman to move in on. L.A. girls don’t want a homeless guy. He partakes in a LOT of toxic behaviors that I WON’T have in my life i.e., loves stripp3rs, has a p0rn addiction, is the creepy old guy on IG and FB (hes 46 in 2023) following a LOT of naked girls his sons age, “ALL my ex-girlfriends have BPD”; is extremely superficial, loves women with lots of plastic surgery (although he himself is not attractive, skinny everywhere but fat belly), he’s got what appears to be Aspergers syndrome/BPD/avoidant attachment disorder/again -p0rn addiction/dirty old man/possibly somewhere on the NPD spectrum too because although he is too cheap to lovebomb or buy gifts, he WILL mirror you (pretend to be everything you want), text all day and eat up as much of your time as possible and when his mask starts slipping, he will just ghost. He’s extremely unhealthy mentally, he has women friends but he is a major misogynist. This guy hates women. He fanboys any toxic content creators that take an anti-women stance. He’s an extremely pervy dirty old man incel, dreaming of being a fkboy. It’s really depressing.

  52. Adam Meyers from Melbourne, Australia.
    Adam is a manipulative narcissist. I have learned that throughout our entire relationship, he remained on dating apps, and was seeing other women, despite us being ‘exclusive’. He lied, he gaslit, and he manipulated me endlessly. I am completely broken. He always called his exes ‘crazy’ and ‘psycho’ which I should have noticed as the first warning, but he knows how to charm. My fellow Melbourne girls, please avoid this man for your own wellbeing. He is taekwondo obsessed, if that helps.

  53. Michael Evangelis from Hopatcong and Bayonne, New Jersey.
    Michael Evangelis, also goes by Alexander and Nick to trap women. We were together for years, and were having relationship issues because he didn’t seem to think that communicating and figuring out things together was necessary. We even went to therapy multiple times. Each time he would make a promise infant of the therapist, and then break it the next day saying he is a man and will do what he wants. Then I found out that while he was traveling for work (which was during most of our relationship) he was picking up multiple women on apps and the gym. He was also doing this when he would come back home to New Jersey. He would tell me that he is busy with work or managing his property. But instead he was going on dates and having s3x with other women. He would lie to them that he is single, lie about his name (saying it’s Nick or Alexander), his intentions, and then get them to sleep with him in investment property. When our relationship was really struggling he would argue about s3x, and be abusive emotionally and physically. But the truth is he was mad that he was sleeping with other women, yet I was saying no. He is a manipulative psychopathic man who has gone to an abusers support group without any success. When I stopped seeing him, he put a tracker on my car and left me cryptic voicemails about he knows where I am and that I better not be with any other man. He believed that I belonged to him, while he continued to cheat and be abusive. He has done therapy and his therapist had told him to get help, go to s3x addict group. But he continues to deny he has any issue. Michael Evangelis does not respect women. He only wants to use them to make himself feel good about his own self. He will say his name is Alexander or Nick, and that he is from Denville, Parisppany, or Bayonne (various towns in NJ). He only knows how to lie. I found folders of videos and pictures he took of all these women like he is proud of his actions.

  54. Adam McClanahan from Maryville, TN.
    He was the most selfish person I ever met. He only cared about his wants and needs. I would tell him that I didn’t want to be intimate with him sometimes and he would kind of force me to and try to shame me into doing it. No woman should ever have to deal with him. Plus I genuinely always thought he was gay. I caught him checking out multiple men all the time, so I think he was just in the closet and that’s why he treated me and other women he has dated so bad. Protect yourself ladies. Stay away from this man.

  55. Leonard Harvey Schreck from Red Lion, PA.
    This man spent 6 years verbally abusing me and calling me names and accusing me of things that were not real. Calling me a cheater and every name under the sun. He broke into my home and threatened to murd3r me and blame it on his friend. He attacked my 10 year old child that was only trying to protect his mom.
    I took polygraph tests proving everything Leonard accused me of was just lies. Leonard took a test proving everything he told me about other women he was seeing behind my back was lies and that he was the one cheating and not me.
    He spent until Feb. Of 2023 in a form of s3xual relationship with me while running around at bars ignoring me and pretending that there was no other women when really there was.
    He slandered my name all the way from Nebraska to Baltimore.
    His pick up line is ( my ex cheated on me ) it’s all lies, no one ever cheated on him.
    He spent years going behind my back slandering my name to other women as a form of getting attention from them.
    He failed his polygraph and refused to be honest about it after spending years lying about me for attention.
    When ever I confronted him about lying or when he got caught lying year after year about where he is, who he’s with and run around disappearing for hours, days, instead of being an honest man, he chose to call me names and make excuses about why he’s the only one that doesn’t have to answer for what he’s done after verbally abusing women and slandering their names for years just to get attention from other women.
    He loves calling women wh0r3s when he’s the only one that ran around acting like one.

  56. Rick Little from Minneapolis/ Fargo.
    Player history: This guy is married and is a constant cheater- she has no idea either! He pretends he single and they are going thru a few issues. ALL LIES! He is nice when you meet him/ chat with but when he’s done he’s gone and he really is just using you! He will pay for videos and chats. You can find him at any strip club, massage parlor, and expects a happy ending. He is a frequent “STG” and “escort affairs” user so he pays for *women*! He’s got a dirty d**K! Beware of the DRD!

  57. Bennett Locke from Braintree, MA.
    Ben is not what he appears. He is physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive. The two assault arrests he has pertaining to his abuse on me are just the tip of the iceberg. He threatened to p0is0n my friend’s dog several times, threatened to k1ll me (sent me pics of him holding a hand gun) and threatened to hire someone to k1ll me based on the contacts he met in jail. He psychologically abused me by saying the most ugly things about my body, send me nudes of the girls he was cheating with and told me to k1ll myself already (I have BPD and suffer from these kinds of thoughts) Ben is scary. He puts on a great act and love bombs at the start. Do not fall for it. He’s a pathological liar and cheater. He has no conscience or remorse. He will ruin your life then walk away, gaslighting you and he will not give a single F about the damage he has caused. He is a dangerous predator. RUN!!!

  58. Todd Spangler from Gloucester, VA.
    Over the course of 6 years together after consoling him through a rough divorce where she cheated on him, yet, he cheated on her. Swore he could never betray me. In our last month together he met someone new and continued the relationship with me. Through calculated manipulation he withdrew emotionally leaving me no choice but to walk away. Fast forward one month and he updated his Facebook profile of a photo of him and her. I waited 5 years to post a photo of us on social media once his divorce finalized. He knows her for merely two months and is displaying her for the world to see. I walked away assuming we drifted too far apart when all the while he sabotaged the relationship so that I would walk away and he would appear the good guy. The pain is indescribable seeing the photo of them and then hearing they met in January when I ended things in February tore my already broken heart even further. Obviously he’s a coward who is afraid to be alone so he must find someone new before leaving his current relationship respectively. I truly believed he was a genuine person and now he doesn’t even acknowledge me to allow proper closure in order for me to heal and move on.

  59. Kunal Mehta from Sydney, Parramatta, Australia.
    He is a polygamist. Smooth player. Alcoholic.
    He connects with women on dating and matrimonial sites under the pretext of wanting to marry.
    He never uses tinder because as per him he doesn’t want women who have casual relationships with other men.
    He will introduce women to his friends over video calls to show-off to them.
    He’ll use words like “I’ll keep you like a queen” “i want to love you”
    I have spoken to two other women he was with along with me and that’s when I ended it.

  60. Kenneth aka Rome aka Kenoe Robinson from Omaha Nebraska.
    I have never meet a devil in real life until this boy. Once he has you thinking he is “different than other guys” he tells you this horrible sad stories about family struggles, even used his daughters mental health to get money from women. All the while he is bragging to his friends that this is his “game” to women so he doesn’t have to work. He keeps multiple girls around for s3x and money. Literally walking red flag, no job, no place to stay, busted car but because he is quiet and pretends to be sweet he gets away with it. He is a horrible person.

  61. Paul Thomas Taylor from San Jose, CA.
    I write this hoping to save some poor fool from falling for this con man.
    Paul and I dated for 5 years, 4 of which he was abusive emotionally, physically and financially.
    This “man”, presents an image of extreme success but he only gets anything by taking it from others. He used my information to take a loan out on a vehicle (through online service Carvana) that he then damaged extensively and accrued an amount over $2,000 of fines/penalties, parking and toll violations on.
    Paul also racked up $10,000 in credit card charges on my account. He also skipped out on $8,000 he agreed to pay when I purchased furniture for our apartment on my credit card.
    This man will gaslight you, lie to you, cheat on you. He will spin you a story of how much he has been victimized, from a history of vicious ex girlfriends, to lies about abuses he suffered as a child (both physically and s3xua11y), to lies about where he grew up, the nature of his adoption and relationship (or lack there of) with his family.
    The only real thing I ever knew about him was his veteran status. He did serve and was wounded while on deployment.
    He will excuse his mistreatment of you because he “is in pain”.
    He will excuse his alcoholism and substance abuse because these substances, (he is particularly fond of c0caine, but will use whatever he can get) is the only thing that works for his chronic pain.

    Please protect yourself from this person. If he’s at all in your life, remove him. Cut him off and burn that access shut.

  62. Jonathan H. Morgan from Savannah GA.
    We were together for 5 years, and 6 years ago that I wasn’t the only girl he was with. I was meant to be the at home girlfriend that gave him his children and took care of the houses because he has many. I spent the 1st 2 years of our relationship busting my butt and creating a really cool Inn in the Sterling district of Savannah Georgia. The part of that history I did not know was the inn supplied him with cool people that he can make jokes too and hot girls that he can F. I won’t tell you the name of the Inn but it’s in starland arch district please note that Jonathan has genital herpes and does not tell. He told me after 6 months of being together. He was seeing lots of guests behind my back and then eventually he started dating his Chinese manager and left me for her and then she left him because she wanted a baby. Note when he left me I was pregnant and then I had a miscarriage. It all started because of he said that he would not be in a relationship if the s3x ever stopped more then a few weeks. He knew I had trauma before we met and he was insisted that he helped me with that, pretty much all he really did was make me relive on my trauma and tell me to get over it. But I was also working hard to try to get the Inn open Because he didn’t know how to hire employees and the people helping really didn’t care if we open On the open day of March 2020. Yes yes he has a lot of money he has a lot of cars and a lot of houses but that’s not why I loved him so much I loved his crazy goofy personality how we worked on things together and how we just enjoyed each other. But it seems the only reason he was attracted to me was because of the s3x. He was having s3x with guests while I was in the house cleaning. You never told me that after 2 years we were gonna be in a somewhat polite relationship. Where he gets to go and screw all the girls he wants but I can’t screw anyone but him. His absence has avoided his just disrespected not caring about who I was or supporting me and any of my decisions or life. He would tell everyone that I didn’t love myself but I did I was just being emotionally abused ocean lamb views to where I could figure out anything because he had confused me so much telling me he loves me but yet just respecting me. He said he couldn’t trust me and he resented me but I never rejected him from s3x he thought I did and that stuck with him when I was just talking about my trauma and how I don’t like to be forced. He got mad because I didn’t pursue him for s3x but I never did in the beginning so why are you expecting me to do something I didn’t do. He would get mad at me just talking about work such as Hey what color do you want this door with turn into a huge argument. I told him I didn’t want to keep cleaning rooms for a living because I barely made poverty level in the state of Georgia. He told me I shouldn’t try to get more money because he pays for the houses he pays for my living and everything else though he honestly didn’t. The business paid for the houses we lived in and it paid for all the utilitperiod am I food in the things I liked I bought myself because I didn’t see it ethically right to have a business purchase something for me personally especially when it’s a business account. So I paid for all my stuff with my amazingly little paychecks can you tell me I shouldn’t worry because I’m dating a millionaire. He is a millionaire and assets only he got it because of his parents they’re not rich but they have great credit and can’ cosign. He is a very good smooth talker and he will say anything he has to say to a female to get them to have s3x with him. You will not be his only you will only be his toy. As in the letter he wrote me he has 18 years left to screw everything he wants, and he doesn’t want to miss out. My therapist and some of his friends call him in narcissist, but I was the only one that would ever stay into his face. But if you do meet him flirt with him boost his ego you might get a nice trip to the island house that I used to live at where you can see dolphins absolutely beautiful swimming in the pool, Take a dip in the hot tub that I rebuilt and enjoy the beautiful wildlife he held he might even make you dinner. He’ll talk dirty to you maybe put on some p0rn or show that’s very suggestive don’t do it, Just use him like he uses every other girl. He flatters and boosters he goes to get what he wants but I’m letting you know what he wants and how you can take advantage for yourself. Maybe if everybody starts treating him the way he does to others maybe he’ll see what kind of a crappy person he really is.

    And it’s interesting because he told me about his exes I wonder if I’m used to demand s3x from him and how he hated it so I tried not to do that to him because that’s not my personality. The Times I did want to have s3x he kept telling me he wasn’t having outbreak to actually have s3x with him, because he never talked to me and that was the fault of everything and hes not communicating with me and he said it was really hard to even talk to me because I have Asperger And that my I autism prevents me from understanding any In the portable at communicating, I’m sorry but I’m straightforward honest and Blunt. He liked it before and then all of a sudden he didn’t like it I don’t know who hes talking to or where he gets these ideas from but hes not the man that I fell in love with so many years ago.

    I don’t think I could ever trust him again because he is just as worse as the one before named Jeff Dickey who was not a marine who was never in the military and used his kids to get what he wants and get sympathy and free food cigarettes and all that other BS. That guy will take your money and use your car and use you up until you have nothing and I’ll try to trap you by having a kid with you. That’s what you tried to do and then I had surgery in which had to stop my periods as then that’s when the physical views happened. Jonathan knew of my trauma with this guy and promise you would never do the same things but yet he ended Up doing the exact same things minus breaking my arm.

    I ultimately had to leave the state to get away from him and to heal.

  63. Brett Burns from Missouri.
    Brett is psychologically abusive. I would not be posting about him if he weren’t. His behavior screams narcissistic personality disorder. He doesn’t take accountability for his actions, has a long, colorful history with the law, and every story he tells me always ends up being someone else’s fault. He dismissed my feelings and my needs, accused me of cheating nonstop with basically everyone I spoke to even though I offered him my phone to show I had nothing to hide, he blew up over the smallest things (groceries, housework, etc.), belittled me and everyone around him, would call and text multiple times throughout the day to ask where I was and who I was with, he lied constantly, violated my boundaries and told me they were ridiculous, shamed me for not shaving as often as he thought I should, shamed me for having ambitions and goals that didn’t revolve around him, and was generally an angry, unreasonable person. When we first met he was super sweet, took me on shopping sprees, gassed me up, told me I was the woman of his dreams, his “Angel”, and that he wanted to provide for me and take care of me, aka, he lovebombed me. I didn’t recognize this for what it was because no man had made me feel so special before. That all changed when I got pregnant with his child. He became disrespectful, constantly told me I didn’t care about him or the child because I was continuing to work. He has caused issues for me at work with others as a result. He told me if we can’t be together he’s moving to a different state. He has also told me he has no intention of supporting me financially throughout the pregnancy. When I told him I wanted to look for a different, less stressful job he got angry with me because he wants me to be his personal assistant and said he wants me to do what he wants and work for the “family business” which really just means work for him with zero autonomy or freedom. He didn’t respect the fact that parenthood would be completely changing my life while he didn’t plan on sacrificing or changing anything once the child arrives. He got angry when I went to see my friends and family out of state even though he was invited and chose not to come. He also got angry when I did anything social without him even though he was almost always invited. He has said that he isn’t even sure the baby is his several times. He didn’t understand why I feel so exhausted from the pregnancy all the time and questioned why I go to bed so early when I finally moved my stuff out of his place. He would get angry when I didn’t want to stay up late with him; he got angry when I wasn’t in the mood to have s3x with him. He offered no emotional support and never intended to be involved with child rearing beyond financially and that support exists ONLY if we would have stayed together and do things the way he wants them to be done. At first he told me he would help me get health insurance. I am a 1099 contractor and am pretty healthy, so I didn’t need it until I got pregnant. Now he says he will only help me if we are a couple. He makes plenty of money so there’s no reason for him not to support his child. I have never posted anything on this site and honestly didn’t know it existed until today. Hopefully this is the only review I will ever feel compelled to write on an ex. Avoid this man at all costs. You will regret it if you don’t. He did the same thing to his last girlfriend and doesn’t see a problem with his behavior. I am now trying to figure out how to make ends meet and move back home to Oklahoma closer to my family and close friends as I have no support system in this state and am facing the reality of being a single mom and giving birth alone to my very first child. For more information on this man, please reach out via email at or Facebook messenger via the link in my profile. Be careful out there.

  64. Chad Spencer from Ohio.
    I met him off meetme. It was OK in the beginning. He moved in quickly. I met his mom quickly. We got a place together rather fast and that’s when the DV started. He dumped me off his $5 couch. Took my phone to refrain from calling for help. Blocked the only exit door. Dragged me off the bed. Destroyed my dresser. He shoved me so hard I ended up collapsing to the floor. I fell pregnant during that time. (I moved out) He has been inconsistent in her life, always getting in DV relationships. He has called me horrible names in public in front of our daughter including preventing me from taking her out of the situation so shes not a witness. He likes to have another person on the phone while arguing/video record arguements. He SA’d me last year. I also watched him physically abuse his son last year. He uses, abuses, lies and cheats. Which is what all of our arguments were mainly over. This is over the course of several years.

    1. He has also held me down to the floor before during an argument leaving bruises on my wrists. Me having to spit in his face for him to release me.

  65. Muhammad Saif Islam from Hollywood, Florida.
    Saif is originally from Bangladesh and he now lives in Hollywood, Florida. He is a brown man obsessed with white women. He is self-hating and uses any opportunity to separate himself from his heritage – claiming to be another ethnicity and wearing colored contacts to appear mixed race. Saif made it abundantly clear he wanted white-passing children during a discussion we had about marriage and kids. Saif stated he would want to adopt little white “goddesses” of his own to achieve this desire. I don’t think I need to go any further… It was over and done that very moment. Disgusting.

  66. Gregory Eng from Miami, Florida.
    Greg Eng is originally from New York but is currently living in Miami, Florida. He is an alcoholic and makes for a rather embarrassing and pushy companion while going out. Greg will take photos and videos of you without your permission (and refuse to delete them). He is an unhappy, self-conscious man who will take out his insecurities on you in various ways. Greg argues over semantics/pragmatics in order to make himself feel intellectually superior than you but lacks the ability to hold himself to the same standards. He will future fake with you early on in an attempt to persuade you to accept his faults with promises of taking care of you, paying your rent, moving you in, going on an international trip together, etc. Do not fall for it.

  67. Jeff Choi from Torrance, California.
    Jeff is from South Korea and lived in NYC before moving. He resides in Torrance, California. Jeff plays the role of a tortured, misunderstood victim with a troubled past and an unlucky streak with women in order for you to let your guard down and pity him. Pay close attention to the things he says and how he responds to certain topics. He will parrot your needs and desires as his own as a way to manipulate you and create a false sense of connection/mutual understanding.

    Jeff will strategically say and do what someone you’d think genuinely cares about you would say and do just to turn around and treat you poorly after he’s successfully lead you to believe him and his lies. Jeff virtual signals, acts morally superior, and acknowledges all the ways in which people take advantage of others/hurt one another as if he would never think to perform such monstrosities himself… as he proceeds to prey upon, be disingenuous to, and consciously harm others.

    Please note, he will use metal illness as an excuse for any and all wrongdoings. Be aware this is a fully grown adult man, very much capable of self control, discipline, and the ability to be a decent human being. He knew what he was going to do before he did it and he will keep his true intentions from you until he is finished. Jeff has absolutely zero integrity.

    1. Just incase this particular Jeff is somehow confused or mistaken for another with a similar name, I wanted to provide some additional information to set him apart – this Jeff Choi prides himself in having traveled through various parts of Europe (especially his stay in southern Germany). He will also mention his trip to Japan if he has the chance to. I am sure he won’t forget to include that he performed various forms of labor during his travels in exchange for a place to stay in an effort to appear humble/relatable; however, if you are unfortunate enough to get swept up in this man’s mess, you’ll come to find out this is just yet another way he will try to support the convoluted façade he’s desperately trying to make you believe. Stay safe ladies.

  68. Myong Choi from LA/Torrance, California.
    Myong lives in the LA/Torrance area in California. He expects s3x but he doesn’t shower properly or take care of himself/think of his appearance. His P has a medical issue that he refuses to seek help for. Myong is also not skilled in anything having to do with intimacy (that involves a partner, as I’m sure he has consumed and pleasured himself enough while watching decades worth of p0rn that he has *self pleasure* mastered). Our interactions were some of the worst s3xua1 experiences of my life.

  69. David Tan from Irvine, California, USA.
    David Tan is originally from Texas and is currently living in Irvine, California. He will act as though he holds the same values and views as you do on all things pertaining to life and human interaction/relationships (platonic and romantic); meanwhile, he is putting on heirs to take advantage of you. David blames his “conservative upbringing” for his poor social development and inadequacies instead of taking responsibility and working on himself as a middle aged man. He lacks many of the qualities that make for a good partner (and a good person in general) and he will argue and debate you to death on your standards – hoping you will lower them rather than him putting in the effort to meet them. He will twist the truth/blatantly lie when confronted about the contradictions of his words vs actions or when his overall hypocrisy is pointed out, ultimately gaslighting you into oblivion if it means he can still seem decent and you end up looking over dramatic and critical. David falls back on plans and promises regularly, leaving his word to be valued at less than zero, and will rationalize it with mental gymnastics until your ears bleed. When retelling events, he purposefully leaves out the parts that make him look bad in order to sway others opinions on situations and avoid taking accountability. He will infuriate you with his weaponized incompetence and refusal to be thoughtful, consideration, etc. while expecting those things from you on top of an uninterrupted routine of s3x and acceptance of his god awful display of what he considers to be genuine interest and care for you. He is not worth anyone’s time.

  70. Jay Dathaeus Lee from West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
    riginally from South Korea, raised in NYC, Jay Dathaeus Lee is now residing in West Palm Beach, FL. He is a washed up former athlete with major narcissistic traits and a slew of other psychological issues. Jay lied (and continues to lie) about his age, claiming to be 10-15 years his junior, as if anyone would realistically believe that to be true. His house is a hoarders paradise, although he views this somewhat of an accomplishment and claims his disorganization and living in squalor serves as evidence that he is full of ideas and is a genius.

    Jay considers himself to a great guy/”renaissance man” yet he was nothing short of a condescending, highly disrespectful lowlife throughout our time together. He has a grandiose sense of self-importance and is caught up in a multitude of hilariously improvable delusions that involve him becoming a world famous billionaire (excuse me… TRILLIONAIRE!) for all to envy and desire. Jay s3xua11y assaulted me repeatedly without remorse and exhibited bizarre sexual behavior that indicates extreme mental illness. Jay is also attracted to minors and uses “you look 10/12/14/16” as a compliment. If you are dating/any female you know is getting “trained” by him, I suggest you cease any and all communication before you end up needing to contact authorities or seek therapy as a result of interacting with him.

  71. Brett Selby from Ontario, Canada.
    Brett Selby is a highly troubled individual. He views women as beneath him and uses most of them for “practice” as he lacks the social skills necessary to already have a well-rounded personality with likable traits. He feels as though his way of shaping himself to be a good future boyfriend/husband by wasting women’s time is admirable due to the fact that he isn’t sleeping with them. Meanwhile, in his free time, him and his buddies admit to grooming women online and attempting to harvest nud3 photos and put them into compromising situations for their amusement. If you know of this person, run.

  72. Mohamed (Simo) Bayhammou from DC area/Morocco.
    This is a married man who is playing at being in a bad relationship and trying to get out. He acts all charming and sweet then he gets pushy and get the conversation going about how you make him hot. He is a liar and cheater. Do not trust him. Never spoke one true word.

  73. Jerome Avate from Northampton, Pa.
    This boy is a true master manipulator. I was warned about him from a psychic but didn’t listen. He is sweet and very good looking, he has almost a dumb cute thing going on that makes you want to help him. That’s all part of the ploy. He made me feel bad about wanting to hang out during the week and claimed he was tired then depressed.. what he was was h0rny and gross. He used the FEELD app and was sleeping with NUMEROUS women at the same time as I. He got me pregnant and had me a get an ab0rti0n. After that he treated me like damaged goods. I was so low and depressed and he was bringing so many girls into our bed that I got two different bacterial infections. I found c0nd0m wrappers two days before my birthday. So I wrote on his wall with sharpie and killed his pot plants he’s growing. Then took him back. I didn’t get anything for Christmas or my birthday because he told me I didn’t deserve anything. I bled for almost 3 months straight from the ab0rti0n because it didn’t work and ended in a horrible m1scarr1age. He made me sit in the ER all day by myself and when I got to his house after, I found 3 used c0nd0ms. He convinced me of his innocence so many times and even threw some tears into the mix. I have a four year old who adored him and his dog and it breaks my heart he chose to come and be around her and I knowing what he did. Worst part is he has a type; brunettes with a kid. I’m not sure why the kid thing is part of it but it is. He is also strung out on drugs and I think some type of painkiller, based on what I found in my room once. Jerome will tell you anything you want to hear. Everything out of his mouth was a lie. In his ceiling I found some of my clothes and tons of other girls clothes. Along with that was a box of used c0nd0ms, wrappers, and the boxes they came in. He lives in his parents basement and has never cleaned once. There are three dirty cages from a bearded dragon he had that didn’t take care of and they are all sitting around filled with poop. It’s so gross! His parents know what’s he’s up to and don’t say anything. His mom gave me $100 for Xmas bc I think she felt bad. I was so low when all this was going on I considered giving up custody of my daughter and *offing myself*. I was recommended to see a psychiatrist and am on a stronger dose of anti anxiety meds. I have so many trust issues I can’t breath and leaving the house is not something I like doing. I’m scared to see him out because I want to impose pain on him but I never will. I spoke to one of his wh0r3s and the poor thing thought she was like his girlfriend. Yet she knew about me so I’m sorry but she is a wh0r3. Please stay away from this man child. He is good at what he does. Like really good. Stay strong ladies and steer clear of Jerome aka Jay Avate.

  74. Dwayne Gordon from Philadelphia, PA/Jamaica.
    He’s a chronic mooch and liar. He will constantly be “looking for a job” while making small requests for money to women, older men, etc. He always has a “hardship” or crisis that needs paying for. He’ll spend the money on himself and justify it. He’s a perma f boy and is constantly with his baby momma while dating other women too (he’s been with her off and on for 13 years but tells other women she’s a problem so they don’t find out he’s been with her too).

    He doesn’t use c0nd0ms. He’s constantly letting others know how generous he is and that he’s a good person while he’s lying to their face.

  75. Haiwen Dai from Middleton, WI.
    Emotionally abusive. Does not respect boundaries. Threatens revenge p0rn to maintain control. Cheater. Liar. Addict. Stay safe and stay away!

  76. Marvin Christiansen from Davenport Iowa.
    I had been single for almost 3 years, I did not date or hook up with anyone because I got burned in my last relationship and I was done with men forever. Well here come Marvin into my work, he met someone there to pick up a cup he had purchased. Then he kept coming back. I never had any interest in him at all, I thought to myself..shit I have another fan. I am a bartender. Marvin does not drink or do drugs. I explained to him that I was not looking for anything. Well push come to shove I fell for it..I believed him when he said he be with me through the good and the bad and that I will get tired of him being around. So we never fought we did our thing and I thought we were happy…I finally found the guy for me…in the beginning I kept telling myself and a couple girlfriends of mine…this is to good to be true and they laughed at me because he is such a nice person and he still is something is off. As we approach our 1 year anniversary things change in him. All he does is lay in bed and play on his phone. No good morning no good night no how was work honey when u get home. He layed in bed for days at a time with the phone in his hand. Well one night I came across his Twitter account so I look and see he likes 109 pictures of naked women and when I asked he said he must of got hacked and I asked him to talk with me about it he refused and continued to ignore me, so I did the same. Saturday evening he gets ready to go to a potluck which i was invited also but he didn’t ask if I still wanted to go. Before he leaves he breaks up with me. I shrug it off and he comes back before midnight and went to the spare bedroom and I went and asked him why did he come back to my house since he dumped me and then he gets up and starts packing his stuff…at this point I’m angry and I ask him to please leave until I have cooled off. Because I didn’t want him to leave and he ignored me and I felt as if I would have done something I would have regretted the rest of my life because I’m not hurting the man I’m madly in love with! He left his phone but did leave and he told me to go through it. Well my dumb ass did. I found nothing until I checked the history in his Google Chrome that he forgot to clear. He has looked up p0rn three times before he went on to pick out my valentine’s day flowers to put in a vase that he had blown himself. He came back the next morning and gathered more of his things and I asked him several times to please talk to me and explain why he was moving his stuff out. I wasn’t upset about p0rn or naked pictures hell I even told him..I will watch and look with you but he refused to talk. He came back the next day again while I was at work and got more stuff then left stuff and said he be back later to get. Then he ignored me for 7 days. Maybe one or two text but not to check on me or to apologize. Well today he sent me a message on Facebook telling me he needs to fix himself for the next person..not for us to be together but for the next girl. There are some more things that he had not told me but I’m not throwing that out. I’m telling the story exactly how it happened. My children even told is not mad and you are blowing this way out of proportion. My heart is broken into millions of pieces and he runs over nothing. He is selfish and only cares about his happiness. He had so much good around him but he was to busy on his phone to even notice!
    Marvin is a retired army vet, he blows glass at a glass shop and makes pieces to donation for good causes. He is the best man I’ve ever been with. He and I met at my work. I am a bartender and he doesn’t drink but came in to meet someone a friend. Well I had spoken with him and I was not interested at all. I thought damn I have another fan because he kept coming back and kept asking about going to lunch or dinner. After so many times asking I agreed, I explained to Marvin that I was almost 3 years out of a bad relationship and that I was not into hooking up or anything of the sort. He kept on me and I caved and we started to date. Then we had s3x then I fell for him hard and he said he did too! I thought this is to good to be true…well I was right! Marvin and I never fought but as time went on he moved in and he doesn’t have a job at this point, he did in the beginning. I knew the situation so I had no problems taking care of him because hell we gonna be together forever. As time went on Marvin would just lay in bed for days at a time, only come out to eat or use restroom and right back to the bedroom to get on his phone. As soon as he woke, he gets his phone and lays in bed all day on his phone…i didn’t care. He eventuality stopped messaging me while I was at work. I’d get home trash is full sink full of dishes and lights all out. He did do dishes once in awhile. He made sure he was fed and he made sure his laundry was done and he made sure to keep himself on that phone. He never communicated with me anymore the s3x went to nothing. Well one night I as looking through Twitter and found a profile of his, so I look and all his likes are naked women. I honestly don’t care but I wanted to ask him what is up with that. Is this the reason why your not making love to me anymore? Well he said go through my phone, my Twitter was hacked, I said no I don’t want to. I just wanna talk to ya about and he said I’m not doing this with you and went back to the bedroom and I stayed on the couch he continued to ignore me all the next day. We were to attend a potluck together but he never asked me if I were going and before he left he told me it was over and he left. Well he came back just before midnight and went to the spare bedroom and I got up and asked him why he came back to my house after he had dumped me and he said because my things are here. I told him nobody gonna take your things. Then he started to pack his clothes and I got very angry and asked him to talk to me that I didn’t understand why is was blowing this out of proportion and he continued to ignore me so i asked him to leave because my blood was boiling at this point and I didn’t want to react and do something stupid so I put a chair in front of the door so he couldn’t come back in. Well he left his phone and he had given me permission to go through it, it was clean but he forgot to clear Google chrome well I found he like to watch p0rn too. I do not care about that either but why keep something like that from me. He still won’t admit about the p0rn or the pictures and I told him heck I’ll look at it with you…I got ignored and he moved more things out and the more he ignored me the more mad I get and again I asked him to leave before I lost it, had to lock him out again. Then he came back next day while I was at work to get some more stuff, and still no communication from him. He has ignored me for 7 days now and I am so heartbroken from this, I just wanted to talk. Well he messaged me and claims he has to fix himself so he can be good for the next one. I said what about me, I knew you didn’t have the funds to help pays bills at my house so I let it slide, I told you I will forever be by your side. Money doesn’t mean shit to me. He mentioned he was unhappy, I thought we were great. He used me and he knows it. I am an open honest person and he told me he’d never hurt me and be there through good and bad and all he did was lay in my bed and play on his phone. But if anyone he knows calls for something he is up out of that bed doing for them. I’m understanding why he has been married three times and has many many many ex girlfriends. I don’t know if he was booking up or talking or paying women online. I will probably never know and I don’t know if I would want to. I opened up to the man and he tore my heart out and he promised not to. He isn’t very s3xua1 he claims he has pain when he *releases*, so If I were lucky I got laid once a month and he made me feel like we were making love. He also has not been paying any of his bills at his home, he is in foreclosure and I had to find this out from someone else. He has many secrets many many secrets and he is selfish. He was not like this in the beginning. He freaking fooled me and I’m angry because I believed him. He is a great father a great friend but a lousy boyfriend. So if ya date this guy be prepared to be treated like a Queen for a few months or til he gets comfortable. Then bam it’s all about that cell phone. And the p0rn he was looking up was stepmom loves stepsons *genitalia*. And when I went to the p0rn page he watches it was a porn with a stepbrother and stepsister playing their fantasies…I about puked because not even a month ago he got back from his moms because his stepdad was sick in hospital and he was spending time with his stepsister and that freaked me the hell out. Not sure what is going on in the man’s head but that’s sick stuff to be fantasizing about. That is some morbid stuff in my eyes. He is a 50 year old player. This man doesn’t want love he wants to be taken care of by someone else. He doesn’t spend money on you he spends your money. I have handed him money several times and he never paid me back. But the one time I borrowed money he wanted it back right away. It’s his way or no way, he will run if there is any chance of an argument and make it your fault. Remember we had two fights the almost a year we were together and he dumped me the 1st fight also and he came back but did the same thing when we didn’t have an argument until he started moving his things out.
    I know that his last girlfriend left him because on their weekend to be alone and only them he left while she was sleeping due to an accident a friend was in and by time he got home she was gone. He doesn’t make his girl a priority, he put me on back burner and I assume he did that with the last girlfriend also. He is so happy to have you in the beginning and then he stops giving a crap. I have no proof if he messaged or FaceTimed or paid girls, but he is broke a week after his SSI check comes in. He is also addicted to a game called Kiss Of War. His cellphone is his #1 priority and that is sad. I could go in and on but I think you get the point.

  77. Todd Dogie from Duson, Louisiana.
    He is a charmer at first, only to get you where he wants you. Then he is a compulsive liar, narcissist, controlling egotistical cheater. He lies and says he was with less than 10 women in his 54 years of life not mentioning cheating on his wife when they were married and me for sure that I know of. He will cut off all contract with your friends and family and make you most vulnerable then destroy your world. I had my suspicions at first but could never prove anything until one day I received a text message from the other woman saying she wouldn’t have had s3x with him if she knew about me. He of course denied and lied. I believe her and in no way blame her. Women beware Todd Dogie is your worst nightmare. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and find out for yourself. Please share your story afterwards.

  78. Richard Bedell from San Antonio Texas.
    Richard is a covert narcissist, & I don’t say this due to a mere opinion. I have a strong background in psychology & do not give diagnoses without overwhelming support. He is in constant need for validation, & seeks it out on video s3x chat sites, social media & hook up sites. Practicing safe s3x is strongly advised since there have been recent incidents. He is extremely hypersensitive and misunderstands everything you do. Telling him how you feel is a perceived attack & he will go into a Narcisstic Rage. He will leave you stranded, with no money- there are no limits to how he will punish. He is unable to love unconditionally – all connections are superficial & you are merely a pawn in his game. The relationship suits his needs only, he will straight up tell you he doesn’t care about your feelings, he’s too proud to apologize & will not & he will always have someone else he can jump ship to if he thinks you’re mad & will treat you as if you are yesterdays garbage. Save yourself the chaos, confusion, & toxicity that is Rich Clinton.

  79. Justin Morey from San Diego, CA.
    Oh, where to start? Justin is a liar, a cheater, manipulator, possibly a narcissist (I’m not a mental health professional and not qualified to give him a diagnosis of that, but he displays every quality of one), and will gaslight the heck out of you. He has a repeating pattern of telling a woman he feels a strong connection with them, wants to make it exclusive, etc, but what you don’t realize is that he’s telling this to a handful of other women. He always has a few “female friends” on the side that he’s keeping in his back pocket. You’ll conveniently never meet them and they have no clue you exist but he makes it a point to tell you everything g about them so it feels like they know about you. ie his friend Carmen, who he cheated on me with, supposedly knew about me and then knew that I thought their friendship was inappropriate given that Justin cheated with her. His story never passed the smell test. He will introduce you to his mother, though. If you’re really lucky, he’ll tell you he loves you and that he’s only told 3 other girlfriends that in the past. I spent a year with this monster. He was sent to Australia for work for 6 weeks and immediately got onto Hinge and Bumble “to meet friends.” Meanwhile, he was meeting women and hooking up with them ASAP. He never intended to not cheat while there. When confronted, Justin will always use your words against you, make you feel crazy, and somehow tried to make you be the reason for conflict. For the sake of not getting too lengthy, I’ll briefly mention the inappropriate relationship he had with a 21 y/o. Justin is a 42 year old man. She was equally culpable but the entire time he kept making me out to be crazy. He’s a terrible terrible person.

  80. Stas Edel from California.
    Stas, also known as Stanislav, is a malignant narcissist. He is extremely charming, charismatic, and seems like an educated, intelligent, handsome, tall, strong, understanding, empathetic, amazing catch….but it’s all a facade.

    He likes to prowl Tinder. That’s where I found him in 2016. He moves from woman to woman once the truth about him is exposed. He is a pathological liar and a cheater.

    He stopped having s3x with me at all a year into our relationship, would reject me every time I initiated, promised it wasn’t me and it was him – meanwhile he was cheating on me. He cheated on me at least 5 times that I am personally aware of, starting a mere 3 months into our 6 year relationship. He recorded most of the incidents and kept them on an external hard-drive. When I confronted him about the cheating, he denied it at first, until I told him I had found video evidence of it. Then he finally admitted to ONE incident of cheating. He continued to lie about the rest.

    He has deeply disturbing k1nks, including *feces play*, *urine play*, cross-dressing, getting fully naked on solo hiking trips to Mojave and *self pleasuring*. He would put his GoPro in our toilet and record himself defacating. He made music video edits with the videos of himself cheating on me for his own personal enjoyment. He posted videos of himself *self pleasuring* to a porn site with hashtags including but not limited to: “first gay”, “amateur gay”, “gay c0ck”, “best gay”, “gay man”.

    He used me financially. I paid for the majority of our rent, his $2,000 mountain bike, and his $10,000 dental work. His host dad reached out a year into our relationship and asked me to start paying for his student loans (!!!!) which were $850 a month. He never paid me back for any of it.

    He grabbed my phone out of my hands and threw it when we were sitting in his car together waiting for our take-out food to be ready. He took my 10 bags of chips out of our pantry and threw them on the ground while screaming I owned too many bags of chips. He is extremely controlling and would try to control the food I bought and would keep in our kitchen, despite knowing I had a history of anorexia. He rap3d me, saying that it was ok if it hurt and he was too close to stop.

    He left California to go to Ukraine, his home country, for around 2.5 years, promising that we’d still be together when he returned, only to dump me one day after coming back home. He refused to talk about it or give me any closure. He moved out and I never saw him again, except when he returned once to collect his green card which he had mailed to my house. He ghosted me for months, then reappeared only to breadcrumb me for an entire year.

    He refused to go to the hospital when one of our cats was dying a month after breaking up with me.

    I found out he had confided to a friend of his that he had never really loved me. He proceeded to have a year long “situationship” with this same friend that he had been friends with for 6 years. He told her that she was the first person he had real feelings for in over 7 years. He told her he loved her twice. Then he dumped her without a second thought and blocked her on everything after he found some fresh supply.

    I found out he told another friend of his that we were married but had split. We were never married. His lies NEVER END. What I know and described here is just barely scratching the surface.


  81. Mateo L from Tampa FL.
    By far the most emotionally abusive narcissist I have ever met. I am not a weak minded person by any means, but he played my kindness to his advantage and found ways to manipulate me even after I was free.

    He starts off so sweet, romantic, interesting, fun, and deeply caring, but it’s just to get you hooked and doing whatever it takes to be worthy in his eyes of recieving his affection. He’s a master of lovebombing and has owned the habit as if it’s not horribly abusive. His only form of showing “love” is through s3x, is hooked on fulfilling reddit fed fantasies, and has a stable of new s3xua1 partners at his disposal. He even spoke s3xua11y about his friends, usually just if he desired them s3xua11y or not. You ARE immediately replacable to him. He practices very unsafe s3x with many partners (g0ory h0le ads, grindr meets, even Nebraska s3x workers and erotic massage parlors), and lies about being safe or maybe just has no idea how to actually be safe.

    If you ever attempt to talk to him about the emotional abuse, lies, secrets, or unhealthy behavior patterns, he will gaslight you, become enraged, and will even go as far as s3lf harm (ex. slamming his head into a wall and punching himself in the face multiple times to the point of causing lacerations, swelling, and 2 black eyes) to make you feel bad or guilty so you drop it. I hid the kitchen kniv3s when he would get in this s3lf harming mode, and locked my dog and I in the bedroom or even evacuated the house the last time.

    He needs ALL of your time and attention and it still won’t be enough. Any time spent away from him, he will accuse you of cheating or wanting to speak with others no matter how much you do to prove yourself faithful to him. He will go through your phone any chance he gets, and is a master at hiding things he doesn’t want you to see on his (s3x videos/pictures of other people he’s been with and his stable mostly). He hates your friends and family, and will ISOLATE you from everyone so all you have is him, then leave you once you have no one. I barely spoke to my own family for over a year because he would blow up if I connected with anyone but him. He watches your snapchat score daily, and if it changes but you arent snapping him enough to explain the score change he will lose it and demand to see your snap histories or erase the app. He talked very poorly about me to his friends and family, despite me financially supporting him for months including paying for him to live in airbnbs, giving in to fulfill his s3xua1 fantasies no matter how uncomfortable I was, mommying him constantly, offering to support his family (grandmother and siblings), taking him on multiple vacations, taking accountability for his behaviors that I now understand as abuse, being accepting of his request for an open relationship (only open for him to see others), and showing him compassion, kindness, and forgiveness no matter what he did to me. He said many times how he hated how forgiving I was, and how he wished I would punish him? Once he felt his life was going great (finances improving, new motorcycle, moved in with friends) he’d break up me for a day or two, then get back with me when his life wasn’t the same without me. I know now he was just wanting to sleep with others he didn’t want to tell me about. He broke up with me several times through Facebook or text, always randomly and always blocking me after. He even broke up with me while he was on a date with a co worker that he had lied to me about seeing. He claimed a few times to be going out to dinner with a group of co workers after his shift, but it was really just her. Funny thing about the dates, I always paid for our dates and outings with his family, even when he started making more than me financially.

    He has a serious drug problem and thinks he’s some kind of special guru. He needs drugs to be happy in most situations, even during s3x he normalized taking v1agra, thc edibles, alcohol and energy drinks all at once, or GHB. He will try to push you to take drugs you don’t want to take, and will belittle you for not caving. He got me taking drugs I had been hapily sober from for over 8 years (MDMA) and made me try GHB; I hated it. He really got angry with me for being nervous about taking a drug I didn’t even want to try, and physically put the syringe in my mouth. He had a serious issue with k3tam1n3 but doesn’t own it because he doesn’t think he uses it frequently enough to be considered a problem. When injecting himself he didn’t even use sterile technique despite me begging him to as someone with a medical professional background.

    He blames his abusive behaviors on you, his parents, something he found on reddit, mental illness, if you’re talking too much or too little during the conversation, whether or not you’ve sent enough nud3s lately, and honestly anything he can think of. He will not take responsibility for anything, especially hurting your feelings because to him you deserved it and he will make it known.

    He loves the visible destruction and chaos he creates. He smiles when you cry, and laughs when your obviously breaking right in front of him, and I’m not even being dramatic. I have been vomiting from shock, grief, and crying so hard I can’t breathe, and he acted as though he enjoyed every minute of it. He is a user and will drain you until you have no one and nothing left. He will make you question who you are and what your worth is as an individual. He made me question my sanity, aspirations, beauty, and sense of self throughout the entire relationship and months into recovering since the breakup.

    He made me go to the ab0rti0n clinic alone when we got pregnant, even though I wanted to talk about options, and left me home alone during a very emotionally and physically painful induced m1scarr1age. He was supposedly doing drugs and gaming with his friends, but to be honest I have no idea where he was or what he was doing. I didn’t hear from him for days afterward, not until I was done bleeding. A year later he impr3gnated me again, this time after yelling during s3x that he was going to put a baby in me, then randomly broke up with me over Facebook 2 days later and blocked me on everything. Less than a week later he reached out over Discord and told me he had already been with multiple men since leaving me. I assumed he had been with others the moment he was out of my sight at this point, and I really didn’t care. I was done. For some reason it took me being responsible for a newly forming life to see the abuse and erase him from my life. I blocked him, and when he found out he was furious. He called my mom and told her about the pregnancy, in which she made me call him to talk because he put on a show of a concerned potential future father. He yelled at me to get an aborti0n or he would hire a PI and take custody of my child, then some weeks later acted sweet and asked me to move in with him and his grandmother. I declined and told him he would not be in our lives. I’ve since gotten an email wishing me the best, and dismissing himself from my life, our lives, for good, despite me already telling him we were done; he needed one last little grasp for control. I wouldn’t ever want my child looking up to a monster that treats people like used socks.

    I know I wasn’t perfect and never will be, but I didn’t deserve ANY of that, nobody does. I feel dumb (and very much like a simp!) for having put up with all of his abuse for as long as I did, all to feel any semblance of love that I felt early on. I feel weak and foolish for giving all of myself to someone that didn’t seem to care about me at all, as well as giving in to the pressure to use drugs for him and fulfill his fantasies both s3xua11y and financially. These feelings seem to be a common when recovering from abusive relationships after reading some recovery material. He made me someone I don’t even know and never want to meet again.

    Please save yourself the heart and head ache of dealing with this man. Until he gets serious help, which I truly hope he gets, he is a dangerous person to involve yourself with. I only thought to find somewhere, anywhere, to warn people about him after watching a documentary on Billy Milligan because his behaviors were so shockingly similar, as was the cold, empty stare he had in most of the pictures and videos of him. Mateo may be very charming and even sweet when he wants to be, but his inner self is absolutely terrifying and can very easily be described as having many traits of narcissistic psych0pathy.

    If you see this, Mateo, I really hope you get help. I hope you can learn to be happy without trampling all over people.

  82. Michael Brobst from Phoenix, Arizona.
    Literally the smallest *genitalia* I’ve ever seen. Maaaaybe 3 inches? Lasted about 30 seconds on a good day.

  83. Cody from NC.
    I was with him for nearly three years before he dumped me. He started drifting towards the end, but he always had excuses for being suddenly busy… cut to the next time I see him, and he is in a serious looking relationship with someone he met around the time he started distancing himself.
    In addition to this, he pressured and guilt-tripped me into doing things that I didn’t want to do. At the time, I thought this was normal. But considering all of the manipulation, things were not at all consensual. I apologized to him after he violated me because he would feel guilty.

    He is a very good liar. I had always witnessed him lying to others but never thought he would lie like that to me. Even now, I still don’t know if any of our time together was real at all. If he thought there was the slightest chance of me leaving him, he would break into hysterics, so I stayed with him because I couldn’t hurt him, especially given his alleged past relationship trauma. He had no such qualms about destroying me emotionally. He can put on a very good act, but he does not care about anyone other than himself.

  84. Francesco Iadevaia from Rome.
    He is a narcissistic, entitled, arrogant, somewhat racist, and womanizing man. He dates several women at the same time and cheats on them. Run from him!!!

  85. Francesco Temperini from Rome.
    He is a narcissist, manipulator, cheater, womanizer and a liar. We had a relationship for about one year. He would say that “one day we will move in together”, he would say “half my heart is yours and half is my mother’s”, “you are the person I have loved most in the world”, “I thank you every day for having found you”. And, meanwhile, he cheated on me with several other women, abandoned me on important dates and weekends, always gave me lying excuses to go to parties, and didn’t help me in any moment when I needed him. He treated me badly, humiliated me, was rude, crude, constantly badmouthed my Italian, and constantly put me down, clearly treating me as if I were inferior. He would humiliate me in front of his friends, looking at me with a very disgusted face. On one trip with him, I got food poisoning and he had no patience with me, always criticizing me and saying that I was “complaining too much”. He is a crazy narcissist who would look in the mirror and say “gee, if I go out on the street looking beautiful like this I will be chased by everybody”.
    When I finally managed to break up, he lied saying he tried to kill himself and sending me several “romantic” emails saying he loved me. I felt sorry for him, believed him, and came back. But then he soon went back to treating me badly and humiliating me. So I asked him “was it true that you tried to k1ll yourself?” and he said that it was an exaggeration on his part. He is completely crazy, a liar and a womanizer. I met him on Tinder and he is certainly still on all these dating apps. Run away from him!!!

  86. Carl Reiter from Sequim, Washington.
    Carl Reiter is a delusional monster. He’ll grill you and think you’re dumb enough to believe anything he says after you have seen what he does, who he really is. He pretends to be this caring open loving guy. But he’s just looking for drugs, so he can give it to you or some other unsuspecting soul. He had a butt buddy living with him for awhile. Young enough to be his son, basically the same age as his daughter. The hired man was supposedly for construction jobs, because that’s where Carl usually finds a man willing to take it and give it the way he wants it.

    Carl Reiter aka Carl Smith is a cheater and a liar who is the opposite of everything he pretends to be. Just ask around, he has made quite a name for himself in Sequim for being criminal.

  87. Daniel Flisek from Panama City, FL.
    Biggest nightmare of my life. Love bombing, gaslighting, manipulation, and emotionally unavailable. We were engaged and I called off the wedding and moved far away to escape. He also had an emotionally inc3stu0us relationship with his mom. He would guilt me into staying with him everytime I tried to break up with him. Made his ex seem like an awful person, but he was actually the problem in all of his relationships. There’s a lot of emotional issues to unpack and it’s never his fault. He doesn’t take responsibility for anything and does the bare minimum. Don’t be fooled by the ‘poor me’ victim mentality. I truly believe he’s a covert narcissist and so is his mother. The therapy he attends is just a charade. He plays the therapist like a fiddle for sympathy. I wish I had listened to my instincts at the beginning and ran. I ended up getting sucked into one of the most traumatic relationships ever.

  88. Joe Rocco from Pittsburgh Pa.
    Stay far away from this nutcase Joe Rocco. Has cheated on every single girl he was ever with and also has had *intimate* encounters with other men. He is a pathological liar with severe bipolar that he refuses to treat. He has addictions to gambling and alcohol. He is a freeloader and a big mooch that uses women and gay men to support his sorry self. He is also impotent from mental problems and alcohol. Should you ever encounter this scumbag and world class loser RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  89. Robby Harrison from Modesto, CA.
    The short version: Robby has a history of cheating on girls, lying and manipulating to keep girls around, using his mental health to manipulate me into staying involved, and claiming to be in love with someone while actively screwing around with other women. He only cares about himself.

    The long version:
    Robby seemed like a good guy at first, we connected so well and he said all the right things to make me feel like we had a real future together. But dating him was like constant whiplash, for the first 3 weeks or so things seemed great, until a girl sent me a DM to let me know that she had been involved with Robby for over 6 months and that I was actually the other woman. She had sent me screenshots of him begging for her to stay together with him, telling her he loves her and they belong together and looking back now, it seems he was doing the same thing to her that he would later do to me.
    He was able to manipulate me and talk his way out of that one and convinced me to give him another chance because things were over with the other woman and he wanted to get away from their “toxic relationship”.

    Things felt great again for a couple months and I realized I was really falling for this guy, we were constantly together and on the phone with each other and I met some of his friends and his mom, things felt like they were headed in the right direction. Then about 4 months in he started to ghost me randomly for days at a time, and then come back and apologize, just to disappear on me again after we saw each other.

    I started to distance myself when he would reach out and that’s when he really started fighting to win me back, he told me he loved me and that I was the one for him and he wanted a future and a family with me, I gave him another chance just for him to ghost me again. He then reached out to me a month later on my birthday, begging to take me out, telling me he messed up and he has commitment issues but that I was “the one” and to please give him another chance and I was considering it… So I was shocked and very hurt when I saw he posted videos of him on a date with another girl on his instagram story the very next day. I called him out on that and he had every excuse in the book “I’m not dating her” “she’s my friend’s sister” “it’s not a big deal” “I only want you”. I let it slide again, and we met up a couple weeks later. We went through a very unhealthy cycle for about 4 months after that, me giving him another chance, him ghosting after we meet up and then him coming back profusely apologizing, giving every excuse and telling me we belong together and I’m “the one”.

    When I wouldn’t agree right away to come see him after his ghosting periods he would start telling me about his bad mental health and alluding to su*cide by saying things like “everyone would be better off without me” as a manipulation tactic to get me to come over to see him and comfort him. This happened many many times and his mental health was a big reason I kept caving and coming back.

    After the last time I saw him, just a little over a week before valentine’s day, he ghosted again. I decided to do some digging this time and found the instagram of the girl he had posted 4 months prior, she had a picture of the two of them together on her story for valentine’s day. He had told me the last time he saw me that he was only with her for like 2 weeks before he broke things off when in reality they were still seeing each other. I was the other woman, yet again. His behavior is a pattern and it’s very concerning, I feel very bad for any girl who becomes his next target because I’m sure his behavior will not change any time soon.

  90. Rich senoski from Meriden, ct.
    Rich is an alcoholic, he is mentally and physically abusive. He cheats and lies as a norm. He has herpes and wont tell you

  91. Pete Martinez from Cranford, NJ.
    He is an abusive narcissist, and he will be the perfect man until he has you… Then his true colors show.

    Beware and run screaming!

  92. Greg Taylor from Clifton Park New York. Absolute psycho, heroin and coke addict. will destroy your life, controlling, monitors mail location and extremely jealous.

  93. Stetson G from Texas. Met him while he was travelling in Australia for work. I had my suspicions but he assured me there was no girl back home. In July of 2022 I came to visit to him for a couple weeks on my annual leave. I felt like I got swept up in a whirlwind, meeting his family, going on a short family getaway, meeting all of his closest friends. After returning back to Australia he told me he wanted to complete the K1 – fiance visa and he had bought a ring. October 2022 he visited Australia and met my family, finalised the visa and was ready to submit. November came around and shortly after he went home, a family friend came to stay. He filmed her and made fun of her, saying he “couldn’t wait for her to leave” and “was sick of entertaining her”.

    December 2022 I was ghosted, January I found out that he’s now dating the “family friend” and she’s moving in with him. I reached out to one of his Ex’s, she told me he had unmedicated Bipolar and had cheated on her with the same “family friend”. It turns out I was the other girl for her too, (they had been living with each other for 2years).

  94. Alex De Grood from Atascocita, Texas. Alex. This man cheated and had sex with someone while I was having a miscarriage. He also sold all of my things to the pawn shop, and I was barely alive through a very difficult pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at five months. He also took my child’s toys that he got for Christmas to the pawn shop as well. This is all while I was in the hospital for months WITH HIS CHILD. He never even came to check on me, and couldn’t even afford a slush from sonic during HAPPY HOUR. That’s the day I knew I had to move out because he couldn’t take care of me when there was something terribly wrong with the baby, even at six weeks pregnant. He is honestly a terrible human being.

  95. Paul michael codman from Liphook, Hampshire, uk. Ahh where to start. The man is a self confessed pick up artist. He not only prays on innocent women, but chooses single mothers as they are apparently easier to use….. uses their kids to get close to the woman. “Love bombs” the children with gifts in order to seal his place. He has had a failed vasectomy which he had ended up impregnating at least 2 poor women now (he won’t tell you this until he has impregnated you). He then won’t support with the abortion and will go off fishing…..
    This vile creature has online s3x with his ex’s and keeps people on the back burner
    He will lie and pretend he wants to marry you. After 4 months he will have a tantrum and then admit he doesn’t want to, never will etc. At aged nearly 50, his longest relationship ship is 4 years…. And he has had a HUGE amount of girlfriends. Embarrassing really. Serial steroid taker, when he can’t get hold of it he withdraws and looks like hell. This man is sexist and racist and even once with my kids in his car pretended to machine gun down people wearing Muslim clothing.
    Avoid at ALL costs

  96. Michael Speck from Lutz, FL. Ladies, if you meet Michael Speck, 45, block immediately and run away. I only went out with him a couple of times while separated from my husband, we never did anything intimate. I ended it because after a nice dinner, we both went to our separate places. He texted me that a Ferrari was sitting in his driveway with keys in it, so i figured he was entertained and i went to sleep. Throughout the night, he texted me vile and threatening texts because i did not respond, again i was sleeping. I ended it at that moment and told him that i was not up for a toxic relationship. The man will not leave me alone a year later, even after I’ve asked him repeatedly to do so. He claims he’s got more money than brains, tons of properties and investments, a yacht, a plane, etc. I think he is actually going broke, though. He has a substance abuse problem with mar1juana and alcoh0l. His texts range from bragging, to insulting me, to saying he loves and misses me, he wants to know what happened to us. He also says he has many women that want him, so I’ve told him to go after one of them, because I am not interested. I decided to stop responding/defending myself against his accusations, but he will not stop texting. I’m trying to see if there is a legal way to get him to stop since changing phone numbers is such a hassle. I don’t want any other ladies to be tormented by this toxic man.

  97. Tony Salvaggio from Ilion, NY.
    Covert narcissist. Uses women, as most narcs do.
    The first month is great, after that the abuse starts. One weird thing is he acts like he doesn’t know how to have s3x yet he will be 62 soon.
    Ladies don’t fall for this abusive jerk.

  98. Walter Maultsby from Fort worth Texas. We met via tinder. He’s a electrician with IBEW. Comes off as a gentleman but isn’t. He made lots of promises to pay things off when he used my credit cards to the tune of $31k in less than 2 years. He’s caused financial distress to his 2nd ex wife as well, she doesn’t feel it’s worth warning the next woman assuming they won’t listen but I wish someone had warned me (i was #3)!

  99. Blake geiger from Oshkosh wi. He is a bad drunk. He is very verbally abusive and if you get knocked up by him he will leave you and talk down on you. He is narcissistic in every way. He barley takes care of his own child. She stated that he tried to *end* her once.
    Only 4 months with him and i needed therapy from his abuse. He wants Nothing to do with the son I gave birth to because he was a boy
    He also called my current child *r-slur*
    His friends do Crack often

  100. Jason Erick Ahlgren from Belmont, CA USA moved to Redding CA USA. He is an abusive meth addict. He plays quiet and cool always listening to things you say you want and then gets them for you. then he turns into a narcissistic women b3at3r. his past girlfriends confirmed. One night after enduring this ongoing isolation, mind control and another b3ating he walked out slammed the door but left his phone. He had a paid subscription to Grindr A GAY DATING SITE. HE ALWAYS WAS A FEMININE AND WHEN I SAID SOMETHING HE HIT ME SO Stay away from this piece of garbage

  101. MajorRick from Minneapolis MN. We had a NSA relationship. It was a lot of sexting and he wanted pics and videos. However, he’s married and she doesn’t know. He had my pics and mailed them back to me and all my neighbors? I feel he was getting possessive. I don’t know why he did this, but I can tell you he has many different names, numbers, social media accounts and loves Snap. He is a low life dog. Stay away from this guy. Hopefully he gets caught and no one else experiences this life changing experience! What a complete jerk!

  102. Guy Sacco from Melbourne, Australia. Went to a private party and exchanged Instagrams with a couple of girls just to find out we’ve been dating the same person for the last 6 months! He even invited one of us to his family for Christmas and got us girls the same gift! We can only imagine how many others there are. He has admitted to using and rotating girls except for his “main girl”. Warning: he’s very manipulative and plays the victim card . Love bombs in the beginning wanting to talk and see you everyday then backs off and creeps in when it suits him. I don’t know where he finds the time for all these girls. Does not give the play boy vibe and seems very quiet and innocent. He also has mental problem that I’m not equipped to diagnose but he’s aware of it . It isn’t bipolar but he overthinks then makes an erratic life changing decision out of no where randomly then changes his mind. It’s exhausting behavior and he’s emotionally immature once things don’t go his way.

  103. Sam/Samuel from Virginia Beach/Chesapeake, Virginia. Lying, cheating manipulator who has used women for everything from money, to assurance as he builds his ‘persian’ empire. He swindles people quick than a used ‘car salesman’ and there are several other women (I have receipts) who have been made victim by him. Run, don’t walk away! The love bombing starts and ends just as fast. He will tell you he loves you and he is ready to be engaged and married with in months (4). He is a verbal/physical abuser and has a court record for exactly this. Don’t let the used luxury fool you because this man is the epitome of a fool!

  104. Julius Tribble from costa mesa CA. he is liar, cheater goes around using and hurting good women. he is narcissist stay away from him or you will get caught in his web of bs. he plays the victim claiming his ex wife cheated on him many years, so he will played cheat on you and lie, he is one big pile of bs and lies stay away.
    this is comments from other women on other website he has done this to at least 5 women that i know of but am sure they are plenty more..
    June 8, 2019 at 8:24 AM
    Julius recently struck again.

    A friend dated this man, he became blackout drunk, locked her in her hotel room, and she had to physically fight her way out.


  105. Nic Frachon from Phoenix, AZ. Nic Frachon is a master manipulator, cheater, s3x addicted predator and p3rv3rt. He will do all the right things, go above and beyond, plan sweet dates, spoil you with attention to make you feel like you have something real, yet the whole time he’s cheating. He preys on college age teenage girls because he thinks they’re easier to manipulate. He will tell you he’s not capable of these things but I assure you he is. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Whatever he tells you his values are it is the exact opposite. So listen closely because he tells on himself. He’s not worth the therapy and trauma. Not even contracting an STD will stop this man. He will never be satisfied.

  106. Kevin Joseph from Bensalem Pennsylvania.
    I met him on a dating website. He seemed to be a sweet normal guy, very respectful and attentive. I didn’t know what love bombing was until I met this person. At first everything was great. He was always open to communication. He would text and reply often. We dated regularly. I never had to ask for his time or attention. But there were little red flags. I noticed that he had a wondering eye. He and I are of African descent but the towns we are from are predominantly white. I have dated outside of my race so I don’t have any issues with interracial dating. However, his ex for 15 years was white and he seemed to have an obsession with white women. One day while on a date, I caught him staring at our waitress. She was a bit young with blonde hair. It was so noticeable that the waitress seemed a bit uncomfortable. I called him on it but he lied and said he hadn’t even noticed her. That was the first of many red flags. He ended up cheating on me with a white woman named April, from his town. One day when we were coming back from a date, she was at his home waiting outside for him. Like him, she was drama filled and the situation was very embarrassing. She told me that she had been seeing him for about a year. Keep in mind we were over two years in at this point. After I found out about her he became even more cold towards me. He kept begging me not to leave him but would not work on the relationship. Later I found out that he never stopped seeing her. There is Nothing wrong with being attracted to another race, but this man fetishizes over white women and that’s unhealthy. He desires them but mistreats them. On the day that the woman came to his home, she told me that he forced her to pay for her own meals, refused to meet her children, family members, or friends. They had never gone anywhere special, like a vacation or even a weekend getaway. During our time together, we vacationed, he met my family, we did special dates as well as regular dates. There was a real investment in me all while manipulating both of us. She allowed him to use her and he took advantage because he knew he could. He told me that she was “convenient.” In my opinion he thinks he can give white women less and they will stand for it. I think it’s wrong to use women in any way. All women, especially black or white women, need to stay far away from this man. He wasted almost three years of my life with this game. He is a cold hearted narcissist with zero but remorse for what he does to women.

  107. Stuart Hartley from Geneva, Switzerland. 34 years old. Originally I was not interested in Stuart as I had a bad break up earlier in the year and was nervous about trusting someone again, but Stuart spent months showing up consistent, kind and with exceptional communication skills. He seemed wonderfully together and like he was actively doing the work to know himself and make healthy relationship choices. We went on good dates and he was always texting me and going to all efforts to show he was emotionally available. Stuart did all the right things to gain my trust, including introducing me to his friends, talking about future joint trips, engaging in detailed discussions about what we were looking for, informing me he was no longer on dating apps, and discussing relationship expectations at length. There was no obvious red flags, he seemed to very much care about me, and eventually I agreed to exclusively seeing each other.

    However, shortly after gaining exclusivity and commitment, all this healthy communication and relationship behavior immediately stopped. He flipped to someone who refused to communicate, instead choosing stonewalling, ghosting, and also checking back in after ghosting just to ghost again (pattern of behavior happened more than once). When I raised the issue he also threw in a good dose of gaslighting, saying we never had discussed where the relationship was headed – despite text message records proving otherwise. Unfortunately it turns out Stuart is actually highly avoidant and just likes the dopamine hit of chasing a new romance. He wants to get laid and have emotional intimacy on his terms, but won’t be honest about his actual intentions and emotional availability. Nothing about the relationship was worth the few weeks of emotional abuse I endured before I blocked his number. He knew exactly what I was looking for and decided he wouldn’t respect my wants, time or boundaries. All I can say is he either has no ability to self-reflect or is being maliciously dishonest. He comes with a sob story about a long term ex-girlfriend. I am glad she and I both GOT OUT. I only got a taste of the emotional abuse and toxic relationship dynamics he is capable of. I can’t imagine what she went through.

  108. Jeremy Ousey from Swansea UK. I went on two dates with this man. He gained my trust as he’s a med student but when he picked me up, his hands were already all over me. I told him to stop and moved his hand but he kept doing it over and over. He grabbed my face and forced me to kiss him. He grabbed my br3a5t5. He is just an overall creep. He admitted to being a narcissist and he said himself he thinks he’s a psych0path. I just think he likes abusing women. Warning ladies, do not meet him especially alone.

  109. Mario Rios Sr from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Please beware of this s3x offender. Not only does he go after married women, he goes after very young girls, ages 17, 18 19..He’s 55. He will seek out married women to offend so when wants to have his way with them they won’t say anything about the attack because “they are married”.

    He will date multiple women at once claiming to only be in a relationship with them. He has stalked me, as well as other women. He had s3xua11y attacked me, not once but twice, and when I went to the police I was told, it was his word against yours, and since I use to be in a relationship with him proving it wasn’t consensual would be hard. He is a master at fooling and gaslighting people. He had also s3xua11y abused children and got away with doing so due to technicalities as the children were to young to say. Even though I shared this information with county workers they did not have any “physical” evidence at that time, so they could not move forward. I was an eyewitness who caught him, and for them, that wasn’t enough as he told the county worker that I was just “a jealous ex-girlfriend, and I was lying”. He was even on Dr Phil show for his crazy behaviors. S3x Lies and Audiotapes was the program. . He even tried to get his very own son’s girlfriend who was only 20 years old to leave his son to be with him as he was “infatuated” with her. He continues to prey on women, and once he obtains bad information about them, he blackmails them into doing s3xua1 things with him or he will share their secrets. I was constantly getting hit on by him despite him being married and he and I had broken up, he even pulled out his p3n15 and began to pleasure himself all in front of me. When I walked away he pursued me and backed me into a room grabbed my phone and made comments saying “I know you want me, this is your last chance to ever be with me”. At that point, I started screaming so he would get away from me.

  110. Chris Friscia from Petaluma, Ca. Chris is a good looking, charismatic man and he is a s3x addict, food addict, alcoholic and serial cheater. I dated him several years ago and he was quick to tell me he loved me and I fell head over heels for him. He lied to me repeatedly, refused to wear a c0nd0m when we slept together and cheated on me with at least 3-4 other women, putting my health at risk. He has a history of doing this and from what I can gather has cheated on women for years and years, and he is incredibly convincing and good at what he does. At one point when I was questioning him he said to me, “I am a man of my word and you just need to trust me”. The last I heard that even though he has a live in girlfriend he is back out on the dating apps. I wish I had seen a site like this prior to getting involved with him. It would be saved me a tremendous amount of stress and heartache.

  111. Brandon Lee Poston from Sumter, SC. Brandon Poston groomed me. He was legally an adult while I was in my mid-teens. His excuse was that he “didn’t know” how old I was and I was “so mature.”

    He was severely emotionally abusive; negative comments about my appearance and personality were a daily topic. Very manipulative. He also claimed to actually be gay while he was with me. All of a sudden would go through a religious phase, though.

    He threatened to mass-shoot people and himself and had a written kill-list. Authorities didn’t care.

    Regularly would “mess around” and squeeze my wrists or legs so hard he would leave bruises. Did not request consent. Wrecked my parent’s car. Cheated multiple times.

    A couple weeks after I finally left him, he physically beat another woman.

    I can’t state his job, but his location changes every few years. He seems very, very nice and good at first but he is awful.

  112. Ronald Laboy from Brooklyn, New York. Ladies, be aware and stay far away from him. I dated him for almost two years but found out how horribly abusive he was. He would complain about how all his exes and his kids’ mother was crazy. It was him that is crazy. He would go off the deep end and lose his temper every time we had a disagreement. He would curse me out and call me horrible names, then he would ignore me and flirt with married women and other women on his Facebook page.

    He and his mother tried getting me to quit college because he didn’t want to watch our child while I was in class. She had the audacity to give me an ultimatum to quit school or I be thrown out and that he is not going to help me take care of our daughter.

    I continued to go and they threw me and our child out her house. Meanwhile, he didn’t have his GED, he was unemployed while I was in college. He is a bum, useless, and lazy. He is an entitled old geezer that claims everyone must serve him. He throws violent rages if he doesn’t get his way.

    He is an alcoholic and would frequent the bars for three day alcohol and drug binges.

    There were times he would come home wasted, vomiting, and had blood on his shirt for fighting in the bar. I always had to nurse him to health.

    He would stash 1ll3gal weapons in his mother’s house and he has a felony record. (I don’t know if he does now, because this happened years ago when we were together).

    He would make up lies about his ex girlfriends to all his friends and family. His ex girlfriends are not the bad guys, he is. They all dumped him because of his abusive, lying, cheating ways.

    One time he wrote horrible things about me on Facebook when I left him and he put all my information on there when I was hiding from him. I put a restraining order on him because he was threatening my life. He even threatened that his homegirls would destroy my face if I didn’t let him know where I was at.

    He claimed my older kids were taken away from CPS. My two older kids live with their fathers. He lied because it was me that was taken by CPS when I was a child. I was in the foster care system when I was a toddler but was reunited with my parents that year. This was back in 1985. He knew this because I told him my childhood story.

    He would twist my words and story around to make me look terrible while trying to ruin my reputation. His friends and family believed it. I reported that post on Facebook to have it shut down for defamation of character. I sought lawyers about it and eventually Facebook closed his page down for harassment and libel.

    He cheated on me with multiple women and tried to persuade me into going to sw1ng3rs clubs with him. I was grossed out at the thought and noticed a pattern of whenever he was h1gh on drugs, he would bring that up.

    He even stole money from me and used it on drugs.

    He pretends to be a good guy claiming he found God. He is hiding behind a religion so that he can look like a good guy and that he can attract more women.

    His mother is a religious fanatic and most likely told him to find God. She controls his every move and he is a momma’s boy. He uses women for a place to stay and works off the books to avoid paying almost $15,000 in child support arrears.

    He is a chronic liar, he makes up stories about his exes, he is abusive, a con artist, old, and washed up. He has terrible hygiene and isn’t that smart. His friends and family are just as dumb as he is.

    He isn’t even a good friend, because he cannot ever have a healthy relationship with any human. He objectifies women. He is an artist and he has done nude body painting on women, just so he can have access to women’s bodies. He would post images on social media of these women covered in body paint and his old washed up friends would make p3rv3rt3d s3xua1 jokes about their bodies. He doesn’t do it for the love of art. He is a p3rvert. He refers to his women friends as “his hoes”.

    He is overly jealous and wanted me to stop being friends with my male friends or exes. Yet I asked him to do the same and he would yell and curse me out. He has never shown me respect or any reciprocity from his requests. It’s only fair that he reciprocate.

    He is a huge hypocrite. He can dish it out, but can’t take criticism or reciprocate favors he demands.

    Ladies, I urge you to run, not walk, if you ever encounter him. He is trash. I promise you. I am not getting anything out of this post, maybe some closure or relief of getting this off my chest. But I need to be heard and understood so you don’t go through what I went through.

  113. Logan (Maddox) Grey from Puyallup wa. Logan is a liar and cheater.

    I had a feeling something was up when he ended his live stream after a girl came in and was like hey babe.

    so I waited to see her again online and finally found her. we got to talking and low and behold he had her come from Detroit to visit him for multiple days.

    I have the RECEIPTS to prove he did it. yet when I called him out he is still continuing to deny it. then he blocked me thinking it will all go away.

  114. Thomas Martin Jr from Pottsville, PA. He attempted to k1ll me by hitting me over the head with a cell phone, then ran from the police. After his arrest and when there was a protection from abuse order in place, he sent forged letters to my employer pretending to be a parent at the school where I was working, to try and get me fired. He also refused to sign off on the title on my car so I had to junk my car and lost $16,000. Stay away from this man.

  115. Daniel Ash from Kansas city Missouri. He’s dirty. You will always have a part of him the rest of your life. He’s a manipulative coward. He beats women and imo in the closet. If you see a bald white guy with a lightning bolt earring, RUN

  116. Matthew Zorich from Austin, Texas. Originally from Tuson,Az he lived in Washington state, McCord Af base. Living in Austin Tx now. This guy is dangerous. Classic Misogynist, gaslighting, emotional abuse! Will lie to his end to make himself the victim or upstanding guy. Beware, he is a convincing liar. He tried to torcher me, control me. Would try to trick me into watching animal abuse clips off internet. Also, abused my cat, terrified an innocent animal by shouting (top of his lungs)at him for no reason. BTW, he doesn’t shower for weeks. Not sure how he survived being in the military. This guy tricked me into leaving my state to live with him in another. Then once there everything went to hell. Do not trust anything he does or says.

  117. Steven Boren from Logan, Utah. Officer Steven Boren in Logan Utah. Most prolific cheating problem I’ve ever encountered. Demoted from sergeant for stalking. He’s currently looking for a nice LDS wife to cheat on while just trying to manipulate everyone else into s3x and then leaving them right after. I’ve encountered a few of his exes. I caught him cheating. He has at least 3 ex wives he’s abandoned because they got suspicious he was cheating. It’s the amount of women he goes through that makes him so dangerous in my opinion. At least 10 in the past year, and those are just ones I happened to find out about. I assume there’s a lot more. It was a horribly painful experience. He’s amazing at making you feel like the only one in his life. Please pass along.

  118. Dan cox from Dexter maine. Caught him messaging other girls while we were dating. Was such a nice guy and never saw it coming. He is a cheater. Received a message from a girl he was trying to hook up with on fb. Glad she warned me about what he was trying. He is a selfish lover. Every time is like his first time if you know what I mean. To find out he was sending pics of that little thing he calls a manhood to other girls while I worked and he sat home makes me so angry!

  119. Timothy Michael Mizell from Bryan, Texas. Classic text book “Good Guy.” Was with him off and on for 6 years, everything was a lie or an embellishment from day one. I ignored every red flag, and still tried to stick it out no matter how cruel or narcissistic he was; for better or for worse, right? He cheated so many times and in so many different ways that I’m still finding out about it all years later. FetLife, Okcupid, Whisper, etc. He frequents them all, whether he is in a “committed relationship” or not. Whether it is digital or in person, his methods of cheating and disrespect know no bounds. He gaslit me so much, and told so many people how crazy I was, that I stopped leaving my house; and was very mentally and emotionally unstable towards the end. Even years later, he is still telling people lies to try and save himself.

    Every time I had a feeling that he was cheating again, he would call me crazy and paranoid, and every time I turned out to be right. He would scold me for violating his privacy, would blame his cheating and dishonesty on my “attitude” and would mentally punish me in different ways afterwards to show me who was charge. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have finally stopped falling for his tricks, and I’m so glad to have gotten away from the poison.

    Do not have anything to do with this man unless you want to be lied to, cheated on, gaslit, or end up with an STD. Therapy and long term feminine care can be very very expensive.

  120. Greg Wingham from Scotland, UK. avoid this guy at all costs, he’s a covert narcissist. He is very intense at the beginning, puts on this ‘sweet victim’ act and he will mirror your personality. He is a cheater, liar and extremely psychologically abusive, it took about a year to start seeing the abuse but by that time he already trapped me. When I left him I had to get the police involved because he was so controlling and coercive (we shared a house). He has a child with another ex and I feel really sorry for her. Please be wary of this guy, he has zero empathy, calls all his exes crazy (there’s a lot of them!), just don’t be fooled, he’s honestly one of the most evil people I’ve ever had to deal with, but he puts on a good act. If he’s Scottish, supports Man U and his name is the same as above honestly run!!!

  121. Robert Lawson from Tucson, AZ. When I met him I thought I had hit the jackpot. He was so sweet, almost sickening sweet now that I think about it. Always sending love songs, love bombing. Told me he loved me right away, engaged in three months, bought a new house in four months and at 6 months I walked in to our new home to find him in bed with another woman. I was 100% blindsided as I trusted him so completely. He’s not that attractive and very short, 5’2 but was so sweet .. I spoke to the woman she told me the entire time we were getting engaged , buying house, planning a wedding they were having an affair. I tried to forgive him but found his missing iPad and when I looked found out he was cheating with another woman and he cheated on his ex girlfriend with SIX women. He is sweet to your face but has a very secret devious life on the side with many women. Women were calling all the time and he changed their names to men’s name in his phone. I caught him in multiple lies about everything too.
    He’s a manipulative, compulsive liar, serial cheater. In short he is a covert narcissist
    So be careful ladies. We are getting divorced now. The heartache and disbelief is too much to bare. I don’t want any other woman to fall for what I foolishly did.
    Robert moved quickly in relationships, s3x, saying I love you etc. He told me how bad his childhood was and how all his exes are psych0s, his ex cheated on him multiple times etc always playing the victim. Asked me to marry him pretty quickly too. I thought he was SO sweet so I believed everything he was saying, especially the I will NEVER cheat on you lie. I was 100% blindsided when I walked in to our new home and found a woman in my bed. I TRUSTED this short, bald, unattractive man. He SWORE nothing happened, just old friends that had too much to drink. Swore they didn’t even touch. For ten days I believed him. Then she contacted me and I had her on speaker. She told me they had been having s3x for 8 months.
    The entire time I was planning a wedding and looking at houses he was sneaking around behind my back cheating.
    Then I found his iPad. Found MORE lies and way more cheating as well as spent 2000 on p0rn in six months!
    Cheating not only on me but EVERY woman he has been with was cheated on as well.
    His gf before me, we counted 6 women he cheated on her with me included. Who knows how many more from dating sites. He told me he hadn’t been in a relationship 6months prior to me when I met him on bumble. That was a lie. He and his long term gf were still very much together when he met me! As well as the woman I walked in on him with were together before he and I were. She thought she was in a relationship with him too.
    He would never ever let me post anything of us on social media and when we got engaged we got into a huge fight because I wanted to post our engagement. He was so mad but we did. Now I know its because his gf’s were on there. So then they were all asking him who I was and he told one that I was an ex from 2018 that we had just gotten back together and he didn’t have a chance to tell her and the other he told her he wasn’t seeing me in March (LIE) and that I was a rebound from their break up.
    The pathological lying and serial cheating is so hard to believe because in public he’s like a tiny little care bear. According to my therapist, he is a textbook covert narcissist. Sneaky serial cheating, pathological lying and secret life. I was so blinded because he can be so sweet yet vicious at the same time. I went through every symptom and can clearly see every single red flag now. He would devalue me a lot in the beginning, he was caught in several lies and when I would confront him he would immediately turn it around on me and blame me for everything. What I read in he iPad was so much cheating, lying and painful texts I saw. I just don’t want any other woman to go through what I have. Its hard to believe with his sweet little woes me demeanor but I have all the proof anyone could possible want to see from texts from all the women to recorded calls between himself & me about the lies and affairs (not illegal in AZ) So if anyone wants to reach out to me please do. Im happy to share and save you a very confused broken heart~

  122. Tex Charles Sims from Ohio. Comes from a good family. Has 5 beautiful children. Looks like Cary Grant (some say George Clooney) and so charming! Tall, dark, handsome (in my humble opinion). 6’4″, Dark golden skin, beautiful honey brown eyes and he’s adorably color blind. Doesn’t workout (besides playing golf…. weekly) but is very clean, organized, and well kempt. Charismatic. Tells you everything he thinks you want to hear. A self proclaimed womanizer. I lied to myself when I thought he told me that to strengthen our relationship. I should have run away then.
    We established together that our relationship would be long term. After a month he proposed to me 3 times in one night. He wrapped me in his long arms and said, “We should get married. Don’t you want to get married?” I stayed quiet. I’m afraid to get married ever again. A minute later still laying in the dark he said, “We should get married.” Still I was silent. Another minute later, “Do you want to marry me?” I finally responded, “Tex, you don’t know me well enough to know for certain if you want to marry me.” In reality I was thinking about how well I knew him. I knew we’d have time to get to know each other. I was content with that. He didn’t recall any of this the next morning. He was prone to daily drinking, I didn’t know that at the time so I chalked it up to talking in his sleep. Even though he never talked in his sleep before or since.
    We established together that we would talk and work out any issues that came up. He was very good at explaining what his quirks were but had no patience for mine… My quirks come from being abandoned, abused and neglected. By men. Specifically. My whole life. My brothers are good men. He didn’t know that because it was more important for me to hear about him. His opinions, his philosophies, his perspectives. I listened intently though because we had time to talk about me later.
    I learned he weighs the value of a person by their education, power, influence, and monetary gain. He respects people who overcome adversity. I’m a single mother who put off her own education to support her previous husband’s educational ambitions. After 10 years of him repeatedly quitting I realized that was a HUGE mistake. Tex didn’t know this about me either because it was more important for me to know about HIS ambitions. He was very good at his job. I don’t know how much he made but he liked bragging about how much he spent on things.
    I have a low paying job in the dental industry (not minimum wage but not enough to support a family either) and Tex explained to me how devastated he was for me when he realized how little I make. He seemed content knowing I was studying to get the licensing for a better position but didn’t have the time to keep talking about it. Had we been able to complete that conversation he would know I have been struggling to find the $500 I need to take the national exam. It was clear at that point he didn’t see me as an equal.
    I’d go to his girl’s soccer games every week. Took them skating. Took his oldest girl to a theme park. He thanked me and tried paying me back. I refused. I wasn’t babysitting. I love those girls. I’d brush and braid their hair before bedtime. Was looking forward to watching them grow up. He was too busy for my kids, but he’d let them come over for sleepovers and did take us on a lovely trip ONE time. And another time he showed up for a church Halloween party.
    The night I told him I have pre-cancerous lesions he had been drinking a lot. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I didn’t know when I would see him again so I told him then. It was big news that I’d been struggling with for a couple of weeks. He told me that he’d be getting busy at work and would have less time for me but that everything was great between us. That texting might be the only way we can communicate for a while but to make sure I include him on all the big stuff. He stopped coming to my place.
    I’m training a dog that isn’t used to children. Tex respectfully told me I should get rid of her. At this point in our relationship Tex left me alone more often than not. Especially when I was struggling or needed help. I made the 2 hour roundtrip to see him once a week. I couldn’t afford it but the first month we were together he exclusively came to see me once or twice a week. I wanted to be his companion. Things were hard for him at work, so I made every effort to be there. He made a lot of promises to help me and hadn’t kept ANY of them. So… I kept the dog. I can see how he would see that as disloyalty, but I can also see how breaking promises is disloyal and dishonest. He likes to preach how honesty is so important. He grew very distant in a short period of time. I called him out about it. He said he was just busy with work and this is “how it is.” Tex didn’t have 1 hour to spend with me but he had 5 or more hours every week to play golf and drink with his friends.
    Tex always said, “You’re welcome over anytime you want,” but he wasn’t clear on when he wasn’t home. Already unable to afford the trip I wanted to make sure he’d be home. Usually I’d go over on Monday nights because I got off work earlier Mondays. One Monday night I texted to make sure he was home and he said he was out with his girls. I was disappointed I couldn’t see him, but I was glad he was having fun with his girls. I used the situation to mention he could be clearer about when he is not home and he turned me into a villain.
    I had to ask to spend Thanksgiving with him. He wouldn’t let me ride with him. From a time and distance standpoint it made sense, but I was there to spend time with him. I knew the only time we’d have together would be on the car ride. I don’t like being the center of attention, but I couldn’t help how awkward it felt that no one there would look at or converse with me. That was the last time I saw him. He walked me out to my car, pecked me on the cheek. I told him I love him. I got a blank stare and, “I love you too, Babe.” That was the last time I saw him.
    After that I discovered my 10-year-old took something from his house and I was whole heartedly rejected while trying to return it. Tex said, “Let me think on this one and get back to you.” He was understandably upset, so I didn’t text him after apologizing and telling him how heartbroken I was. That was a Sunday night. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Nothing. I knew he was done with me. I carefully wrapped the item and his belongings left at my house, drove two hours round trip and left it inside his storm door with a note that said, “Tex, these belong to you. Take care.” I texted him to let him know it was there but I thought he blocked my number so I also texted his oldest daughter. I didn’t get a response from her either. My things were still inside but didn’t feel right going in to collect them. So, I left.
    For his birthday I drove out of town to forget but was dumb and sent him a 1am text, “Happy Birthday.” It was going to the universe anyway, right? Nope. The next morning he replied, “Thank you.” Then I felt guilty for casting a shadow on his day.
    I had my son write apology letters to Tex and his two youngest girls who were grounded for the item that went missing. Shortly after that my things from Tex’s place were on my doorstep. Not all of them but enough to get the point that he wanted nothing else to do with me.
    In conclusion, Tex is a really great guy if you’re entertaining and worth his time. A fair weather friend. He’s just as human as the rest of us. In the end it takes more than love to make a relationship work and he doesn’t have that to give. He’s just not honest with himself or potential prospects about it.

  123. Christopher Brantley Mathis from Virginia Beach, VA. I was very controlled and never got access to money even though we were married. He forced me by bullying to leave my dying mothers hospital room, bc he was tired. She died 30 min later. He has a record for choking his ex wife. (The first one) He didn’t tell me about his gay p0rn addiction till after we were engaged. After we got married I got sick and he told his buddy how unattractive I was. Every time he pleased himself and thought about another person he would tell me, well after I asked him not too. He told me I could not live under his roof UNLESS I go to HIS church (where I was smear campaigned) EVERY week (even though I live with a chronic health condition and often cannot be in big spaces like that). And I couldn’t find my own church. And he told me this when I was facing homelessness with my rented home (we were living a part but together). He called me crazy in front of my kids, punched a hole in the wall and loves to gaslight. He would only see counselors HE picked. Which were basically only ones from the church. (Except for one). Never keeps promises about the relationship. Crosses boundaries. Oh! And he said he wanted me on nothing but prescribed 0pi0ids (even though I’m in recovery) than utilizing cannabis (which is not something that’s addictive). That was also a “rule” to live with him. Give up my pain control option to take a cannabis pill that does exist here. He knew that. Also caught him on 18 year old teen boy p0rn site once. And uses honestly as a weapon. Lies without lying.

  124. Kirk Calabrese from Everett, WA. He is a pathological liar that will tell you that he wants a serious relationship with you. He will lovebomb you and make you feel as if you are the most important and most special woman in the world! He will make you feel like a queen and you will begin to ask yourself “wow… is this TOO GOOD to be true?” And YES girl, it is. He will text you back and forth throughout the day for days on end making you feel very special and pursued. He will tell you that he misses you and can’t wait to hold you in his arms… but here is the kicker: he only wants to sleep with you. As soon as he gets that, he will suddenly text you less until he ghosts you altogether… and then reach out again 2-3 weeks later with some story that seems believable and since he’s back to the lovebombing stage again you’ll let down your guard and decide to give him a second chance. He is so convincing! He will look you in the eye and straight up LIE about his intentions. He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me, that he missed our connection and chemistry.. that he wanted to go out on a gym date again (to which I agreed to go) but we never went on a follow up gym date because deep down all he wanted was for me to come over to his place for a “movie” night to love on me and caress me in order for me to let down my guard and agree to let him hit it again. I didn’t let him have s3x with me a second time because something told me that he would just ghost me again. We even talked about it! I made him promise that he wouldn’t do that ghosting shit again but he did. The texts went from 200+ per day to 5 or less texts. He avoided responding to my questions asking “When can we do a gym date again?” “When can I see you again?” He told me in person that he wanted to be MY man and for me to be HIS girl. He wanted us to be together and spend all 2023 together… looking back he only said all that in hopes that I’ll give it up again. But I’m glad that I didn’t because dude is a jerk. I called him out in his switching up behavior and he basically told me off (guess that asking him to keep up the consistency and communication was “asking for too much”) and blocked me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a master manipulator and emotional predator. He KNEW I had a good heart and very loving spirit and he took advantage of that. I don’t want that to happen to anybody else so I’m reporting him on here. Stay safe out there! He is on Tinder and Hinge and goes by the name “Khali” which he said was his middle name but I cannot confirm or deny. He works for Google and has two sons and is apparently divorced but for all I know he could have still been married or with the mother. No way to know. He also bad mouthed the mother of his children on a few occasions. I’m starting to think that she probably left him because of his inconsistent behavior and pathological lies. He will be charming and so sweet but don’t trust him!!! Run!!

  125. Zane Dockery from Murphy, North Carolina. He attached a remote access trojan to photos he sent me of us after I broke up with him. This meant he was able to remote into my computer, moving the cursor while I was on it, backspacing while I type, getting on websites, opening programs on my computer and eventually damaging the computer to the point it would never turn on again which cost me a $2000 laptop. It didn’t stop there.

    Years later after I broke up with him decided he was going to try and hunt me down. At that point I had already deleted all my social media because I was so creeped out by the remote access trojan he used to remote access my computer before and crashed it, but he found my professional website I use for work listed under my name.

    He decided to attack my website (years later) and posted derogatory photos, a username with my bank account number, and a phishing link to a fake twitter profile he made to get my passwords. The next morning I woke up to my professional email being hacked and my cell phone booting up in recovery mode.

    When I set up extra security for my website, he changed his servers to be hosted on the same platform and attempted to hack it again hundreds of times per day for the following 4 months. Instead of enjoying Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with my family I had to worry about being hacked again by this person. Now here is where it gets CREEPY:

    He would wait until I was either taking a shower, away from my computer, going to the bathroom, or not home to try attacking the website according to my logs. Meaning he was either monitoring my home wifi network or set up hidden cameras in my apartment.

    I use a tool called Wireshark and found the ip address connected to one of his servers connecting to my wifi at least once, which is creepy considering we have not spoken in several years (would still be creepy regardless). He continues to attempt to hack my website unsuccessfully to this day, which is not only annoying but should be a red flag to anyone considering getting involved with him.

    He will not leave me alone years later and uses the power of wifi, my professional website I use for work, and the internet to torment me daily several years later. Oh, and he is also nearly 40 years old and lives with his mom. Hacking my bank account, professional website, professional email, monitoring my wifi, and still he continues to attack the website — not only childish, but just wrong ESPECIALLY years later after we dated. Do not go out with this guy EVER and more importantly, do not trust him. EVER.

  126. Theodore Teddy mark Taylor from Auckland, New Zealand. Theo aka Teddy chatted with me online initially. He was the perfect gentleman- said everything I wanted to hear seamlessly. He was always throwing his low number of 3 girls prior to me. Thst he only likes to be intimate with someone he’s close to. And he’s looking for the one and doesn’t want to sleep around. His photos are very handsome –

    But then we met- and before that I find out he has severe anxieties and dark thoughts – I find out his low number is because he has pre 3jaculat1on problems aka doesn’t last for more than 20 seconds. So he is not pr0miscu0us because he’s insecure – not because he’s a perfect gentleman- he also has an obsession with young girls- he’s a total groomer – he also kept staring at girls while we were together –

    He is very superficial. He wants to virtue signal what he thinks is pure and “good” but to his core he is negative, superficial and a poor communicator-

    It all went to hell when he was acting suspicious and started making weird comments about bisexuality and wearing women’s garments. I was mean to him when we broke up because after saying ge loved me- he said he never loved me and just cut me out – then he quit his job trying to sue his boss because he wasn’t being favored by him anymore- he always said his boss was secretly gay and wanted him – that was another weird nightmare- I messaged his boss spilling beans

    All I gotta say is that he’s a sociopath with major border personality disorders – I believe in sisterhood – after thinking about what I went through – feeling like I can’t trust my own judgement with men. Crying, feeling bad for telling him off etc. I’ve concluded that it’s important for me to share story so the next girl knows she’s not alone and can reach out to me anytime.

    Teddy needs major help. He currently uses a rag he sniffs to relax – but he needs to actually get intensive treatment. I’ve never been scammed so intricately in my life – but he’s not very smart – so he can’t really escape his illusions – he’s got severe OCD so he can fixate on things long enough to get stuff done.

    He was great at finance because he was at work 12 hour days from a previous heartache where girlfriend told me “he doesn’t respect boundaries”

    Anyway- he’s really scrawny in real life and cannot relax. He’s severely codependent and preys on someone else to be his sniffy rag in human form. Unless you’re just looking to settle, I’d run. He isn’t man enough to depend on in tricky situations – his parents are severely anxious too and religiously fanatics that are judgemental

    Anyways feel free to contact me anytime. And Theo if you’re reading this – you owe me an apology !

  127. Dustin Dalton from West Monroe, Louisiana. Be careful ladies. This is Dustin Dalton age 35 from West Monroe Louisiana. We works and spends most his time in Midland because of the oil field. So I met this guy on FB dating. He seemed nice. We started talking. He went into victim mode talking about how his wife of ten years cheated on him and left him for his best friend. Talked about an ex gf and how she was talking to her ex behind his back so he broke it off. Then he started disappearing and getting distant. He swore it was depression and because he was so busy with work. We had a date where he talked about all his exes. He really made me think we were talking then he ghosted me twice over what he claimed was depression. I didn’t understand it because of how he kind of started treating me. So I texted his ex gf to see if she experienced the same thing with him. I was worried about him and thought he might be a narcissist. Come to find out, she wasn’t his ex. He was still with her and talking to me. Why he probably disappeared. Now we both know about each other. And why he probably ghosted me.

  128. Sina Jason Taghizadeh from Atlanta, GA. I saw the other girl’s post about this guy name Sina Jason Taghizadeh so I decided to share my story here. I dated this guy for almost 2 years from 12/2020 to 11/2022. He is the most disrespected person that I have ever met. When I was suffered to deal with the car accident that I had on the way back home from his place, he went cheat on me with other girl. The accident was in April 2022. Same month April, he asked me to take him out to a fancy steak house for his birthday. I paid for his dinner. I am a cool girl so I didn’t mind. I treated him the way that I expected to be treated. I also gifted him the nice golf clubs on his last birthday. I gave his mom nice flower bouquet any occasions. However, I was completely mistreated by him. He is very cheap too. Past 2 years, he never bought me a gift. He took me out couple times and he used the coupon to pay for dinner. In October, he got fired from his job. I was there for him. I cared about him and made sure he was not a lone during his tough time. I bought him a LV wallet on my trip to make him feel special. A day after I gave him the LV wallet, I found out out he cheated on me for months. I dumped him. He is very selfish. He loves no one but himself. He is very disrespectful. I found out He used 3 dating apps for hooking up with girls. He lied to me so much. He is also master of manipulation. He brain washed me. Lately, I talked to two other girls who dated him on and off since college. I found out that he strings women along but won’t commit. He only wants them around for s*x and company. Narcissist. Girls are just object. Those 2 girls who dated him on and off since college. They are now around 30 and continues hooking up with him. There would be more but I decided to stop my investigation. He is definitely a very bad person. He is the worse human being. His parents had not raised him well. If you have even seen his name, please run fast.

  129. Thomas (Tom) M. Dougherty from Winston Salem, NC. “Tom” is on the dating site Zoosk, using the same M.O. on the women he meets. He’s a widower, using the widower card to charm and use women for his own pleasure. He’s still harboring anger about his diseased wife and serious issues with his daughter. I learned the hard way that he is NOT who he pretends to be.

    Tim is 57, 6’4″, good looking, charming man who uses sarcasm and playful whit to trap you. We dated for just under 3 months. He will wine and dine you, take you out to places where alcohol is served, keep you drinking then seduce you. I fell for all of it and was very attracted to him. He doesn’t like to talk a lot, unless he’s had a few drinks, he will tell you about how his daughter 17 tried to commit suicide when she was 13 after her Mother passed, which is sad. However, he is using that sad story to get your empathy and use the widower card to keep you at arms length and tell you he wants to move slow and really get to know you before he introduces you to his family. I treaded lightly and didn’t push him but it started to become very clear that dates were only every couple of weeks and he always came to me and never allowed me to be at his home or have his address because of the “kids”. We had very fun pretty regular text exchanges and evening chats, fairly short most of the time, but over time, the texts slow down, I would get responses from him for a few days, then he reengages and communicates again like nothing happened. Then, as time goes by, he would say “I’m in a grumpy mood and don’t feel like talking”. I’m was left wondering if I did something, or what? This behavior continued. Would see him again and he would be 100% present, go back home, then the same thing would eventually start again, he was ghosting me again. Then, “I’m in a bad place right now and don’t feel like talking”, again, ghosted me and would not talk, and only a couple basic texts. It was a Rollercoaster to say the least!!
    Fast forward… after last date, he wasn’t texting and would not take my calls. I texted him trying to find out if something was wrong or if I did something, and he responded “No, It’s all me”. That ended up being a lie too. Kept ghosting me, I was a wreck and couldn’t understand why he would do this to me just a few days after we were so close; or so I thought. He never contacted me again. He did not break up with me or give me any closure, no feeling, empathy, or anything. It tore me in shreds. In reflection, I was in love with this man; yes in 3 months. My bad!

    My take on who this man is:

    -Womanizer and will use his charm to seduce you and has the financial means to do this well.
    -Uses being a “widower” so he doesn’t have to share too much with you, and I allowed it out of respect for his feelings.
    -Closet Alcoholic, uses alcohol to soothe his issues and seduce women. I’m a lightweight and he loved it when I was tipsy.
    -He is deeply troubled and has deep set anger about his wife dieing and leaving him to care for his kids and all of life’s issues. Seems his wife was the nurterer, not him. Found out him and his wife were having serious problems before she died.
    -He will pay for everything when on a date and flash cash in a nonchalant way, and buys his children’s attention, which is probably why his daughter has many issues.
    -He doesn’t take any responsibility for missing calls, ghosting, anything.
    -Complains about how difficult his daughter and uses her as an excuse of why you can’t see eachother or talk on the phone.
    -He will only tell you only what he wants you to know.
    -He will not break up with you. He will make you break up with him so he can tell the new woman that the women he previously dated broke up with him… to again, get your sympathy. Then when you finally do, say “I believe it is best for both if us right now”, and will not elaborate or give you any information of why he feels that way.
    -Then you never hear from him again, and there he is, back on the dating site where you met, looking for his next vulnerable woman to use, throw away after a few months, hurt her, and the cycle starts over again.

    After talking to people, I found out that me story is very common with older professional men, especially a widower! This behavior is from this man is about to burst because this man really is in a dark place and all of these factors could easily cause him to do something bad to the one woman who tries to push him too hard.

    I had to break up with him because a time came that I wasn’t feeling safe with his behavior and knew if I pushed him, he might lose it and do something to hurt me.

    Ladies, no man is worth this type of treatment from any man. I gave him love and respect, empathy, support, and he gave me anxiety, depression, massive hurt, and eventually fear. If you start seeing similar behaviors or even minor clues, concerns or asking yourself questions at all about a man… run as fast as you can!

    I hope this man gets the help he needs and I feel for the next woman he meets on the dating app. She has no idea what is coming her way.

  130. Robert Alvarez from Jackson, MN. My ex-boyfriend is a serial cheater. I was with him for 6 years. I found out a year ago he had cheated on me with three other women. I decided to forgive him because the pain of leaving was too much to bear and basically the cat was out of the bag, so I imagined he wouldn’t try again. Come Christmas Day 2022, I drive over to his place to pick up my dog, because he was doggy-sitting her overnight. In his driveway is a silver Kia Soul that I don’t recognize. I figured maybe it was his friend Luke’s car since he did say he was going to do Xmas with him, but I’m suspicious. I walk into his house as he’s coming down the stairs, he looks shocked. He grabs my arm and says “don’t start this,” I pull away and run upstairs to his room to find a naked woman in his bed! I’ve spoken to his ex-wife, and she told me he constantly cheated on her as well, as well as giving her an STD. So this man is NEVER to be trusted and every woman should stay their distance.

  131. Jesse Jones from Rosedale, Maryland. Cheated on me with multiple people (without their knowledge). Cheated on every partner he’s had for the past 20 years having unprotected s3x with all of them. He also tried to get married people to cheat on their spouses with him (sometimes successfully). Shared hundreds of private intimate pictures & videos of dozens of women against their consent. Used women for housing & food. Chronic liar. He gets very mean when you try to hold him accountable. Emotionally abusive & manipulative, and blames you for his flaws. So much gaslighting. He has a hair trigger for feeling criticized when trying to resolve conflict and becomes defensive, goes into protective mode and loses all empathy for his partner in the moment, lashes out and says extremely hurtful things.

    1. I was talking to one of the other women Jesse cheated on (yes, we’ve basically formed a club because if nothing else, Jesse has great taste in women!). We were talking about how helpful it had been to be able to connect with the others for support to heal after the trauma caused by Jesse. It reminded me to come back to this post and see if anyone else impacted wants to join “The Club”.

      I’m not sure what that says about me, but what Jesse did to me and others was terribly damaging, and I’d like to help prevent others from going through it or help them recover from it.

      While I’m here, I may as well add some more context to my first post as it barely touched the tip of the iceberg. The highlights are

      1) chronically distributing intimate media without consent.
      2) sexual contact without consent (we call that assault)
      3) Lies about taking his STD medication
      4) owing you money & not paying you back
      5) Serial infidelity (without condoms, no less, exposing women to more STDs)

      Four of those are punishable by law and the fifth is punishable if in the military. All are objectively considered morally wrong.

      1) Illegally distributing intimate media without consent
      Several partners have reached back out to him to AGAIN tell him that he doesn’t have their permission to share intimate photos/videos of them. But he keeps doing it. And if you suggest that he deletes them, he becomes indignant. He feels entitled to the photos. If you received any photos of us or any other woman, I can almost guarantee he did NOT have consent.

      2) Sexual Assault
      This was a one-off. In general, I don’t think his character defects include sexual assault, but it does include pushing boundaries. I think he felt this was a boundary he could push and that I’d “give in”.

      I hadn’t had sex with him for a few months at that point, because he had an outbreak of some sort on his penis & refused to get it tested but presumed that it was genital herpes or genital warts. I had repeatedly said for months that in no uncertain terms would I have any sexual contact with him that would put my sexual health at risk until he was tested.

      We had recently broken up & he hadn’t moved out yet. I sleep naked and was laying in bed. I was still awake but facing away and it looked like I was sleeping. He then tried to penetrate me, literally behind my back. I blocked his sexual attempt just before his genitalia would have contacted mine, but froze and didn’t bring it up until the next day. He immediately insisted that he never tried to penetrate me. Then when I went into exact detail covering what he did, he switched tactics and said that I “blurred the lines”, so he thought I wanted it. He went from gaslighting to victim-blaming in the blink of an eye.

      3) Stealthing
      Sexual health is EXTREMELY important to me. I wouldn’t have any sexual contact with him until we’d taken STD tests & exchanged results. He had a viral STD that can be suppressed with daily medication. I said I would ONLY have sexual contact with him if he took the medication. I even waited 10 days until after he started the medication. He often stopped taking the medication for weeks at a time without informing me. My extreme care for sexual health makes it all the more infuriating that he cheated so damn much.

      4) Not paying debts
      Jesse is really challenged with money management. Even when he made a very, very good salary he was living paycheck to paycheck. I lent him money several times. Once was to cover his child support payment. He set expectations that he would pay it back in a few days. He then lied for about 3 weeks about the status of the money, saying that his boss didn’t have the money to pay him. He kept setting new expectations that his boss promised to pay him in a couple of days. In reality, he never turned in his timesheet for work for 3 weeks. As of right now, he still owes me $900. (and that’s not counting it all)
      And he was around 5k behind in his child support when our relationship ended.

      5) Serial Cheating
      He cheated on me with multiple people. And he has cheated on every single relationship since at least 2017 (including cheating on his ex-wife), which means cheating on probably a dozen or more women in 4 years. The cheating took different forms. When he cheated on me, he told others that I was polyamorous (which I’m not. We had an agreement on monogamy) or just didn’t tell them about me at all.

      He had a polyamorous partner whose condition was to inform if/when they got new partners and that he would wear condoms with everyone other than her. Not only did he not wear condoms with ANYONE else, but he also frequently lied & said he wasn’t sleeping with others. Except for the time that he created an entirely fictitious woman that he said he was having amazing sex with, to try to make the polyamorous woman jealous because he was struggling with her being poly.

      In one long-term relationship, he was crossing boundaries with a (married) coworker and was frequenting tinder. After the ended their relationship, they transitioned to a FWB status. Her boundary was that once he was intimate with others, their FWB status would immediately end. He was intimate with many others (of course, without condoms) and lied to her to continue having sex with her. He was also lying to the other some of the women he was sleeping with at the same time, about not sleeping with anyone else. She found out many months later and was really upset. Eventually, she agreed to resume a FWB status with him. But her boundary was that he MUST wear condoms with others. He agreed, but never used condoms with others. At that time, he was even sleeping with a woman who he had a “monogamous” agreement relationship with and another that he had a poly agreement with AND trying to get the original poly woman back that he’d tried to make jealous with the tale of fictitious lover. He was also surreptitiously on dating apps when in all of his “monogamous” relationships (except with mine). I’m actually leaving out several people here because it just gets too confusing to explain it all without names. Oh, and he’s targeted several married people and convinced some of them to cheat on their spouses with him.

      With me, there was about 6 people he crossed boundaries with.

      1. While I was waiting for his STD results & for his suppressive medicine to become effective, he was sleeping with one of his previous partners. He was covering it up by saying he was spending time with his daughter. He was living with me at that point and we had absolutely defined it as monogamous. The other woman didn’t know about me. Actually, the first time we had sex was because he came home from spending time with her and was mad that she hadn’t been in the mood for sex with him that night.
      2. He also resumed a relationship with a married woman.
      3. He accidentally texted one a tinder contact with the same first name as me in a group chat with his family….the family group chat was about inviting me over to meet his family for the first time during the holidays. Once he realized his mistake, he continued the conversation with her privately and tried to sleep with her, but their kinks didn’t match up so he dropped it.
      4. He went to a customer’s house (who he didn’t know) and started sexting with him and exchanging dick pics and escalating the conversation.
      5. He went to a former poly’s lover’s house without telling me they were previously involved, and he let her assume I was also poly, but I can’t confirm if anything else inappropriate happened between them.
      6. He was exchanging intimate pics and sexually charged conversations with a former FWB. I don’t know if they actually met up or not though. He says they didn’t.

      ALL of this cheating happened within a 2 month period. SIX OTHER PEOPLE in a supposedly monogamous relationship IN TWO MONTH’S TIME.

      When I found out, he said it was because he felt he couldn’t be in a monogamous relationship with me. When pressed why, he said it was because he wasn’t attracted to my stomach (among other things). That may be the case (I’m fairly fit & regularly work out but I’m sure I’m not everyone’s cup of tea). But even if that was true, then don’t sleep with me at all. Don’t live in my house without paying rent or utilities. Don’t eat my food without ever buying any groceries. And mind you, when we first got together, he told me how lucky he was that I was such an amazing person and the fact that he found me so beautiful on the outside as well was just a bonus. He’d seen me naked at that point. And he was already cheating on me before we’d even had sex for the first time. In short, he was trying to make me feel bad about my body to shift the blame away from him. The sad thing is it worked. He was so good at being manipulating, that I went into a “pick me” state and wanted to improve myself to be good enough for him. Yes, writing that is so cringy and hard to believe I ever let someone do that to me.

      That’s a great segway to how he lives with his mom and HATES living there. So, he looks for women who have houses and love bombs them so effectively, but with the art of leaning in and leaning out, so that the woman is practically begging for him to come over and spend time at her house. He will make you feel so valued and loved and special and beautiful. He will see and celebrate the things deep down that you feel no one else sees and you may think that you finally found a safe person that sees how good of a person you are. He will also say ALL the things you need to feel 100% safe. He will get consent for everything and ensure that all of your boundaries feel respected.

      He will absolutely throw every possible green flag with sexual spoiling, doing errands, chores around the house, doing construction projects, etc to make him seem like such an asset to have around. And then he will practically (if not outright) somehow end up living there, even if you didn’t discuss it.

      None of this lasts, but will resurface from time to time….sometimes when he needs to get back into good favor and at other times because it may be the good in him that is genuinely showing through.

      I’m tired. I’ll come back on another day to resume…..because oh yes, there’s more!

  132. John J Stich from Minneapolis, MN. He is 57 yrs old…never been married. I am truly embarrassed to say that I have went out with this man on & off for the past 30 yrs. He is never faithful to anyone he dates…he always keeps the door open to his ex’s. I was never supposed to question that…even after catching him dating 3 other besides me & he had the nerve to tell I was the alpa. He’s extremely manipulative…the whole world is always against him. You just have to listen carefully when talks & you will realize that when he talks about past relationships…he always blames it on the woman. He loves to try & belittle the women he is a relationship with. He’s an alcoholic that drinks Captain Morgan’s & Diet Coke every day…from the time he gets off(before he quit his job (10/30/22)work until he goes to bed & on the weekend- all day long. He also spends a lot of money buying Adderall.
    Last, but not least…he was obsessed with trying to get me to have a threesome with me…constantly searching the web for female escorts. I finally had enough.

  133. Hunter Mahoney from Peabody/Lynn Massachusetts. My ex, 23 y/o Hunter Mahoney of Lynn/Peabody Massachusetts, dated me when I was 17/18 years old. He humiliated me by manipulating me, cheating on me, screaming at me, putting his hands on me… On 12/6/22 Hunter decided to post photos of me when I was 17 years old on a public website. Photos of my body and my full face. People commented my name under the photos and soon people found me on social media. I had to change my name on the internet. I got my LTC. Hunter, I am not afraid of you.

  134. William (Bill) Gleason II from Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Bill was married for over 20 years and he divorced his wife to be with me (I found this out later). He had told me that he was single. She told me that he was an abuser but I thought that she was just bitter. It started out with a harsh word or gaslighting at first and then a push and finally in the year and a half I was with him, he locked me in closets, took me away from my family and friends and made me record stuff to make him look better in court when I was leaving him. He did not allow me to have any money and I was only allowed to move off the couch when he allowed me too. He is crazy and he abused his sons too. He is a controlling narcissist and it took me a year of counseling to be able to shower on my own. He rap3d me repeatedly and is very sadistic. I still cannot breath when I see someone with the same car that he drove and it has been 5 years since I left in the middle of the night with the clothes on my back

  135. Carl Reiter from Sequim, Washington. He’s looking for money. Someone he can p1mp out like his soon to be ex-wife who is a general doctor in town. He talks all about people he gave her to. He tells all of these bad things she did.
    So expect him to do the same to you. Also expect him to need to talk about the model and anything that lets him do typical narcissist behaviors, to come up often. He just wants someone to shove large butt p1ugs up his butt again and again.
    He’ll say he cares about your needs, but soon it is obvious that he only does that to get the focus right back on himself. And he wants you to have a lot of money and self esteem issues so he can continue his parasitic lifestyle. He did jail time and it shows. That’s probably where his butt p1unging need and the idea of how to milk his ex wife for everything he can, came from. He pretends to be much more than he is. He has a degree and it’s the lowest degree in a different area than he claims. He’s full of absolute sh1t. He cheated on his wife repeatedly and he’ll cheat on you too. Everything he has is because of his wealthy ex wife. He’s a drug pushing g1gal0. Run.
    Do your research and Run!
    Carl Reiter, Sequim WA: this man is on dating sites looking for his next victim. He’s not even divorced yet, but his ads say he’s single and divorced. His wife comes from an affluent family and she’s finally sick of his narcissistic abuses and moved out and wants a divorce.
    This guy is a major predator.
    He uses multiple aliases. He’s looking for someone he can sponge off of. He pimped out wife financially and s3xua11y. Now he’s telling everyone bad shit about her, while he keeps looking for another woman he can do the same thing too. He’s targeting his next mark. He promises things without any plans of actually doing them. He even brags about having this MO.
    He will do anything he wants and pretend like it was your idea, he’s a master manipulator! At one point he moved another woman in with them and used them both to plunge his hungry butt hole.
    All this man really wants is someone to constantly shove butt p1ugs in and out and up his butt, and pretend like it is a normal thing to demand all the time. He did some jail time and it shows in all of the abusive things he says and does.
    He wanted to put a collar on me at the beginning and he played all sorts of mean narcissistic games. He’s God and you are a means to an end. Anything he says or does is excused and he will make up lies about you too. Do your research and RUN!! He doesn’t have any special degree, he’s been a parasite on his wife for their entire marriage. He has spent 20yrs pretending to be an artist, or a physicist or an IT specialist. He had a business that his wife helped him build and when he got her making even more money for him, he quit his company and has played around like the ex-con he is.
    He’s your quintessential narcissistic criminal con artist. Using her and everyone he comes in contact with to get what he wants. He then discards you, unless you might come in handy later, then he’ll keep up appearances just in case.
    This man goes around collecting a jar of hearts. He has had other lovers close by for years and sees a d0m1natr1x in Seattle regularly.
    This guy will say all the right things and gut you when you least expect it. He doesn’t want love or a relationship. He wants someone he can use and discard, depending on how long he thinks he can suck the life out of you and fly under the radar.
    He’s a Serial Abuser who should still be in jail. He’s been selling and using drugs for years. People are easier to control and fool that way. He’ll drug you without your consent and then blame you for whatever happens. If you died, he would find a way to blame that on you also!
    He will try to get you to say things to people that he is orchestrating to achieve some plot he is hatching.
    He always has a plan. He has been preying on you from the beginning and you need to realize he’s a criminal and he has been his whole life and that isn’t going to ever change. He’ll make you suicidal and then convince everyone that you were damaged goods from the beginning (aka not his fault)
    If you are one of the many, don’t wait until he destroys you to get what he wants.
    RUN Forest RUN!!

    1. Carl Reiter aka Carl Smith is a Sequim Washington predator and criminal. He has a butt buddy that he hired to work for him and live with him and so drugs with him. A young guy his daughter’s age. When you know he did jail time and looks for butt buddies in the construction field, so he can hide that he’s paying for male pr0stitutes, you suddenly look at the crazy waterfall his wife paid for differently. Poor woman. How embarrassed she must be to have married a con artist who uses everyone to get what he wants. She gave him drug prescriptions and he went out and got more, and he gets drugs off the street and at port.
      He’s crazy and he’s dangerous. He likes to dress up like a woman. He uses things he learned in prison to be a soul sucker.

  136. Andre Parker from Baltimore, Maryland. Where do I begin with this dude. He’s a sneaky and manipulative jcaka55 who loves stealing overtime on the tax payers dime. He’s laid in bed with me on several occasions while still being in the clock and I live nowhere near Baltimore, so he has no intentions on working…at least not for the people struggling in that city. He uses an app on his phone to clock in and out, so he can freely come and go as he pleases and I’m talking 50-60-70 hour weeks. Ladies he is a married man of 15 years, with two small children. How did I come to find all this out? Well in June of 2020, he reached out to me on a dating app (Match) and asked for a date. Mind you my profile stated I didn’t want anymore kids, and didn’t want to date anyone with small kids…so what did he say on his profile? He’s single with no children! After dating for a few months, I found out in December of that year he was married. He finally admitted to it after being caught but still didn’t mention he had kids. How disgusting right??? I continued to pursue our relationship, stupidly believing this woman was horrible to him, abused him physically and berated and emasculated him as a man. He stated he was leaving, he was no longer in love, got married to young, was only trying to emulate what his father thought was the right thing to do and because he thought that’s what a man does and felt pressured by her. Push forwards to 4 months later and here we are talking about marriage and moving in and he needs to tell me something…he has two kids (10&13) that he was ashamed to tell me about. I was floored!! 1, that a man could hide children but 2, could deny having kids! HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!!! I should have known right then and there this man was mentally unstable!!! I was completely disgusted and his reason as to WHY he did this??? He saw I didn’t want kids and didn’t want to date a man with small kids, so he decided to lie about it!! He also decided to share with me recently the number of women he used while on the Match app pretending to be looking for love and wanting a serious relationship.. 45 WOMEN!!! He manipulated and used 45 women for his sick pleasures because he was unhappy in his marriage. These 45 women didn’t deserve the trauma or hurt he gave! Seems like a huge secret right??? BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! This man is a sadist!! A complete narcissist with no conscious of other peoples feelings! In an attempt to keep me around, he has created fake text messages, pretending to be his wife, where he would tell her/himself he’s leaving, he’s in love with me, he is no longer in love with her, he was moving in with me, and was finally going to do right by me!! Can you imagine texting yourself, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, FOR MONTHS to pretend to end your marriage??? He planned to trips with me, the first one he broke up with me right before and the second made the reservation and then canceled the deposit right after!! I would leave him, and engage in dating and moving on and he would come ruin all of that with telling me he’s moving in, he’s in love with me, she knows how much he wants to be with just me, and IT WOULD ALL BE A LIE!! He just didn’t want me with anyone else! He did this to me several times over!! So much I can’t even count. Just this past month, he has been sleeping with me unprotected, along with his wife and who knows else!!! We had s*x everyday and according to her so did they! He would sleep here all day and then go to work, once he got off would go sleep with her, spend time with his kids and be to me by 9 am. He had his location shared with me and her indefinitely but would leave his phone at work overnight so it showed his office, while being in bed with her or being in bed with me. Fcuking EVIL!!! He still uses the Match app, but said it’s only to monitor my account. He uses Facebook and IG to stalk me as well, so he says which is likely a lie to! He uses God with his wife, lies about therapy and even his kid caught him on Match, which he denied calling his own son a liar. I’m sick of his sh1t! He’s a wh0r3, hiding behind being a Godly man, his church and his narcissistic ways!!! Ladies please beware of this man!!! He will use you up, manipulate the hell out of you and break your heart!! He’s disgusting and should be treated like the s1ut he is!!!

  137. Leroy Button from Port Republic, MD. Married, = wife #3. A single mom w/son half Hispanic & on Autism spectrum. Ex- had 3 sons from 1st wife. All ended up in jail. Ex: racist, illiterate, emotionally abusive. Wouldn’t let me go to crying son at night. Ex was JEALOUS of my baby. I saw 3 different priests who all said run don’t walk away. 6 months after wedding, I moved out. Weirdest habit of his? He had to watch me while he *used the restroom*. Creepy.

  138. Kevin C. Carrico from Royal Oak, Michigan. This man will LOVE BOMB you- met on a dating site, 2021:  mix and « M ____ »; he proceeded to declare his undying love for me, asked for my hand in marriage from my dying grandparent; proclaimed he was financially suited to support a wife, family, kids, etc….Drove down to « visit » me from Detroit, Michigan, and basically squatted at my home for four and a half months, claiming he wanted to marry me, procreate, move in, etc. ALL LIES…. Turns out he is DEAD broke; has accumulated liens, jugements on the pathetic home he owns- although he claimed he would put it on the market asap….yet never did. Then broke up w/me via Text, with an absurd excuse….all bc he could not admit he could not sell his home due to his owing more on it than he had, fiscally- This man broke my heart — caveat emptor – buyer beware….He is circa 58; claims he has a « sleep disorder » and sucked me into a whirlwind of pain and hurt I did not deserve, nor need!!! In my idiocy, I failed to see the multiple red flags when he claimed he had never had a s*x life nor girlfriend for past 30 plus years….(I know! But he is super smart and he made me feel like I was his queen- even invoked specific scriptures to trick me….)
    Cowardly- went from « we’re getting married «  i can no longer move forward unless you do x ». I said, « HECK NO! ». He never came across as a malevolent person until i started realizing all of the gas lighting and lies he told me. SAD SAD SAD. Thank God, I’ve moved on to a stable, rock solid, worthy man whom fits what i was seeking originally….Be forewarned: this 57-8 year old is a TiMeWaStE!!! He squatted at my home for months; never offered to pay a single bill; and deceived me and my family — for what? Let’s just say it could NOT have been about his wanting s*x….eck! Be wary of men who tell you you are the ONE, then ghost you after their marital proposals come to naught….
    I am ashamed of myself for ever allowing this creep into my life.
    Claims to be a Director, cinematographer, Creative photo genius, CAD expert, etc…in hindsight- I’m not even sure he ever had any jobs — and his hook was to constantly brag about his famous friend….from a band that was popular circa 2002…and I often wondered if he was in love with this guy, as he talked about him daily!!
    BEWARE- bald, bad teeth, overweight, broke, needs pharmacological assistance with intimacy….NO $$$$$$$$$$$$! Zéro integrity! Claims he is all ab God- complete liar……
    Uses name « Kev »

  139. Clint Stanley Collins from Wellington New Zealand. A friend of mine dated this guy for a few years. She had been warned against him by her work colleagues that knew him but she didn’t listen. Unfortunately she learned the hard way. Narcissistic, manipulative, physical, se*ual and mental abuser. Huge Daddy issues from a young age. He is a bully and will not think twice about cheating- usually with pr0st1tut3s (confirmed by work colleagues) He is a bed wetter and suffers PE. He loves to disrespect you and others by taking out his *genitalia* in public, or getting an 3r3ct1on for other women in your company. He is a predator, will come across as charming and how much he cares about his children. (He won’t tell you he has been arrested for abuse twice on previous partners and has been questioned for abuse on his children too, some of his work colleagues knew this too. He is a compulsive liar and will make out he is a victim. He will talk to you for hours and hours to find out your weaknesses and over time will use them against you. He will then chip away to make you feel like you need him or you feel sorry for him and want to help. He gets horribly drunk and becomes abusive, he has a foul mouth and will treat you like dirt but not until he has you hooked. The truth is he is a terrible person. He tells lies about his past which is quite dark. He is racist and misogynistic but that won’t come out at first. This guy is bad news, do not fall for his lies, initial generosity and sob story about what has been done to him. In public he will come across as the life and soul of the party and offer to buy everyone drinks etc. He comes across as a really nice guy and likes to be Centre of attention. He will talk to you like a best female girl friend, you will think wow not many guys care like this- this is all part of his game. Do not let him in. And if you have children , run a mile the damage he can do is irreversible. He has the ability to put up a pretense for several months, he plays the long game to get you to a point he controls you. Walk away if you meet this guy.

  140. Daniel Haren Jr from North Canton, OH. Extremely handsome, funny, charismatic. Has an ex wife he cheated on multiple times, brags about it. Will cheat on you the moment things turn sour, before communicating with you that he is unhappy. He vehemently despises strong women, so the moment you stand up for yourself, he will call you a stupid feminist, and yell over you so that you can’t speak your mind. He treats his mother poorly. He is verbally and emotionally abusive, is threatened by a woman being smarter than him, and is so unhappy in his own skin that it trickles down to anyone who is positive in his life. The s*x is great but he’s not worth the trouble, no matter how good his initial intentions may be.

  141. Lachlan Gonzalez from Brooklyn NY. Lock cheated on me more times than I even know about during our years together. He manipulates women for financial support (housing, gifts, free drugs) and sleeps with everyone, does not use protection, lies about his se*ual health and habits, and while he sleeps with older women a lot he has an attraction to underage girls. he is charming, talented, and good looking and knows how to use it to his advantage. It will take me years to recover from everything he did to me.

  142. Corey Hills from Springdale, AR. Avoid at all costs. He is a charmer and good looking that will promise you the world and say and do things to make it appear he is a good guy. Behind your back he is on every dating site known to man and I have seen with my own eyes him chatting and meeting up with random woman on a daily basis. He has left me financially broke, taken advantage of everything possible mentally, physically. After catching him cheating I gave a second chance. We talked n was going to give it another go and of course had a very intense night out…he did and said everything right and me thinking he was going to change…dropped me off and not even 3 hours later was on POF, and meetup and then I saw he was driving an hour away, weird so I called him… he said he was dashing which I knew he was lying to my face and acting all sweet saying he was going to come over next day and hang out etc.. so I hung up sick to my stomach and I texted him and basically called him out cause I knew the house he was at cause I looked up the address and his response was “you been keeping tabs on me since day one and I’m tired of u accusing me of cheating and I won’t put up with it” he clearly is a user and abuser…serial cheater… doesn’t care who he hurts or the wake he leaves. I hope this helps to stop even one person from his’s pure evil

  143. Adam Buklis from Addison, Illinois. I was with Adam for 7 years. In the those years, I was horribly psychologically abused. I believe he has narcissistic personality disorder. It began with weird disrespect, throwing my towel on the floor, etc. Progressed to yelling, slamming doors, name calling. Then onto breaking things; walls, the kitchen table, ran over my phone, etc. Then physical abuse. Dragging me down the hall, kicking me, choking me, literally telling me he was going to k*ll me. He once held a chef’s knife above his head, saying he was going to stab himself, but it was aimed at me. I grabbed the blade as it came down and screamed. Luckily he stopped, but my palms and fingers were cut. On multiple occasions I found him zooming in on pictures of female children in gymnastic photos, swimming, etc. They were students at his school ( he’s a sped teacher), so he claimed he was just innocently looking. But i saw what i saw. The final straw was the day after I found my 19 y.o. son deceased. I was horrifically traumatized, in unimaginable pain, and he said said ” I know how that feels” referring to the death of his father. If you have children, you know losing a parent vs losing a child are not remotely comparable. So, something in me snapped. I said, levely, no, you do not. Your father died of a heart attack, in his 40s, he was not a child. Adam’s response was to slam me into the pantry door, screaming horrific things, foul spittle landing on my face and glasses. This putrid monster deserves jail time. But alas, the police believed him when he told them I was hysterical because of my son’s passing. I mean, sh-t. It sounds believable, but it wasn’t true. The day I was supposed to leave, in my newly renovated camper, that he broke the door and unknown to me at the time, the axle, 1 week prior, he had his MOTHER whom I hated, call the police to try and get me committed. Something I would later find out she was telling my relatives at MY SON’S FUNERAL. Several people after this attempt to commit me, reported that she kept saying I should be “institutionalized.” They hadn’t wanted to upset me further at the time, so they just politely disagreed. Luckily the doctors saw through this lie, and I was released. For the next several years, he logged into my accounts, including my Netflix, where he watched movies on my SON’S account. He showed up at the cemetery, charged my account for Prime music, etc. Yeah. He’s VERY dangerous. Run.

  144. Simon Stenberg from Darwin NT Australia. Simon (aka Martin) will pretend to be everything you are looking for! He will lie to your face constantly, gaslight you, act like a moron & constantly say:
    “I dunno” when you ask him something after you caught him out in another lie. He also tells women he is divorced (he never divorced, even though his ex wife ran off with another man 10 yrs ago) He will tell you he OWNS his home, but the house is still under his wife’s name. He will say he has no bank accounts with the “ex” wife but she still sends sms telling him to pay off her credit card! He always hides his phone or turns it upside down and puts on silent because he is a weak, cowardly, lying piece of trash. Oh & he’s also an alcoholic who drinks 15 beers per day. Perfect guy!

  145. Kyle Bomgardner from Sedona Arizona. He puts on a front and makes you believe he is who he seems. We dated for over a year. Throughout that time I started getting random texts asking to buy my bras, and underwear pics of a little *male genitalia* in underwear and asking for feminization and to share a bbc. It continued for a while infrequently things went south in our relationship and thru tracing the texts and talking to his other exes. it turns out he was the one sending the texts! It turns out the whole time he had been wearing ,taking pics and vids, of him wearing my bras, underwear, lingerie and not only that but riding my *fake male genitalia* and using my *vibrating toy*! WTF!? he was amazing in bed and other intimate ways I never would have guessed! Kyle Bomgardner is a small *male genitalia* *female underwear* wearing sissy! Ugh creep!

  146. Eduardo Huerta from Laguna Niguel, CA. Eduardo goes by Eddie. He is in his 40’s, divorced with children. He is very charming and will make you feel like you have found the man of your dreams. He is successful and fun, which he uses to get his prey since he is not that attractive. He will eventually start to tear you down, make you feel bad and let you know you will never find a man that does the things he does for you. He is very narcissistic in all aspects of his life. He will tell you, you are the only one, talk about your future together while having multiple other women he is saying the same things to. Be careful, he has multiple intimate partners and will and has spread “things” amongst these partners.

  147. My ex, 23 y/o Hunter Mahoney of Lynn/Peabody Massachusetts, dated me when I was 17/18 years old. He humiliated me by manipulating me cheating on me, screaming at me, putting his hands on me… On 12/6/22 Hunter decided to post photos of me when I was 17 years old on a public website. Photos of my body, of my face. People commented my name under the photos and soon people found me on social media. I had to change my name on the internet. I got my LTC. Hunter, I am not afraid of you.

  148. Sayil suleiman from Amman jordan.
    He gaslighted me and emotionally manipulative. He constantly degraded me and put me down with what he said to me. He compared me to other women and flirted with them in front of me. He rarely did anything for me. He always accused me of cheating when i think he was actually cheating. He lied most of the time. He love bombed me and invalidated my feelings. He told me he loved me and was into me. He gave me backhanded compliment, ” you sort of look pretty from here”. He was far away and then came back to the table. I would say hey you remember saying this and he would say i never said that and make me think i was crazy. He always threatened me with if you love me you would do this or that and saying if i didnt do something he would threaten to leave me. He told me he beat his wife. A month later he told me he was still married but seperated and that she cheated. I spoke with her and she said the same thing i say about him and what he does. He became distant and wouldnt answer my questions, ignoring my calls and texts and only pick up when its conveniant for him. He has a snapchat. He never introduced me to friends or family. He said he wanted a child with me but not marriage. He is an alcoholic and becomes angry. He is a narcassist and very insecure.

  149. Eric Freda from Byram NJ. Eric Freda, 50, is an abusive human being and a cheater. He is a heavy drinker and likes to hit women. I checked his phone one night only to find out he has been sending unsolicited *genital* photos to many women on the internet. The photos and chats date back for YEARS! Several of the women tried to contact me via FB but Eric had blocked them on my phone without my knowledge. I only found out about this after I noticed an entire page of blocked accounts that I know I never blocked myself. After I unblocked them all I started getting messages and I was in shock. Eric has a four inch *genital* and apparently he gets off on showing it to random women. Most of the messages were of him holding a tape measure next to it asking “Is this big enough to ride”? There were even photos of him sleeping in my panties and stockings asking if the women weren’t into “men who wear women’s clothes”. Needless to say I was shocked and disgusted. The last 2 years we weren’t having *intimacy* because he couldn’t *get it up* and now I know why. It’s because the only thing that apparently gets him off these days is women mocking him. He is a disgusting pig and after I left him I made sure to let his entire family know of his depravities. I hope he dies alone.

    1. Christopher r white mount upton New York age 40 is incredibly abusive in that he calls me names all the time, tells me I am ugly a whore a liar says things about my friends and family and threatens me. He has terrorized me with abusive texts that I am trying to find a place to post them so all women are warned about how horrible he is to be with. He constantly threatens to slash my tires and he smashed my television. He is also a cheater. He started cheating on me on thanksgiving. He is sleeping with some girl in unadilla ny and throwing it in my face. Women need to be warned of his constant narcissistic abuse.

    2. The exact same thing happened to me. My ex was doing the same thing. I saw who he was following on Twitter. It was disgusting.
      He could only spank his tiny useless lifeless monkey to skanks he didn’t know and didn’t care or could see he was an abusive loser.

      1. Carl Reiter, Sequim WA: this man is on dating sites looking for his next victim. He’s not even divorced yet, but his ads say he’s single and divorced. His wife comes from an affluent family and she’s finally sick of his narcissistic abuses. He’s looking for someone he can sponge off of. He pimped her out and now he’s telling everyone bad shit about her, while he keeps looking for another woman he can do the same thing too. He even moved another woman in with them and used them both to plunge is hungry butt hole.
        All this man wants is someone to constantly shove butt plugs up his butt and pretend like it is as normal thing to demand all the time. He did some jail time and it shows in all of the abusive things he says and does.
        He wanted to put a collar on me at the beginning and he played all sorts of mean narcissistic games. He’s God and you are a means to an end. Anything he says or does is excused and he will make up lies about you too. Do your research and RUN!! He doesn’t have any special degree, he’s been a parasite on his wife for their entire marriage. He has spent 20yrs pretending to be an artist, or a physicist or an IT specialist. He had a business that his wife helped him build and when he got her making even more money for him, he quit his company and has played around like the ex-con he is. Using her and everyone he comes in contact with to get what he wants. He then discards you, unless you might come in handy later, then he’ll keep up appearances just in case.
        This man goes around collecting a jar of hearts. He has had other lovers close by for years and sees a dominatrix in Seattle regularly.
        This guy will say all the right things and gut you when you least expect it. He doesn’t want love or a relationship. He wants someone he can use and discard, depending on how long he thinks he can suck the life out of you and fly under the radar.

        1. This is true. He buys and pushes drugs on everyone he dates. The police in town already know he’s not a good guy. He pretends to be nice and then he gets his god complex going and you find out that is who he really is. He secretly looks down on everyone while pretending he’s more important than he is.

        2. He promises it all and then holds things against you that he has worse problems about and then disappears. Carl is a player. Until he want’s something from you again. Women are just things to be used. He can’t be trusted.

  150. Kashif Geathers from Portland, OR. Also lived in Vegas, originally from a Nashville, I think Clarksville. We dated for 3 months, talked about a future together. He wanted to meet my family, including my kids, he knew how big of a deal that was. Then after meeting my daughter, he did some shady stuff. Saying he is single because we hadn’t “defined” it yet. This man is 37 years old acting like a child. I found a female that was paying extra attention to him on fb and asked him about it. He got incredibly defensive and said he wanted to end our “friendship”. We spent all of our free time together, we expressed our deep feelings towards each other, and he spent the night with me EVERY night my kids were at their dads. That is not what I do with “friends”. So I tried to talk to him, in person or over the phone, and he would dodge my calls. He is such a coward he couldn’t even talk to me, had to do it all through text. The worst part is, he spent our entire time together telling me he is not like other guys, he would never play games, he is always truthful, a man of God. Ladies, he is slick, watch out for this one, he is a total hypocritical, childish, coward and doesn’t deserve anyone’s time.

    1. I am unsure how to personally message you but I was curious what time frame y’all were talking? When was the last time he was at your house and such? Looking forward to hearing from you!

  151. Aaron Beratta from Portland, OR. Aaron and I were actually married- for a whole year. He urinated on me for smoking on our front porch. Turns out he is a chronic cheater despite the fact that he will make you feel like you are the only woman in the world for him. He forgot that he put his email profile on my laptop and then signed up for AshleyMadison- a married person’s dating website. While he was asking for us to see a marriage counselor, he was carrying on an affair with another woman. He was bringing me flowers and showing up with lunch for me unexpectedly at work on a regular basis. All the while he was screwing someone else. We had a very healthy sex life, but when I called him to the table on his other woman- he said “you’re not giving me any pu$$y, so what was I supposed to do?” It had been two weeks since we had sex- and we were supposed to be working on our marriage. When he signed up for AshleyMadison it had only been 4 days since we’d had *intimacy*. He may be a *intimacy* addict- and he is definitely an alcoholic. He likes to pray on women who are interested in modern spiritualism and Reiki, body energy- etc. Stay clear if you love yourself ladies!

  152. Ben Kelley form Boise, Idaho. This man is now in the Phoenix area. I was with him for 6 years, married for 2. He cheated on me throughout our entire relationship, then got a BJ from one of my “friends” while we were married. He has an untreated *intimacy* addiction and does not disclose his herpes status. (I had to learn that the hard way) Stay far away from this man. He is a master manipulator. He is incapable of love.

  153. Where do I begin. I have known Alex since before he joined the Air Force which he has since gotten out of. Alex is a 31yo man from MI who is a trainer and coach. I have maintained an on again off again relationship with him since. He is your classic narcissist. He promises you the world, talks about your future just to turn around and have multiple girls on the side. He has joked with me about when he needs to get rid of someone he just ghosts and blocks them and then convinces the new girl that they’re crazy. He will never ever ever ever be faithful to one person. EVER. He can’t do it. He might be ok for a few weeks or months but always slips back into cheating because he needs women to boost his tiny ego. I have been cheated on more times than I can count, but being the person I am always fell for his BS lies when he came crawling back. I have been able to blow up his spot a few times thanks to being observant on his social media, but have officially cut ties with him after finding out he had yet another girlfriend for the last year. Someone who unfortunately chooses to believe all of his lies even after I told her about the girl he was dating when he had just started dating her. The amount of women he recently admitted to sleeping with is disgusting. I have no idea where he finds them but I’m convinced he has to have an STI considering he hates condoms. I’ve considered reaching out to this new girl who he kept hidden from me after telling me how he wasn’t attracted to her, he was using her as an easy lay and officially dating her was the easiest way to do that and because appearance wise she just got worse looking, that that’s why he ended things months ago. He then goes on to tell me that I’m the only one he was talking to and sleeping with. Maybe I will reach out to this poor girl again. hopefully this post finds someone else he’s talking to, maybe her, or someone who knows her (L.L) and warns them before they get stuck in a never ending cycle. STAY AWAY. He has been cheating and getting away with it for almost a decade. 31 years old and still f-ing around like a horny teenager who can’t keep it in his pants. I’m not some crazy jealous ex, which is how he convinces his new targets to believe him, no one has that many crazy ex’s. I’m just someone who believes that girls need to be protected from this guy. If you have been dating him at all in 2022, he has cheated on you with me and I’m sure more women. You can’t change him, you haven’t won a prize by being the “girl he left someone for”, you have just been added to a long list of victims that he has been involved with. Reach out to other victims if you know them, I’m sure they’d have a lot to say.

  154. Jackson Aydon Nimmo from Palmerston North. This man Is a horrible boyfriend. In the 3 months that I dated him, he was abusive, cheated on me with his own sister AND BROTHER countless times. And every time he would put the blame on me. Not only that, but he also smelt like he just came out of a cow shed filled with fresh cow dung. 1/10, do not recommend dating. Only redeeming factor is, he knows his way around the female body, if you know what I mean ;). Overall, hate him. Stay strong sisters ;P

  155. Darron Speyer from Byron Center, MI. Darron is a psychotically dangerous predator and pathological lying narcissist. He even took a test and agreed he has 9 out of 10 traits for narcissism and an equal qualification for OCPD, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

    He tries to keep in touch with or stalk former gfs while sleeping/traveling with his favorite current gf, always has a daily driver when his gf works or is busy, and is always shopping for new supply.

    He looks for pretty, intelligent, strong women with good jobs, but are fresh out of a bad relationship and are in a temporary, needy chapter of their life. He plays James Bond and saves them. But the real threat they need to be saved from is HIM.

    He love bombs, wisks them around in classic cars, takes them to his Florida condo, and then, in his own words, keeps them hooked by “feeding and f-ing” them.

    He builds them up and then starts to criticize, then control what they eat, wear, what they can & can’t touch, and constantly compares them to the cherished one they lost. Then he does a lit of nice things and starts the devaluing cycle again and again. It forms a trauma bond.

    Says he was Mr. Nice Guy to his last beloved gf, gave her everything, and she lived with him and left him 6 times for no apparent reasons.

    Well, I found his daily dating journal. For the first 6 months he dated me and another woman named Denise, tried to get his ex back during our ENTIRE time together of 4 years. He had multiple dating profiles like mrniceguy and ilovetosmile, lied about his age, and was very hedgy about giving me his last name.

    I didn’t see his house for 3 months. Thought maybe he was married. Found out years later it was because it was a filthy hoard. When I first saw it, it was impeccably clean, and he had a myriad of miserly rituals like I couldn’t use hot water to wash my hands, couldn’t untuck the bedding around my feet, he controlled food like cooking eggs in sets of 3’s or 6’s, don’t use too much TP, it was always freezing cold inside during the winter, I had to ask permission for a glass to use for water…the list is long. But not as long as his dozens of to-do lists all over.

    We did have fun, *intimacy* was mind blowing, and he spent more personal time with me in the first 3 years than my ex did in 30. But every single good moment was broken by snide remarks, criticism, contempt, and blathering on and on about past girlfriends, cars, condos, griping about gas prices, and then me finding the damning journal.

    So I have the the truth in his own handwriting which I made copies of. I also had an hour and a half long chat with his former girlfriend recently who is convinced he drugged her in a hotel when she said she didn’t want *to do it*. Woke up to bloody sheets and him saying she was drunk. Did the same crazy, controlling BS abuse to her and the one before her. I messaged with her.

    After going no contact it’s been a mind bender to claw my way out of the brainwashing, gaslighting fog you fall under with guys like this. It is a verifiable addiction and that’s why it’s so hard to disengage from them.

    If your gut says something’s not right, LISTEN TO IT. Then buy Lundy Bancfroft’s book, Why Does He Do That?

    1. Carl Reiter Sequim, Washington 53 also does all of this! He is awful. After we broke up I went to the house, well outside the house. I quietly walked up the driveway and watched him and the woman he was with several evenings through the giant glass windows without curtains of course. He had her in one of those sex swings. He exploits women. He is a womanizer. He pretends he is an investor. The only thing he is investing is his wife’s hard earned money and her inheritance. He built a mountain of rubble with her money. He promises pipe dreams but his actions are all self indulgent manipulations by a predatory parasite. He’ll destroy you on purpose if he can get away with it.
      Monster Alert!

  156. Russell P Kelly from Moline IL. He cheats on everyone. His whatever she is over in Iowa is unaware he is cheating on her. He also has a married woman named Ashley he is umm screwing. He lied to me for sure since 2019 and he did it to break up me and the guy I was with then name of Clay. Then he tries to put the blame back on me and whomever else he can. I am back with Clay but I want to warn anyone who gets hit on if the guy is named Russell Kelly avoid him. He lies, cheats, cons. Some of the stories he comes up with are well, beyond or out of this world. Can we say narcissist? I was point blank told I am never to speak to anyone who knows him. And his family. I also would like the $700 he took from me and he has a key to my place. Avoid him. I am thinking he was the one I got the STI from.

  157. Hunter / Tombs Woolsey from Bay Area, California. Abusive in every way except hurting you physically. Did not stop cheating on me for even one day, while we were in therapy. Will gaslight you about his cheating (often with the help of his mom) until you think he’s actually just poly, but he’s not. He won’t allow you to have partners and he will lie to both you and the other girls about his relationship status. He sold our house out from under me after ruining me financially, stole/got rid of all my things, rehomed our 3-legged cat without telling me or offering him to me because he “didn’t have time” but then immediately got a NEW CUTER cat, a hairless cat, which is like 3x the care of our cat.
    I could go on for a whole book honestly. Every single scenario with this guy was THE worst case scenario. He will give you ptsd, leave you emotionally, s*xually, and financially ruined, and potentially homeless. Don’t make my mistake by telling yourself that someone this horrible couldn’t possibly exist, because he does. Don’t let him gaslight you or manipulate you with his million sob stories. He is a liar and a monster. There are also many, many women who will back this up who I am in contact with.

  158. Michael Lister from Middlesbrough, England. He’s a cowardly bastard who spent the last three and a half years playing me over and over, breaking my heart more times than I care to count. He bilked me out of over £30,000 (about $33,000) which I used to pay off his debts because I wanted a fresh start with him and wanted to take away his fear and anxiety about being able to pay them off. He broke up with me over WhatsApp and didn’t even have the balls to talk to me face to face. He’s a cheat, a liar, a thief, and a gutless s***bag.

  159. Elliot Russell from Belfast. History of emotional abuse. Narcissism and control.

    Previously made fun of other girlfriends and boasted how he made fun of one for having a false eye. Was taken to court by this girl for a number of issues.

    Will have a job when you first meet him and then later down the line will quit and expect you to pay for his rent, electric and gas…while simultaneously complaining at you for having no money. Please keep a separate account with secret money so you can get out of there should you choose to spend your time in a long term relationship.

    Will shout and scream in your face ‘why won’t you do as I tell you?!’ And then text you the next day telling you he would never tell you what to do and everything your experiencing isn’t reality.

    Will 100% cheat on you with either a random girl he meets at a party, or on occasion as admitted by himself he cheated on a previous ex with one of her best friends.

    He’ll expect you to cook and clean for him while he has no job and will exclaim to you the house isn’t tidy or that he’s decided to become vegan and gluten free while out shopping on a super tight budget.

    Throws things around the house like a child if you don’t specifically do something correctly…like set some biscuits down with his tea that he’ll scream he didn’t ask for and throw them out of the room. Will follow up the action with ‘Does that not teach you not to do this again? For giving me things I don’t want?’

    Leaves toenail clippings everywhere and then tells you that you’re disgusting for setting a tissue down on the table.

    Favourite Phrases Include:

    ‘Let’s just put a pin in this right now’

    ‘Why do we have to be equal in everything?’

    ‘Your words mean f-ing nothing’


    Top Tips:

    Probably shouldn’t date him after reading this, but if you’re gonna do it anyway then read the below.

    Keep a list time and date stamped on your phone every time he says or does something hurtful, he backs down from arguments when he remembers you’ve been recording things. If you need to review mine for all the extra nonsense, I can also send that over.

    Screenshot EVERY abusive message he sends you (if you need further proof I have tons of messages you’re welcome to look at)

    Keep money in a separate account and don’t tell him about it so he can’t use it or demand that you use it.

    If he begins to make fun of your personal appearance or personal achievements to make you feel like a lesser person, don’t react out of anger and say calmly and repeatedly ‘why are you being
    unnecessarily cruel?’, it sends him off the rails if you call out his behaviour so be ready for the backlash.

  160. Peter from Ireland. My Horrible Abusive Ex boyfriend is called Peter
    But let me start at the very beginning

    Fiance is called Alexander and we met years ago in Israel when I was volunteering and backpacking around the sights.

    I was in my early 20’s and single and loving adventure and travelling. I had no intention of falling in love. I thought I was the living my best life.

    That was way before I knew that the best things in life our your loved ones.

    I was volunteering at a kibbutz and at work in the canteen then this beautiful man walked in he was wearing work clothes. He looked so hansom and my head was, in that moment absolutely turned. I knew I had to meet him but I was shy. I asked around to find out who he was. His name was Alex and he was an engineer. The company he worked for was hired by the manager of the kibbutz to do work around the kibbutz and as part of their fee they could get their lunch for free in our canteen. He came in every day for a week and I made it my business to be at the counter to serve him. I just smiled at him. I was desperate to speak to him but I was so shy.

    Thankfully at the end of the week he came up to the counter with his tray and I said no you don’t have to bring it up its part of my job to clear the tables. He smiled and said I have to bring it to you – how else would I get chatting to you. I felt my stomach to a wee flip. I couldn’t stop smiling. He asked me could he give me something and I said yea sure. He gave me a napkin with his name and number on it. (I still have the napkin). He then asked me to phone him later after work. Wow I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy. For the next two months Alex and I was inseparable. We were falling in love. It was like a dream but always in the background was the thoughts of going home. My flight home to Ireland was just before Christmas that year. I pushed it all to the back of my mind. I just wanted to enjoy my time with alex.

    The day came that I was leaving I was sad about leaving but I also really missed home. Alex was older than me and he talked about settling down. I wasn’t sure if I was ready and I started to listen to my head rather than my heart. I thought about all our differences – our cultures, languages, countries and religion. I thought deep down it wasn’t going to work. Alex and I decided to leave it at that. We said our goodbyes and I came home.

    I moved back in with mummy and daddy and had a beautiful Christmas then I thought about getting a job and saving up again to go travelling. I felt I was moving on. A year and a half had passed and I had been on a few small trips but I was planning on a bigger adventure. I wasn’t sure where or what but I felt restless. I was watching all my friends settling down meeting their partners and talking about marriage and babies. I thought I wasn’t ready for all that. I was around all that talk so much. My family would ask me didn’t I want to meet a nice boy and settle down. They didn’t mean to pressure they just wanted to see me settled and I guess they wanted me to be close to home. They felt I had done enough travelling and should stay home.

    I guess with all that going on I started to think maybe I should be thinking of being sensible and putting down roots. At this time I met a guy called Peter who was friends with my friend Nicola. Everyone said how lovely Peter was and how sensible he was and how he was looking to meet someone. Looking back I let myself be talked into it. I went on a date with Peter at first I wasn’t sure but everyone around me thought we were a good match after a few dates he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was 26 and he was almost 30. It all happened very quickly. At first he was a gentleman always holding the door open always saying nice things and bringing me flowers. The first year was lovely and I was thinking this is it. I stopped dreaming of travelling again. Peter wasn’t into travelling. I moved to Belfast to be closer to him. loved going out and meeting up with friends but Peter preferred to stay in. Peter also didn’t think much of my friends. Peter then started commenting on my weight telling me how much I had gained and how how unfit I was. He also told me he was never attracted to me. I let him put me down. I let him eat away at my self esteem. I let him tell me how to dress and I even let tell me how I was allowed to behave. Sadly I let him treat me like that for almost ten years. I was so ashamed that I didn’t want anyone to know. I started to visit my family less and less. I stopped meeting up with friends. Despite all of this I still wanted Peter. By that time I had become attached to him to our situation. I really let my spark go. I completely withdrew into myself.

    Peter told me that he knew I would never leave him.

    I was scared of what he would do if I did leave. I loved him but I was scared of him.

    As the years went on i thought I can’t do this anymore. I felt weak but I knew I had to change my life. It didn’t really happened overnight it was a gradual thing I knew that i had to find the strength to leave Peter.


    Peter dumped me – yes you heard that right He left me. I couldn’t believe it but if I’m honest in that moment I felt relief. It turns out he had met a girl called Lee-anne. I’m not sure how he met her or how long it was going on for.

    I felt so free thankfully my family and friends were there for me. It hasn’t always been easy but I got my wee spark back and feel like my old self. In time I built my strength up and I felt I had a new lease of life. I jumped right into life I went travelling again. I got a new job. I started volunteering at a radio station and present my own show. I have met so many wonderful people at the radio station one man in particular is George and he’s lovely. One day I called into the studio and George was finishing up his show and he saw that I was on the phone. He started laughing. He couldn’t believe how old my phone was. He insisted that I take his smart phone. I was adamant I loved my wee phone that could only text and make calls but he insisted I get with the times. He was getting an upgrade so I gave in and thanked him but I told him he needed to show me how to use it. He sat and went through the phone with me. He even pulled out his laptop and was able to convert all my contacts over.

    Later that night I was playing about with my new phone. I scrolled down and there was a contact I hadn’t seen in years. I had Alex’s number. I must have had his number saved from all those years ago. I dared myself to text him literally 2 mins later my phoned pinged with a message it was him. He got me to download WhatsApp and he phoned and we talked all night. Wow it was amazing the next day he phoned me again after work. He phoned everyday. He wanted to know everything all about my life and what had happened after I left israel. At first it was hard opening up to him about the abuse I had suffered from Peter. Alex really listened as the months went on alex and I knew that we still had feelings for each other. We spoke everyday we became best friends. I was still a little guarded after peter I had put a few walls up I hadn’t dated anyone since peter I really felt I never wanted to ever be with a man again but Alex respected me and was patient. After 6 months of chatting on the phone every day. Alex came and visited me in ireland. Meeting him at dublin airport was amazing. He is and always was the man for me. We had a week together then I went and visited him in israel and then he came a second time to Ireland. Last year Alex whisked me off to Cyprus and on easter Sunday he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He proposed on the roof of the harbour castle in paphos. It was magical.

    We then made plans to be together in ireland. We applied for his Visa through the UK embassy and our visa just now got accepted. It was a long wait but worth it. Alex arrives 6pm in Dublin on 10th of April 2020.

    I can now plan our wedding.

    I’m sorry if this too long I just wanted you to know that alex and I are meant to be together we have been through so much. We both feel we have got a second chance.

    Alex has helped me heal he has always been there for me. He has helped me get my strength back. He has completely shown me there are good decent men out there

    I’m so happy

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this.

  161. Shane Thede from Zumbrota/Rochester, MN. Recently released ex-con. Drug addict & serial cheating narcissist. Has all narcissistic traits of love bombing, gaslighting, stringing multiple (15+ at once!) women along to serve his selfish needs. Blames ex-GFs for his cheating and drug addiction. Not taking any accountability for his actions at all. It’s always someone else’s fault not his. Biggest red flag is how he strung along this one ex-GFs for over two decades which is an extremely long time to suffer the emotional abuse of a narcissist. In the end over 100+ women have come forward anonymously on another social platform and shared similar stories of about being love bombed, ghosted out of nowhere and/or gaslighting behavior going back as far as over three decades. Not to mention being screwed over financially also. He also swindles much money as he can from his ongoing s*x entourage to support his drug habit whilst lovebombing which ever woman (or women) w/gifts and false promises to cover up his guilt. He has cheated on every GF since adulthood. He tries to make himself look like the victim of cheating but behind closed doors he’s been caught bragging fairly recently to his friends on how he has set up an even better system to thwart proof of cheating and knows how to throw off the so called snooping GFs or spyware apps thanks to a number of helpful apps he uses to cover up his cheating ways. FYI another is M.O. is the ongoing and ever growing s*x entourage of his. At any given time he will be dating anywhere from 3 (current favorites, always changing in rotation) to 20+ women at a time. Some are lucky enough to be referred as his GF and/or fiancee. Yes he’s had 2-5 so-called fiancees at once! Plus he has even has been brazen enough to have set up several wedding registries w/each fiancee or GF also in the past! If you end up on his shit list then he demotes you from GF status and then you’re referred to as either side piece/chic or plaything. Of course this is all done behind your back and you often don’t find out until afterwards from other sources close to him after the messy AF break up.
    He also tries to claim to be a minimalist but then brags about owning designer this or that. Another M.O. is making promises he never intends on keeping like moving in together, paying back money he has borrowed, expecting GFs to pay for his expensive gifts or vacations. He put several women in severe financial debt and ruin because swindling women is the only way he can support his hobbies of cheating and traveling. Don’t ever let him talk you into paying for his traveling expenses like use your CC for plane tickets or hotel because he will never ever pay you back! He even swindled money from women who were living well below poverty. Then bragged it was their fault for being naive! Or often excuses his bad behavior on being a Gemini. What’s ironic is how he often bad mouths so-called sluts when he’s the biggest one of all. He constantly complains about drama when he brings it on to himself by dating multiple women at once then he wonders why he keeps getting caught! Hey dumdum you only increase your odds of getting caught cheating when you string along a multitude of women! They’re bound to find out about one another sooner or later with a Haram or s*x entourage that freaking large. On occasion he does pretend to dwindle down his Haram temporarily after much duress from whichever GF catches him cheating but don’t let that fool you at all because it’s only a matter of time before he’s back cheating once again. Then to top it all off unless you have solid proof of cheating from a reliable source like spyware or tracking apps he of course freaking denies it and claims you’re imagining things or are crazy! I wouldn’t trust him even if he agreed to install several tracking and/or spyware on his phone or other devices because his most recent ex-GF was an IT savant and taught him how to bypass both spyware and tracking apps. Of course he claimed he needed to learn those coding skills because numerous ex-GFs are harassing or stalking him. More like the other way around! He’s actually the one stalking ex-GFs online and sending them anonymous harassing emails! Then he sets it up for them to bully and harass each other while he sits on the sidelines to watch it all happen while eating popcorn and laughing. A close friend of his has also revealed the true reason why Shane wants to move in with a much younger close relative: because the kid is the ultimate pu**y magnet. It guarantees unlimited access to young dumb pu**y especially the ones who have ‘daddy issues’ or are into tag teaming and other sick twisted stuff. Then went on to bragging how he’ll be soon be drowning in an unlimited supply of young pu**y and he can’t wait to enjoy the daily pu**y jackpot that’ll be always revolving. Especially when he’s influencing and encouraging much younger relatives to mimick his sick and twisted behavior. Not at all a healthy example for younger generation let alone family members. Total lack of healthy boundaries or moral compass!
    Another M.O. of his numerous claims is polyamory and *personal intimate interests* is often used to excuse his indiscretions or physical abuse. From what I’ve heard recently from both the local *personal intimate interests* and swinger scene is that he’s been either blacklisted or banned for bad behavior. Which equates to have broken several *personal intimate interests* contracts with outright emotional, se*ual, and physical abuse which definitely isn’t tolerated at all in the *personal intimate interests* scene.
    Along with the claims of polyamory one of his most coveted and prized fantasies is both threesomes and swapping partners with other couples. Save yourself from the trouble and stress that always comes after the se*ual encounter. Afterwards since he already acquired his se*ual wants and needs first (as always) he either ghosts the participating GF and/or instigates a huge fight along with verbal and emotional abuse including throwing items like knives at his ex-GF, pushing, shoving and even slapping. He has absolutely no self control when it comes to anger at all. Scary impulsive!
    Another thing he does to get away with cheating is owning several burner phones or numbers including additional smart phones. Of which he usually hides in a place his GF doesn’t have access to such as a gym locker, storage unit, post office box or even a more obvious place like a safe or humidor. He’s even been known to keep hidden phones in other women’s homes often without their knowledge. Heard a story from another ex-GF of his who found a bunch of random phones hidden all over after the nasty breakup. She even found phones stashed in the laundry room!
    More recently he actually had the audacity to complain about how this GF or that GF and other ex-GFs didn’t have the decency to write to him daily in prison, send pictures, or money to him then proceeded to either ghost the GFs or lashed out with verbal abuse. Then turned around to encourage several of his other ex-GFs to harass the other ex-GFs on his shit list. He doesn’t even bother to do his own dirty work of harassment but often recruits ex-GFs to do it for him by selling the false promise it’ll get them back into good graces with him. Then he uses that against them later on by saying it proves they’re crazy or couldn’t measure up to his unrealistic expectations. He should be grateful for receiving even just one prison correspondence at all let alone any from the women he had basically totally f*cked over both financially and emotionally! That’s some freaking nerve!
    A huge clue is how he often blatantly tells on himself by openly expressing both his hatred and outright disrespect towards his own mother.
    Most overused expression: too many deal breakers doll, too many.
    Want to know the real reason he calls every GF or side piece, Doll? Because he’s so used to dating multiple sets of women at once and can’t ever keep their names straight! The irony of that is how he often gives himself away with his frequent name slip ups. One of many excuses he’ll try is, Oh it was the name of a recent bartender, waitress, friend, co-worker, ex-colleague. Nope! Nope! Nope! And NOPE! More like the name of the most recent f*ck! Don’t freaking buy it at all! So even if he tries to reel you in with lies like oh I only cheated on my last GF. Don’t believe it! It’s been every single GF and fiancee! Not just a few but over 100+ have come forward so far and that’s likely just the tip of the iceberg! Especially since it’s been going on since onset of adulthood and he’s a professional cheating a-hole. To top it all off regarding STDs of course it’s your fault not his! It’s actually the most common reason why he sets up a nasty fight and then blames you for all of it. Even though it’s obvious he’s at fault, he never ever takes any freaking accountability at all. Then uses that to justify creating a really long nasty and messy break up.
    He also blames so called jealous ex-GFs for the reason why he was sent to prison instead of taking accountability for his poor choices. By no means was he an addict just for a few months or years either but well over two decades.
    Another thing is he’s cheap as hell such as promising to book a four star hotel and it turns out to be a one or two star. He only pays for the first few dates and then he starts constantly forgetting both his wallet and phone. I guarantee it’s hidden in his car and it’s chocked full of angry messages from various women. Not only that but it guarantees avoidance of anyone checking his phone for evidence of his cheating. Another repeating factor he often pisses off one GF to justify cheating on her with another GF in addition to ghosting one or several other women all at once! He’s lucky any woman on earth would give him the time of day!
    We women already own an a_hole…Our own! So why in hell would we want or even need another one? Not to mention a narcissistic entitled one?! He’s extremely superficial also like how he’s extremely judgemental about women’s bodies especially regarding wrinkles, saggy skin, breasts and butt. But he’s well past his expiration date in regards of aging but has the nerve to judge women’s bodies in a very harsh manner when he is himself middle-aged. He thinks he has a body of 25 year old fitness model when in fact he has apron belly like an old man! Like ew gross no one wants to see that! His body leans more towards Santa Claus than fitness model that’s for sure! He’s in total denial that he himself has aged quite a bit. Then talks smack if a woman doesn’t look like they could pass for under 30 when they’re over 45. Then he turns around and demands impossible physical expectations from his current slew of various GFs. Definitely gaining even a freaking pound can become one of his so called deal breakers. At first he implies there’s only a couple of deal breakers. As time goes on the next thing you know he dumps the long list of deal breakers just out of nowhere too! Then will ghost you. Then after a few weeks, months or even years he tries to reel you back in with his lies and false promises. Insert eye roll. Then the love bombing begins. His M.O. every single time.
    The real irony is that the cheater doesn’t have the insight to realize that they’re the ones creating their own pain and drama. If they would stop being so incredibly selfish and quit manipulating people they wouldn’t have to endure so much emotional pain. In which they try to avoid at all costs. Instead of taking ownership of their indiscretions and making a change for the better they chose to destroy themselves and bring everyone down with them. For example they not only devalue themselves by making the poor decision of cheating but they also devalue the woman involved in their cheating incident in addition of the unfortunate current GF. It’s a trifecta of nasty stuff on top of stuff! Basically a deep pool of turds! Do you really want to swim in that stinky stuff? Probably not but the narcissist won’t hesitate to push you in it! Then try to drown you in it to top it all off! Which reminds me of his extremely stinky flatulence! Yes he’s definitely gross enough to pull off the dutch oven treatment and is quite proud of how he can clear a building out with his seriously super stinky flatulence and it happens quite often! Seriously it’s worse than an old dog farts and it happens while he sleeps too! His flatulence was so pungently foul that it actually woke me up from REM stage sleep! Then my eyes were watery from the foul odor of continuous flatulence and I actually ended up vomiting all over bed! True story! He’s super gross in reality! Pretends to be a gentleman but in reality he’s really just a narcissist! A super smelly old man! No freaking lie he won’t hesitate to fart in your face! Especially while he’s naked! He pretends to be funny like it’s a joke but really he’s trying to humiliate you and degrade you. Then later on when it suits him he uses it to justify treating you badly. Not worth the effort! In addition to that he has a delusional idea that he’s going to make thousands of dollars doing one of those side gig sites involving *adult content*. Find it hard to believe anyone would pay a subscription to watch him cheating on his GF with much younger women. Sounds like a good way to get caught cheating yeah dumb *idiot*! For real, he’s convinced he’s going to be able to cash in with thousands of dollars doing so called *adult content* side gigs. Eye roll. Gag!
    Wouldn’t be surprised if he literally ate farts for lunch because he reeks of *turds*!

  162. Alipate LauLau from Bristol UK. He lives with his long-term girlfriend, yes he has a girlfriend! We dated long distance. He played the loving devoted boyfriend, sending txts and video chatting. the girlfriend is a hard-working manager who works long hours. He has lots of people who will cover for him. he is charming and fun and sweet but once you are caught up in the loving vibe, he will then begin to chip away at your self-esteem. Breaking plans last minute lying about where he is, making you feel like you have done something wrong, he is a first class manipulator. And when you confront him, he will lie and cry and try to turn it around on you. His girlfriend found out about me and him, then messaged me but the poor girl has had her self-esteem worn down by him so she stays with him and blamed herself. She is supporting his VISA to stay in the UK so he wont leave her.

  163. Richard Shebovsky from Tazewell va. He is a conman and narcissist. He began with the love bombing and regressed to treating me like im nothing. I do him favors and he repays me everytime I ask him for something by not doing it. I lost my job because he wouldn’t take me to work a couple times while my car is being worked on. He physically and mentally abuses me everyday.. he insults me as a person and tells im nothing to him. He used me at first for a place to live then he asked me to move in. As soon as he didn’t need me the abuse started. I guess im in discard phase. He wanted me to tell some girl he wanted to go out with that I am just his friend right after he just told me I was so much more.

  164. Sina Taghizadeh from Atlanta, Georgia. Run. a man who convinces a woman he’s all in but still sleeps around—he’s not all in. He’s a pig. This is the worse human being. He is the Master of manipulator, liar, and cheater. His target is good girls from wealthy families. He manipulates them so they believe that he loves them. But he uses them for s*x and fancy gifts. He dates multiple girls at the same time and uses 3 dating apps to find girls also for s*x.

    1. His full name is Sina Jason Taghizadeh. He went to UGA and had MBA at Georgia Tech. Recently he got fired from his job. If you see his name, better to stay away.

  165. Kevin Berry from Cincinnati, OH. Worst kisser in the history of kissing. Constantly talks about girls he’s gone out with, but none of the stories are funny or relevant. Claims to be progressive, but was a typical self-interested straight white man.

  166. Josh from Bozeman MT. 50 something Josh has an issue with his 30 something daughter because she has an affair with his business partner who is in his 60’s. She gets pregnant and he cannot forgive her, then takes up with someone who isn’t old enough to drink. Because the apple never falls far from the tree!! RUN, RUN, RUN the whole family has issues. He hangs out a brewery near campus, so it won’t be hard to find him making a dent in the barstool with his fat lazy ass!! He also tells EVERYONE stories about his exes, half who work on campus and has nothing good to say about any of them. He owns a couple really badly run local businesses, but he will tell you he is successful and has a bunch of money. When you are hungover everyday but Monday, you really don’t get much done. Can usually be found with an equally alcoholic and unmotivated cousin.

  167. Paulino (Paul) Almaguer from Fort Worth, Texas. He is an absolute cheater, cheater cheater. More than that, he is a narcissistic sociopath that uses women, especially professional women for his own gain. Ex navy and and supposed “special forces”- insert eye roll- he is still living the “a woman in every port” fantasy. If you date him you will notice quickly he has a lot of female “friends” or “business” associates that you never get to meet. If they were just friends, that’s great, but guess what? Friends=girlfriends that he is using for something while making each think they are exclusive. He’s on almost every dating sight out there currently. If you ARE dating him, have your friends sign up on the sites like Hinge, FB and bumble- 2 of his favs- and try and find him to prove this yourself. Won’t take long. And don’t let him tell you its an old inactive profile. Just have your friends engage him.
    Protective of his phone (red flag!) If his mouth is moving, he is either lying or projecting. Go look up covert narcissists- he’s a solid fit.
    Let me start by saying, I have proof, proof, proof and any claims of this being simply malicious can easily be debunked. He will tell you you are “the one.” (As it turns out, the number is more than one, apparently maybe even 3. Definitely at least 2.)
    He will come off as charming, attentive and caring. (This is how he lures you in.) He will tell you he has never met anyone like you. He will say he never thought he’d find love again. He will make plans with you for the future, and tell you he adores you….all the while dating other women. He is a true histrionic narcissist that appears at first to be funny and jovial while slowly morphing into an impressive, cruel manipulator. He is a skilled liar, and often appears to lie simply to lie. Good luck getting a straight answer out of him when he doesn’t want to give it.
    He is a skillful gaslighter. (If you don’t know what this is- go look it up. It’s a big part of his game.)
    His Favorite moves:
    He will probably ask you to read the 5 Love Languages. Have no doubt- he’s using that as information to figure out the best ways to tap into your heart and manipulate you.
    He likes to say things like “Yeah, Baby” in a deepening voice. Chattering at you in a couple of Spanish phrases about you being gorgeous. Likes to give (hard- the better to dominate you) neck and foot rubs and cream up your legs (don’t think those are just altruistic, either.)
    He will look at you with adoring eyes while tilting his head.

    He’s super proud of being an ex-Navy Corpsman. He enjoys playing the victim and talks about how his ex wife was the cheater and narcissist and how he has been mistreated by various people or circumstances. (He’s really tattling on his own misdeeds. This is called projecting. Go look it up- it’s a narcissist trick.) Here’s the thing- if you start really paying attention, you will notice that there is *always* something going wrong or someone “dissing” him and he is surrounded by supposedly “crazy” people. His exwife is crazy. His ex girlfriends are “crazy” and “stalkers.” Pay attention ladies! This is to proactively groom you to have prejudice against them if they try and warn you. I suggest you should DO THE OPPOSITE! Find them and talk with them and see how “crazy they really are. You will get the real scoop on Mr Player and also establish some allies in your escape.
    He will tailor his answers to make you think you are cosmically joined.
    He will constantly find “similarities” between you and him, some of which might actually be true.
    He will make you coffee. He will ask you to wear heels, and he loves short skirts while playing pool or darts .
    He likes to use the lines of “no one has ever done that for me before..” to make you feel special.
    He talks endlessly about his daughter being incredible and gifted. (the poor girl growing up with this guy…) He plays the good father card a lot. In fact, he will hide you by telling you he doesn’t want to introduce anyone into her life until he’s been dating you for awhile…and then suddenly he will introduce you and tell you you are the “first one” he has introduced to her since the divorce. (Hint: You’re not.) This on the surface appears to be a “good father” move, but it’s really to manipulate you, his time, and likely the other lady.

    He brags about his 7 bedroom house (which it is not- it’s 5 bedroom and a 2 bedroom guest house both of which , may look ok on the outside but has the serious old house thing going on on the inside.)

    His favorite verbal moves are:
    Yeah Baby, Yesss, Indeed, you take my breath away, I want to see you, I want to squeeze you, Behave (when you call him out), I cant sleep thinking about you, come to Paul, do you want to come over?, and I deserved it (when pretending sorrow for his misdeeds.)

    I can go on and on with tons more details, but you get the picture.
    Ladies- don’t think you can fix him. Don’t think HE’S trying to fix himself (despite the constant therapy- just another camouflage to make women think he’s a good man trying to get past some bad stuff.) These type don’t change. Just GET AWAY and stay away. He will bring drama into your life. He will make you think you are the problem (eventually.) He will slowly increase start decreasing the charm, increasing the manipulation, and start becoming verbally and emotionally cruel. He will try and beat you down emotionally and mentally. He will make you confused by his reactions and try and convince you that YOU are the problem. He is only interested in his own needs.
    In summary, he WILL manipulate you, use you, abuse you and cheat on you while adroitly lying to you…and honestly…he’s just not that *good* if you know what I mean.

  168. Kyle Moorefield from Torrance, California. He is a master manipulator. He attempts to work a sober program but will relapse (will use extreme drugs) and cheat, lie and ruin his jobs/finances. Come home and try to talk himself into a victim of his alcoholism/drug addictions. He is not a victim he is making his choice and destroys everything in his path. I spent 5 years sadly with this person.. he took so much from me. He would manipulate me into feeling like i was his reason to use.. He will break your heart and give zero cares about how you are effected.

    If you do end up here make sure he is tested for stds when he returns because he has no standards. Best of luck.

  169. Micha Friedman from Israel and NY. Micha is a diagnosed narcissist with antisocial personality disorder. I lived with him for 14 years and sadly fell into the trap of being offered everything I ever wanted (love bombing) them having it taken away. This rollercoaster caused me to lose myself and live with both physical and emotional abuse. I later learned that he had lived a double life with his boss right under my nose for at least 7 years. He left her, we went to therapy and I believed that he loved me and could heal. Even with therapy and all the love in the world, he became brutal after I learned about his affair, treating me like I never existed, giving me the silent treatment, withholding affection then pulling me back in, the whole pallete of narcissistic abuse. He then cheated again and eventually abandoned me and my children without closure and without a goodbye. It took me years to get myself back and now I am just thankful that he finally left so that I could begin the long and painful journey back to myself. He is always looking for older women with families. He is charming but also mean and dangerous. I would wish to warn any woman to run like the wind from this man.

  170. Mariano Longo from Argentina. He is a cheater, serial liar, abuser and a bully. He is now living in Portugal, having produced a few children with this woman from GB. but once a cheater, always a cheater. Beware girls!

  171. Ed Uribe from San Jose California. This guy is on the down low. He pretends to be straight and sleeps with men on the side. He goes to adult clubs and also picks up random men online. He is truly pathological. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. He will destroy your life.

  172. Erwan from Toulouse france. Il m’a quitté quand j’ai appris mon cancer il m’a insulter de grosse merde il est violent verbalement depuis longtemps impulsif agressif égoïste il a jamais écouté mes besoins … il vous prend tout mais ne donne rien et cache très bien son jeu en plus car il est un personnage public donc il donne le change … il a su que j’étais dans le coma et j’ai eu deux arrêt cardiaque il a même pas pris une nouvelle alors qu’on est resté 3 ans ensemble ! Il se fichait que je meure

  173. Aaron Robert Hacker from Adelaide, South Australia. Aaron hacker seems delightful at first, has real charisma. Will cook for you to show that he is a “nice guy” never eat his food. He has bottles of his own dehydrated drug urine in his kitchen which he will put in your meals if you so much as look at your phone or, God forbid, answer it. He also likes to urinate inside you without saying anything first or at all
    ..until the end when u end it and he r*pes you and says you “f!$cked with the wrong person”
    He has given me so many STI’S , STDS and several infections due to this urinating. He also video records you being intimate and puts it on the Internet and gets paid for it! He and his friends all do this and think it’s hilarious. He is violent , manipulate and BROKE. He wants you to pay his rent , bills , food beer, drugs , alcohol. Etc etc etc. He will break you down to the point of suicide , then tell you the world would be better off without you. He makes false allegations to the police about being assaulted. By me who was 48kilos at the time due to stress from him and he weighs well over 100kilos. The police didn’t do anything of course ,because he was the one assaulting me. He will r*pe you in your sleep. Steal your money, items and soul. His birthday is 27th November. He is a bus driver for an all girls school and messages them at 2 in the morning and records them all without their knowledge His friend and work colleague got done for paying one of the girls so that he could send pictures of his genitals to the girl he was paying. I believe Aaron is doing this as well.
    Not telling anyone what to do. If you’re down with that kind of thing…
    But yea, steer clear. He is evil, a r*pist a peado and violent.
    He also hurts animals 🙁

  174. David Robert Hanks / David Evelyn from England. He’s a narcissistic abuser, stole money, physically abused me, cheated on me. Avoid at all costs! He lies and love bombs. He leaves nothing but destruction and terror behind. I’ve spoken with his exes and family they all confirmed this.

  175. Matthew Lennehan from Manchester, UK. CHEATER! Terrible father of 3 that he only sees once every full moon. All 3 children have different mothers.
    Foul mouth, abusive and not the brightest tool in the shed.
    He is also misogynistic and disgusting, morally and higiene.
    Massive ego and his own family can’t stand him.
    He is a 40 year old man that only likes to date girls half his age.

  176. Jason Verfaillie from Baudour, Belgium. Jason is unstable and impulsive. It scares and destroys you mentally. He has serious psychological problems that he does not treat. And he has a huge child abuse problem.

  177. Shane Dineen from Houston, TX. Not ex BOYFRIEND but soon to be ex husband. Textbook narcissist and is as covert as he is malignant. I was that girl who thought “well maybe he was like that with them but he won’t be that way with me” BIG mistake. I thought he would change and I thought I could help him. He ab*sed me physically and groomed me into allowing all sorts of emotional and mental ab*se. I was 23 and I didn’t know any better. I never realized what he was doing until it was too late. He would not so much cheat as he would initiate a relationship with another woman then explain to me what she had to offer and every way that I didn’t meet the mark. The last time he did this, it blew up in his face and I escaped. It was all to get me to do something that I didn’t morally agree with in the first place. From his schoolwork and exams, to writing letters of reference for jobs, reporting anyone he deemed an enemy, buying him things that he wanted impulsively while my own needs were being forgotten, the list goes on. Why did I stay for so long? Survival. He had ruined us financially and ruined me mentally and emotionally. I was constantly being coerced into believing that if I didn’t I would be a complete failure. When really I was the only one holding him down. And then there’s the physical abuse, the strangling, breaking things while beating me with them, hitting me on the hairline so it wouldn’t be visible, punching me in the mouth for crying and pleading with him. I should have done a background check on him. I’m not the only one he’s done this to and many have never reported it out of fear for the repercussions. Don’t do what I did. You’re safety, health and well-being are far more important than any empty promise he can make. He’s always gotten away with it and thinks he can get away with it. He lived as a criminal for most of his life. Exploiting young women. Pimping them out. He even kept ties to his criminal life and told me he was going to leave me and go back to it as he couldn’t handle the eviction we were facing. Leaving me in financial ruins that were caused from his substance abuse. He is an addict “in recovery” and I thought I was doing something noble by believing in him. His own father wouldn’t even let him make his amends and patch things up when he knew he was reaching his last days. I kept wanting to believe in him to be a better person. I just didn’t want to give up on him. That’s what gave him so much power over me and he used it until there was nothing left. Now I have been diagnosed with PTSD for the second time since being with him. I’m in therapy and I’ve been very blessed not to lose my job or stability in the process. I survived him.

  178. Dave Steele from Welland, Ontario. A furry who goes by kitani.. He will lie about having a girlfriend but 90% chance he has one, he did when he flirted with me. You’ll date him until he sleeps with you, and then he will ghost you. He gives every girl the same lines. He’ll ask what your favourite fruit is and he’ll always be a pineapple cause he’s “rough on the outside but sweet on the inside”. But he’s really decaying on the inside. I’ve met four girls who have had the same experiences with him. Total narcissist.

  179. David Bishop from Sacramento CA. He lies about everything and does drugs so much so that his p*nis is IMPOTENT AND worthless its literally the same size as a toddler and since he is addicted to dr*gs therefore he is addicted to shriveling his p*nis too.
    He is at best around two inches in length and it won’t stay hard for longer than about Four minutes. Hes ridiculous.

  180. Dean Tooley from Brookfield, MA. Cheater. I had been dating Dean on again and off again. When he started working at Cabellas he would tell me about one of his coworker named Bri. Come to find out not only was he dating her, he got engaged to her. All while we were still together. Needless to say he did eventually break if off with me when they started wedding planning but gawd was I blind sided by this.

  181. Brandon Wolfe from DuBois, Pa. Extremely ab*sive, narcissistic and sociopath. He’s into r*pe and b*ating women. Also goes for toddlers. He seems like your dream man at first. Comes off as funny and great with kids but it soon turns violent. He’s tried to kill me on numerous occasions. He’s a hard dr*g addict and alcoholic as well. RUN!!!

  182. Patrick Thomas Swingle from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I dated him for years. He seems like a good guy but most narcissists do. He cheated on me and gaslit me about it, along with everything else. He was very verbally, emotionally, and even physically ab*sive. He often s*xually coerced me and tried to shame me if I was too ill or not in the mood to pleasure him. He told me he was a good partner because he “never hit me” although he often would hold me down and leave bruises on me. I hope this saves someone from him one day!

  183. Jeremy Izzio from New York/Colorado. This man would’ve been a great used car salesman. He’s a pathological liar who will lie about anything and everything. He was on Tinder and talking to other women for years during our relationship. He kept me around, but was emotionally neglectful and was both mentally (and on a few occasions) physically abusive. If “gaslighter” had a photo next to it, his would be a perfect fit. He convinced me I was crazy and blamed me for being irresponsible when my controlled prescription medication kept disappearing. He had me thinking I was losing my mind while he stole them for years before finally admitting it. I have that conversation recorded only because of how he’d make me feel crazy and would later deny he said or did certain things. I feel sorry for whomever he sucks in next.
    He will take from you everything you have emotionally and then spit you out when you have nothing left to give. In return, he will give you nothing. He always has a reason or excuse at the ready. He will not want someone who is more accomplished that he believes he is, and he will sabotage you in order to remain “on top”- unless it benefits him financially not to do so. He would always lie about his accomplishments, calling himself a “journalist” when in reality he wrote for a small town newspaper making minimum wage. When his mother gave him her house to take over mortgage payments (which would’ve made him a homeowner in just 7 years) he fucked up and the house was seized by the bank. He moved across country to start over because he burned all bridges back home. He is an opiate addict but will steal and take any controlled medications. He has no care or concern for hurting others and is a narcissist to the core.

    Proceed with caution!

  184. Gabriel McKnight from Washington DC. Short background story:
    Gabriel and I met when I was 15 and he was 22.

    He’s now 30. I’m now 23.

    Before we met, I had a s*xual encounter with someone he knew. When he brought this to me, I told him it wasn’t true because the guy lied about his name. So I didn’t think we were talking about the same person.

    Instead of cutting me off, he decided to play mind games for a year out of spite. I constantly skipped school to be at his house. In this time, he would love bomb me by telling me that he loved me and wanted to be with me. He would then breadcrumb by pull away. Ignore me for days on end. Go out and sleep with other women while telling me he was sick or with his family.

    A year later, I fell pregnant at 16. He immediately said our daughter wasn’t his child because he didn’t trust me. I spent my pregnancy alone. Of course this changed when she was born.

    This is where the mental abuse ramped up and the physically ab*se started.

    I remember the first time he physically assa*lted me. I had mentioned to him that I saw someone we both knew, so I hugged said person. He immediately grabbed me by the back of my neck and nape of hair, pushed my face into his piano, and told me that I needed to “stop playing with him, or our daughter will be out of a mother”.

    I should’ve left. I didn’t for 7 years.

    The gaslighting begun and shortly after that, he started to get angry about the smallest things. Belittling me about not toasting my bread for a cheeseburger, calling me stupid for accidentally dragging his blanket on the floor, pointing out my insecurities and then telling me I’m “too sensitive” when I tell him that it hurts me.

    Anytime I would disagree with him, I couldn’t be around him, had to leave the house without my daughter, and come back when “I’m ready to act right”. Sometimes I would leave out to clear my head when angry. I hated being angry around my baby girl. He would the not return my phone calls for days, while he kept our daughter.

    When he realized that we were to coparent and didn’t have a choice, he continued to abuse me to dominate me. I also remember us arguing, so I went to our daughter’s room to just hold her for comfort, and he didn’t like that. He pushed me to the floor, folded me in half, and sat on me until I was ready “to act right”.

    At this point, I had already mentally checked out from life in general. I couldn’t believe I had got wrapped up with such an evil person.

    Now, 8 years later and I’m just really leaving this narcissistic relationship last month in September.

    I had the last straw when he had been seeing a girl behind my back and constantly accusing me of sleeping around in August of this year. He gave me a STD from her.


    She contacted me, curious as to if me and him had been still seeing each other.

    I told her yes.

    She then proceeded to threaten me. So I honestly had it out for her. Not because of him, but because she threatened me. I finally ran into her one night when I came to his house. We fought. I really did some damage to her. I got arrested. I had been in the holding cell for 30 hours!! That was the wake up call for me. No trauma bond was stronger than my will to enjoy my child and my freedom.

    He was immediately “immensely apologetic” and started talking down on the woman he had been sneaking around with. This didn’t last long tho. The last time we got into an argument, he pointed out that I was crazy, bothered their relationship for no reason, and he pitted me.

    I am officially utterly disgusted by such a man child like him. I will no longer care about even looking his direction. We coparent my child. But I’m am thinking about moving out of state and raising her with her godmoms. He only cares about himself so he won’t fight to see her.

    I had been constantly going back after he treated me so foul. There’s so many other things he did and said to me, but for the sake of this post, those were just the red flags in the beginning that I ignored.

    A grown man that’s willing to sleep with an underage girl and have a baby with her.

    A grown man that has zero communication skills.

    A man with severe mommy/daddy and anger issues.

    A “man” who simply isn’t a good example of a man.

    Nothing much has changed. He’s 30. Now swears by being a black Israelite, so basically
    black supremacy. He has even higher and darker expeditions for his partner.
    He matters more than her because he “leads” as a man.
    A women is to not wear pants, disobey God or she will be stricken, speak in church, be gay, etc. The basic rules of being a misogynist basically.

    Me being a 23 year old, spiritual, tarot reading, bisexual, slightly dominate woman, I’m sure you can imagine that I definitely don’t fit the bill for him.

    I would not deal with this man. He is a lost soul. He is becoming more and more grandiose & ego driven. I have no choice but to deal with him for now because of my daughter, but even then I am finding ways to keep her untainted as much as I can.

    There’s so many men out here like him, but please use this story as a list of huge warning signs so you don’t have to get so knee deep in their web of toxicity like I have.

  185. Paul Fuller from Allen, Texas. Ped*phile. Gaslighter. Will manipulate young girls to pay for s*x. Most times he will push payment until after and not pay. Plays dumb and will try to flip you as crazy for confrontation. Uses religion and sin to guilt young girls. He choses girls who are the same age as his son. 16-22. Texts from unknown numbers.

  186. Ed Zagorski from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ed was one of those guys who started out sweet but then showed the crazy side. He was lazy too — he’d call in sick to work when he didn’t want to get up. He would criticize me and put me down, and one time he wouldn’t let me leave his place. I also remember trying to run home to my apartment so I could lock myself inside to get away from him, because he was chasing me. He’d get mad and jealous, and I was scared and thought he might kill me, so I got a new job and moved away from him. One day, my boss told me he’d called and was so charming that my boss gave him my new phone number! Every now and then, he tries to send me a message on social media so I block him.

  187. Paul Leslie from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He and I met online via a dating app. We dated from 2016 to 2021, and I kind of knew something was up because we didn’t spend the holidays together, ever, and a few other things. But he seemed like such a nice guy, I figured if he wanted to break up he’d be honest with me. Then a relative of his died, and the obituary listed a woman’s name as his SO. I found out he’d been dating this woman almost a year before me, yet he’d been on a dating site early in 2016…

  188. Chase Cator from Minocqua, WI. Very distant and doesn’t know how to communicate , doesn’t know what he wants and is a mommas boy. Says that his friend is just a friend and when you officially end it he proposes to her a month later …and then breaks off the engagement.

  189. Louis Henry Coussey from Fountain, Colorado Springs, Co/Ghana. He has been involved seriously with at least 4 women in 6 years. I have talked to 2 of the other 3 and they will say the same things. The odd one, Stacy T, would send him pictures of lingerie and had no problem texting him at all hours or calling him in the middle of the night. It is my belief they got together at one of his enabling friends houses one night. Of course he denied it. I’m not sure if that woman had any pride in herself or diseases, but she obviously didn’t care that he was living with and sleeping with me. Both the exes I have talked to say he was not faithful to them either.
    He is an alcoholic who got a DUI 2/7/2021, wrecked his car. To help him as he lost his license and car, I moved him into my home so I could drive his ungrateful self wherever he needed to be.
    In the next year and a half, he has stolen cash from me in the form of my tips, my prescription pain killers, and owes me for 4 1/2 months of the rent he agreed to pay.
    There was supposed to be no alcohol or dr*gs in my home, so he would do both and more somewhere else and come home messed up.
    When he drank too much he would go off on me if I said something he didn’t like. That triggered my PTSD so badly I would not sleep that night.
    When asked to pay the rent or be accountable for one thing or another, it was always an argument. He does not like being asked to be responsible or accountable. He will lie through his teeth, so unless you have a picture or recording like I did, he will deny anything.
    He has friends he will spend time with rather than his girlfriends. And they provide him with prescription dr*gs, alcohol, and weed.
    I have said pictures and videos if you feel you need confirmation. As well as the court petition I turned in to the cost of the just over $5000 I hope to recover from him in past due rent and damages to my appliances and property.

  190. William Christopher Bufis Jr from Lititz Pennsylvania. He’s an ab*sive asshole. Held a knife to my throat for s*x. Stole my virginity at 14, him 18. Popped my shoulder out of place in anger. Ab*sed a minor as an adult for 2 years. Now have been told I’d be dead if I would’ve stayed any longer at this age

  191. Joshua Gregotski from Winnipeg, Mb Canada. Him 33 I answered an ad he had on a dating site that he was looking for fwb nsa. Said his name was Joe at 1st revealed that he was married but leaving his wife. Because she refused to partaken interc*urse with him we hooked up we clicked up weekly I fell for him he left his wife he stayed with me for a little bit and now I find out that none only has he not divorced his wife yet but for the last year that we’ve been dating he had cheated on me with 5 different people aren’t people one of which was a woman who let him have interc*urse with him in the car while she was wearing a diaper and filland filmed it live for her boyfriend to watch. He sent over 50 messages to people and had ads on different sites about hooking up with people Saying that he was hetero flexible and down for anything. Meanwhile crawling into bed with me every single night and holding me and telling me he loved me. Some of the people he did cheat on me with, he went back multiple times and didn’t use any protection with any of them and I was pregnant a few months ago until he basically said I’m going to leave you unless you have an abortion and I did. Now he does nothing but love bomb me. And is refusing to let me go. One of the people he cheated on me with, Who was only 19 got pregnant a week after I had the abortion that he literally abandoned to cheat on me with her. Said he didn’t care about the abortion or what it was doing to my body. I became trauma bonded to him and he continued to try and cheat on me. He has a breeding f*tish but wants nothing to do with you if anything comes of it. And hes still not divorced. I demanded that he go get an STI check as well as myself. But for the last year hes done nothing but lie to me and manipulate me and lie to everybody in his life including his wife. I contacted every single person that he had come in contact with to verify his story. But either way less than a year of being separated from his wife he not only cheated on his wife with me but then he cheated on me with 5 other people Not using any protection with any of us. This man is sick he’s insecure he’s a narcissist he’s very controlling And takes nobody’s well being into account.

  192. Andrew Steven Quinn from Queens, NY and Miami, FL. This man will come off as charming, if you have kids, he will fawn over them and step up and help with homework and projects and even take part in gift-giving and bedtime routines. He will call and text daily… until he stops. COLD TURKEY. Was in a relationship for 10 months to suddenly stop from one day to the next. He has mental health problems and because of his profession, thinks he can self-medicate but doesn’t seek any actual help from a professional. I was with him while he was committed and supported him through it all and that was not appreciated. Will always pick work over everyone and everything else, including himself. His profession is filled with cocky know it alls who look down on people and he is definitely one of these as no one outside of his job has a “real job” and will always again put work first.

  193. Rohan Tiss from Tucson, Arizona. ABSOLUTE NOOO!!!!! Most manipulative, egotistical, narcissistic person I have EVER met. Extremely ab*sive and lacks real human emotions. Starts off really good and takes the worst turn.

  194. Robert Howman from Melbourne. Ladies… BEWARE of this guy! He is the absolute worst. He is a walking STD, he sleeps around with copious amounts of women and has fathered multiple children to different mothers. He is a classic narcissist and will gaslight you at every given opportunity. He likes to prowl on single mothers and women with self esteem issues. He has a gambling problem and will sponge every last cent from you. He is a huge douche canoe. You are welcome.

  195. Jason Nottle from South Australia Adelaide. When we were together he cheated multiple times. he never had any money, his family were horrible to me. When I fell pregnant the first time and had a miscarriage, he told my family I was lying about being pregnant. after we broke up he dated multiple of my friends. We have a son together when he met his new gf, and they had a baby he now refuses to see his son.
    his new horrible girlfriend also tried to attack me out the front of my house. both horrible disgusting people. Stay far far away from him.

  196. Shane Oakley from Richmond VIC, AUS.
    – R*ped and s*xually abused me (and admitted to it)
    – Physically abused me (held me down, pinched me, pushed me, choked me).
    – Mentally and emotionally abused me (name calling, gaslighting, withholding affection then love bombing).
    – Controlling (wouldn’t let me wear or eat certain things, wouldn’t let me exercise, wouldn’t let me leave the house without him).
    – Isolated me from family/friends (forced me to choose between him and them, would get jealous/angry when I saw/spoke to them).
    – Stole $6,000 from me (acknowledged he took the money but never gave it back).
    – Cheated on me with a teenager (walked in on them together in my bed on my birthday).
    – Stole my cat and gave him away (I never got him back).

  197. Jason Straga from Kelowna/Calgary Canada. Jason also goes by the name Jay. If you’re attached to your sanity, friends, family, job, money and your credibility- this guy isn’t for you. He will give you a sob story about his life and how he can’t ‘trust anyone’. Boo hoo! Don’t fall for it. They’re tears of a clown to pull you in. I lost everything to this ‘person’. Narcissist and sociopath all told into one. He’ll love bomb you at first, call you his soul mate. Then he’ll lost his temper over literally nothing. When you go to the police about him, he’ll lie to your friends and family to try to discredit you and cover his tracks. Once he’s charmed them away from you and left you with nothing, he’ll come back pleading for another chance. He’ll isolate you so no longer have friends and family to go to when you WILL really need to get away from him. If you have a child to him, he’ll try to deny paternity and do everything possible to never pay child support. He will never look back with remorse because he is incapable of feeling it. When he loves, he adores you. When he loathe you, he will lie, lie and lie some more. He’ll lie abut his past, his family, where he really lives, what really happen in his past relationships-allot make you feel sorry for him. He will pressure you into ‘loaning him’ money. This is only the beginning. You will NEVER see that money again. He’ll build you up in one breath and tear you down in the next. If you don’t lose all your money to loaning it to him, you’ll lose your money to the years of therapy you’ll need to recover from his abuse. He says he doesn’t want kids, but he’s attracted to women who have them, and then messes with their little hearts and minds too. Stay away from this guy. He is ’60 mins’ bad.

  198. Darren from Burnie Tasmania Australia. He has a severe personality disorder and is abusive, but will appear charming & ‘too good to be true’ at first.

  199. Chris Orlando from Southfield, Michigan. Led me on. Decided to get serious with me then told me he didn’t have time for me then got upset I said that it was over.

  200. David Schofield from Leamington UK. Avoid this “man” like the plague. Met on a Christian site and not long after starting a relationship he became very abusive. Verbally, and physically to the point where police had to be called and photos taken of my face. I finally was shot of him after receiving support from Women’s aid. Please do not enter into relationship with this person.

  201. Tyson Calver from Ontario, Canada. He had cheated on me with multiple woman, had approached underage girls stating to “hurry up and turn 18”.
    He does not have a faithful bone in his body. He would convince his friends to distract me so that he could sneak away and fool around with other girls. Used me repeatedly. Tried to convince me to give up my children. Terrible human being, he comes off as the sweetest person but will quickly do you dirty. He is currently married and has reached out to me multiple times, I’ve had to block ALL social media accounts of his. Please, for the sake of your mental health, do not trust this man.

  202. Eli Baylis from Hattiesburg, MS. Eli likes to come off as a philanthropic peace maker, but when you peel back the facade – he is something truly disgusting. This man is a severe porn addict and I’m talking about red flag porn. His searches were all aimed to find childlike videos or women who looked like children. It gets worse – he is also a photographer who would often take up-skirt photos of underage girls and photos zoomed in to the chest while working for the local newspaper. He hid them very well on his many computers, but not well enough. He also had a collection of nudes he had taken of his exes hidden as well that they didn’t know he had (I deleted them). A vile man with many gross secrets.

  203. Andrew Boersma from Palm Beach, Florida. Charming, love bombing, mirroring expert, looking to live off you, cheater.
    Classic narcissist.
    Always searching for next supply. Run quickly.

  204. Wayne Aspinall from Birmingham, UK. Wayne comes across as a loving generous man and most of the time is until things aren’t going his way. He is controlling and will never be at fault always blames others. Told me I needed to loose weight as he had never dated anyone over a size 12. I was an 18 when I met him as he said he liked curvy. I lost weight over 30lbs but this wasn’t enough, he controlled what I ate and drank I didn’t see it to begin with then out of the blue he dumped me because I was not the slim sexy girlfriend he wanted, I was down to a size 14 and never realised my relationship with the man that I loved and lived in my home had a time limit . I was the perfect excuse as he I found out he was texting and had met up with an old friend he wanted a relationship with . So all in all he is a controller a liar and a cheat . He has left me feeling insecure with no confidence, he fooled everyone into believing he was a good, normal guy- sadly he is a controller with very aggressive behaviour when found out.

  205. Jimmy Hardaway from Florida. James aka Jimmy, who is in his latter 50’s, has a terrible temper! Beware! He comes across as a Southern gentleman but when he looses control of anything, he turns into a totally different person, who lashes out at you/me. He has punched me in my vagina, face (giving me a black eye) and has knocked the wind out of me due to a punch in the stomach. All different situations and times. Extreme outbursts of anger when ever he got frustrated about something. He is able to hide this side of himself from most. Again…beware!

  206. Teddy Grabarkewitz from Luling, Texas. This guy has cheated for years. Married 3 times or more. Cheated on his wife of 23 years with multiple women and even produced a child from one of those affairs. Refuses to see that child. He left his last wife and while dating me was involved with 3 other women at the same time. Lying to all of us. We banded together and kicked him to the side. The last stupid women is still dating him. Just warning in case anyone comes across him in the future. A man his age doesn’t change. Patterns don’t lie. He marries women for their money and this time is no different.

  207. Bjorn Holubar from Long Island, NY. He’s is disbarred lawyer, psychopath. Alcoholic. Abusive when drunk. He isolated me from friends, family, colleagues. He claimed he couldn’t have a credit card or anything in his name because of his crazy exwife, so I ended up with an apartment, car, business, +3storage units for the business full of product…that he took from me for more than $100k & also sued me for more, so all the legal costs on top. He moved in with me (when his mother got a restraining order against him) & then wouldn’t vacate the loft or pay rent. He installed cameras in that loft (in only my name) claiming I was stealing from Him! He checked my phone & email while I was sleeping & claimed I was cheating on him while I was at job interviews if with a man – only because he had already got me fired from the prior job! He vandalized my car plus anything that he thought I cared about (family holiday items, year books, my pets). He stalked me while I had a restraining order against him. OH this is the Best one- he stabbed himself with a steak knife (near) his heart & claimed I tried to kill him. (The police didn’t believe him, but the judge said it was he said she said!). I had to leave NY to run away from him, but was forced to return often for his bogus court accusations- etc. He threatened my friends, family, colleagues. Please don’t believe a word he says!

  208. Austin Cogan from California. We were never dating officially but we went on a date and he and his friend Luke fucking roofied me. They were also racist, rich, Culver-City-ass pricks. Austin would not leave my house even though I was repeatedly telling him to get out because I was falling asleep at the end of what I thought was the night at the time, but was actually the morning. I told my best friend in the moment “I feel like something bad is going to happen if I fall asleep” because he was desperately trying to stay the night at my house to point of him following my bestfriend and i into the Uber to my house (I allowed him to but I was off Rufulin, weed, and tequila). Austin : red haired short maybe 5”5. Luke: receding hairline, light brown hair parted to the side.

  209. Ryan Murphy from Nottingham, UK. Tried to control what I wore in public.
    Had a vision and actually said “I want people to see us as the perfect couple.”
    Likes to get drunk.
    When a friend of his needed to crash at where us and Ryan’s best friend were staying, offered her the option of sharing a bed with him then got confused why I wanted to leave.
    When I tried to break up with him he called me when I was 3hrs travel away saying he couldn’t live without me and was going to jump off a bridge if I left him. I travelled up to check he was okay and let him know that it was definitely over but to try to get him some help and saw texts that confirmed he’d actually slept with someone else anyway.

  210. Kerry Hales from Tuscon, Az. My ex husband is a serial cheater and compulsive liar. I reported him once but it hasn’t showed up, so trying again. I wasted 20 years with him, unfortunately.

  211. Bret Bush from Austin, Texas. Where do you start with a man who has been doing damage for YEARS? Bret can be very charming and love bomb and tell you that he is going to take you to amazing places. He can’t afford to take you anywhere. He has terrible credit and rents wherever he goes because he has no intention of sticking around. He has lived in many places, but most recently Chicago>CT>TX. He will tell you he loves you and adores you and then break up with you by email or cheat. He lies about EVERYTHING to make himself look good. He left his wife of 20 years after cheating on her during their marriage and left when she got MS. Left another girlfriend at the airport where she was there to pick him up from a trip that he cheated on her. He got engaged to this woman but refused to sign a pre nup, and it ended when bought her a scale for Christmas and called her a cunt. Lived with me for one year and didn’t contribute a cent, but could afford a fancy golf membership. Left me abruptly through email and moved to Texas to live for free with his elderly, wealthy step mom. He told me he didn’t like her dogs, and when I questioned him about it, he said, “I pretend to.” When I told him that he was a sociopathic user, he texted me back “You are not wrong.” CHILLING. Lived with his step mom for close to 2 years until he met his next victim. They have moved in together and she doesn’t know a thing about his past. The ex fiance’s picture is still one of his cover pages on Facebook, but he has it set so the new girl can’t see it. I am still on his Netflix! She has no idea. Warning to anyone: Bret Bush is a user and a loser.

  212. Umar/Umer Iqbal from Cambridge, MA. He is a cheater, liar, and manipulator. He is an emotional abuser and cheated on his long term girlfriend (while they were talking about marriage and making plans with their families). Just stay away.

  213. Jared E. Miller from Richmond, Virginia. I started working with Jared in January of 2022, we went out on a date that same week. We ended up sleeping together and planned to go out again, that never happened. On January 28th, 2022 he se*ually as*aulted me in our place of work. I ended up reporting him to my manager in April of 2022 and he was fired shortly after. I found out after that he had lied to me about several important details about his life. Do not trust him. | S*xually assa*lted me at work. Made me go down on him. Lied about not having a past relationship with his roommate and multiple other things.

  214. Jon Alder from Orange County, CA. He is a fraud. He pretended to be in love until he could get me pregnant and marry me. After that, the mask was off. He abused my daughter and I physically and mentally. He used me to buy him vacations, expensive clothing, a truck, and to pay over $40k helping him start a business. For almost our entire relationship he would never work and I raised my daughter and supported the family alone. Then he started working, abusing c*caine and all matter of other drugs. Once I asked him to leave and he made a false police report, telling police officers I attacked him. Finally, I left the state with my daughter as she needed medical treatment, and he refused to come. He filed for divorce the day she had liver surgery, and is dragging it out to a cost to me over $200k. He only wants money, and since he isn’t getting any he wants to make me suffer. He’s never sent his child a dollar or so much as a birthday card, and he refused to give us back anything we’ve ever owned. It’s all in his possession still so it is HIS. Truly a disgusting excuse for a human being. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEBODY TO RUN AWAY.

  215. Jordan Augaudy from France.
    Personne toxique à éviter :

    -Hygiene catastrophique (n’oubliez pas le préservatif sinon il vous transmettra ses IST qu’il ne soigne pas).
    -lâcheté extrême.
    -Se croit drôle mais ne l’est pas.
    -Parfois gênant.
    -17 ans d’âge mental.
    -Mal dans peau et dans sa tête, de toute évidence.

    J’ai eu beau chercher sa paire de couilles, je ne l’ai jamais trouvé.

    A fuir, donc.

  216. David Kilmer from Alabama. David Kilmer is a classic textbook case abuser who thinks he’s entitled to act out and ab*se a woman whenever she isn’t agreeing to stay silent. When you meet him, and always, he presents his whole life story as him being the victim of all the women he dated or was married to. He’s a handsome, highly educated, articulate, well-mannered, covert narcissist who is very disarming, persuasive, and manipulative. He is a successful professional social worker and therapist and talented successful musician. In the beginning, he will love bomb you, but eventually, you’ll notice that he only talks about himself and takes over every conversation and only spends his time on himself and his interests. When you eventually have a complaint about the way he’s treating you, he will turn on you like a rabid German Shepherd and have a scary tantrum, saying you’re an overly critical misguided horrible woman because you dared to have a problem with him. If you try to explain that you were just asking for what you need, he will not listen but raise his voice in anger to bully you and frighten you into silence. If, then, you are not silent, if you tell him to calm down, he will explode and break things and slam doors or viciously tear you down more or storm out and stay gone for literally hours, unreachable, and neglecting responsibilities. If he stays and lectures you, he rages on for hours about how horrible you are for mentioning your own needs and daring to complain about anything or ask him to change his behavior. Eventually, after hours of ab*se, if you finally lose your cool and yell back or God forbid get out of line like him, he will scream in your face or speed in the car or almost run over you or knock you down or kick a door into your face or give you a black eye or concussion or knock you unconscious. Later, he will say you were abusive and you getting injured was an accident. Also, he will ab*se dr*gs and lie to you about it. He will carry on inappropriate relationships with his clients, texting socially at all hours. If you stop having s*x with him, he’ll say you’re ab*sive. If you say you are leaving him, he’ll say you shouldn’t leave because you owe him. Avoid this man. He is crazy, unfair, disrespectful, and dangerous.

  217. Roger Lynn Winkler from Odessa, Texas. will lie about his feelings and hardships to get you to lend him money and then ghosts you without paying back what he borrowed. google him for more info.

  218. Gary A Magnot from Clarks Summit, PA. Has cheated in every relationship. I was treated for VD. Pathological liar even when no need. Has a excessive porn addiction, at home and work. It’s all about the chase for him until the next one.

  219. Jaime Rico from Lakewood, Colorado. He is a narcissistic ab*ser. He has choked me out and put a g*n to my head multiple times. He has also left 3rd degree burns on our sons arm due to neglect, and when I went to the ER, he said him and his family would blame me if child protective services got involved. Steer clear ladies!!!

  220. Ariel Espinal from New York. He will love bomb you! in two weeks or so he will slowly move in. When you tell him that you aren’t ready to move in he’ll say that’s not what I’m trying to do I’ll leave… He won’t. All his exs are crazy(convenient). When they contact you-TRUST THEM NOT HIM! I made that mistake. He is gonna say that he loves you, but the truth is he just needs a place to stay. Then he’ll go through your purse, steal your money, he’ll steal your car, he’ll make up excuses and maybe even fake cancer(two years later I still don’t know if he actually had it) Every time you confront him he’ll come up with an excuse. You can try to be there for him, go to appointments, offer help etc… hell refuse it all but will gladly accept financial help and he will never pay you back or offer an explanation.

  221. David Casanova from Hamilton/Toronto, Canada. First off don’t even bother dating him unless you want to be disrespected and and SA. He was sweet to me at first but was very condescending after some time. I never thought I would ever be SA from someone I trusted. He pretends he cares to get what he wants but in reality he is very selfish. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  222. Scott Kilian from around Tampa, Florida. He lived with me for a time. Walked off with some of my stuff but the worst thing he did before he left is he lied and wanted me to let a ‘friend’ of his (female) stay at my place and lied and said they were only friends and never had s*x. Found out that was a lie. I kicked her out for what she was doing and he left with her. Avoid him. His name is Scott Kilian.

  223. Kerry Hales from Tucson, Az. He is a serial cheater, has never been faithful to anyone. Compulsive liar as well. Will try to charm you into thinking he’s a great guy, but cheated and lied to me for most of 20 years.

  224. Joshua Aderinola Adeloye from London/Nottingham, England. Classic narcissist. Cheats, constantly lies, preys on vulnerable ‘girl-next-door’ type women. Shames them but then backhandedly compliments them – negging. Acts like a very entitled individual. The moment you speak your opinion which doesn’t align with his, he will either hook up with someone else (says he’s spending time with the guys) or will give you the silent treatment for days so that you feel like it’s your fault. Has a short temper if you act like an individual. Only nice for his own self gain. Victimises himself. Tries to use his high earnings and flashy car to lure women in but will get her to pay for everything. Comes across as pleasant and jokey but is viscous behind closed doors. Also often attempts to pick women up either on social media or at festivals/UKG gigs. Please protect yourself at all costs!

  225. Callum Ward from Lincoln, England. This man is very manipulative and cunning. He carries himself with a charming demeanor and hides his wrong-doings behind his professional career as a teacher/football coach. He compulsively lies – so much so, that you question yourself instead because he is so convincing. In the space of 36 hours, I uncovered 7 women he had cheated on me with. Very controlling but makes you think you are in control. Can also get physical with you if he does not get his own way. Please steer well clear.

  226. Robert Todd from Melbourne, Australia (Watsonia North). He’s is a serial cheater and womaniser who cheated on me with numerous girls and gave me an STI. He currently has a new girlfriend named Chloe Symons and has been cheating on her too, and has potentially given her numerous STI’s. He asked me to come over to his new place in reservoir and sleep with him which I refused because I don’t want to risk getting another sti from him. The last time I had sex with him I asked him to use a condom and he refused to and forced me to have sex with him. This happened while he has been with Chloe.

  227. Benjamin David Luke Rawlings / Atkinson from Perth Western Australia. Deadbeat Baby Daddy to 2 kids currently!

    Girl basher, will beat you daily & make you believe it’s your own fault, that nobody else would want you, no one in your family cares about you. Whilst controlling every thing in your life he will also be out cheating on you, with any swamp rat he can get his hands on. He will steal from you, he will lie. & he will continue to make you believe you only have him to lean on. He more than likely has diseases by now, thanks to his very many years in jail.

    He also has a criminal record to prove all the assaults he has made on FEMALES, namely – his 2 baby Mummas.

    He also has a sexual assault on his record, it may have had the charges dropped. But his friend will confirm, it was in fact non consented – therefore rape.

  228. Phil Whyatt from Lockrose QLD Australia. Met him on tinder and was so charming. Sent heaps of texts, calls photos etc. We were dating and I always had a suspicion that something wasn’t right. He always had to leave early and would always have a reason not to come over. When I was at his place he was constantly looking out windows and I joked that “he was looking for the missus to come home”. Well after a few more week of him making excuses and saying there was no one else I had enough and said good bye. Two days later I saw him on “people you may know” on Facebook. Which was weird because he said he hated Facebook. So of course I clicked on the profile.. because you know.. curiosity.

    There was 1 person that liked his photo and because I was already suspicious I clicked on this girls profile. To my surprise it was his girlfriend of two years! So I girl coded and messaged her to tell her what was going on. She didn’t believe me until I sent her all the naked photos he had been sending me over this time. She believed me then. We then found another girl on his instagram that we thought he had been seeing and sure enough.. he had been dating her too.. lol at the same time as us. I walked away but the original gf stayed with him. So if you see a phil on tinder.. he has a girlfriend. I guarantee he is going to do this again .. don’t be number three like I was hahaha

  229. Tony Vega from Brisbane, Australia. Cheated multiple times. Threatened to unalive himself when she wanted to break up. Convinced her to stay then cheated on her with somebody new while she was at home looking after his kids. Broke up with her to be with the new girl and got engaged to the new girl 2 weeks later. Then cheated on the now-fiance with the ex gf while she was in Europe for a couple of weeks by telling the ex gf he was on a “break”. He wasn’t. Could go on as he cheated soooo many times with so many different people. The worst.

  230. Adriel Yeo from Brisbane, Australia. Serial cheater. Cheated on his wife (#1) with his girlfriend (#2). Then cheated on his girlfriend (#2) with his wife (#1). Got a new GF (#3) and cheated on her with his ex gf (#2). Also cheated on his wife (#1) and probably ex gf with his “best female friend”. Can’t help himself. Religious man. Thinks god forgives him so he doesn’t need anybody else’s forgiveness.

  231. Roer Jimenez from Sydney, Australia. Strung me along for 10 years and then found out he was married…yep a story as old as Rome. A consummate liar. I don’t think I will ever recover but adding his name to this list helps.

  232. Azzam Alqalawi from Arlington, TX. TOXIC IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Controlling, minipulative, liar….the worst is he is a predator! Has a record of going after underaged girls. Stay away. If not because what an awful person he is, then let it be so you aren’t around when his karma hits

  233. Christopher Ho. He is a straight up pedophile, craddle robber, and creep. He groomed me when i had just became a teenager and he was over 18 yrs old. He coerced me into having sex then cheated on me by having sex with other girls who were under the age of 17. He also took nude photos of my without my knowledge and shared it amongst his circle. He should be locked up.

  234. Johnny Si from Brooklyn, NY. This man child is a cheater, pathological liar, cheapskate, insecure, and will steal from you. We dated for a while and this guy stole money from mt repeatedly (i didn’t realize until i ended the relationship that money was gone from my home), when confronted about this, he did not deny what he did. He also made a ton of white lies throughout the relationship, such as having a job, going to school, and having a college degree when in reality he was just sitting at home doing nothing for months. Once he had a job, he cheated on me with his coworker and was caught in the act. He also tried to pocket money from his sister’s boyfriend. He is a broke ass dude that is just bumming off anyone he can to make it appear like he has some money to take you out. Don’t fall for it.

  235. David Landry from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. What a loser. Manipulative and insecure, gaslights and cheats on his girlfriends. Pressured me into sending nudes, then found him jerking off to a folder of all his exes. Garbage human.

  236. Zach Zumbuhl from Lafayette, Indiana. Met on Tinder and we hit it off intensely. He said he was divorced and split custody of his daughter with his ex. We got serious and about 4 months in he started distancing himself. I sense something is up and do a little internet researching and his ass is still married and they live together raising their child.

    I confront him and he says that he plans on asking for a divorce and didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to scare me away. (Yes my dumb ass bought it) About a week later, we were supposed to go out to dinner and I can’t get ahold of him. Phone goes straight to voicemail and no text response. I’m freaked out so I drive over to his house where he is working on his truck in driveway.

    I get out of my car and he immediately grabs me and guides me back to my car and tells me that I need to leave. I start asking him questions and he says that he’ll meet me at a business parking lot just around the corner. So I go and meet him there where he tells me that he and his wife are in counseling and that he wants to make it work with her. But not before he tries getting me to have sex with him in my car one last time.

    I wish I could say I walked away at that point but the next 6 months were pretty much him playing mind games with me for sex. He played me a lot and knew exactly what to say to keep me on the line.

    If you run across Zach Zumbuhl from Lafayette, IN on any dating apps or in person, steer clear. He’s still married to the same woman, still a gamey fuck, and won’t care about how much he’s hurt you.

  237. Troy Piper from Cleveland,Ohio. Troy Piper is an abusive narcissist. I know those terms get thrown around a lot, but in this case it is true. He lovesbombs in the beginning and then plays games to get you hooked. He is an alcoholic and our relationship finally ended when he beat me up in an alcoholic rage. I had a concussion, broken teeth, pulled ligament in my hand which required surgery. The asshole only spent 5 days in jail because it was his first offense. Avoid this dangerous man at all costs.

  238. Marcelo Goecking from Columbus, OH. Marcelo is a Brazilian man who has lived in the States for about 6 years. I met him on a dating app. He lied to be about everything. He told me he had been separated for 7 months and was now divorced. I later found out from his ex-wife that he was living with her for the first month that he and I dated (we dated for about 3 months). After that first month of dating me, he had sex with her. When I found out and confronted him, it was just more lies. She begged him for it, what was he supposed to do? He didn’t think we were exclusive (we had already agreed to be), etc. After a little more investigating, I found out he had gone on a date with at least one other girl while I was dating him. Meanwhile, I was starting to grow very unhappy with our relationship. Even though I didn’t know about the other women, he stopped taking me out on dates, stopped wanting to go anywhere in public. Refused to come to my house blaming that on the fact that I have cats. After that first month, he just wanted me to come over, cook him dinner, have sex with him, and spend the night. He just wanted a woman around the house. I dumped him after finding out about the other women (his ex-wife found me online and warned me). He blamed me and said that he wanted to break up with me anyways. This is a horribly narcissistic man who is pathological on many levels. Unfortunately he is very good looking and quite charming and good in bed. I think he wants to date as many American women as possible, using them for sex, meals, and the ability to learn English and possibly to business together in this country. If you encounter this man, run for the hills. He is very very bad news.

  239. Jonathan Leon Mejia from Bucaramanga, Colombia.


    He’s a good cook
    He loved traveling


    He’s a cheater
    He’s a womanizer
    He’s a liar
    He’s selfish
    He’s extremely stingy
    He’s a taker and not a giver
    He’s emotionally and mentally unstable
    He’s flaky with plans
    He’s unorganized with his life
    He doesn’t know what he wants in his life
    He plans and doesn’t do his plans
    He is immature
    He is irresponsible
    He has a daughter that he refuses to financially support
    He’s a vagabond
    He is a bedhopper
    He will break up with you every three months and come back to you after
    He enjoys putting his partner down
    He likes an on and off relationship
    He likes one sided open relationship (and that side is his side)
    He is never appreciative
    He enjoys criticizing his partner
    You can never plan a life with him because he is flaky and unstable
    He always complains everyday about everything
    He is never grateful about anything
    He is a narcissist

  240. Bret Bush from Austin, Texas. Where do you start with a man who has been doing damage for YEARS? Bret can be very charming and love bomb and tell you that he is going to take you to amazing places. He can’t afford to take you anywhere. He will tell you he loves you and adores you and then break up with you by email or cheat. He lies about EVERYTHING to make himself look good.

    This man was married for over 20 years to the same woman. He told me she cheated on him, however, he slipped and told me about a time he was at a Duran Duran concert and cheated on her. Left her when she got a diagnosis of Multiple Sclorosis. First woman I know of that he dated for over a year in Chicago was clearly infatuated as she posted all about him. He left her for a woman he met in Georgia at a bar. After one weekend with this woman, he arrived in Chicago to be picked up by the woman in Chicago and he told her he had met the love of his life in GA, so it they were done. He never told me that story, the GA woman did.

    He tells the GA woman he is moving to Hartford for a promotion, it was actually a new job for him. Anyway, the GA woman said that he was highly jealous, insecure and very cheap. She said she found Viagra in his bags. Yet, he loves if you dress provocatively and he will walk around with you on his arm. They broke up once and he traveled to Buckhead to her favorite restaurant to find her. He told me that she reached out to HIM to apologize and promised to “change her whole personality.” Ultimately, they got back together. The GA woman got engaged to him but wanted a pre nup as she has family businesses. He refused. At the end, he and his grown children went to SC to visit her family and celebrate together. Not only were they rude, he bought her a scale as one of her presents, which she opened in front of the entire family. After a day of Christmas craziness, he insisted on having sex, the GA woman said no and he had tantrum and called her a cunt.

    She responded that he will never see this cunt again and he went into the parking garage and transferred all the gifts she got him into his car and refused to leave until the morning. She never spoke to him again. He kept her family and friends on his social media and never took down their photos. He reached out to her, but she didn’t respond. A year later, I meet him on Bumble in Connecticut. He tells me that he is looking for a partner, not someone looking for money. He said his ex asked to buy her a Mercedes 6 months into their relationship. She says that it is a lie. (She is successful on her own.) At the time, I lived in a big house in a nice town and was getting a divorce.

    After one month of dating, he started staying my house and made himself at home. I noticed he had all of his ex’s friends and family and her pics on social media, which I thought was strange. He lied and told me he had no contact with any of them. When I moved into my condo, he came too. While he had an apartment, he stayed with me every day and then the pandemic hit. He never really left. We had sex daily for months. He didn’t pay for wifi at his place so he needed to work from my home or my business.

    He was able to afford an expensive golf membership and take us out to eat, but didn’t pay me a cent for living there. I cleaned and did his laundry and grocery shopped. He told me adored me, wanted to take me on trips, was only in relationships if he “saw a future”. Trust me, that never happened. He took me to Chicago and stayed in a crappy hotel and he introduced me to his grown children and his ex wife. They were very nice, but honestly, why introduce me if you don’t see a future with me? Odd. One time he offered to pay me $200 for living expenses when he had lived there about 6 months lol. By August. when he said he didn’t want to officially move in, I asked him to leave. He became hard to reach (come find out he drives for LYFT!) Finally one night in November we argued about politics. The next day he broke up with me by email.

    I got COVID a few days later and he said to let him know if I needed anything, but he never checked on me. 2 weeks later he called to talk. I refused. After we broke up, he moved to Austin without letting me know until I saw it on Bumble. He moved in with his stepmother, a wealthy older woman. Lived with her for over a year FOR FREE. He had told me his real mother committed suicide, told his GA girlfriend she was murdered. We kept in touch back and forth for a year. (I still didn’t see it!) When he was in CT for work or golf, he reached out, but I refused. I finally agreed to see him and he came up here for a week last February. Told me he was in Houston the weekend before with another woman at an Elton John concert, but also told me he wanted a future with me and that he was all in. Told me he loved me. I never heard from him again.

    I had told him I was not going to go to Texas or have a long distance relationship with a man who lives with his step mom. Saw him on Bumble the very same week. I sent him a long text telling him he is a predatory sociopath and a user. HE TEXTED ME BACK THAT I WASN’T WRONG! He is now living with a very low class girl, children didn’t live with her, no career, can’t spell, lots of filler and filters and has a rap sheet for stealing. They have moved in together (out of his stepmoms big house!) and the poor thing is adding his last name to her permanent jewelry business. Like she is special to him. And the ex fiance’s picture is still one of his cover pages on Facebook, but he has it set so the new girl can’t see it. I am still on his Netflix! She has no idea. He is just keeping a tie to us in case it doesn’t work out with the new girl. Warning to anyone: Bret Bush is a user and a loser.

    1. There is so much, I forgot to add that he is a heavy drinker and pretty much drinks everyday. He will not buy property and always rents because he wants to be able to move on a whim. He has an odd relationship with his ex wife. He complains about her, but they speak often. He told me he didn’t like his stepmom’s dachshunds that he was caring for, but told me “I pretend to like them.” Also, he is collecting money from investors to start a business with some partners here in CT, but this process has been going on for 2 years, and I doubt at 60 years old, he will ever succeed. DO NOT GIVE HIM ACCESS TO YOUR LIFE, HE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE.

  241. Seydou Belemvire from Hyattsville, MD. GHOSTED AFTER A YEAR OF DATING

    Met Seydou on Hinge. He was a recently divorced dad and didn’t disclose online that he was technically awaiting final divorce papers until we met in person. I began to get very outlandish stories about where he was when he would miss calls or activities about a week or so before we split. He even missed Valentine’s Day with some last-minute excuse.

    Finally things ended because he ghosted me while I was in the hospital and never returned any of my personal belongings. He seemed like a nice guy at first, but nice guys aren’t bitter at women and don’t break up with you by ghosting. He was probably cheating and just decided to go for what was easiest rather than behaving like a real man… at 45 years of age. He starts off well, but just isn’t the kind of guy to be able to maintain a relationship long term which explains why he’s divorced. Fun to date at first, but certainly not someone you will miss when he’s gone. Just make sure you don’t leave anything of value at his place.

  242. Daniel Williams from Hawthorne, CA. Be Careful trusting the feelings he says he has. We were dating for several months, he expressed his love during intimacy, then ghosted for a week. Turns out he said he loved me and literally took it back and said he didn’t, that he was caught up in the moment. Should have walked away then. Fast forward 2 years later. Lied about vacation planning with his brother and where he was going to party, who was there, and what drugs he was doing. Did not admit it until he was caught in the lie. Fast forward 2 years after that and we have been living together for 9 months. Gas lighted me at every chance he could get. He got me to the point where I was begging for attention and affection and told me that my feelings were wrong. Lied about watching porn and panicked when confronted. He is a selfish lover and anytime I tried to ask for my own needs, he denied me. The moment I set boundaries and started asking for a partner who helped around the house, who was accountable for their actions and be communicative, he told me he wanted to be alone and not have the responsibility of a relationship. He left two days later to go live with his mother who cooks and cleans for him. This man is a self admitted coward who can’t even take care of himself, let alone be a willing partner. Keep in mind, he is in his 30s. If he wants to date you, shut it down quickly.

  243. Brooklyn James Jongkind from Abbotsford and Vancouver, BC Canada. James and I met on hinge.
    We dated, got married all within less than four months after dating.
    We got pregnant and he abandoned me.
    James is 41 years old, claims to have a history of “businesses”
    Lives with his parents
    “Christian” but talks bad about everyone, including his family.
    Use to be a dancer
    Was a martial arts instructor in Vancouver.
    Was arrested for horrible things
    Uses woman financial
    Can’t afford anything
    Brooklyn James has ghosted me during the pregnancy.
    He loves to play the victim.
    The Range Rover, I bought it and he financially abused me.
    Abusive partner physically, mentally and emotionally.
    Alpha male, I had to do what he said because he’s a man.
    Created fake dating profiles to catch his sister in law cheating but yet he talks to younger woman.
    Lived in Barcelona for 10 years and has traveled the world but yet is banded from 10 continents.
    Claims his ex is crazy and a drug user.
    Yet, we are married, he has made my life hell. Im pregnant with his daughters and he doesn’t seem to care one bit.
    Im sure he’s active on a dating app, trying to wow females.
    Works for Melaleuca, a pyramid scheme company.
    Claims that it’s his father’s multimillion company. Again, it’s not.
    Let me just say this ladies, he can’t afford a cup of coffee or gas.

  244. Chris Gauthier (not the famous actor) from Maryland, Illinois, AZ. Chris Gauthier recently from Maryland, but now a digital nomad possibly in SC, NC, AZ and Spain (Granada or Malaga). Originally from Illinois. (Not Chris Gauthier the famous actor!)

    A super charming, educated and smart guy. Loves to talk and knows a little something about everything. Will charm the pants off of any girl and will love-bomb you. He will tell you whatever you want to hear just to sleep with you. I wasted 10 years of my life with this man. He is a chronic liar–chronic, and know him well. If his mouth is open, he’s lying. He lies about everything, even when it’s not necessary. He told me he was divorced when we first met, even after I repeatedly asked about this, but turns out he didn’t get divorced until 1.5 years after we were together.

    But the lies go much deeper. Even in the first year we were together, he kept several female “friends” close by. One, he met for dinner and drinks on a Friday night when he was supposed to be going out with me. He was 3 hours late getting to my house and said that he had gone back to work (I know this was a lie because one of my friends saw them at the restaurant looking very “comfortable” together and then in his car for a LONG time. He ended up sleeping with that woman and lying to me about it for years. And then there were multiple ex lovers through the years whom he always kept on a short string, always hiding his texts and emails with them. I looked at his texts a few times, and they were sexual in nature and not the kind of text you would exchange with “just friends.” There was another woman whom he bumped into at his job one year whom he essentially dated at work while he and I were living together. Lunch, breaks, dinners, drinks, hangouts, private messages…. This was a woman with whom he almost cheated on his first wife with, but now he had the chance to sleep with her again and my gut says he did. He also brought home an STD–thanks, Chris.

    And it gets even worse. Despite his charm and intelligence, he has a behavioral addiction (not a drug, but behavioral addiction). He has a sexual compulsive addiction, which is manifested in pornography (mostly) but also some other very concerning behavior. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT LIKE the millions of guys who look at porn on the weekends, no, Chris is looking at it almost 24/7. His porn viewing starts as soon as he wakes up in the morning, he would reach for his phone to view the latest celebrity bikinis or “nip-slips”, then he takes his phone to the bathroom for more “private” porn viewing. And then he was in and out of the bathroom multiple times a day for 30+ minutes at a time. Then we watches porn before, during, and after his home workout. He says it gets the blood pumping. He had a database of thousands of pornographic photos of models that scrolls on screen while he works out. And then it was off to work (before he became a remote worker), driving to/from work every day on the Washington DC / VA / MD beltway, watching porn videos while driving. He even crashed his car twice because he was watching porn instead of paying attention to traffic and it was months for his car to get fixed. At work, he would take printed literotica into the bathroom (phones/electronics not allowed in the building) and would view porn on the work computer but only through his google drive or “shopping” sites (lingerie, bikini, celebrity models, etc) so he wouldn’t get caught. He changed job contracts within the company often, likely because he never did much work because of the porn-lite all day at work. Remote work now makes it so much easier now for him to view hard-core porn most of the day. This is his EVERY DAY routine! I counted his work hours once for a few weeks and he actually only worked about 10-15 of the 40 hours he claimed on his timesheet. And he was in and out of porn 30+ times each day. Every day! Not kidding.

    When he would get home from work, he would sit in the parking space finishing up his porn before coming in and then lie saying he was on a work call (I kept proof of all of this too!). Then he would “go to the bathroom” with his phone or tablet for 30-40 minutes, and on and on. I didn’t know about the porn until the first day we moved in together (when I caught him alone in the kitchen watching porn while church people and kids carried in boxes!) and once I started really looking into what was happening, I was completely shocked at the amount of porn he was watching, and the TYPE. Even sometimes “teen” porn (of course the sites say they are 18+, but I wasn’t really convinced). And as any addict does, he needed more and more of the drug to get his fix. And in our sex life he needed either porn or other progressively weird things to have a good time. And I haven’t even mentioned the prostitutes. He’s sick, and he hides it from the world extremely well. But the worst part is that he cannot acknowledge that he has an addiction. This, and the chronic lying, and the women, the trust issues, tore us apart (and of course he blamed me!).

    He’s also extremely good at gaslighting. When I showed him the proof when I brought up the problems, (from his phone or wherever), he would be so mad at being caught lying that he would call me psychotic–basically because he was caught and was trying to retaliate! He would lie about the porn, the lovers, and everything else and then try to make me think that I was the problem or tell me something completely opposite to make me question myself. I started recording our conversations and gathering proof just to make sure I wasn’t crazy and to prove that he was a liar and an addict. I’d say he probably borders on “charming narcissist.” Again, he is super charming on the outside, but has a dark and ugly inside. I hope this helps someone down the road and luckily I kept my proof just in case someone tries to question my words.

  245. Mervin Green from Fresno California. He is a seriel cheater. Dated me while he had an entire girlfriend and another side chick! Was dating all three of us at once. This was just 2021. I broke the news to his girlfriend after I found out, she was devastated but she was the nicest person and understood everything. He is a jerk who uses his past trauma to guilt you into staying with him. He is a whole different level of narcissist!

  246. Brian McNeil from Panama City, FL. He’s a sociopathic, narcissistic rapist. His whole family is very similar. I was married to him for years and was abused mentally, physically, and emotionally for the duration. Finally left him after he hit me in the face with his cast (he had 2 broken arms from an accident and was mad I was in the way of his video game.) Avoid this man at all costs, he’s not even worth being friends with.

  247. Abraham Zayas from CA. He used to live in Chicago. He dated a girl in college and cheated on her relentlessly with Asian specific women (he’s not Asian). He seems quiet and chill but he lives multiple lives with women. He has a history of being a serial cheater and he is a narcissist. He is most likely with someone who he is probably cheating on with. Ladies please be warned.

  248. Lucas Fuhrman from Greenville, MI. This is someone every woman should avoid at all costs. He is a full blown narcissist. He is physically abusive. To the point that he choked me. He has destroyed MANY of my personal belongings. He has cheated more times than I could possibly count. He is a porn and sex addict. He uses every woman he’s with. He may appear Charming and attentive but it is 100% an act. He will screw ANYTHING. He does not use protection. He once had sex with a girl that had just turned 18 and at her request.. did it on her father’s bed. He then came back to me and we spent several days on a vacation. Where we had unprotected sex. He has put my health at risk MANY times. You may find him on the usual dating sites. (As well as all the gay dating sites) Which he has been banned from. So if you see him there please report! He pressures and coerces woman to have sex with him. He sends unsolicited pics. He has sent my nudes out to multiple ppl without my consent. He targets overweight women the most and has a fetish for them and trans women as well. He thinks he’s really something because he has a “career”. He lies, steals and cheats. He takes whatever he wants. The nicer, more compassionate and more empathetic you are the bigger target you will present. He has attacked me then called the cops on ME. While he was on the phone with them kept yelling for me to stop hitting him. I was 100’s of yards away from him. He once called CPS during and off period because he thought I was seeing other men. He is a “grown man” yet he will seek out barely legal teens to hook up with. HE DOES NOT USE PROTECTION!!!!!!! He has ruined countless holidays and birthdays. I gave up years of my life hoping he would change. He is still exactly the same. He will not ever change. Having him out of my life has been transformative. I’m getting my life back. I’m not depressed anymore. My anxiety is so much lower now. PLEASE stay away from him. He is a VERY GOOD liar. Completely pathological too. He lies about stuff that’s so weird. He still lives with his parents. His family babies him and takes care of him. They have helped create a narcissist. He is absolutely nothing special. He doesn’t care about anyone. Not even you.

  249. Andrew Ferguson and Indianapolis, IN. This man hooked up with my best friend in our downstairs bathroom, while I was asleep upstairs, the night we celebrated my birthday, two months after my sister died. And this was after he “warned” me that his “needs weren’t being met, and we both know bad things happen when my needs aren’t met”

    This is far from the only terrible thing he did, but it’s by far the worst. Save your time, he’s addicted to porn, sex, he drinks like a fish with jack Daniels taste on a PBR budget.

  250. Aundre Christopher from Anoka, MN. Avoid Aundre “Dre” at all costs. It’s a crazy ride of deceit and cheating. He wants to marry any successful women he finds, and claims his modeling career is successful until you find out the truth. His bisexuality isn’t the issue, but rather he doesn’t play safe and it’s not occasional mm fun, it’s multiple times a week. He will love you and treat you well, but all to hide his other activities. He doesn’t pay his bills, his multiple sugar daddies do.

  251. ER Lombard from South Africa. ER Lombard is a pathological liar who gets a kick out of living double lives with multiple women at the same time, without consent. He is a leach who will tap you dry, both financially and emotionally. He is a narcissist who works at systematically breaking down the self-worth of every woman he cons.

  252. Luis Cortez from San Bernardino, CA. He’s actually my ex husband. He had a major pornography addiction which really lowered my self esteem and prevented us from being intimate with each other. He was always very vengeful and full of the need to get even as well as being incredibly petty. For us, he didn’t love and appreciate me the way that I needed him to and we would constantly fight about it and I would beg him to just show me that he cared. He takes no responsibility in any of his actions and will always act like he does no wrong. Eventually we both had some infidelities which caused him to become insanely jealous to the point of looking through my phone and smart watch when I was sleeping or anytime I wasn’t around. I knew before we got married that he wasn’t for me and I should’ve listened to my gut!

  253. Darnell Chase Hill from Emory, Texas. He met his new girlfriend when she was 16 and he was 23, groomed her until she was 18 and then knocked her up on her 18th bday. Then he decided he didn’t like her so he started dating me. He lied to me about their relationship and the origins of it for over 6 months and I didn’t find out until 6 more after the breakup when she texted me going apesh!t thinking I wouldn’t leave him alone. I explained that I dumped him over 6 mos prior and he was the one harassing me. We became friends, unfortunately they’re still together but I hope she gets out one day bc she deserves way better. I wouldn’t wish that lying, manipulating narcissist on my worst enemy.

  254. Jason nottle from Adelaide, when we were together he cheated on me multiple times. After we broke up he dated all my friends. We have a son together and after he met his now girlfriend and they had a baby he refuses to see his son.
    He has nothing to his name. Will never be able to afford a holiday or buy a house. I’m glad I got out of there

  255. Dave from Upland-Irvine. RUN! Likes them young..real young. Will sweep you off your feet in an attempt to look like Prince Charming when he’s really the Villain. Faker than a used car salesman. Terrible credit and won’t pay his bills. Chronic cheater with severe mommy issues and teeny tiny baby balls. Horrible BO with worse teeth. Drug addict and alcoholic. Habitual liar. Ladies stay away from Dave from Upland/ Irvine/ Rancho Cucamonga- CA or Orange NJ! Not exaggerating when I tell you he likes them young. 13-17 and yes the police are involved.

  256. David Smith from Greenwood/Indianapolis Indiana. I was with him for 8 excruciating shit show years.
    I didn’t realize until a few years into the relationship that he is a malignant narcissist with BPD, a chronic alcoholic, and a fraud/con man.
    To name a few:
    He’s addicted to:
    His ego / himself
    (Overextends and spends irresponsibly has no retirement plan or savings
    And filed bankruptcy at least 2 times).

    He’s a hard core racist
    Bashes and hates women
    He hates dogs
    Always negative and screams at people.
    Highly verbally abusive with some physical abuse too
    Has threatened peoples lives including mine
    Two faced backstabbing hypocrite who has nothing nice to say about anyone behind their backs
    Fleeced (stole) over 70K + from my mom/family.
    (not including the house we shared)
    He’s been married many times previously and preys on women for his financial advancement.
    His first wife wanted out so badly that she moved out and ran far away when he was at work one day. I understand her disdain, fear and desperation.

    He participates in poor and shady business practices.
    He is a carpenter
    with his own business and overcharges and cuts corners constantly
    He dumps chemicals illegally and cheats on his taxes.

    He also collects guns
    Is a conspiracy theorist
    Is highly paranoid and unstable

    He also has very nasty hygiene

    He can sit for hours and chews his fingernails and finger skin.
    Can’t flush a toilet
    Won’t wash hands after taking a shit
    Destroys the toilet seat when using the bathroom
    Farts constantly
    Snores like a freight train
    His tiny dick didn’t/doesn’t work
    Ogres or imps under bridges are an improvement in comparison to my fucktard ex.

    I pray for any woman who might fall prey to that repulsive soul crushing life sucking vampire.

    He’s a repulsive person. Run away if this parasite loud mouthed braggart conceited asshole starts trying to woo or groom you.
    He has nothing to offer you even though he’ll act like his cooking skills deserve an award winning parade.
    There is nothing genuine or altruistic about that man.

    Always remember : As he’s helping you, he’s also making sure to help himself.

    He will never go
    without,… at the expense of others.
    His sketchy double life and deception/lies are his smoke and mirrors game.

  257. Jason Crumer. Was very forceful and tried to have s** with me without a condom and when I said I wanted to use one he said he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. Then went and slept with another girl in the house loudly. Told a lot of white supremacist “jokes” you could tell weren’t jokes.

  258. Kevin D from Austin, Texas. Addicted to anonymous internet s**. Pressured me into not using protection. Lied about being sober and being with his ex.

  259. Leo’Nard Jordan from Atlanta, GA. Operates under the guise of being a “nice guy” who is pro-woman. But in reality he is a womanizer, cheater and a lazy bum. He cheated on me with other successful women, trying to get me to finance his lifestyle the entire time we dated. Didn’t have a steady residence, nor could he hold down a job. When one of the other women he was dating reached out to me, she told me she and him never used protection. Very narcissistic, selfish, and when he gets caught doing wrong, he plays the victim.

  260. Kevin from Woodland, Ca. He’s a pig. No manners. Loud, obnoxious, and is very insecure about his tiny member. It’s only about 4 inches long. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Has no respect for the woman he’s with. Always thinks he’s right. Always wants his way. Drug user and alcoholic.

  261. Aidyn Caisley from Melbourne, Australia. He was such a beautiful soul, he had his demons as everyone does but he always tried his absolute hardest to put it behind him and better himself for the future and for us. He was dedicated, persistent and always trying to make me smile even when I felt like I wasn’t able to, he trusted me and I trusted him even though we were only together for such a short time it was amazing, he helped build my confidence and always made me feel good about myself. The only slight red flag or issues we had were people of his past… His ex’s he never cheated but I didn’t like that he was so friendly with them, his friendly to everyone which I guess isn’t a problem unless you’re the jealous type. If the person reading this is with Aidyn don’t take him for granted. Show him the love he deserves ?

  262. Adam cantergiani from McAllen and Dallas Texas. He has undisclosed jail records for robbing a house and possession. He is a drug addict. He is the class is example of a nascissist, lies, cheats, also asks you for money, guilt trips you. He has violent tendencies, can’t buy a gun and pushes people to buy one for him. Stay as away as possible from him. He tends to move around a lot, california may also be an option. He lools like a preppy fit guy. don’t be fooled.

  263. Frank W Brevik from Savannah, Georgia. Physically and emotionally abusive, on top of being a constant cheater. He’s a very scary man. A classic narcissist, will love bomb and then slowly over time devalue you, make question your reality, try and make your confidence completely diminish. Believes women should be quiet, claims that no man wants a funny woman. Collects women as prey. Quite literally said it’s okay to do everything he does because “we are all predators”… terrifying. Groomed me as I was half his age and made the perfect victim. Makes voice recordings on his phone about the “things” he wants to do to his students. It’s genuinely disturbing. The list of horrendous acts goes on. Stay far away.

  264. Tyler from mCalgary, Alberta. This man used me for 19 months. He couldn’t afford to pay his bills or feed his children. Told me bs lies that I was the one and he only wanted me. I put food in the house all the time. And he had the audacity to steal money from my wallet. And not small sums either. When I noticed he blamed his teenage son. Said he talk to him and nothing changed. I should have realized sooner it was him. We eventually moved to a more affordable place but he wasn’t happy. Our rent was always bouncing. He couldn’t budget his car payment and rent. I paid him half of the rent so not sure where his money was going. He eventually talked me into moving again on the promise that I would not have to pay more than I already was. My credit was used to get the home and 2 weeks later he’s done with me because I won’t buy him smokes. I went for a drive to clear my head and that was the end of it. Granted he would leave to go for drives and it was never a problem. Found out this man had been cheating on me pretty much from day 1. I stupidity supported him and ensured his kids where feed and he told me he stopped being intimate with me because I put on a gross a