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The Ex-Boyfriend List: Get your Ex Reported!

We all have that jerk of an ex-boyfriend we want to report, and luckily you now have a place to do just that. This is your very own bad boyfriend database, or as we like to call it, the ex-boyfriend list!

The Ex-Boyfriend List


The Ex-Boyfriend List, or the bad boyfriend database, the place where you can report your ex-boyfriend for cheating on you or just being a jerk. The truth of the matter is, we’ve all had a bad breakup – okay, maybe a few of them in our lives, but that isn’t what this is about.

Wondering what we are, all you need to know about us is that we are out here for girls who have gone through the worst at the hands of a man who didn’t appreciate them enough. Since our website is all about supporting strong women who have had lousy ex’s, we have a small surprise for all you women out there. A little snippet: It’s all about girls supporting girls.

What is the Ex-Boyfriend List?

The Ex-Boyfriend List is also popularly known as a database designed for an evil Ex. This place is for all you women out there who were happily in love with a guy who didn’t put enough and exploited you in ways you didn’t realize you could ever be used for.

From ditching you to making you feel terrible about a small task, cheating and making you feel as if you’re not enough, and even going as far as verbally and physically abusing you. You should know you are all strong individuals for having gone through all that you did. This site and its purpose don’t lie in the fact that we all have had a few bad breakups or seen someone in our lives have them. It’s beyond that.

Now that you’re finally out of the horrible mess and out of the relationship with your ex, you probably see him walk down the streets with another girl on his arm, and that doesn’t stop you from wondering if he treats that new girl the same way he treated you? Is he being overly sweet but hiding something behind his facade? Is he showing her the same patterns he showed you?


This database is for you because through this process that we have built, you can reveal the truth about him and save lives, and since we spoke about how we are all about supporting women, this is an excellent start to this initiative—wondering how it works? Well, read further to find out more regarding this exciting initiative.

Purpose of the Ex-Boyfriend List:

This initiative is solely out there to help all those girlfriends who you have personally seen suffering, or for girls, you do not wish to suffer at the hands of someone you know is capable enough, so revenge or making worthy and good men feel bad isn’t why we have taken this initiative. We’re all about a respectful man treating his women how they deserve to be treated, but this list is out there serving those who are not doing what they are supposed to.

So, if you are someone who’s planning to post about a guy with whom they had a bad experience? Here’s you do it? But remember to follow up the given rules below:

Rules regarding posting about an Ex:

  • No personal information is allowed! Personal information may include anything and everything related to the guy’s private phone number, address and work details, and even family details.
  • No false information is allowed unless you want your account removed. Talk about what your ex-boyfriend did to you but don’t make up lies. Come on, you are better than that.
  • Tell your story and give out respectful and limited details, keeping in mind that you give enough to raise red flags for the person reading it.
  • I repeat: DO NOT POST HIS PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL, OR HOME ADDRESS. Give his name, city, and state where he lives, and nothing more.

The Ex-Boyfriends list and its reach:

Are you someone who’s out and talking to a new guy and feel a bit doubtful? This Ex-Boyfriend List is the answer to your worries, questions, and queries. Worried that the guy you’re talking to at work ticks all the right boxes and wants to find out the real secrets.

You’re at the right place because through our database, you can search him up, and find out about him, and if there’s nothing, then you’re one of the lucky ones! But if you do end up finding anything related to him, you know your doubts were correct. Help is served, and this is how we do it, anonymously yet ideally.

Share Your Story With Us!

Let us help you relieve the mountain load of stress you have been feeling, and what better way than to help someone who’s probably with the same guy that is a reason for your trauma.

Feel better today and fill up that database; let’s help each other and empower and let these men know we aren’t going to be letting them railroad us. Get posting!

We’ve not gotten hundreds of entries on our ex-boyfriend list, so to help you keep up with all the names, I’ve made the list searchable. Just click the search button above, and you can search for an ex-boyfriend by name. If you want to add your ex-boyfriend to our list, just comment below and tell us all about him.


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The Ex-Boyfriend List: Get your Ex Reported!

581 Responses

  3. Shane Dineen from Houston, TX. Not ex BOYFRIEND but soon to be ex husband. Textbook narcissist and is as covert as he is malignant. I was that girl who thought “well maybe he was like that with them but he won’t be that way with me” BIG mistake. I thought he would change and I thought I could help him. He ab*sed me physically and groomed me into allowing all sorts of emotional and mental ab*se. I was 23 and I didn’t know any better. I never realized what he was doing until it was too late. He would not so much cheat as he would initiate a relationship with another woman then explain to me what she had to offer and every way that I didn’t meet the mark. The last time he did this, it blew up in his face and I escaped. It was all to get me to do something that I didn’t morally agree with in the first place. From his schoolwork and exams, to writing letters of reference for jobs, reporting anyone he deemed an enemy, buying him things that he wanted impulsively while my own needs were being forgotten, the list goes on. Why did I stay for so long? Survival. He had ruined us financially and ruined me mentally and emotionally. I was constantly being coerced into believing that if I didn’t I would be a complete failure. When really I was the only one holding him down. And then there’s the physical abuse, the strangling, breaking things while beating me with them, hitting me on the hairline so it wouldn’t be visible, punching me in the mouth for crying and pleading with him. I should have done a background check on him. I’m not the only one he’s done this to and many have never reported it out of fear for the repercussions. Don’t do what I did. You’re safety, health and well-being are far more important than any empty promise he can make. He’s always gotten away with it and thinks he can get away with it. He lived as a criminal for most of his life. Exploiting young women. Pimping them out. He even kept ties to his criminal life and told me he was going to leave me and go back to it as he couldn’t handle the eviction we were facing. Leaving me in financial ruins that were caused from his substance abuse. He is an addict “in recovery” and I thought I was doing something noble by believing in him. His own father wouldn’t even let him make his amends and patch things up when he knew he was reaching his last days. I kept wanting to believe in him to be a better person. I just didn’t want to give up on him. That’s what gave him so much power over me and he used it until there was nothing left. Now I have been diagnosed with PTSD for the second time since being with him. I’m in therapy and I’ve been very blessed not to lose my job or stability in the process. I survived him.

  5. Dave Steele from Welland, Ontario. A furry who goes by kitani.. He will lie about having a girlfriend but 90% chance he has one, he did when he flirted with me. You’ll date him until he sleeps with you, and then he will ghost you. He gives every girl the same lines. He’ll ask what your favourite fruit is and he’ll always be a pineapple cause he’s “rough on the outside but sweet on the inside”. But he’s really decaying on the inside. I’ve met four girls who have had the same experiences with him. Total narcissist.

  6. David Bishop from Sacramento CA. He lies about everything and does drugs so much so that his p*nis is IMPOTENT AND worthless its literally the same size as a toddler and since he is addicted to dr*gs therefore he is addicted to shriveling his p*nis too.
    He is at best around two inches in length and it won’t stay hard for longer than about Four minutes. Hes ridiculous.

  7. Dean Tooley from Brookfield, MA. Cheater. I had been dating Dean on again and off again. When he started working at Cabellas he would tell me about one of his coworker named Bri. Come to find out not only was he dating her, he got engaged to her. All while we were still together. Needless to say he did eventually break if off with me when they started wedding planning but gawd was I blind sided by this.

  8. Brandon Wolfe from DuBois, Pa. Extremely ab*sive, narcissistic and sociopath. He’s into r*pe and b*ating women. Also goes for toddlers. He seems like your dream man at first. Comes off as funny and great with kids but it soon turns violent. He’s tried to kill me on numerous occasions. He’s a hard dr*g addict and alcoholic as well. RUN!!!

  9. Patrick Thomas Swingle from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I dated him for years. He seems like a good guy but most narcissists do. He cheated on me and gaslit me about it, along with everything else. He was very verbally, emotionally, and even physically ab*sive. He often s*xually coerced me and tried to shame me if I was too ill or not in the mood to pleasure him. He told me he was a good partner because he “never hit me” although he often would hold me down and leave bruises on me. I hope this saves someone from him one day!

  10. Jeremy Izzio from New York/Colorado. This man would’ve been a great used car salesman. He’s a pathological liar who will lie about anything and everything. He was on Tinder and talking to other women for years during our relationship. He kept me around, but was emotionally neglectful and was both mentally (and on a few occasions) physically abusive. If “gaslighter” had a photo next to it, his would be a perfect fit. He convinced me I was crazy and blamed me for being irresponsible when my controlled prescription medication kept disappearing. He had me thinking I was losing my mind while he stole them for years before finally admitting it. I have that conversation recorded only because of how he’d make me feel crazy and would later deny he said or did certain things. I feel sorry for whomever he sucks in next.
    He will take from you everything you have emotionally and then spit you out when you have nothing left to give. In return, he will give you nothing. He always has a reason or excuse at the ready. He will not want someone who is more accomplished that he believes he is, and he will sabotage you in order to remain “on top”- unless it benefits him financially not to do so. He would always lie about his accomplishments, calling himself a “journalist” when in reality he wrote for a small town newspaper making minimum wage. When his mother gave him her house to take over mortgage payments (which would’ve made him a homeowner in just 7 years) he fucked up and the house was seized by the bank. He moved across country to start over because he burned all bridges back home. He is an opiate addict but will steal and take any controlled medications. He has no care or concern for hurting others and is a narcissist to the core.

    Proceed with caution!

  11. Gabriel McKnight from Washington DC. Short background story:
    Gabriel and I met when I was 15 and he was 22.

    He’s now 30. I’m now 23.

    Before we met, I had a s*xual encounter with someone he knew. When he brought this to me, I told him it wasn’t true because the guy lied about his name. So I didn’t think we were talking about the same person.

    Instead of cutting me off, he decided to play mind games for a year out of spite. I constantly skipped school to be at his house. In this time, he would love bomb me by telling me that he loved me and wanted to be with me. He would then breadcrumb by pull away. Ignore me for days on end. Go out and sleep with other women while telling me he was sick or with his family.

    A year later, I fell pregnant at 16. He immediately said our daughter wasn’t his child because he didn’t trust me. I spent my pregnancy alone. Of course this changed when she was born.

    This is where the mental abuse ramped up and the physically ab*se started.

    I remember the first time he physically assa*lted me. I had mentioned to him that I saw someone we both knew, so I hugged said person. He immediately grabbed me by the back of my neck and nape of hair, pushed my face into his piano, and told me that I needed to “stop playing with him, or our daughter will be out of a mother”.

    I should’ve left. I didn’t for 7 years.

    The gaslighting begun and shortly after that, he started to get angry about the smallest things. Belittling me about not toasting my bread for a cheeseburger, calling me stupid for accidentally dragging his blanket on the floor, pointing out my insecurities and then telling me I’m “too sensitive” when I tell him that it hurts me.

    Anytime I would disagree with him, I couldn’t be around him, had to leave the house without my daughter, and come back when “I’m ready to act right”. Sometimes I would leave out to clear my head when angry. I hated being angry around my baby girl. He would the not return my phone calls for days, while he kept our daughter.

    When he realized that we were to coparent and didn’t have a choice, he continued to abuse me to dominate me. I also remember us arguing, so I went to our daughter’s room to just hold her for comfort, and he didn’t like that. He pushed me to the floor, folded me in half, and sat on me until I was ready “to act right”.

    At this point, I had already mentally checked out from life in general. I couldn’t believe I had got wrapped up with such an evil person.

    Now, 8 years later and I’m just really leaving this narcissistic relationship last month in September.

    I had the last straw when he had been seeing a girl behind my back and constantly accusing me of sleeping around in August of this year. He gave me a STD from her.


    She contacted me, curious as to if me and him had been still seeing each other.

    I told her yes.

    She then proceeded to threaten me. So I honestly had it out for her. Not because of him, but because she threatened me. I finally ran into her one night when I came to his house. We fought. I really did some damage to her. I got arrested. I had been in the holding cell for 30 hours!! That was the wake up call for me. No trauma bond was stronger than my will to enjoy my child and my freedom.

    He was immediately “immensely apologetic” and started talking down on the woman he had been sneaking around with. This didn’t last long tho. The last time we got into an argument, he pointed out that I was crazy, bothered their relationship for no reason, and he pitted me.

    I am officially utterly disgusted by such a man child like him. I will no longer care about even looking his direction. We coparent my child. But I’m am thinking about moving out of state and raising her with her godmoms. He only cares about himself so he won’t fight to see her.

    I had been constantly going back after he treated me so foul. There’s so many other things he did and said to me, but for the sake of this post, those were just the red flags in the beginning that I ignored.

    A grown man that’s willing to sleep with an underage girl and have a baby with her.

    A grown man that has zero communication skills.

    A man with severe mommy/daddy and anger issues.

    A “man” who simply isn’t a good example of a man.

    Nothing much has changed. He’s 30. Now swears by being a black Israelite, so basically
    black supremacy. He has even higher and darker expeditions for his partner.
    He matters more than her because he “leads” as a man.
    A women is to not wear pants, disobey God or she will be stricken, speak in church, be gay, etc. The basic rules of being a misogynist basically.

    Me being a 23 year old, spiritual, tarot reading, bisexual, slightly dominate woman, I’m sure you can imagine that I definitely don’t fit the bill for him.

    I would not deal with this man. He is a lost soul. He is becoming more and more grandiose & ego driven. I have no choice but to deal with him for now because of my daughter, but even then I am finding ways to keep her untainted as much as I can.

    There’s so many men out here like him, but please use this story as a list of huge warning signs so you don’t have to get so knee deep in their web of toxicity like I have.

  12. Paul Fuller from Allen, Texas. Ped*phile. Gaslighter. Will manipulate young girls to pay for s*x. Most times he will push payment until after and not pay. Plays dumb and will try to flip you as crazy for confrontation. Uses religion and sin to guilt young girls. He choses girls who are the same age as his son. 16-22. Texts from unknown numbers.

  13. Ed Zagorski from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ed was one of those guys who started out sweet but then showed the crazy side. He was lazy too — he’d call in sick to work when he didn’t want to get up. He would criticize me and put me down, and one time he wouldn’t let me leave his place. I also remember trying to run home to my apartment so I could lock myself inside to get away from him, because he was chasing me. He’d get mad and jealous, and I was scared and thought he might kill me, so I got a new job and moved away from him. One day, my boss told me he’d called and was so charming that my boss gave him my new phone number! Every now and then, he tries to send me a message on social media so I block him.

  14. Paul Leslie from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He and I met online via a dating app. We dated from 2016 to 2021, and I kind of knew something was up because we didn’t spend the holidays together, ever, and a few other things. But he seemed like such a nice guy, I figured if he wanted to break up he’d be honest with me. Then a relative of his died, and the obituary listed a woman’s name as his SO. I found out he’d been dating this woman almost a year before me, yet he’d been on a dating site early in 2016…

  15. Chase Cator from Minocqua, WI. Very distant and doesn’t know how to communicate , doesn’t know what he wants and is a mommas boy. Says that his friend is just a friend and when you officially end it he proposes to her a month later …and then breaks off the engagement.

  16. Louis Henry Coussey from Fountain, Colorado Springs, Co/Ghana. He has been involved seriously with at least 4 women in 6 years. I have talked to 2 of the other 3 and they will say the same things. The odd one, Stacy T, would send him pictures of lingerie and had no problem texting him at all hours or calling him in the middle of the night. It is my belief they got together at one of his enabling friends houses one night. Of course he denied it. I’m not sure if that woman had any pride in herself or diseases, but she obviously didn’t care that he was living with and sleeping with me. Both the exes I have talked to say he was not faithful to them either.
    He is an alcoholic who got a DUI 2/7/2021, wrecked his car. To help him as he lost his license and car, I moved him into my home so I could drive his ungrateful self wherever he needed to be.
    In the next year and a half, he has stolen cash from me in the form of my tips, my prescription pain killers, and owes me for 4 1/2 months of the rent he agreed to pay.
    There was supposed to be no alcohol or dr*gs in my home, so he would do both and more somewhere else and come home messed up.
    When he drank too much he would go off on me if I said something he didn’t like. That triggered my PTSD so badly I would not sleep that night.
    When asked to pay the rent or be accountable for one thing or another, it was always an argument. He does not like being asked to be responsible or accountable. He will lie through his teeth, so unless you have a picture or recording like I did, he will deny anything.
    He has friends he will spend time with rather than his girlfriends. And they provide him with prescription dr*gs, alcohol, and weed.
    I have said pictures and videos if you feel you need confirmation. As well as the court petition I turned in to the cost of the just over $5000 I hope to recover from him in past due rent and damages to my appliances and property.

  17. William Christopher Bufis Jr from Lititz Pennsylvania. He’s an ab*sive asshole. Held a knife to my throat for s*x. Stole my virginity at 14, him 18. Popped my shoulder out of place in anger. Ab*sed a minor as an adult for 2 years. Now have been told I’d be dead if I would’ve stayed any longer at this age

  18. Joshua Gregotski from Winnipeg, Mb Canada. Him 33 I answered an ad he had on a dating site that he was looking for fwb nsa. Said his name was Joe at 1st revealed that he was married but leaving his wife. Because she refused to partaken interc*urse with him we hooked up we clicked up weekly I fell for him he left his wife he stayed with me for a little bit and now I find out that none only has he not divorced his wife yet but for the last year that we’ve been dating he had cheated on me with 5 different people aren’t people one of which was a woman who let him have interc*urse with him in the car while she was wearing a diaper and filland filmed it live for her boyfriend to watch. He sent over 50 messages to people and had ads on different sites about hooking up with people Saying that he was hetero flexible and down for anything. Meanwhile crawling into bed with me every single night and holding me and telling me he loved me. Some of the people he did cheat on me with, he went back multiple times and didn’t use any protection with any of them and I was pregnant a few months ago until he basically said I’m going to leave you unless you have an abortion and I did. Now he does nothing but love bomb me. And is refusing to let me go. One of the people he cheated on me with, Who was only 19 got pregnant a week after I had the abortion that he literally abandoned to cheat on me with her. Said he didn’t care about the abortion or what it was doing to my body. I became trauma bonded to him and he continued to try and cheat on me. He has a breeding f*tish but wants nothing to do with you if anything comes of it. And hes still not divorced. I demanded that he go get an STI check as well as myself. But for the last year hes done nothing but lie to me and manipulate me and lie to everybody in his life including his wife. I contacted every single person that he had come in contact with to verify his story. But either way less than a year of being separated from his wife he not only cheated on his wife with me but then he cheated on me with 5 other people Not using any protection with any of us. This man is sick he’s insecure he’s a narcissist he’s very controlling And takes nobody’s well being into account.

  19. Andrew Steven Quinn from Queens, NY and Miami, FL. This man will come off as charming, if you have kids, he will fawn over them and step up and help with homework and projects and even take part in gift-giving and bedtime routines. He will call and text daily… until he stops. COLD TURKEY. Was in a relationship for 10 months to suddenly stop from one day to the next. He has mental health problems and because of his profession, thinks he can self-medicate but doesn’t seek any actual help from a professional. I was with him while he was committed and supported him through it all and that was not appreciated. Will always pick work over everyone and everything else, including himself. His profession is filled with cocky know it alls who look down on people and he is definitely one of these as no one outside of his job has a “real job” and will always again put work first.

  20. Rohan Tiss from Tucson, Arizona. ABSOLUTE NOOO!!!!! Most manipulative, egotistical, narcissistic person I have EVER met. Extremely ab*sive and lacks real human emotions. Starts off really good and takes the worst turn.

  21. Robert Howman from Melbourne. Ladies… BEWARE of this guy! He is the absolute worst. He is a walking STD, he sleeps around with copious amounts of women and has fathered multiple children to different mothers. He is a classic narcissist and will gaslight you at every given opportunity. He likes to prowl on single mothers and women with self esteem issues. He has a gambling problem and will sponge every last cent from you. He is a huge douche canoe. You are welcome.

  22. Jason Nottle from South Australia Adelaide. When we were together he cheated multiple times. he never had any money, his family were horrible to me. When I fell pregnant the first time and had a miscarriage, he told my family I was lying about being pregnant. after we broke up he dated multiple of my friends. We have a son together when he met his new gf, and they had a baby he now refuses to see his son.
    his new horrible girlfriend also tried to attack me out the front of my house. both horrible disgusting people. Stay far far away from him.

  23. Shane Oakley from Richmond VIC, AUS.
    – R*ped and s*xually abused me (and admitted to it)
    – Physically abused me (held me down, pinched me, pushed me, choked me).
    – Mentally and emotionally abused me (name calling, gaslighting, withholding affection then love bombing).
    – Controlling (wouldn’t let me wear or eat certain things, wouldn’t let me exercise, wouldn’t let me leave the house without him).
    – Isolated me from family/friends (forced me to choose between him and them, would get jealous/angry when I saw/spoke to them).
    – Stole $6,000 from me (acknowledged he took the money but never gave it back).
    – Cheated on me with a teenager (walked in on them together in my bed on my birthday).
    – Stole my cat and gave him away (I never got him back).

  24. Jason Straga from Kelowna/Calgary Canada. Jason also goes by the name Jay. If you’re attached to your sanity, friends, family, job, money and your credibility- this guy isn’t for you. He will give you a sob story about his life and how he can’t ‘trust anyone’. Boo hoo! Don’t fall for it. They’re tears of a clown to pull you in. I lost everything to this ‘person’. Narcissist and sociopath all told into one. He’ll love bomb you at first, call you his soul mate. Then he’ll lost his temper over literally nothing. When you go to the police about him, he’ll lie to your friends and family to try to discredit you and cover his tracks. Once he’s charmed them away from you and left you with nothing, he’ll come back pleading for another chance. He’ll isolate you so no longer have friends and family to go to when you WILL really need to get away from him. If you have a child to him, he’ll try to deny paternity and do everything possible to never pay child support. He will never look back with remorse because he is incapable of feeling it. When he loves, he adores you. When he loathe you, he will lie, lie and lie some more. He’ll lie abut his past, his family, where he really lives, what really happen in his past relationships-allot make you feel sorry for him. He will pressure you into ‘loaning him’ money. This is only the beginning. You will NEVER see that money again. He’ll build you up in one breath and tear you down in the next. If you don’t lose all your money to loaning it to him, you’ll lose your money to the years of therapy you’ll need to recover from his abuse. He says he doesn’t want kids, but he’s attracted to women who have them, and then messes with their little hearts and minds too. Stay away from this guy. He is ’60 mins’ bad.

  25. Darren from Burnie Tasmania Australia. He has a severe personality disorder and is abusive, but will appear charming & ‘too good to be true’ at first.

  26. Chris Orlando from Southfield, Michigan. Led me on. Decided to get serious with me then told me he didn’t have time for me then got upset I said that it was over.

  27. David Schofield from Leamington UK. Avoid this “man” like the plague. Met on a Christian site and not long after starting a relationship he became very abusive. Verbally, and physically to the point where police had to be called and photos taken of my face. I finally was shot of him after receiving support from Women’s aid. Please do not enter into relationship with this person.

  28. Tyson Calver from Ontario, Canada. He had cheated on me with multiple woman, had approached underage girls stating to “hurry up and turn 18”.
    He does not have a faithful bone in his body. He would convince his friends to distract me so that he could sneak away and fool around with other girls. Used me repeatedly. Tried to convince me to give up my children. Terrible human being, he comes off as the sweetest person but will quickly do you dirty. He is currently married and has reached out to me multiple times, I’ve had to block ALL social media accounts of his. Please, for the sake of your mental health, do not trust this man.

  29. Eli Baylis from Hattiesburg, MS. Eli likes to come off as a philanthropic peace maker, but when you peel back the facade – he is something truly disgusting. This man is a severe porn addict and I’m talking about red flag porn. His searches were all aimed to find childlike videos or women who looked like children. It gets worse – he is also a photographer who would often take up-skirt photos of underage girls and photos zoomed in to the chest while working for the local newspaper. He hid them very well on his many computers, but not well enough. He also had a collection of nudes he had taken of his exes hidden as well that they didn’t know he had (I deleted them). A vile man with many gross secrets.

  30. Andrew Boersma from Palm Beach, Florida. Charming, love bombing, mirroring expert, looking to live off you, cheater.
    Classic narcissist.
    Always searching for next supply. Run quickly.

  31. Wayne Aspinall from Birmingham, UK. Wayne comes across as a loving generous man and most of the time is until things aren’t going his way. He is controlling and will never be at fault always blames others. Told me I needed to loose weight as he had never dated anyone over a size 12. I was an 18 when I met him as he said he liked curvy. I lost weight over 30lbs but this wasn’t enough, he controlled what I ate and drank I didn’t see it to begin with then out of the blue he dumped me because I was not the slim sexy girlfriend he wanted, I was down to a size 14 and never realised my relationship with the man that I loved and lived in my home had a time limit . I was the perfect excuse as he I found out he was texting and had met up with an old friend he wanted a relationship with . So all in all he is a controller a liar and a cheat . He has left me feeling insecure with no confidence, he fooled everyone into believing he was a good, normal guy- sadly he is a controller with very aggressive behaviour when found out.

  32. Jimmy Hardaway from Florida. James aka Jimmy, who is in his latter 50’s, has a terrible temper! Beware! He comes across as a Southern gentleman but when he looses control of anything, he turns into a totally different person, who lashes out at you/me. He has punched me in my vagina, face (giving me a black eye) and has knocked the wind out of me due to a punch in the stomach. All different situations and times. Extreme outbursts of anger when ever he got frustrated about something. He is able to hide this side of himself from most. Again…beware!

  33. Teddy Grabarkewitz from Luling, Texas. This guy has cheated for years. Married 3 times or more. Cheated on his wife of 23 years with multiple women and even produced a child from one of those affairs. Refuses to see that child. He left his last wife and while dating me was involved with 3 other women at the same time. Lying to all of us. We banded together and kicked him to the side. The last stupid women is still dating him. Just warning in case anyone comes across him in the future. A man his age doesn’t change. Patterns don’t lie. He marries women for their money and this time is no different.

  34. Bjorn Holubar from Long Island, NY. He’s is disbarred lawyer, psychopath. Alcoholic. Abusive when drunk. He isolated me from friends, family, colleagues. He claimed he couldn’t have a credit card or anything in his name because of his crazy exwife, so I ended up with an apartment, car, business, +3storage units for the business full of product…that he took from me for more than $100k & also sued me for more, so all the legal costs on top. He moved in with me (when his mother got a restraining order against him) & then wouldn’t vacate the loft or pay rent. He installed cameras in that loft (in only my name) claiming I was stealing from Him! He checked my phone & email while I was sleeping & claimed I was cheating on him while I was at job interviews if with a man – only because he had already got me fired from the prior job! He vandalized my car plus anything that he thought I cared about (family holiday items, year books, my pets). He stalked me while I had a restraining order against him. OH this is the Best one- he stabbed himself with a steak knife (near) his heart & claimed I tried to kill him. (The police didn’t believe him, but the judge said it was he said she said!). I had to leave NY to run away from him, but was forced to return often for his bogus court accusations- etc. He threatened my friends, family, colleagues. Please don’t believe a word he says!

  35. Austin Cogan from California. We were never dating officially but we went on a date and he and his friend Luke fucking roofied me. They were also racist, rich, Culver-City-ass pricks. Austin would not leave my house even though I was repeatedly telling him to get out because I was falling asleep at the end of what I thought was the night at the time, but was actually the morning. I told my best friend in the moment “I feel like something bad is going to happen if I fall asleep” because he was desperately trying to stay the night at my house to point of him following my bestfriend and i into the Uber to my house (I allowed him to but I was off Rufulin, weed, and tequila). Austin : red haired short maybe 5”5. Luke: receding hairline, light brown hair parted to the side.

  36. Ryan Murphy from Nottingham, UK. Tried to control what I wore in public.
    Had a vision and actually said “I want people to see us as the perfect couple.”
    Likes to get drunk.
    When a friend of his needed to crash at where us and Ryan’s best friend were staying, offered her the option of sharing a bed with him then got confused why I wanted to leave.
    When I tried to break up with him he called me when I was 3hrs travel away saying he couldn’t live without me and was going to jump off a bridge if I left him. I travelled up to check he was okay and let him know that it was definitely over but to try to get him some help and saw texts that confirmed he’d actually slept with someone else anyway.

  37. Kerry Hales from Tuscon, Az. My ex husband is a serial cheater and compulsive liar. I reported him once but it hasn’t showed up, so trying again. I wasted 20 years with him, unfortunately.

  38. Bret Bush from Austin, Texas. Where do you start with a man who has been doing damage for YEARS? Bret can be very charming and love bomb and tell you that he is going to take you to amazing places. He can’t afford to take you anywhere. He has terrible credit and rents wherever he goes because he has no intention of sticking around. He has lived in many places, but most recently Chicago>CT>TX. He will tell you he loves you and adores you and then break up with you by email or cheat. He lies about EVERYTHING to make himself look good. He left his wife of 20 years after cheating on her during their marriage and left when she got MS. Left another girlfriend at the airport where she was there to pick him up from a trip that he cheated on her. He got engaged to this woman but refused to sign a pre nup, and it ended when bought her a scale for Christmas and called her a cunt. Lived with me for one year and didn’t contribute a cent, but could afford a fancy golf membership. Left me abruptly through email and moved to Texas to live for free with his elderly, wealthy step mom. He told me he didn’t like her dogs, and when I questioned him about it, he said, “I pretend to.” When I told him that he was a sociopathic user, he texted me back “You are not wrong.” CHILLING. Lived with his step mom for close to 2 years until he met his next victim. They have moved in together and she doesn’t know a thing about his past. The ex fiance’s picture is still one of his cover pages on Facebook, but he has it set so the new girl can’t see it. I am still on his Netflix! She has no idea. Warning to anyone: Bret Bush is a user and a loser.

  39. Umar/Umer Iqbal from Cambridge, MA. He is a cheater, liar, and manipulator. He is an emotional abuser and cheated on his long term girlfriend (while they were talking about marriage and making plans with their families). Just stay away.

  40. Jared E. Miller from Richmond, Virginia. I started working with Jared in January of 2022, we went out on a date that same week. We ended up sleeping together and planned to go out again, that never happened. On January 28th, 2022 he se*ually as*aulted me in our place of work. I ended up reporting him to my manager in April of 2022 and he was fired shortly after. I found out after that he had lied to me about several important details about his life. Do not trust him. | S*xually assa*lted me at work. Made me go down on him. Lied about not having a past relationship with his roommate and multiple other things.

  41. Jon Alder from Orange County, CA. He is a fraud. He pretended to be in love until he could get me pregnant and marry me. After that, the mask was off. He abused my daughter and I physically and mentally. He used me to buy him vacations, expensive clothing, a truck, and to pay over $40k helping him start a business. For almost our entire relationship he would never work and I raised my daughter and supported the family alone. Then he started working, abusing c*caine and all matter of other drugs. Once I asked him to leave and he made a false police report, telling police officers I attacked him. Finally, I left the state with my daughter as she needed medical treatment, and he refused to come. He filed for divorce the day she had liver surgery, and is dragging it out to a cost to me over $200k. He only wants money, and since he isn’t getting any he wants to make me suffer. He’s never sent his child a dollar or so much as a birthday card, and he refused to give us back anything we’ve ever owned. It’s all in his possession still so it is HIS. Truly a disgusting excuse for a human being. I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEBODY TO RUN AWAY.

  42. Jordan Augaudy from France.
    Personne toxique à éviter :

    -Hygiene catastrophique (n’oubliez pas le préservatif sinon il vous transmettra ses IST qu’il ne soigne pas).
    -lâcheté extrême.
    -Se croit drôle mais ne l’est pas.
    -Parfois gênant.
    -17 ans d’âge mental.
    -Mal dans peau et dans sa tête, de toute évidence.

    J’ai eu beau chercher sa paire de couilles, je ne l’ai jamais trouvé.

    A fuir, donc.

  43. David Kilmer from Alabama. David Kilmer is a classic textbook case abuser who thinks he’s entitled to act out and ab*se a woman whenever she isn’t agreeing to stay silent. When you meet him, and always, he presents his whole life story as him being the victim of all the women he dated or was married to. He’s a handsome, highly educated, articulate, well-mannered, covert narcissist who is very disarming, persuasive, and manipulative. He is a successful professional social worker and therapist and talented successful musician. In the beginning, he will love bomb you, but eventually, you’ll notice that he only talks about himself and takes over every conversation and only spends his time on himself and his interests. When you eventually have a complaint about the way he’s treating you, he will turn on you like a rabid German Shepherd and have a scary tantrum, saying you’re an overly critical misguided horrible woman because you dared to have a problem with him. If you try to explain that you were just asking for what you need, he will not listen but raise his voice in anger to bully you and frighten you into silence. If, then, you are not silent, if you tell him to calm down, he will explode and break things and slam doors or viciously tear you down more or storm out and stay gone for literally hours, unreachable, and neglecting responsibilities. If he stays and lectures you, he rages on for hours about how horrible you are for mentioning your own needs and daring to complain about anything or ask him to change his behavior. Eventually, after hours of ab*se, if you finally lose your cool and yell back or God forbid get out of line like him, he will scream in your face or speed in the car or almost run over you or knock you down or kick a door into your face or give you a black eye or concussion or knock you unconscious. Later, he will say you were abusive and you getting injured was an accident. Also, he will ab*se dr*gs and lie to you about it. He will carry on inappropriate relationships with his clients, texting socially at all hours. If you stop having s*x with him, he’ll say you’re ab*sive. If you say you are leaving him, he’ll say you shouldn’t leave because you owe him. Avoid this man. He is crazy, unfair, disrespectful, and dangerous.

  44. Roger Lynn Winkler from Odessa, Texas. will lie about his feelings and hardships to get you to lend him money and then ghosts you without paying back what he borrowed. google him for more info.

  45. Gary A Magnot from Clarks Summit, PA. Has cheated in every relationship. I was treated for VD. Pathological liar even when no need. Has a excessive porn addiction, at home and work. It’s all about the chase for him until the next one.

  46. Jaime Rico from Lakewood, Colorado. He is a narcissistic ab*ser. He has choked me out and put a g*n to my head multiple times. He has also left 3rd degree burns on our sons arm due to neglect, and when I went to the ER, he said him and his family would blame me if child protective services got involved. Steer clear ladies!!!

  47. Ariel Espinal from New York. He will love bomb you! in two weeks or so he will slowly move in. When you tell him that you aren’t ready to move in he’ll say that’s not what I’m trying to do I’ll leave… He won’t. All his exs are crazy(convenient). When they contact you-TRUST THEM NOT HIM! I made that mistake. He is gonna say that he loves you, but the truth is he just needs a place to stay. Then he’ll go through your purse, steal your money, he’ll steal your car, he’ll make up excuses and maybe even fake cancer(two years later I still don’t know if he actually had it) Every time you confront him he’ll come up with an excuse. You can try to be there for him, go to appointments, offer help etc… hell refuse it all but will gladly accept financial help and he will never pay you back or offer an explanation.

  48. David Casanova from Hamilton/Toronto, Canada. First off don’t even bother dating him unless you want to be disrespected and and SA. He was sweet to me at first but was very condescending after some time. I never thought I would ever be SA from someone I trusted. He pretends he cares to get what he wants but in reality he is very selfish. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  49. Scott Kilian from around Tampa, Florida. He lived with me for a time. Walked off with some of my stuff but the worst thing he did before he left is he lied and wanted me to let a ‘friend’ of his (female) stay at my place and lied and said they were only friends and never had s*x. Found out that was a lie. I kicked her out for what she was doing and he left with her. Avoid him. His name is Scott Kilian.

  50. Kerry Hales from Tucson, Az. He is a serial cheater, has never been faithful to anyone. Compulsive liar as well. Will try to charm you into thinking he’s a great guy, but cheated and lied to me for most of 20 years.

  51. Joshua Aderinola Adeloye from London/Nottingham, England. Classic narcissist. Cheats, constantly lies, preys on vulnerable ‘girl-next-door’ type women. Shames them but then backhandedly compliments them – negging. Acts like a very entitled individual. The moment you speak your opinion which doesn’t align with his, he will either hook up with someone else (says he’s spending time with the guys) or will give you the silent treatment for days so that you feel like it’s your fault. Has a short temper if you act like an individual. Only nice for his own self gain. Victimises himself. Tries to use his high earnings and flashy car to lure women in but will get her to pay for everything. Comes across as pleasant and jokey but is viscous behind closed doors. Also often attempts to pick women up either on social media or at festivals/UKG gigs. Please protect yourself at all costs!

  52. Callum Ward from Lincoln, England. This man is very manipulative and cunning. He carries himself with a charming demeanor and hides his wrong-doings behind his professional career as a teacher/football coach. He compulsively lies – so much so, that you question yourself instead because he is so convincing. In the space of 36 hours, I uncovered 7 women he had cheated on me with. Very controlling but makes you think you are in control. Can also get physical with you if he does not get his own way. Please steer well clear.

  53. Robert Todd from Melbourne, Australia (Watsonia North). He’s is a serial cheater and womaniser who cheated on me with numerous girls and gave me an STI. He currently has a new girlfriend named Chloe Symons and has been cheating on her too, and has potentially given her numerous STI’s. He asked me to come over to his new place in reservoir and sleep with him which I refused because I don’t want to risk getting another sti from him. The last time I had sex with him I asked him to use a condom and he refused to and forced me to have sex with him. This happened while he has been with Chloe.

  54. Benjamin David Luke Rawlings / Atkinson from Perth Western Australia. Deadbeat Baby Daddy to 2 kids currently!

    Girl basher, will beat you daily & make you believe it’s your own fault, that nobody else would want you, no one in your family cares about you. Whilst controlling every thing in your life he will also be out cheating on you, with any swamp rat he can get his hands on. He will steal from you, he will lie. & he will continue to make you believe you only have him to lean on. He more than likely has diseases by now, thanks to his very many years in jail.

    He also has a criminal record to prove all the assaults he has made on FEMALES, namely – his 2 baby Mummas.

    He also has a sexual assault on his record, it may have had the charges dropped. But his friend will confirm, it was in fact non consented – therefore rape.

  55. Phil Whyatt from Lockrose QLD Australia. Met him on tinder and was so charming. Sent heaps of texts, calls photos etc. We were dating and I always had a suspicion that something wasn’t right. He always had to leave early and would always have a reason not to come over. When I was at his place he was constantly looking out windows and I joked that “he was looking for the missus to come home”. Well after a few more week of him making excuses and saying there was no one else I had enough and said good bye. Two days later I saw him on “people you may know” on Facebook. Which was weird because he said he hated Facebook. So of course I clicked on the profile.. because you know.. curiosity.

    There was 1 person that liked his photo and because I was already suspicious I clicked on this girls profile. To my surprise it was his girlfriend of two years! So I girl coded and messaged her to tell her what was going on. She didn’t believe me until I sent her all the naked photos he had been sending me over this time. She believed me then. We then found another girl on his instagram that we thought he had been seeing and sure enough.. he had been dating her too.. lol at the same time as us. I walked away but the original gf stayed with him. So if you see a phil on tinder.. he has a girlfriend. I guarantee he is going to do this again .. don’t be number three like I was hahaha

  56. Tony Vega from Brisbane, Australia. Cheated multiple times. Threatened to unalive himself when she wanted to break up. Convinced her to stay then cheated on her with somebody new while she was at home looking after his kids. Broke up with her to be with the new girl and got engaged to the new girl 2 weeks later. Then cheated on the now-fiance with the ex gf while she was in Europe for a couple of weeks by telling the ex gf he was on a “break”. He wasn’t. Could go on as he cheated soooo many times with so many different people. The worst.

  57. Adriel Yeo from Brisbane, Australia. Serial cheater. Cheated on his wife (#1) with his girlfriend (#2). Then cheated on his girlfriend (#2) with his wife (#1). Got a new GF (#3) and cheated on her with his ex gf (#2). Also cheated on his wife (#1) and probably ex gf with his “best female friend”. Can’t help himself. Religious man. Thinks god forgives him so he doesn’t need anybody else’s forgiveness.

  58. Roer Jimenez from Sydney, Australia. Strung me along for 10 years and then found out he was married…yep a story as old as Rome. A consummate liar. I don’t think I will ever recover but adding his name to this list helps.

  59. Azzam Alqalawi from Arlington, TX. TOXIC IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Controlling, minipulative, liar….the worst is he is a predator! Has a record of going after underaged girls. Stay away. If not because what an awful person he is, then let it be so you aren’t around when his karma hits

  60. Christopher Ho. He is a straight up pedophile, craddle robber, and creep. He groomed me when i had just became a teenager and he was over 18 yrs old. He coerced me into having sex then cheated on me by having sex with other girls who were under the age of 17. He also took nude photos of my without my knowledge and shared it amongst his circle. He should be locked up.

  61. Johnny Si from Brooklyn, NY. This man child is a cheater, pathological liar, cheapskate, insecure, and will steal from you. We dated for a while and this guy stole money from mt repeatedly (i didn’t realize until i ended the relationship that money was gone from my home), when confronted about this, he did not deny what he did. He also made a ton of white lies throughout the relationship, such as having a job, going to school, and having a college degree when in reality he was just sitting at home doing nothing for months. Once he had a job, he cheated on me with his coworker and was caught in the act. He also tried to pocket money from his sister’s boyfriend. He is a broke ass dude that is just bumming off anyone he can to make it appear like he has some money to take you out. Don’t fall for it.

  62. David Landry from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. What a loser. Manipulative and insecure, gaslights and cheats on his girlfriends. Pressured me into sending nudes, then found him jerking off to a folder of all his exes. Garbage human.

  63. Zach Zumbuhl from Lafayette, Indiana. Met on Tinder and we hit it off intensely. He said he was divorced and split custody of his daughter with his ex. We got serious and about 4 months in he started distancing himself. I sense something is up and do a little internet researching and his ass is still married and they live together raising their child.

    I confront him and he says that he plans on asking for a divorce and didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to scare me away. (Yes my dumb ass bought it) About a week later, we were supposed to go out to dinner and I can’t get ahold of him. Phone goes straight to voicemail and no text response. I’m freaked out so I drive over to his house where he is working on his truck in driveway.

    I get out of my car and he immediately grabs me and guides me back to my car and tells me that I need to leave. I start asking him questions and he says that he’ll meet me at a business parking lot just around the corner. So I go and meet him there where he tells me that he and his wife are in counseling and that he wants to make it work with her. But not before he tries getting me to have sex with him in my car one last time.

    I wish I could say I walked away at that point but the next 6 months were pretty much him playing mind games with me for sex. He played me a lot and knew exactly what to say to keep me on the line.

    If you run across Zach Zumbuhl from Lafayette, IN on any dating apps or in person, steer clear. He’s still married to the same woman, still a gamey fuck, and won’t care about how much he’s hurt you.

  64. Troy Piper from Cleveland,Ohio. Troy Piper is an abusive narcissist. I know those terms get thrown around a lot, but in this case it is true. He lovesbombs in the beginning and then plays games to get you hooked. He is an alcoholic and our relationship finally ended when he beat me up in an alcoholic rage. I had a concussion, broken teeth, pulled ligament in my hand which required surgery. The asshole only spent 5 days in jail because it was his first offense. Avoid this dangerous man at all costs.

  65. Marcelo Goecking from Columbus, OH. Marcelo is a Brazilian man who has lived in the States for about 6 years. I met him on a dating app. He lied to be about everything. He told me he had been separated for 7 months and was now divorced. I later found out from his ex-wife that he was living with her for the first month that he and I dated (we dated for about 3 months). After that first month of dating me, he had sex with her. When I found out and confronted him, it was just more lies. She begged him for it, what was he supposed to do? He didn’t think we were exclusive (we had already agreed to be), etc. After a little more investigating, I found out he had gone on a date with at least one other girl while I was dating him. Meanwhile, I was starting to grow very unhappy with our relationship. Even though I didn’t know about the other women, he stopped taking me out on dates, stopped wanting to go anywhere in public. Refused to come to my house blaming that on the fact that I have cats. After that first month, he just wanted me to come over, cook him dinner, have sex with him, and spend the night. He just wanted a woman around the house. I dumped him after finding out about the other women (his ex-wife found me online and warned me). He blamed me and said that he wanted to break up with me anyways. This is a horribly narcissistic man who is pathological on many levels. Unfortunately he is very good looking and quite charming and good in bed. I think he wants to date as many American women as possible, using them for sex, meals, and the ability to learn English and possibly to business together in this country. If you encounter this man, run for the hills. He is very very bad news.

  66. Jonathan Leon Mejia from Bucaramanga, Colombia.


    He’s a good cook
    He loved traveling


    He’s a cheater
    He’s a womanizer
    He’s a liar
    He’s selfish
    He’s extremely stingy
    He’s a taker and not a giver
    He’s emotionally and mentally unstable
    He’s flaky with plans
    He’s unorganized with his life
    He doesn’t know what he wants in his life
    He plans and doesn’t do his plans
    He is immature
    He is irresponsible
    He has a daughter that he refuses to financially support
    He’s a vagabond
    He is a bedhopper
    He will break up with you every three months and come back to you after
    He enjoys putting his partner down
    He likes an on and off relationship
    He likes one sided open relationship (and that side is his side)
    He is never appreciative
    He enjoys criticizing his partner
    You can never plan a life with him because he is flaky and unstable
    He always complains everyday about everything
    He is never grateful about anything
    He is a narcissist

  67. Bret Bush from Austin, Texas. Where do you start with a man who has been doing damage for YEARS? Bret can be very charming and love bomb and tell you that he is going to take you to amazing places. He can’t afford to take you anywhere. He will tell you he loves you and adores you and then break up with you by email or cheat. He lies about EVERYTHING to make himself look good.

    This man was married for over 20 years to the same woman. He told me she cheated on him, however, he slipped and told me about a time he was at a Duran Duran concert and cheated on her. Left her when she got a diagnosis of Multiple Sclorosis. First woman I know of that he dated for over a year in Chicago was clearly infatuated as she posted all about him. He left her for a woman he met in Georgia at a bar. After one weekend with this woman, he arrived in Chicago to be picked up by the woman in Chicago and he told her he had met the love of his life in GA, so it they were done. He never told me that story, the GA woman did.

    He tells the GA woman he is moving to Hartford for a promotion, it was actually a new job for him. Anyway, the GA woman said that he was highly jealous, insecure and very cheap. She said she found Viagra in his bags. Yet, he loves if you dress provocatively and he will walk around with you on his arm. They broke up once and he traveled to Buckhead to her favorite restaurant to find her. He told me that she reached out to HIM to apologize and promised to “change her whole personality.” Ultimately, they got back together. The GA woman got engaged to him but wanted a pre nup as she has family businesses. He refused. At the end, he and his grown children went to SC to visit her family and celebrate together. Not only were they rude, he bought her a scale as one of her presents, which she opened in front of the entire family. After a day of Christmas craziness, he insisted on having sex, the GA woman said no and he had tantrum and called her a cunt.

    She responded that he will never see this cunt again and he went into the parking garage and transferred all the gifts she got him into his car and refused to leave until the morning. She never spoke to him again. He kept her family and friends on his social media and never took down their photos. He reached out to her, but she didn’t respond. A year later, I meet him on Bumble in Connecticut. He tells me that he is looking for a partner, not someone looking for money. He said his ex asked to buy her a Mercedes 6 months into their relationship. She says that it is a lie. (She is successful on her own.) At the time, I lived in a big house in a nice town and was getting a divorce.

    After one month of dating, he started staying my house and made himself at home. I noticed he had all of his ex’s friends and family and her pics on social media, which I thought was strange. He lied and told me he had no contact with any of them. When I moved into my condo, he came too. While he had an apartment, he stayed with me every day and then the pandemic hit. He never really left. We had sex daily for months. He didn’t pay for wifi at his place so he needed to work from my home or my business.

    He was able to afford an expensive golf membership and take us out to eat, but didn’t pay me a cent for living there. I cleaned and did his laundry and grocery shopped. He told me adored me, wanted to take me on trips, was only in relationships if he “saw a future”. Trust me, that never happened. He took me to Chicago and stayed in a crappy hotel and he introduced me to his grown children and his ex wife. They were very nice, but honestly, why introduce me if you don’t see a future with me? Odd. One time he offered to pay me $200 for living expenses when he had lived there about 6 months lol. By August. when he said he didn’t want to officially move in, I asked him to leave. He became hard to reach (come find out he drives for LYFT!) Finally one night in November we argued about politics. The next day he broke up with me by email.

    I got COVID a few days later and he said to let him know if I needed anything, but he never checked on me. 2 weeks later he called to talk. I refused. After we broke up, he moved to Austin without letting me know until I saw it on Bumble. He moved in with his stepmother, a wealthy older woman. Lived with her for over a year FOR FREE. He had told me his real mother committed suicide, told his GA girlfriend she was murdered. We kept in touch back and forth for a year. (I still didn’t see it!) When he was in CT for work or golf, he reached out, but I refused. I finally agreed to see him and he came up here for a week last February. Told me he was in Houston the weekend before with another woman at an Elton John concert, but also told me he wanted a future with me and that he was all in. Told me he loved me. I never heard from him again.

    I had told him I was not going to go to Texas or have a long distance relationship with a man who lives with his step mom. Saw him on Bumble the very same week. I sent him a long text telling him he is a predatory sociopath and a user. HE TEXTED ME BACK THAT I WASN’T WRONG! He is now living with a very low class girl, children didn’t live with her, no career, can’t spell, lots of filler and filters and has a rap sheet for stealing. They have moved in together (out of his stepmoms big house!) and the poor thing is adding his last name to her permanent jewelry business. Like she is special to him. And the ex fiance’s picture is still one of his cover pages on Facebook, but he has it set so the new girl can’t see it. I am still on his Netflix! She has no idea. He is just keeping a tie to us in case it doesn’t work out with the new girl. Warning to anyone: Bret Bush is a user and a loser.

    1. There is so much, I forgot to add that he is a heavy drinker and pretty much drinks everyday. He will not buy property and always rents because he wants to be able to move on a whim. He has an odd relationship with his ex wife. He complains about her, but they speak often. He told me he didn’t like his stepmom’s dachshunds that he was caring for, but told me “I pretend to like them.” Also, he is collecting money from investors to start a business with some partners here in CT, but this process has been going on for 2 years, and I doubt at 60 years old, he will ever succeed. DO NOT GIVE HIM ACCESS TO YOUR LIFE, HE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE.

  68. Seydou Belemvire from Hyattsville, MD. GHOSTED AFTER A YEAR OF DATING

    Met Seydou on Hinge. He was a recently divorced dad and didn’t disclose online that he was technically awaiting final divorce papers until we met in person. I began to get very outlandish stories about where he was when he would miss calls or activities about a week or so before we split. He even missed Valentine’s Day with some last-minute excuse.

    Finally things ended because he ghosted me while I was in the hospital and never returned any of my personal belongings. He seemed like a nice guy at first, but nice guys aren’t bitter at women and don’t break up with you by ghosting. He was probably cheating and just decided to go for what was easiest rather than behaving like a real man… at 45 years of age. He starts off well, but just isn’t the kind of guy to be able to maintain a relationship long term which explains why he’s divorced. Fun to date at first, but certainly not someone you will miss when he’s gone. Just make sure you don’t leave anything of value at his place.

  69. Daniel Williams from Hawthorne, CA. Be Careful trusting the feelings he says he has. We were dating for several months, he expressed his love during intimacy, then ghosted for a week. Turns out he said he loved me and literally took it back and said he didn’t, that he was caught up in the moment. Should have walked away then. Fast forward 2 years later. Lied about vacation planning with his brother and where he was going to party, who was there, and what drugs he was doing. Did not admit it until he was caught in the lie. Fast forward 2 years after that and we have been living together for 9 months. Gas lighted me at every chance he could get. He got me to the point where I was begging for attention and affection and told me that my feelings were wrong. Lied about watching porn and panicked when confronted. He is a selfish lover and anytime I tried to ask for my own needs, he denied me. The moment I set boundaries and started asking for a partner who helped around the house, who was accountable for their actions and be communicative, he told me he wanted to be alone and not have the responsibility of a relationship. He left two days later to go live with his mother who cooks and cleans for him. This man is a self admitted coward who can’t even take care of himself, let alone be a willing partner. Keep in mind, he is in his 30s. If he wants to date you, shut it down quickly.

  70. Brooklyn James Jongkind from Abbotsford and Vancouver, BC Canada. James and I met on hinge.
    We dated, got married all within less than four months after dating.
    We got pregnant and he abandoned me.
    James is 41 years old, claims to have a history of “businesses”
    Lives with his parents
    “Christian” but talks bad about everyone, including his family.
    Use to be a dancer
    Was a martial arts instructor in Vancouver.
    Was arrested for horrible things
    Uses woman financial
    Can’t afford anything
    Brooklyn James has ghosted me during the pregnancy.
    He loves to play the victim.
    The Range Rover, I bought it and he financially abused me.
    Abusive partner physically, mentally and emotionally.
    Alpha male, I had to do what he said because he’s a man.
    Created fake dating profiles to catch his sister in law cheating but yet he talks to younger woman.
    Lived in Barcelona for 10 years and has traveled the world but yet is banded from 10 continents.
    Claims his ex is crazy and a drug user.
    Yet, we are married, he has made my life hell. Im pregnant with his daughters and he doesn’t seem to care one bit.
    Im sure he’s active on a dating app, trying to wow females.
    Works for Melaleuca, a pyramid scheme company.
    Claims that it’s his father’s multimillion company. Again, it’s not.
    Let me just say this ladies, he can’t afford a cup of coffee or gas.

  71. Chris Gauthier (not the famous actor) from Maryland, Illinois, AZ. Chris Gauthier recently from Maryland, but now a digital nomad possibly in SC, NC, AZ and Spain (Granada or Malaga). Originally from Illinois. (Not Chris Gauthier the famous actor!)

    A super charming, educated and smart guy. Loves to talk and knows a little something about everything. Will charm the pants off of any girl and will love-bomb you. He will tell you whatever you want to hear just to sleep with you. I wasted 10 years of my life with this man. He is a chronic liar–chronic, and know him well. If his mouth is open, he’s lying. He lies about everything, even when it’s not necessary. He told me he was divorced when we first met, even after I repeatedly asked about this, but turns out he didn’t get divorced until 1.5 years after we were together.

    But the lies go much deeper. Even in the first year we were together, he kept several female “friends” close by. One, he met for dinner and drinks on a Friday night when he was supposed to be going out with me. He was 3 hours late getting to my house and said that he had gone back to work (I know this was a lie because one of my friends saw them at the restaurant looking very “comfortable” together and then in his car for a LONG time. He ended up sleeping with that woman and lying to me about it for years. And then there were multiple ex lovers through the years whom he always kept on a short string, always hiding his texts and emails with them. I looked at his texts a few times, and they were sexual in nature and not the kind of text you would exchange with “just friends.” There was another woman whom he bumped into at his job one year whom he essentially dated at work while he and I were living together. Lunch, breaks, dinners, drinks, hangouts, private messages…. This was a woman with whom he almost cheated on his first wife with, but now he had the chance to sleep with her again and my gut says he did. He also brought home an STD–thanks, Chris.

    And it gets even worse. Despite his charm and intelligence, he has a behavioral addiction (not a drug, but behavioral addiction). He has a sexual compulsive addiction, which is manifested in pornography (mostly) but also some other very concerning behavior. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT LIKE the millions of guys who look at porn on the weekends, no, Chris is looking at it almost 24/7. His porn viewing starts as soon as he wakes up in the morning, he would reach for his phone to view the latest celebrity bikinis or “nip-slips”, then he takes his phone to the bathroom for more “private” porn viewing. And then he was in and out of the bathroom multiple times a day for 30+ minutes at a time. Then we watches porn before, during, and after his home workout. He says it gets the blood pumping. He had a database of thousands of pornographic photos of models that scrolls on screen while he works out. And then it was off to work (before he became a remote worker), driving to/from work every day on the Washington DC / VA / MD beltway, watching porn videos while driving. He even crashed his car twice because he was watching porn instead of paying attention to traffic and it was months for his car to get fixed. At work, he would take printed literotica into the bathroom (phones/electronics not allowed in the building) and would view porn on the work computer but only through his google drive or “shopping” sites (lingerie, bikini, celebrity models, etc) so he wouldn’t get caught. He changed job contracts within the company often, likely because he never did much work because of the porn-lite all day at work. Remote work now makes it so much easier now for him to view hard-core porn most of the day. This is his EVERY DAY routine! I counted his work hours once for a few weeks and he actually only worked about 10-15 of the 40 hours he claimed on his timesheet. And he was in and out of porn 30+ times each day. Every day! Not kidding.

    When he would get home from work, he would sit in the parking space finishing up his porn before coming in and then lie saying he was on a work call (I kept proof of all of this too!). Then he would “go to the bathroom” with his phone or tablet for 30-40 minutes, and on and on. I didn’t know about the porn until the first day we moved in together (when I caught him alone in the kitchen watching porn while church people and kids carried in boxes!) and once I started really looking into what was happening, I was completely shocked at the amount of porn he was watching, and the TYPE. Even sometimes “teen” porn (of course the sites say they are 18+, but I wasn’t really convinced). And as any addict does, he needed more and more of the drug to get his fix. And in our sex life he needed either porn or other progressively weird things to have a good time. And I haven’t even mentioned the prostitutes. He’s sick, and he hides it from the world extremely well. But the worst part is that he cannot acknowledge that he has an addiction. This, and the chronic lying, and the women, the trust issues, tore us apart (and of course he blamed me!).

    He’s also extremely good at gaslighting. When I showed him the proof when I brought up the problems, (from his phone or wherever), he would be so mad at being caught lying that he would call me psychotic–basically because he was caught and was trying to retaliate! He would lie about the porn, the lovers, and everything else and then try to make me think that I was the problem or tell me something completely opposite to make me question myself. I started recording our conversations and gathering proof just to make sure I wasn’t crazy and to prove that he was a liar and an addict. I’d say he probably borders on “charming narcissist.” Again, he is super charming on the outside, but has a dark and ugly inside. I hope this helps someone down the road and luckily I kept my proof just in case someone tries to question my words.

  72. Mervin Green from Fresno California. He is a seriel cheater. Dated me while he had an entire girlfriend and another side chick! Was dating all three of us at once. This was just 2021. I broke the news to his girlfriend after I found out, she was devastated but she was the nicest person and understood everything. He is a jerk who uses his past trauma to guilt you into staying with him. He is a whole different level of narcissist!

  73. Brian McNeil from Panama City, FL. He’s a sociopathic, narcissistic rapist. His whole family is very similar. I was married to him for years and was abused mentally, physically, and emotionally for the duration. Finally left him after he hit me in the face with his cast (he had 2 broken arms from an accident and was mad I was in the way of his video game.) Avoid this man at all costs, he’s not even worth being friends with.

  74. Abraham Zayas from CA. He used to live in Chicago. He dated a girl in college and cheated on her relentlessly with Asian specific women (he’s not Asian). He seems quiet and chill but he lives multiple lives with women. He has a history of being a serial cheater and he is a narcissist. He is most likely with someone who he is probably cheating on with. Ladies please be warned.

  75. Lucas Fuhrman from Greenville, MI. This is someone every woman should avoid at all costs. He is a full blown narcissist. He is physically abusive. To the point that he choked me. He has destroyed MANY of my personal belongings. He has cheated more times than I could possibly count. He is a porn and sex addict. He uses every woman he’s with. He may appear Charming and attentive but it is 100% an act. He will screw ANYTHING. He does not use protection. He once had sex with a girl that had just turned 18 and at her request.. did it on her father’s bed. He then came back to me and we spent several days on a vacation. Where we had unprotected sex. He has put my health at risk MANY times. You may find him on the usual dating sites. (As well as all the gay dating sites) Which he has been banned from. So if you see him there please report! He pressures and coerces woman to have sex with him. He sends unsolicited pics. He has sent my nudes out to multiple ppl without my consent. He targets overweight women the most and has a fetish for them and trans women as well. He thinks he’s really something because he has a “career”. He lies, steals and cheats. He takes whatever he wants. The nicer, more compassionate and more empathetic you are the bigger target you will present. He has attacked me then called the cops on ME. While he was on the phone with them kept yelling for me to stop hitting him. I was 100’s of yards away from him. He once called CPS during and off period because he thought I was seeing other men. He is a “grown man” yet he will seek out barely legal teens to hook up with. HE DOES NOT USE PROTECTION!!!!!!! He has ruined countless holidays and birthdays. I gave up years of my life hoping he would change. He is still exactly the same. He will not ever change. Having him out of my life has been transformative. I’m getting my life back. I’m not depressed anymore. My anxiety is so much lower now. PLEASE stay away from him. He is a VERY GOOD liar. Completely pathological too. He lies about stuff that’s so weird. He still lives with his parents. His family babies him and takes care of him. They have helped create a narcissist. He is absolutely nothing special. He doesn’t care about anyone. Not even you.

  76. Andrew Ferguson and Indianapolis, IN. This man hooked up with my best friend in our downstairs bathroom, while I was asleep upstairs, the night we celebrated my birthday, two months after my sister died. And this was after he “warned” me that his “needs weren’t being met, and we both know bad things happen when my needs aren’t met”

    This is far from the only terrible thing he did, but it’s by far the worst. Save your time, he’s addicted to porn, sex, he drinks like a fish with jack Daniels taste on a PBR budget.

  77. Aundre Christopher from Anoka, MN. Avoid Aundre “Dre” at all costs. It’s a crazy ride of deceit and cheating. He wants to marry any successful women he finds, and claims his modeling career is successful until you find out the truth. His bisexuality isn’t the issue, but rather he doesn’t play safe and it’s not occasional mm fun, it’s multiple times a week. He will love you and treat you well, but all to hide his other activities. He doesn’t pay his bills, his multiple sugar daddies do.

  78. ER Lombard from South Africa. ER Lombard is a pathological liar who gets a kick out of living double lives with multiple women at the same time, without consent. He is a leach who will tap you dry, both financially and emotionally. He is a narcissist who works at systematically breaking down the self-worth of every woman he cons.

  79. Luis Cortez from San Bernardino, CA. He’s actually my ex husband. He had a major pornography addiction which really lowered my self esteem and prevented us from being intimate with each other. He was always very vengeful and full of the need to get even as well as being incredibly petty. For us, he didn’t love and appreciate me the way that I needed him to and we would constantly fight about it and I would beg him to just show me that he cared. He takes no responsibility in any of his actions and will always act like he does no wrong. Eventually we both had some infidelities which caused him to become insanely jealous to the point of looking through my phone and smart watch when I was sleeping or anytime I wasn’t around. I knew before we got married that he wasn’t for me and I should’ve listened to my gut!

  80. Darnell Chase Hill from Emory, Texas. He met his new girlfriend when she was 16 and he was 23, groomed her until she was 18 and then knocked her up on her 18th bday. Then he decided he didn’t like her so he started dating me. He lied to me about their relationship and the origins of it for over 6 months and I didn’t find out until 6 more after the breakup when she texted me going apesh!t thinking I wouldn’t leave him alone. I explained that I dumped him over 6 mos prior and he was the one harassing me. We became friends, unfortunately they’re still together but I hope she gets out one day bc she deserves way better. I wouldn’t wish that lying, manipulating narcissist on my worst enemy.

  81. Jason nottle from Adelaide, when we were together he cheated on me multiple times. After we broke up he dated all my friends. We have a son together and after he met his now girlfriend and they had a baby he refuses to see his son.
    He has nothing to his name. Will never be able to afford a holiday or buy a house. I’m glad I got out of there

  82. Dave from Upland-Irvine. RUN! Likes them young..real young. Will sweep you off your feet in an attempt to look like Prince Charming when he’s really the Villain. Faker than a used car salesman. Terrible credit and won’t pay his bills. Chronic cheater with severe mommy issues and teeny tiny baby balls. Horrible BO with worse teeth. Drug addict and alcoholic. Habitual liar. Ladies stay away from Dave from Upland/ Irvine/ Rancho Cucamonga- CA or Orange NJ! Not exaggerating when I tell you he likes them young. 13-17 and yes the police are involved.

  83. David Smith from Greenwood/Indianapolis Indiana. I was with him for 8 excruciating shit show years.
    I didn’t realize until a few years into the relationship that he is a malignant narcissist with BPD, a chronic alcoholic, and a fraud/con man.
    To name a few:
    He’s addicted to:
    His ego / himself
    (Overextends and spends irresponsibly has no retirement plan or savings
    And filed bankruptcy at least 2 times).

    He’s a hard core racist
    Bashes and hates women
    He hates dogs
    Always negative and screams at people.
    Highly verbally abusive with some physical abuse too
    Has threatened peoples lives including mine
    Two faced backstabbing hypocrite who has nothing nice to say about anyone behind their backs
    Fleeced (stole) over 70K + from my mom/family.
    (not including the house we shared)
    He’s been married many times previously and preys on women for his financial advancement.
    His first wife wanted out so badly that she moved out and ran far away when he was at work one day. I understand her disdain, fear and desperation.

    He participates in poor and shady business practices.
    He is a carpenter
    with his own business and overcharges and cuts corners constantly
    He dumps chemicals illegally and cheats on his taxes.

    He also collects guns
    Is a conspiracy theorist
    Is highly paranoid and unstable

    He also has very nasty hygiene

    He can sit for hours and chews his fingernails and finger skin.
    Can’t flush a toilet
    Won’t wash hands after taking a shit
    Destroys the toilet seat when using the bathroom
    Farts constantly
    Snores like a freight train
    His tiny dick didn’t/doesn’t work
    Ogres or imps under bridges are an improvement in comparison to my fucktard ex.

    I pray for any woman who might fall prey to that repulsive soul crushing life sucking vampire.

    He’s a repulsive person. Run away if this parasite loud mouthed braggart conceited asshole starts trying to woo or groom you.
    He has nothing to offer you even though he’ll act like his cooking skills deserve an award winning parade.
    There is nothing genuine or altruistic about that man.

    Always remember : As he’s helping you, he’s also making sure to help himself.

    He will never go
    without,… at the expense of others.
    His sketchy double life and deception/lies are his smoke and mirrors game.

  84. Jason Crumer. Was very forceful and tried to have s** with me without a condom and when I said I wanted to use one he said he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. Then went and slept with another girl in the house loudly. Told a lot of white supremacist “jokes” you could tell weren’t jokes.

  85. Kevin D from Austin, Texas. Addicted to anonymous internet s**. Pressured me into not using protection. Lied about being sober and being with his ex.

  86. Leo’Nard Jordan from Atlanta, GA. Operates under the guise of being a “nice guy” who is pro-woman. But in reality he is a womanizer, cheater and a lazy bum. He cheated on me with other successful women, trying to get me to finance his lifestyle the entire time we dated. Didn’t have a steady residence, nor could he hold down a job. When one of the other women he was dating reached out to me, she told me she and him never used protection. Very narcissistic, selfish, and when he gets caught doing wrong, he plays the victim.

  87. Kevin from Woodland, Ca. He’s a pig. No manners. Loud, obnoxious, and is very insecure about his tiny member. It’s only about 4 inches long. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Has no respect for the woman he’s with. Always thinks he’s right. Always wants his way. Drug user and alcoholic.

  88. Aidyn Caisley from Melbourne, Australia. He was such a beautiful soul, he had his demons as everyone does but he always tried his absolute hardest to put it behind him and better himself for the future and for us. He was dedicated, persistent and always trying to make me smile even when I felt like I wasn’t able to, he trusted me and I trusted him even though we were only together for such a short time it was amazing, he helped build my confidence and always made me feel good about myself. The only slight red flag or issues we had were people of his past… His ex’s he never cheated but I didn’t like that he was so friendly with them, his friendly to everyone which I guess isn’t a problem unless you’re the jealous type. If the person reading this is with Aidyn don’t take him for granted. Show him the love he deserves ?

  89. Adam cantergiani from McAllen and Dallas Texas. He has undisclosed jail records for robbing a house and possession. He is a drug addict. He is the class is example of a nascissist, lies, cheats, also asks you for money, guilt trips you. He has violent tendencies, can’t buy a gun and pushes people to buy one for him. Stay as away as possible from him. He tends to move around a lot, california may also be an option. He lools like a preppy fit guy. don’t be fooled.

  90. Frank W Brevik from Savannah, Georgia. Physically and emotionally abusive, on top of being a constant cheater. He’s a very scary man. A classic narcissist, will love bomb and then slowly over time devalue you, make question your reality, try and make your confidence completely diminish. Believes women should be quiet, claims that no man wants a funny woman. Collects women as prey. Quite literally said it’s okay to do everything he does because “we are all predators”… terrifying. Groomed me as I was half his age and made the perfect victim. Makes voice recordings on his phone about the “things” he wants to do to his students. It’s genuinely disturbing. The list of horrendous acts goes on. Stay far away.

  91. Tyler from mCalgary, Alberta. This man used me for 19 months. He couldn’t afford to pay his bills or feed his children. Told me bs lies that I was the one and he only wanted me. I put food in the house all the time. And he had the audacity to steal money from my wallet. And not small sums either. When I noticed he blamed his teenage son. Said he talk to him and nothing changed. I should have realized sooner it was him. We eventually moved to a more affordable place but he wasn’t happy. Our rent was always bouncing. He couldn’t budget his car payment and rent. I paid him half of the rent so not sure where his money was going. He eventually talked me into moving again on the promise that I would not have to pay more than I already was. My credit was used to get the home and 2 weeks later he’s done with me because I won’t buy him smokes. I went for a drive to clear my head and that was the end of it. Granted he would leave to go for drives and it was never a problem. Found out this man had been cheating on me pretty much from day 1. I stupidity supported him and ensured his kids where feed and he told me he stopped being intimate with me because I put on a gross amount of weight. I had lost 20 lbs during the course of our relationship. But you know he had photo evidence. This POS after the break up doesn’t pay the rent at the house I had to move out of and than abandoned it. He during this time of not paying rent borrowed money from his friend who had two kids and another on the way and could not really afford to loan him 300 bucks, so he could take his new girlfriend to Banff. Last I heard he never paid them back. Absolute waste of breath this one. He even posted lies on the dirty. It just made me feel bad for sleeping with something so stupid.

  92. Tyreece Allen from Long Beach, Ca. He has more children than Future and Nick Cannon.
    When I met him he had 3 kids from 2 women… which is a lot, but he seemed to be a great dad. He had custody of them and the kids adored him. So I made an exception and entered into a relationship with him.
    I suspected he was cheating on me 2 years into the relationship, but never had any hard evidence… until we had a child. My daughter was 2 months old when I found out she had a 3 month sister from another woman.
    I was heart broken and left the relationship, then found out later he father SIX other children during our 3 year relationship.

    My life has taken a seriously unexpected detour.
    Ladies, beware!

  93. William Robinson from Ellabell ga, somewhere in texas. Abusive, prolific cheater, gaslighter, is really sweet at first but once he has you he will brainwash you and when you try to leave it gets dangerous.

  94. Stan Roberts from Dallas, Texas. I dated this man, Stan (25 years old), for 3.5 years until I found out he was leading multiple lives… 2 other long term girlfriends (one in LA and one in Dallas) and multiple long term hook ups/relationships in New Orleans. He is not honest about his sexual status and history, and has put at least 6 women at risk. His entire family and friends knew all of us and no one warned us, he had plans with each of us to move in together, get married, have kids, the whole deal…

    He’s originally from LA, but has lived in Dallas, New Orleans, Scottsdale and is now back in Dallas. He spends a lot of time in all of these places, and if he doesn’t have a girlfriend in each place, he’s got women he hooks up with frequently in each area. He uses Hinge in all these places to find new women to date or hook up with. Please steer clear as he is manipulative and narcissistic and will continue his trend of hurting women emotionally and putting their sexual health at risk.

  95. Tim Bell from Brisbane and coffs harbour Australia. He is a con artist and manipulates everyone to suit him. He kept it hidden from me for 6 years so he is very good at it. He will act like he is the most amazing catch but really he is a hidden junkie who shoots up in secret, uses fake profiles to sleep with anyone he can find and will secretly sell all of your belongings. He will make you think you’re a crazy person because he will deny everything even when he is 150 percent caught out on something. His denial game is unmatched! Don’t be fooled, I was for way to long and thought his ex was crazy but she was right about everything and now I’m here to warn the other girls of this despicable man child. In his fake profile I also found him trying to sleep with young teens so keep your kids away from him too

  96. Chris McDonald from Qld Australia. He told my care team that I was a risk to myself and others, effectively locking me in a psych ward on my 19th birthday. In the 24 hours I was in there, he spent the entire time talking to one of the girls I went to school with who now had a fansly account. He spent this entire time talking to her, jacking off to her pictures and then left it all open on his laptop for me to find. On my birthday. Bastard didn’t even get me a cake. This, coupled with emotional affairs, cancelling dates and anniversaries to go out drinking with other women, making me take out loans I still can’t pay back to pay for his smokes and groceries after he spent all his money on alcohol, and a blatant disregard for how his actions affect anyone else but himself is why he is 29, with a failed marriage and a failed engagement under his belt. He looks like an incel in his tinder pics, he’s not, but he’s a grooming, pedophile piece of shit and unless you’re under the age of 18 and don’t know any better, he won’t be interested.

  97. Chris from Qld Australia. Met when I was 17 and he was 27, he was my manager and I was a staff member. We moved in together and he started drinking and partying and forgetting important days, eventually broke up because of his obsession with another girl. 2 weeks later he was sexting another 16 year old girl, he was charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass, or cause offence. He used his alcoholism and the fact that he was ‘drunk’ as an excuse for trying to sleep with a 16 year old as a 29 year old man. He wasn’t drunk, he’s just a piece of shit

  98. Henry Quarrell from Sa/vic Australia. Cheater, lier, abusive drunk, multiple baby mummas, won’t pay child support, marriage means nothing to him. Multiple restraining orders, also threatened to kill his ex wife because she wouldn’t put up with his bs anymore.

  99. Kimble Patrick slaughter from the UK. He’s a full blown narcissist . He sleeps with prostitutes. Is on all online dating sites and is a gas lighting parasite. He will take your money . Your confidence and he will never tell the truth , he’s a dangerous drinking raging abuser.

  100. Max Tidball from Somerset, UK. An abusive, self centred alcoholic. All he wanted was money from MY earnings to feed his habit.

    He didn’t care when I was ill and he really has a crap family too. Glad I left him, really nasty pieces of work.

  101. Harry Kamataris from Fort Lauderdale FL/Caoe Cod, MA. He is a covert narcissist that not only abuses emotionally but he will also physically assault you. He has a criminal record and appears most people know about this. I did not know this. I highly recommend any girl/lady/woman to second think any relationship with this guy.

  102. Bruce Tretzen from Renton, WA. When we first got together I was 26, he said he wanted to wait on having kids, then 7 yrs later, I’ve helped him build his work network and contributed regularly to his house payment and the household expenses. Then he says he changed his mind, doesn’t want kids with me.
    A few years later I looked him up on twitter and found him having private chats with our friends’ 15 yr old daughter on her sexually promiscuous account, she literally had called herself a “ho” in the title. This was a girl we knew since she was only 4 and I had always been like an aunt to her. I also had caught him cheating and lying his ass off about it over the years, like when he’d take trips to vegas to visit his parents, yet he stayed in a hotel 30 minutes away. Every night with this man was an absolute bore watching him chat with babes online and ignore me.

  103. Cameron Mosier from Muskegon/ Grand Rapids, MI. Narcissist, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically abusive.

    He’ll seem like a gentle, wounded, giant at first. He was beaten as a child and has had girls cheat on him in the past so comes across as a sorry soul. (All true, family verified). He told me an ex even took him to court for stalking but the case was dropped because she messaged him ‘I love you’ before the hearing. (first red flag, I know, but he explained it as her and her mom were upset he broke things off)

    First year was great. Didn’t realise I was being conditioned into messaging him at all points of the day – even if I woke up at 3am- if he saw I was online at 3am why didn’t I message him? Slowly realised I was no longer allowed to hang out with friends after work or the weekends. If I had a shift with men I had to ask to change to all female shift.
    I wanted to go to university to get a better job (he was unemployed and had a hard time keeping a job as had a big of a temper with authority figures. I was paying his rent and groceries despite us not living together). He was furious and said he’d kill himself if I went away to study.

    After a physical altercation I broke up with him for good.

    Post breakup I figured out that he made dozens of fake social media accounts to lie and spy on me during our relationship. Then used them to harass me and posted NSFW images of me and even videos I didn’t know were recorded(!!) online with my personal number and social medias making guys harass me as well. He drove across country to my childhood home and sent me pictures of him there 2 years post break up.
    All while occasionally threatening to kill himself or me if we didn’t get back together. This stalking went on for 4 years POST BREAK UP. I blocked all of his numbers and accounts but he just kept getting new ones!
    Yeah, be aware.

    PS I’m doing a Law masters now sooooo fuck you Cameron.

  104. Kelvin Shephard from Pontypridd, South Wales. I met him whilst working at the cinema years ago, in my home town of Telford, he came across as kind and caring… We were soon dating and he managed to isolate me from my family and friends. I felt pressured into marrying him whilst i was still young (he is 8 years older than myself) he beefed himself up to be this person that he is not ie professional photographer/cinema projectionist and marketing guy.. but he was none of the things he was telling everyone he was… After our wedding day everything went further south… I was mentally abused by him as he loved to play mind games with me and make me out to be his child bride to all the older men who would listen to him.. He had affairs in the marriage and never contributed to the house hold bills, leaving me to pay for everything on my bakery wages… When my brother was murdered, he told me that my brother deserved to be beaten to death and was not there for me as i grieved for my little brother… This is when i started gathering information about him to help me get a divorce… before i filed for divorce he got mugged on the way home from work and because i didn’t call an ambulance to meet him at home, when he arrived home… he called the police and tried to get them to arrest me, stating I set him up to be beaten and robbed! (wish i had now!) Once i had gathered enough evidence against him for the divorce I filed it… Unfortunately he got half of everything, even though he never contributed towards anything and i moved on.. but during the divorce he registered my phone number as some sort of sex line and i was getting all sorts of perverts ringing me up for sex.. i changed my number… Now I’m married to a friend I have known for years and we now have kids of our own… Kelvin moved to Pontypridd after our divorce and he is still lying and scheming and giving false character references for himself on line… so please beware girls he is not what he pretends to be.. on typing this he will be now 52 years old and still likes younger girls.

  105. Ahmed moneim from Winter garden, Florida. I’m doing this because I wish someone had warned me about Ahmed Moneim. He abuses and controls women. He treats them like property. He lies constantly and has a serious drug problem with coke and marijuana.

    He might buy you things in the beginning but then when he feels like he has you trapped he WILL financially control you. He Will threaten you and lie to you. This is the type of man that will NEVER change. Do not submit to him. YOU ARE NOT HIS PROPERTY. LEAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR YOU WILL END UP BEING PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY ABUSED. I had to get a restraining order because he wouldn’t stop. He has completely abandoned his son and lies and blames it on me but as upsetting as it is for my son to not have a father he’s so much better off without him in his life. He used to give our son false hope and promises. He would say he was picking him up and bringing him somewhere fun and then never showed up. He would buy my son a phone or a gift and then take it back and give it to someone else. He would throw his toys across the room at me. He smoked marijuana with my son in the car.

    He’s a monster and used our son to play games with me. My son is now in therapy and will probably always need it because of the abandonment issues and the way his father treated him. I have proof of all of this from texts, recordings, and restraining orders. My oldest son who is not his is also a witness to the abuse and can’t stand him. He finally moved on after years and had 2 kids with someone else and they separated last year. His ex contacted me and said that she’s going through the courts with him and he’s completely lost his mind and he’s still using drugs. One of the things that really stuck in my mind that she said was “why didn’t you warn me”. I told her I didn’t know how. I didn’t have a way of contacting her. So now I’m telling all of you. Stay far, far away from him.

  106. Darren Flint from Newport, Shropshire. He was loving and kind when we got together, then we moved in together. when he got laid off from his construction job, he kept telling me that he was too depressed to work, was constantly round his parents or friends houses or playing video games at home, whilst i had three jobs going to keep the roof over our heads and keep the bailiffs from our door (i was paying his and my own debts, as well as all the house bills) Then he had the audacity to accuse me of cheating on him, when i was working 7.30am until 11pm Monday to Saturday, with the three jobs!

    Sunday I would go to my mothers house. When i fell pregnant by him, he stressed me out that much with stating he was going to leave me and didn’t want anything to do with the baby, that i actually miscarried the child, which destroyed me… He used this to get attention from his family and friends and cried crocodile tears to get attention/sympathy, where as, I never received any support from anyone.. i went to the doctors as i was on the edge of a breakdown and the doctor called in the mental health team, asking me if i wanted respite care in the local mental hospital, to which i declined, so the doctor upped my meds a bit to help me cope… in the end i was sick to death of being accused of cheating, on a daily basis, i ended our tenancy and gave him some of the bills to pay (told the suppliers he was going to pay for some and why) I then moved back to my mothers to rebuild myself.. whilst clearing out the last of my things he turned up asking for his jump leads out the back of my car, so i told him to get them.. but he emptied my boot into his own (brand new tools that i had just bought along with some of my brothers tools) After i left i heard he was driving school girls round the town and on daytrips…. I am glad I got out and met someone better, now i am married with kids, but Darren made it obvious he wanted to keep his jack the lad behaviour going for longer than his teen years… he is now in his late 40’s and still hanging around with younger girls.

  107. Zack Davie from Conover/piqua/Troy, ohio.
    Where do I begin with him.
    We met in like 2017 or 2018 and for five years my life was hell.
    He has major commitment issues. Tells you he love you one min then tell you that you are “worthless, ugly, disgusting” list goes on.
    If he’s not verbally abusing you , then it will be mental and sexual abuse.
    We broke up like a week after dating. We then became on and off with stuff . Mostly him doing the “I don’t wanna commit” type stuff.

    He also cheated on me . And has genital warts cause he was my only partner and mysteriously I had them.
    Hes very possessive cause even if your not dating him , your his type of shit.

    He also is a big alcoholic and weed smoker . Like alcoholic to the point of driving drunk and vomiting in my bathtub (leaving that morning and leaving me to clean it … Gross).

    He’s got a girlfriend now and claims “he’s a changed man ” and bullshit . But we all know that once a man cheats they will always do it . And once an abuser they will always be an abuser.

  108. Rahul Singh. India origin, lives in London. Moves around the world. He has a secret wife back in India. He poses as a divorcee on dating sites and tells a lot of other lies to lure women in. He treats women very poorly, he is unable to maintain any relationship because he’s emotionally unavailable. He has an STD but refuses to get tested for it.

  109. Zach Lamblin from Hopkinsville KY.

    Honestly I have no clue where the person I feel in love with. When we started dating he was so affectionate, went on dates, he called me after work, text me when he could, went out of his way to see me and spend time with me. The last couple months of our almost year long relationship it was like a switch flipped, he would never plan dates, I would try to plan dates and he would come up with every excuse in the book, would never come to my house 15 minutes across town, and I couldn’t come to his because he was busy. He never would call me anymore and finally got to a point where he point blank told me he wasn’t going to text me because he didn’t like texting that I could only Snapchat him cause that’s what he preferred even though we had been texting every day for months. I tried many times to ask him if I did something to upset him? Was there something I could do for us to communicate more because I was feeling like something was off and every single time I had these conversations I was told I was just picking a fight. Even though we could be just sitting and be asking cause I felt like I had to do something for him to treat me like a stranger after all this time. When he finally broke up with me it was over Snapchat while I was at work. I tried to talk about it and he finally just stop responding to my messages and has never said another word to me. 3 weeks later he has a new girlfriend that he’s posted all over his Facebook which is pretty much the only social media I have. He never posted not a single photo of me on his Facebook even when I asked, never put we were in a relationship on Facebook even when I asked. He barely would even take photos with me but now is taken weekends off work which he told me he couldn’t do for a year solid unless it was something he planned because his supervisor wouldn’t approve it. Driving over an hour to spend time with her. He has her over at her house and which I couldn’t come over for the last several months because he was so busy. It’s pretty much like I never existed to him and he’s going out of his way to make sure I know too. Be careful because he seems great at first but then will go out of his way to make sure you know he didn’t care about you at all, cause you’re completely replaceable with a girl that he’s happy to flaunt around which is all you ever wanted and all the days you spent telling each other you loved each other meant absolutely nothing to him.

  110. Ryan Torbet Thomson from London UK.
    He only stopped lying when he was asleep. Cheated on me at least once – his friends girlfriend sent me a video of him cheating on me and he still denied it to my face. Gaslit me constantly. Used to get drunk and verbally abusive quite often. Used to lie about how much he drank, or where he was, used to pick fights with bigger boys when he was out with his loser friends. His mother enabled it and was often just as bad to be honest. Just steer well chat, he’ll murder someone one day.

  111. Michael Daugherty from Paris, TN. He is a lier and a narcissist. A womanizer.

    He was slick at his game. Literally, he was married to a women in another town. I never seen him text her or even a phone call while he was with me. I had no clue! Then later, he moved in with me then his wife contacted me on FB and told me every detail. I was shocked and angry!! I’m not the type to break up a marriage. How dare he for he played a fool of me. I confronted him and he said he never wanted me to know. While during this time he was talking marriage to me and bragging to me to take his last name! Then more secrets come out he was texting other women in other towns while with me saying “I was a friend he had no girlfriend” he denied it even though I had proof. He also said his 2nd wife was just a business arrangement to get a new car! Enough. He blamed me for his behaviour and degraded me. I broke up with him. He still stocks me to this day. He refuses to leave me alone. I wonder how many other women he is stalking. He sends me flowers and I refuse them telling florist to send them back. He calls screaming how dare I refuse his flowers. I say it’s over to leave me alone. He still doesn’t.

  112. Peter McConnell from Toronto/Kingston/CANADA. He once locked me in a room for six hours because I disagreed with him. He kicked our 10minth old baby in the head with his hard brogue shoe because the little one was crying when he was speaking. When I left him, he got thugs he knew to folkow me and threaten to beat me up/kill me. He’s older, but he’s a menace. Stay away.

  113. Gary Stacey from Glastonbury Somerset UK. So I met this guy online and he came to see me in Wales a few times. This went on for a while and I thought we were close. Sexual online relationship as well as in person. Earlier this year he went cold – nothing. He’s always been quite controlling but he’s a good looking guy so I went along with it all because he would shower me with compliments and occasionally gifts. So I thought OK, what did I do? With a bit of digging I found out he’s been married for 20 years or so, with kids, and he went cold because he was caught sleeping with his friend’s wife and others. So yeah, he’s an unsolicited willy waver and a narcissist and a philanderer.

  114. Brian A. from West Melbourne, Fl. BrianA. Took and took, he was with me for over 7 years, never got to meet his adult children because his EX-wife of more than 3 years prior to meeting me was told I caused their divorce. Arggggh, he didn’t think it was worth an argument to straighten this black mark on my reputation. He told me he loved me but on several occasions he told me “he didn’t really love me he just said it because it was what I wanted to hear.” He never spent the night at My home, just dinner and sex. After taking years away from my life, he broke up with me when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer because “he didn’t want to deal with the cancer drama”. I found out later he was on several dating apps and never pulled his profiles when we were in a good place. He just used me for intimacy and good food, nice birthdays. He had a new woman hooked even before I started my chemotherapy. What a pig!

  115. Wil Charters from O’Fallon Illinois. Raging narcissist with daddy issues and short man syndrome. Manipulative and emotionally abusivr. Initially charming, which will later give way to icy behavior and cheating. If he prioritized his partners as much as he prioritized mindless television and sports he might have a successful relationship that doesn’t go down in flames, but it’s doubtful. Stay far, far away from this mistake waiting to happen.

  116. William Earl Dance from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Will or William David is a narcissistic compulsive liar. He sucks the life and resources out of women until they have nothing left to give. He lies for no reason. He portrays himself to be some hero because of his supposed law enforcement work. It’s all a lie. He steals, lies and cheats. He has no relationship with his kids or family. He is an alcoholic drug abuser. He will love bomb you then gaslight you until you begin to think you are the crazy one.

    1. I hear this loud and clear. I just posted my story.
      It’s horrific to have lived it.
      I’ll never be the same.
      I am trying to salvage what is left of me.

  117. Patrick Perez from Bridgeport, Chicago Illinois. Patrick is still married after 9 years of being separated. He acted like he wanted a long term relationship and 4 months in decides to go back on the website we met on and hit up a gal I know! He probably did this the whole time, and he didn’t want to tell me why he did it or talk about things.

  118. John Camilleri from Lancaster, PA. John is a selfish prick who is most concerned with how good of a guy he appears to be. He cheated on me (maybe not physically but definitely emotionally) while we were ENGAGED. he broke off the engagement because I was too busy to go out drinking with him and his coworkers (I was busy working 2nd shift and getting my masters degree in social work). And because he sprung on me that he wanted to pursue a career as a musician. When I did not think this was a solid career goal (just as his father thought also) he ran into the slutty arms of his coworker. Who had wanted to throw him a bachelor party with just her and other girls! John and his entire family are so full of their own Italian bull shit and I am so grateful I escaped a life with him. FYI he is originally from Long Island and is only in Lancaster because of me.

  119. Adrian Balogh from Elverson, PA. Adrian is a real loser. He will make you feel bad for him and make you think you are too good for him (YOU ARE). He buttered me up and made me think we’d be together so I didn’t think anything of “lending” him money. I ended up giving him close to $5,000. As I started to question his excuses, he told me he had BONE CANCER and needed the money for medication and doctor visits.

    I ultimately cut him off at which point he would try to guilt me back in. He said “guess I won’t see you at my funeral.” I could not imagine someone would lie about cancer so it took him bailing on me and getting angry with me for me to get my head out of my ass. He is a pathetic drunk that you should NOT feel sorry for. Do not let him kee roping you back in like I did. LET HIM GO.

  120. Daryl James from Swansea, United Kingdom. Was with the bloke for 7 years in a very abusive relationship. I was constantly on edge around him, and would dread coming home from work to have him screaming and throwing punches at me. I was to scared to speak as anything I would say he would think I was making a joke out of him and he would turn it into an argument.

    He would go out drinking and not turn up until days at a time. His response would be that he had stayed over his friends, but when speaking to said friend, they hadn’t seen him for months. I went to the sexual health clinic to get tested and they said I had an std. Turns out he cheated on me numerous occasions through the years. He would spend my money, and belittle me for the way I looked. I just felt so trapped, but whenever I would say I can’t cope much longer with the relationship, he would say that he would kill himself if I left and I believed him because he would self harm to show that he would take it further next time.

    He cheated on me with a ex girlfriend of his from when he was in school and left me for her. I was so relieved to finally be free of him.

    Please stay clear of this narcissist!

  121. Troy Young from Vacaville, California. Do NOT date this person. He lived with me, rent free, paid $0 for anything, for a year (yes my fault), all while cheating on me with multiple women. I know of 3 but I’m sure there’s more. I personally talked to these women so it’s not just a hunch. He cheated on his wife while married which was a red flag that I ignored. Lastly, he got into an accident in a moving truck I rented.

    Since it was under my name I was financially responsible. He made me pay half saying it was my fault I let him drive. $10,000+. I had to take a loan out from my retirement. He also has a photography company, at least he tries to. Imaged Stories Photography. Just stay away. He’s a narcissist and horrible human.

  122. Darin Gouldrup from Newport News VA.

    Drug user who steals from friends family and partners. He always has other women he is ‘just friends’ with and swears he didn’t cheat yet several women have told me he later went on to date those women. He flirts with several woman.

    Has been both physically and mentally abusive. Will push, and grab women as well as threaten them if he doesn’t get what he wants. According to several ex’s he has not held a steady job and expects the women to pay his way.

    He has several kids with different women that he barely knew when he convinced them to try for a baby. I would not be surprised if there are many more. This man is handsome and charming. He will spin a great tale and he is very good at love bombing. You will be his whole world, love of his life then he will threaten to kill you the second you don’t enable him. He likes to go after older women because I think he sees them as easy targets.

  123. Delandis Trevon Harris from Dallas, Texas. Delandis is a serial womanizer, cheater, deadbeat father, compulsive liar, and narcissist. He meets women on dating sites and social media and used them during our 8 year relationship for sex and the occasional place to stay when he wasn’t with me.

    Everything was about him and I spent countless amounts of money during this time as he could not hold a job longer than 6 months. Our relationship ended for him (because he knew there was no turning back to me) when he impregnated some female and it came out actually his. Then while still married to me, he proposed to her, moved in with her and all this I didn’t find out until 1 month before the divorce was finalized. He is almost 33 years old and probably is doing the same thing he did to me to her as well as other countless women in the DFW area…as this is just what he does; hop from woman to woman allowing them to think he is the best thing for them.

    Stay away from him at all costs!!!!

  124. Ryan Quilty from Boston, MA. Ryan has prolifically made it across most Facebook Groups for women dating in Boston, but I’m afraid nothing will stop this man. He shares women’s nudes without their consent. He is/was a neuro ICU nurse and has used COVID as a means to get away with “travel assignments” and extra night shifts to keep many girls in his line up. He comes off as nice guy, but is a Netflix-special grade sociopath. He is a narcissist and has emotionally and psychologically abused countless women.

    20+ women in Boston and in New England have been involved with him. He keeps notes to keep all of his lies straight. While engaged to one woman he was planning to propose to his long-time girlfriend who wasn’t aware he was living with his fiance. In addition to his fiance and soon to be second fiance, there was what seems like limitless roster he kept on the side.


  125. Ryan Hall from LIverpool, NY. Sent d* pics to a mom of one of the girls on his team. He would have slept with her but the daughter was in the hotel room at the time. I have no idea what else he did with mom!! I was with him for years before that.

  126. Matt Fowkes from Nottingham UK. Google is you’re friend with this man, Google ‘Matt Fowkes Court Usher’ and you can read all about the story that was in the National newspapers Dec 2018. Cheated on every single partner he has had, so don’t think you’ll be any different as you won’t! Please read the story carefully as it is 100% accurate. I am NOT the person who took it to the press and who then donated the fee to a charity. Matt admits the whole story is a true account.

  127. Steven Bonnell from Miami. Steven is a Emotional abuser whenever I would give him constructive criticisms he would stonewall me and when he would talk to me he was very passive aggressive and end up gaslighting me, It was the worst time in my life that therapy may never fix.

  128. Nilay Mehta from Mulund Mumbai. First of all he has very small. Even though he has small i accepted him. Then he cheated me by sleeping with her old friend. I dumped his ass

  129. Gregory Hale from Hartford, CT.

    This man is a narcissistic predator. He initially presents with a charming personality, thoughtful gestures, will love bomb you, tell you everything you want to hear, be the person he has determined that you want him to be. He’s a chameleon in this way.

  130. Nicholas “Cole” Filipek from Alameda , California. I believe the following to be true: Nicholas “Cole” Filipekkk physically assaulted me multiple times when we lived together. There is no debate or other side of the story as I not only filed a police report which is public record but I have Cole’s own words stating directly and unapologetically via a time stamped email, “I’m not going to tell you not to tell your friends I beat you but when you make it public it’s not ok.” More receipts exist including further emails, landline phone bills in my name of our shared residence and cancelled checks.

    Cole Filipekkk is also a hideous racist who called me a n**ger multiple times and racially profiled numerous Black children he came in contact with via a position of authority he attained (predominantly over children of color). I am Multi racial and he expressed disgust and shock at how, “Black” I looked in a kindergarten photo.

    Cole fleeced me financially by bullying me into pay for everything. One day I had no change for the parking meter and outside the restaurant we were eating at and he expressed disgust that had to put his own coins in the meter. It didn’t matter that I was paying for the entire expensive meal as usual. I’d saved some cash to buy trinkets and candy for a child I was babysitting later that day. When Cole saw that I had a few dollars and quarters he accused me of “lying about not having money for the meter” earlier that day. He then proceeded to take all the things I’d purchased and methodically threw each item into the street one by one before he dropping me off. The family I babysat for remembers me showing up distraught and in tears. Cole would also charge me money for rides to work and for parking tickets that were his responsibility as I don’t drive.

    Do not be fooled by Cole Filipekkk”s incessant pronouncements about his “Ivy league degree” and his claims of coming from a “happy family.” According to *his own words* his mother was institutionalized following his birth (she thought he was infant incarnation of Jesus Christ). During Cole’s childhood she demonstrated poor and narcissistic boundaries around the men she brought into the home he grew up in (and in which she still works). Cole told me as a teen he was breaking into the BnB near his home to commit bizarre sex related crimes (like masturbating over sleeping women) and was never caught.

    One of the few regrets I have is not pressing charges against Filipekkk for domestic battery when given the chance. He is a text book narcissistic sociopath. I put myself at risk by posting this but have taken measures to protect myself. Cole Filipekkk has never apologized to me. I”m sure he’s tried to reinvent himself as a “woke liberal’ but he should fool no one. He has no redeeming features.

  131. Tom James Ashton from London. Two years ago I’ve met Tom and for the following 6 months he observed a pattern of violence, manipulation and verbal abuse toward me.

    I was vulnerable and deeply ashamed, thought it was my fault.

    It took me a long time to come to terms with the abuse, but he was finally arrested and there is an ongoing investigation.

    But he’s still free to exploit women for his own sexual gratification. Moved on to other women, younger, even more vulnerable than me , that will have found harder to say no to his demands, actively encouraging them to take drugs and alcohol, recording them naked without consent. Girls who are distant from their families, have financial worries or who had been previously abused.

    Last week we met in the street by chance and all this feelings came back and went home crying and shaking. I saw in his eyes the lack of remorse, lack of accountability for his actions.

    I’m working through love and forgiveness, but people have to be held accountable, and they can´t just bamboozle people and say, `Well, I just made a mistake.

    When I told him in a calm manner how his actions have deeply affected me he just told me just to get over it and move on.

  132. J. Chris Boyer from Marietta, California. I met Chris in Minneapolis in December’98. He was 19 and I had just turned 20. It was a casual friendship because it was long distance. We had never been intimate, only kissed at the club. He went back home to California for the summer.

    I had start a job in Chicago and my new roommate was from Mission Viejo. She invited me to her childhood home in June ‘99. I called Chris And they invited Michelle and I over for a small house party that weekend.

    Thankfully Michelle brought her best friend named Will with us. When we arrived it was just Chris and one of his friends and the three of us. Chris offered us drinks and we excepted. I mentioned my mixed drink tasted salty. Chris and his friend pooh-poohed my complaint. I did not know what a mixed drink should taste like. I was very naïve. Will became suspicious of their actions and told Michelle we should get going to the other party.

    It was at that point that the date rape drug I had been given in my drink hit full effect. Oh I fell back into the couch and could not move or speak. Will and Michelle knew that something had happened. There was some yelling and Woell threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and put me in his car and drove me back to Michelle‘s house and she put me in her bed to sleep off the GHB.

    Thank God they were there. I will probably would have been tag teamed by Chris and his friend had a not had someone looking out for me. It’s funny because he didn’t even need to drug me because I was into him.

    Later on years later he emailed me and admitted he did it and apologized saying he had found God and become born again.

    I found out he became a youth minister and I hope he never violated the trust of The kids that were in his charge.

    I am starting to process the trauma of the violation and find it’s helpful to put it in writing.

    I wasn’t able to press any charges because I waited too long to tell the police.
    Moral of the story, don’t feel embarrassed to tell someone when you are violated. It’s not your fault. Process it early For your mental health later on in life.

  133. Andrew Bowen from Arizona. Narcissist. The fact he spoke so horribly about his ex wives should have been a raging red flag. Love bombed the heck out of me, cheated on both his exes (I found out from them), he is the textbook narcissistic abuser. Made me feel amazing at first, then chipped away at my confidence and mental health.

    Everyone else was to blame for his issues. Not to mention he is addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and god knows what else. Plus… he’s got a small… ya know. And it’s gross. Homeboy needs orthodontic work, and serious therapy.

    You’d think he’d get help considering he brought his daughter on dates with us, and she’s satan herself. I feel bad for her because she’s clearly got some issues, and I saw recently she’s gained a ton of weight since I met him. Run ladies. Save yourself the heartache. I needed therapy after him to control my PTSD that he caused.

    His first ex wife — gorgeous but became an addict because of him, his second — gorgeous, lost a ton of weight and glowed up seriously big time after he left. He came from a shitty childhood but that’s not an excuse for ruining people’s lives. Just seriously… run. Don’t look back.

  134. David Gilliland from Fort Collins Colorado. He’s a serial cheater. He’s usually got 2 or three women on the line who have no idea about each other. Be careful, he preys on the lonely who are having blips in their self confidence. Sex is great, but the mind games will kill you.

  135. David P Miller from Decatur Indiana. He’s verbally abusive, threw me out literally, stole all my stuff,beat me up totally not worth it stay away from them ladies.

  136. William West from Chula Vista, California is the absolute worst. I met him on Tinder and I really thought we hit it off. We dated for about 4 months, and while we went slow at first, for the last 6 weeks we were talking daily and seeing each other at least a couple times a week. But what I didn’t know is that while I thought we were getting serious, he was getting serious with about 4 other girls. I always thought he was just so busy with work. Ha! It was so busy alright but not because of work!

  137. Adam Ezell from Durham, NC. He’s a manipulative cheater. Would set boundaries he didn’t like and kept trying to progress relationship too fast. Tried to break up with him twice and he would cry and talking about change and how we can fix it together. Scheduled a more serious talk about our relationship and cheated on me the day before and pretended nothing happened. Used photos of us and cut me out for tinder profile on the SAME DAY he was writing me apology about how it keeps him up at night and he has trouble sleeping in his bedroom where I found the evidence of his sleeping around and left him. The apology appeared to be heartfelt, but the tinder profile, sleeping around, my friend seeing him on a date the same week I left him would state zero remorse. He only feels bad about getting caught. Red flag: told me all his exes were crazy.

  138. Jordan Brittelle from Albuquerque, NM. He’s charming and will make you fall for his every word without any hesitation. He gives you just enough of the truth for him to relieve his self guilt so that any expectations you may get will never be based off anything he’s said or done.

    He cheats on all his girlfriends over and over again even to this day. His current girlfriend catching him with over 4 girls in the 3 years they’ve been together one of those girls she’s caught him with a minimum of 7 times starting the first year they were dating while she was pregnant with his TWINS!

    He’s a sweet talker and he plays the game better than anyone I’ve seen. Then when things blow up he twists it all and makes you feel like it was all in your head. Gaslighting, cheating, lying, ghosting, after he’s already connected with you and pulled you in convincing you he loves you. It’s either a game to him to see if he can get women to fall for him and when he does he’s over it or he’s got too many other women in his life that he can only be good to one at a time so when he’s treating you like shit that must mean someone else is getting that attention. He’s just a fake ass excuse of a man. Now he’s living off his gf no job, making her look like a clown playing her out while she keeps catching him fucking around. Whatever lies he tells her, they’re working. Poor thing.

  139. Gary Morse from Chireno, TX. He is a true narcissist. He will love bomb and then destroy you mentally and financially. I took him back 10 times in 10 years. He’s an alcoholic and gets very verbally abusive. He’s a snake!

  140. Alex Lane from Sedona, Arizona. He is a womanizer. You will never be his only. He uses you as a supply. He always lies and makes you feel like you’re going crazy because of his lies. He is a steroid using freak that cares more about his image than anything. Very selfish.

  141. Travis Williams from Jackson, Ohio. 6 months and my life was flipped upside down. Manipulated into quitting my job, moving, giving my car away, making family distant, ruining relationships, co-signing vehicles, ruining my credit, AND… getting pregnant.

    Mental and verbal abuse was very strong. He is a hustler who won’t keep a job or a girlfriend long. Manipulated me to move into his mom’s house with him, where she puts up with everything he does and enables every part of it. He has now 6 kids, the 6th being mine, but he only sees 1 of them. All other women have kept thier children from him bc of how horrible he is. He is manic, bi-polar, slightly schizophrenic. His stepmom tried to have him treated as a child and he lashed out. He will spend every dollar on hunting gear and marijuana. Then when money gets tight, he will sell things for a fraction of what it’s worth.

    He will convince you to sell your own things that you don’t want to get rid of. ANDDD, after all this, he has been spreading STDs to every girl he’s been with (at least 30 women) since at least 2014. Stay away and warn all others!!

  142. Steven Morris from Webster, FL. He’s homeless and loves to control his women, including forced intercourse which he did to me. I’m petrified of him to the point that I couldn’t bring charges against him. I’m just glad that I left when I did.

  143. Antonio Dones. A.k.A Tony from Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. I hope that my story helps someone out there. This man represents himself as hard working, a good father and down-to-earth. Easy to get along with. He would spend money on you to reel you in and make you feel special. It’s all a facade.

    He’s dangerous because he hides all the toxic through a charming persona. After 10 year’s I found out that he was the one who gave me herpes. He doesn’t tell women that he’s infected and doesn’t use protection. He’s also an alcoholic who smokes weed, and cigarettes and likes to sniff. He hid his status, and when I went to the doctors and came back positive, he blamed me for the disease. He also has a record of Domestic violence against 2 women, including me. He beat up my dog’s with large wooden planks because they destroyed our garden.

    He also picked up our pit bull and slammed him on the ground because he took a leak on our rug. He likes to use Badoo to meet women in Massachusetts. He’s light-skinned, wears braids and is Puerto Rican. Height 6″1″. His occupation is in Construction.

  144. Keith Roberts from Rock Hill/Richburg SC. Cheater-sleeps with multiple women in the same day, uses women, pot head, will bleed you dry, doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

  145. Jose Luis Perez from Sylmar, CA. He is handsome and can be a real charmer. He works as a political organizer and acts clean-cut. He is in his late 40s now. I met him while he was organizing a campaign out here in the Midwest. Once it ended, we continued dating. I flew out to CA to see him and was blindsided. He was high the whole time. He also used Coke. It dawned on me that I’d been too naive to see it or even suspect it before.

    He was arrogant and cruel—his friends had told him so in front of me, and he seemed proud of himself. He has a hair-trigger temper and is verbally abusive. And while he cuts you down, he laughs to himself like he’s a one-man comedy show. He fawns too much over small children, but I have no actual proof of any abuse by him, or I would have gone to the police. But my instincts are good, and his behavior always made me feel embarrassed and creeped out.

    He constantly reminded me of his ex and how he had hit her. I told him he would not touch me, or he would have a police record and no more jobs in politics. It worked long energy ugh for me to get out of the relationship. But I knew if I didn’t, it was inevitable gat he would hit me. He constantly wanted me to hook up with he and his friends. He was fixated on it, but of course, didn’t say so until I was on his turf. I was devastated and confused.

    Finally I suggested that perhaps he should just pimp me out to his friends because at least I’d get paid. And to my horror, he thought I was being serious! He proceeded to decide which friend would be first, etc. I was so crushed I just sobbed all night. It was then that I knew I was finally done. I know I shouldn’t, but I still kick myself. Unfortunately, I had a couple of days before I was flying back home. The night before I left, I was restless—apparently, it woke him because the next thing I knew, he was on top of me and I was saying “No!” And fighting him off with everything I had. Fortunately I’m fairly strong and he gave up. I took pictures of the fingerprint bruises on my inner thighs the next day just in case. He is a monster. I found out afterward that he had repeatedly cheated on me with girls aged 19, 21, etc. We were in our late 30s at the time. He just s a pig. He also had stolen large fold-up tables from my county’s party (the one that he was representing) after the campaign. And he had stabbed one of his cousins and slept with another. Pretty proud of those facts, too. This is the abbreviated version of the hell I experienced. I ended things in the summer if 2014.

    I have had to repeatedly block him on EVERY social media outlet I use. And I have blocked a minimum of five phone numbers and maybe seven emails addresses. I am still scared he will show up and maybe one of my dogs will go missing. Or I will go missing. He is proud of the story about his cousin in prison who kidnapped his ex from a party at gunpoint. But I’ve told my parents, brother, and close friends about him, so at least people will know who hurt me.

    I’ve dated off and on over the years, and I’m not friendly with all of my exes, but this is the only man I’ve ever felt that I needed to warn other women about for their own safety. His soul is black. Please be careful always.

  146. Justin Smith 43, known to live in Vancouver, BC in addition has lived in Chilliwack, BC and Kelowna, BC. He is my ex-boyfriend and he is a cheater, he will cheat on you, a habitual cheater. He is also in my opinion really bad in bed, never had it so bad as I did when dating this guy. Just avoid dating him, he isn’t worth your time trust me.

    1. Chris Fields 40 Tampa, Florida. Emotionally immature, “nice guy,” deep dark hole need for attention from other women, voracious flirt, waster of time.

  147. Clay Meadows in Birmingham, AL. From Montgomery, AL. Also Clayton Meadows and Clayton Wayne Meadows. Cm542. THE WORST DUDE. Liar, cheater, selfish prick. Looking out for all ladies because I wish someone had told me about him!

    1. David Tougas Flint Mi, narcissist and inability to have compassion for other humans, including both men and women. Cheated on his girlfriend of five years and spoke negatively of her to all he could despite continuing the relationship.

      He is an admitted sx addict wishes for all females to be submissive and lacks the ability to empathize with anyone, including sick parents.
      He is a master gaslighter who will make you feel like everything that goes wrong in your relationship is your fault. He always feels like he can do better than you. Stay away.

  148. Donnie Eldon Hensley, VA covert narcissist, trolls online dating sites picks up as many women as he can to make his ex jealous. He still supports ex his name is on her leased apartment. She apparently goes between her apartment and his townhouse.. he plays the victim and will give you a sob story. He will use you to get back at his ex. Forget holidays and birthdays. He is waiting for his ex to show up and surprise him. He lies about everything. Run away as fast as you can.

  149. Grady Taylor (also goes by Cuzzi)
    NATIVE TO CHICAGO IL, but currently in AUSTIN, TX

    We dated briefly (2mos approx)
    After the second month he assaulted me. When I confronted him he said it wasn’t possible for him to do that because we were in a relationship. I said what about me saying NO, to which he replied, that’s selfish when you’re in a relationship. Unfortunately for me I wish it was the end. I ended up pregnant. I broke things off.

    Fast forward, after the baby was born he begged to be apart of her life. He said he was a changed man, apologized over and over. Said he never meant to do that to me and that he’s never done that to anyone else. I stupidly believed him.

    I offered to just coparent. No intimate relationship or dating at all. Not even 2 weeks into this arrangement he decided to tell me I’m not allowed to date anyone else.
    I told him he didn’t have the right to make a demand. To which he responded with saying it was all or nothing. He demanded that if we were to continue to coparent we would need to be in a relationship or he would walk away completely. I told him I wanted nothing from him.

    He ASSAULTED me WHILE I was holding my baby. He repeatedly hit me in the head with closed fists and pinned me against the couch as I was trying to protect my baby and set her down away from him.

    HE IS A ABUSER. He uses tactics like control and love bombing to manipulate. He offers to help with finances only to back out at the last minute and some how make his reasoning nothing but excuses. He is not fit to be around children AT ALL. Please Ladies, protect yourselves and children from this predator.

  150. Mayo Michael Manass. Sacramento and Yuba city. He talks with a Nasal voice and never says anything even remotely manly or does anything chivalrous and doesn’t even know how to unclog a toilet or drive a car. He pretty much just puts everybody he knows down so he can continue on in his own ‘little’ delusion of grandeur. I even found out that he was a self-proclaimed chubby homeless chaser and he never went for skinny or pretty girls before me. Once he had me though he tried to keep me trapped by making us move away from our friends and jobs and never letting me do anything fun while he was at work.

    He is very passive-aggressive and emotionally abusive and acts like a teenage girl most of the time. He throws at least one stompy and muttering under his breath temper tantrum every 2-4 hours. He recently brought a chindo into our bedroom and I’m honestly tearing up/crying as I write this because I am that repulsed. When he busted it out, it smelled like poo and looked like he must have bought it used or something.

    Anyways now it’s all he ever wants to include in the sex now and I’m trying to figure out a way to leave him when our lease is up because he keeps on talking about how much he wants us to get pregnant and move in with his stepfather so I can work at Walmart and get this so he can finally focus to be a professional skater and he’s like almost 30 years old already!!!!….Im about to escape him so this is a fair warning to all you other girls in norcal

  151. Daniel Joseph Zealberg. He used to live in Accokeek, Maryland, but now I think he is in Baltimore. He’s in his late 50’s now and I am sure, still running “the grift.” Watch your money and your back with this scumbag. Not only is he physically abusive, but he loves to spend other people’s money. When we broke up, and I went to Court to get my stuff back, he would not open the door for the Sherrif’s Department to serve him the notice to give me my stuff back. So, I never did get it back. I lost everything I had, and shortly after I received notice that the case was being dropped by the Court because they could not serve him, my best friend and I drove by and saw him selling all my stuff at a Yard Sale. “Why didn’t I do something,” you ask? Well he is what we call a “Cop Caller.” He would have called the Police and accused me of being drunk and all kinds of other stuff.

    I am not sure if he cheated or not. He was too busy spending my money and not paying his bills even though we worked the same job as Ironworkers and he made more money. He smokes more Pot than people smoke cigarettes and he will tell your family ALL your business while of course, trying to make you look like a piece of crap. Luckily, I kicked his ass more times than he kicked mine (after he hit me first). When he ended up in the hospital with a concussion, he manipulated my family into thinking the whole thing was my fault. Oh, and he loves to file Restraining Orders and play the victim. Since he has an extensive Criminal Record, I guess he thinks everyone else should have one too. Unless you want to Pay for EVERYTHING, be made to feel like an a$$ every where you go, have semi-naked pictures taken of you when you are asleep, have your family think you are a Evil and have the Cops at your house every weekend for a Domestic Disturbance, you need to stay away from this guy. Don’t let him slip out and smoke “GREEN” or go “DIPPIN.” He may come back and try to kill your animals.

  152. Barton Hawkins, TN
    very charming, falls in love fast, plans your future (1st month), speaks God and religion and love, starts with small snide remarks that are hard to catch. Within 3 months, obvious verbal abuse, name calling, insults, followed by apologies, promises. Starts arguments over anything that takes your attention off of him; ANYTHING. Moved onto minor physical abuse (grabbing). Never takes responsibility for his actions; always blames someone or something else (ex: caught my bathroom on fire with a cigarette, blamed me for sitting my toilet paper by the commode lol). Never once apologized, not once. Was grooming the next victim while still schmoozing me; thought he was clever. I let him do his thing, knowing after he sneaked out he’d later drop his “I deserve a happy peaceful life” message as usual (when he’s the one making sure you’re never at peace, nor happy). Tons and tons of vile hateful hate filled messages when you’re done. Never stops. Blames alcohol; says will stay away from it. (Not really a drinker but when he drinks……vile venomous satanic monster.

    Summary: A bona-fide monster like everyone else’s. God bless us and give us strength.

  153. Samuel Trevizo- Colorado, Arizona, Florida
    He is a complete loser. Claims to own his own business but hardly ever works. He took a picture of my debit card while I was sleeping and used it online for almost a year before I realized it. Cheated for 3 years out of our 3.5 year relationship. Everything he says is LIES!! Addicted to meth. Complete Narcissist. Also extremely abusive. He will drain you emotionally and financially. In 2 years time he put 7 different trackers on ny car. He has threatened and harassed my children and my friends. Biggest mistake of my life!!!

    1. Tony Fabrizio- Tampa- originally from Pennsylvania. He is a Narcissist a Sociopath and a Manipulator. He is a loser who spends all his money on prostitutes male and female and trans who have both a penis and breasts.

      He wasted 8 yrs of my life telling me he was going to marry me and he wanted a child with me and allowed me to pay for in-vitro several times while he was paying “professionals” doing drugs and having threesomes with men AND women in his home.

      He tells you what you want to hear and everything he says is the opposite of the truth. He acts like he’s straight and acts like a tough guy who beats people up to make you think he’s manly.

      He will act like a racist but those he says he’s against he is actually sexually attracted to them.

      He calls others Pedis but he goes after teenagers and has intimate relations with them. Ladies Watch your children. He is a 46 yr old male who will say and do anything to get intimate with you and anyone that breaths, and will take your money in the process. He is abusive mentally and physically and destroys walls and furniture and objects.

      He physically attacks you and then punches himself in the face so he can call the cops on you and get you arrested saying you did that to him. He an addict and has been in rehab with no success.

      He will make you feel sorry for him, say he’s a good guy, and put down all other men to make himself look and feel great! DONT BELIEVE HIS LIES!!!! HE IS THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG LOWLIFE LOSER TO WALK THE EARTH. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE IN LIFE!!!

  154. Virgil Garcia from Omaha, Nebraska. Cheated on me with my best friend. But I’m happy to say he ended up cheating on her too with his neighbor. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  155. Kyle Therrien. Vermont, used to reside in Pennsylvania.

    Dated him for two weeks when I was in college and I have to vent to/ warm others.

    -Controlling- He hates it when you don’t tell him where you are AT ALL TIMES. I decided to hang out with some new friends after class. He asked where I was (He automatically assumed I was going to be at my dorm waiting for me at all times). I told him to come over and have fun. BIG mistake. He sat in the corner and pouted while reading some religious scripture. He told me it was to prevent him from “lashing out” at me in front of everyone since I “wasn’t where I was supposed to be.” Gross.

    -Religious- Not inherently bad at all, but he used Catholicism to judge others and make him feel superior. Made my best friend cry because her religion was “wrong.” Believes condoms are a sin and they prevent the man from giving his “gift” to the woman. I. Wish. I. Was. Kidding. Also full heartedly believed that women had more ribs than men because Adam gave a rib to make Eve. When I broke up with him, he posted on FaceBook, “Why has God forsaken me!!!” We’re not in 30 A.D., get over yourself.

    -Friend repellant- Drove away everyone I met. Thought I was going crazy until after we broke up. Had over a dozen people tell me, “We love you, we just didn’t like HIM.” Real wake up call.

    -Petty- Tried to make me jealous on purpose. A girl in his Bible group hit on him I guess. He told me about it and seemed pissed that I could care less. Why should I be mad at the girl, you probably didn’t tell her about me. I met her and she was cold towards me even though I was perfectly nice to her. He loved it because he thought we were “fighting” for him. That was until I told him she could have him.

    -Homophobic- Again, the religious thing. “Quoted” the Bible and blah, blah, blah.

    -Didn’t shut the fuck up.

    -Silent treatment- Don’t know why this of all things still haunts me. There was nothing ‘silent’ about this. He would huff, plop himself down in a chair and fold his arm like a three year old. This never gave me anxiety before meeting him, because that’s when he starts the terrible mind game of “You know what you did” and I had no clue because the things I would be in trouble for were absurd. It could be: I didn’t compliment his new hair cut, didn’t react enough to some achievement, (specifically) didn’t clap to one of his self-righteous speeches. Again, get over yourself.

    You may ask yourself, ‘This happened all in two weeks?’ Yes. His previous girlfriend lasted 8 months with him. He would wine about how she broke up with him over the phone. I did it over a text.

    I hope he’s having the life he deserves.

  156. Brett Walden from Henderson, Nevada is a guy you want to avoid at all costs. Cheater. Liar. Stole money from my apartment more than a few times. At first I didn’t realize he was doing it. I knew I was missing money but I couldn’t figure out how it kept disappearing. I thought I was losing my mind. But turns out I just had a loser boyfriend.

  157. It’s funny. I first saw this site like 10 years ago. Who’d ever thought I’d be returning all these years later to post my own story. Bill Moore from Bismarck, North Dakota is my exboyfriend that needs to go on this list. It wasn’t just the cheating, which I guess was bad. But finding out the years of lies is what hurt the most. Why do men do that?

  158. I met who I thought was the perfect guy over summer break my freshman year in college. His name is Victor Hall. Please ladies trust me when I say, you want to avoid this guy. I live in a small town just outside of Rochester, New York called Avon. He lives in the next town over, Le Roy. Both being small time people we just had this great connection.

    Because I went to school in New York City we didn’t get to see each other often but when I was home, we’d spend all of our time together, which was really just during breaks from school. We were together for three years.

    Just before I graduated we talked about about what we wanted to do. We had decided we would move to Rochester together, and get an apartment. We were both close with our families, so living in the next big town over was the perfect solution. Because we needed to live in a place with job opportunities but we didn’t want to be far from them either. I thought I had my whole life planned out with the man of my dreams. WRONG!

    Then two days before graduation my roommate Amy was on a dating app and came across a profile of a guy that looked exactly like Victor, and low and behold, after she matched with him and started talking, it turns out it really was Victor. Who told her that he’s been single for awhile now that he was married before but his wife died of cancer. Now my Victor was 23, he told her he was 32 so that didn’t make sense. She kept talking to him just to make sure it was really him and sure enough it was. He was from the same small town. I mean how many Victor Hall’s are there in Le Roy, New York?

    I’ll skip over all the boring details and get right to the punchline. He was in fact 32, not 23. He was married but his wife wasn’t dead. He was actually still married to her and they had two kids. Me? I was just one of many girls he has hooked up with other years behind his poor wife’s back.

  159. Spencer Bell. From Reno, came from Utah. Extreme narcissist who is incapable of opening his mouth without lies spilling out. Continues to be married, yet has multiple girlfriends and is VERY active on dating sites. I don’t honestly know how this man has the energy to entertain so many “relationships.” He has a talent for telling women exactly what they want to hear and tailors his life and background to fit every girl he meets. Starts out with gifts and affection and then morphs into someone who is more than happy to take your time, money and heart without regard. Once one of the women finds out about the others and reaches out to them, he becomes enraged and plays the victim. He doesn’t even have enough originality to say different bullshit to each woman and literally copies and pasted his texts and pics. I hope this post helps at least one other woman from wasting her time and heart on such a broken and truly evil man.

    1. I understand. I will leave my ex nameless but he has tried now to frequent places I used to go to. He knocked out 3 of my teeth in June of 2020. How do I report him in a comment such as what you have?

  160. His name is Alec E. Rosentrater. Iowa State University. Aerospace Engineering.

    He says he believes women are equal, but his desires mattered to him a lot more than mine did. He ridiculed me and put all the blame for our problems on me and my chronic health conditions. He was super booksmart, he was charming, but also emotionally and physically abusive. He assaulted me in March 2019 when I was 18, he was 17.

    Later I told him my feelings were the same as someone who survived assault, and he said, no that’s not what happened between us because I didn’t say no. He was doing one thing, and I said yes to that. But then he started doing something else that moved my bra that I was not okay with and I froze. I couldn’t process what was happening until it was over because I just didn’t want to believe it. I cried. And he cried too because he didn’t intend to hurt me. He’s not a monster; he’s a very flawed person. He didn’t want to believe he assaulted me, and neither did I.
    We tried to “rebuild trust” which really ended up with me letting him push physical boundaries further and further past my comfort zone as a way to feel like things were peaceful and so I had “something of value” to offer him.

    I told him early on in dating him that I wanted to take a break from making out because it felt like too much too fast and so we’d have more conversation and get to know each other. He told me that physical intimacy is just part of having a relationship, and that he’d be very sad if I didn’t want to do that anymore. (This is manipulative. My actions don’t control his emotions. That’s all him.)

    He did not respond well to me changing my mind during intimacy. He would often grumble about it if I asked to slow down or stop. When I reflected on what I wanted for 2 weeks and told him that I didn’t like that we had been doing “x” and didn’t want to do it anymore, he made a meme with profanity that belittled and bullied me for changing my mind and using my voice.

    This man has big problems understanding consent and how to respect a woman’s body and her mind. Maybe he’ll grow up and mature by the time you’re dating him. Extreme caution to those who date him. If you do, don’t get involved physically for a few months. You may get really hurt. It’s taken me years to get over the emotional abuse and gaslighting and trauma. Save yourself the trouble. Be safe. There are much better men than this one.

  161. Jad Nazar
    ins: jash.english & jad nazar
    youtube: jash english
    facebook: jad nazar

    This guy is a dirty blonde with blue eyes and he’s an influencer. He’s super narcissistic about his face and his muscles but inside he is sensitive and ashamed about the size of his private parts. He is the youngest and spoiled by his siblings and basically, he can’t live without them. He’s racially biased about white people even if he pretends to be white (he’s mixed British but he looks white) most of the time in order to get people’s attention. He is immature and childish, unable to handle relationships that involve sex because he’s terrified girls would find out his private parts is thin and small and he came in 5 mins. Don’t date him because he will claim he’s not an jerk, flatter you, hypnotize you, and once he sleeps with you, he will tell you crap and run away like a coward. Anyone would be petrified by the contrast of the smallness of his private parts and his muscle, but even if you don’t mind, he will still run away like the wimpy kid because he has mental issues that he can’t accept himself but he still chooses to mess with girls and ghosts.

  162. Rich Earl – north NJ and Vermont
    Sociopath, manipulative, puts on a completely different persona for you and then becomes aggressive when you start to see the real truth of who he is. Anger management problems and verges on physical assault. Substance abuse problems and I also suspect bi-polar issues aggravate his aggressive and manipulative nature. Don’t fall for any sob stories or grandiose ideas of his. There is a reason he doesn’t have many people close to him that have known him for long.

  163. Rohit G Krishnan. 10/1991 Bay Area, California

    Watch out for this scumbag. He’s a good dresser, charming, charismatic, outgoing, complimentary, tells you exactly what you want to hear, but he has a nasty dark side.

    Huge ego. Narcissist. Pathological liar. Manipulative. Mentally and physically abusive. Has substance abuse problems (alcohol and drugs). Admitted to me that he cheated on his ex numerous times. (Also awful in bed)

    He was engaged to his high school girlfriend of 8 years (she finally ended it after being unable to put up with his BS anymore) and has since filed a restraining order against him because he literally can not get over her- she’s had to move several times so he doesn’t know where she lives. (I think he doesn’t like that she was the one to end it- as he likes to be in control)

    Says he’s in the Navy Reserves (unsure if this is true). Has claimed he’s in Stanford Grad/Business school (not true). Says the father who raised him isn’t his biological father and his father is actually from Ireland (though he died when he was an infant) I’m pretty sure this is also BS. Plus many other stories…I also found 11 separate IG accounts that he owns

    Incredibly manipulative and will gaslight you about anything suspicious. Just an overall shitty person.

  164. Austin James Deceder DOB 5/22/1996 Lived in Mason City, IA and Forest City, IA and Ames, IA and Kansas City.

    Very manipulative. Will do anything to get what he wants from you and then leave you when he gets it. Known cheater.

    Will force himself on you even when you say no.

    Was accused of violating by multiple girls, with no conviction because he knows how to leave no evidence.

    Be very careful. He is a diagnosed Sociopath and possibly a Psychopath.

    Please women, be very careful of this guy. He will be very toxic mentally and physically and financially.

  165. Jeff Milgroom, AZ, 53: He is a tall, well-mannered, well-spoken man – all of it is an act. This man claims he is separated/on his way to get a divorce, he is not. He will make you believe his life situation is sorted, it isn’t. He will claim his wife is an abusive addict and he is a victim, he is not. He continues to lie to women and cheat on his wife. He is manipulative, he will project his insecurities on you. He is cheapskate and will lure you into believing his sweet lies by projecting himself as the victim of his situation. I feel bad for his wife C.M. and his son for having such an awful person in their life.

    1. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment. I dated him from December 1st 2020 until today, after I read your comment. He told me the same story about his wife. He told me about separation and divorce. He asked me every day for patience. Every day he told me I’m the one. He is using big words. I’m speechless. He talked so poor about his wife, he is always a “ victim”. He is a monster. And is sad because all I did was to love him sincerely. He told me 3 years ago he slept last time with his wife and in all this years he was alone. He pretend he is a lonely guy, in fact he keep all his mystery around him to hunt more victims. I wish this site to be more visible. We don’t deserve to be treated like this. I’m sorry for your experience. I hope you can heal fast. I hope the same for me. Thank you again.

    2. The best description about Jeff Milgroom, 53 years old, Az. He is the most fake person I met in my life. All his words are lies, zero value. Don’t trust him, don’t believe his words. Stay away from him, he is just using you. He looks like a kind old man, mannered, in fact is just a person who is taking advantage of others. He have zero respect for women, he pretends he is crying. Absolutely the most pathetic person alive. Don’t waste your time with him. You have better things to do. He is not an attractive man, he doesn’t have compassion for women. He is the biggest liar you will see in your entire life.

  166. Joey Nicholas. Joseph Nicholas. Glendale heights or in Schiller Park Illinois. 30 years old. But a child. Do not waste your time. From day one he was shady. While we were talking, he had sex with a girl on his vacation. Throughout our relationship, he talked to girls and would say very inappropriate things to them.

    Talking about getting one pregnant if they hung out. Talked about what “daddy” says and what kind of relations they would have. Found out he had multiple profiled and a dropbox full of nudes from online and ex-girlfriends or girls that he would talk too. He made a Twitter account and got sent free nudes by a girl who looked like she was 14 while we were in a relationship then blamed his dad and said his dad made that account.

    Then later told me it was him. He would have girls text his phone and then delete the messages. He would hook up with “professionals” while in a relationship with me and text them and then make up some lie about why he texted them in the first place.

    Doesn’t care about his family at all. Has money but can’t save his money or pay his bills. Car was in collections and I had to help him get a new car. Very selfish and one-sided. In the beginning, he wasn’t controlling but I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends or have guy friends lol because he was the one being shady.

    He won’t ever let you have his phone password or know it. Always has hid his phone until I was able to get into a few times and each time I found cheating, shady shit. He never apologizes for anything and will never make you feel better about your insecurities. As long as he can do what he wants behind your back, it’s fine.

    But the moment you stand up to him and call him out, he turns it around and makes you feel like your crazy. Oh he’s messy as hell and will sleep with a room full of garbage. His feet are completely infected with some gross fungi but he won’t get it checked out.

    Has a good body but has a big gut or belly that won’t go away. Completely narcissistic and cocky. He flirts with his friends and other people’s girlfriends that he’s attracted to or gives them special attention when they are around and doesn’t care. Not even a week after we broke up he was out with some other girl while I still lived in the apartment we had together. So overall, a shady piece of —. Would not recommend.

  167. Paul Roger Bedard Jr. (from the reality TV show Gator Boys). Weston, FL

    Paul is the biggest lying manipulative sack of —-. I was with Paul for years. We took a break when I went off to New Zealand to pursue my Masters. He dated other people, so did I. I accidentally got pregnant while in New Zealand, I told Paul everything.

    He welcomed me home with open arms and said he didn’t care that the baby wasn’t his. He acted like a saint at first. Paid for everything, really took care of me. Once I had Joseph he changed. He didn’t want me anymore, just Joseph. He wanted to be daddy but treated me like shit. The show became a hit and he secretly started dating Caroline. He then kicked me and Joseph out of the house so he could move Caroline in. He broke my heart. He promised we’d get married, told me he loved me.

    He agreed to keep paying for my school and Joseph but I didn’t have enough to get a place of my own so I was forced to move in with my mom (I didn’t work I was trying to finish up my education). Paul didn’t like the distance from Joseph so he got us a small house in a neighboring city.

    Paul didn’t want me living too close to him and Caroline. I’d see them together and it would kill me. Breaking my heart all over again. Because he was paying for everything, including my education I just did what he said. I eventually met my current husband and I told him about everything Paul had done. I was an emotional mess when Mario met me. Mario married me and we agreed we needed to get Paul out of our life.

    So I cut him off. Paul had no legal rights to Joseph. I was done being abused by Paul. Having him hold my education over my head so he could get what he wanted.

    Paul turned into a monster. Caroline eventually saw what a scumbag he was and dumped him. It’s been 5 years and 4 domestic violence charges later:

    Paul is still making my life miserable. Making matters worse he currently has a pregnant girlfriend and I know she is going to go through what I did. I want to save her, I just don’t know-how.

    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble who loved Gator Boy Paul but he is a rotten self serving dishonest manipulative sack of crap.

  168. Kevin Sorensen, North Fort Myers, FL, 30 years old, plumber or painter when working
    This guy took advantage of me for nearly a decade, stealing and trying to lie the entire relationship. Kept me complacent with minor changes to his ridiculous manipulative and dishonest behaviors, doing housework half-heartedly, and bombarding me with loads of empty promises sprinkled heavily with his personal brand of bullsh*t about his unending love for me and compliments on just how beautiful and sexy I was … Until I stopped tending to his every want and need. Then he really became an scum, had me pay for his visit: flight, hotel, food, gas, then stiffed me for all of it. Not the first time this cheap, lying, thieving junkie has screwed me … But it sure is the last time. Don’t trust anyone with the last name Sorensen, Vetter or Reber in Southwest Florida. Both sides of Kevin’s family has got some members with top level red flag issues.

  169. Don’t date Alex Williams from the Bronx. He is black and went to Skidmore College. Don’t date him. He has psychological issues and has anger issues. He will stalk you, threaten you, hit you, and then try to manipulate you. He will move into your apartment and then never leave. Thank God i moved to Florida.

  170. Dean Keithly. Cornell University PhD, Aerospace Engineer, 27 yr old, from Michigan.
    Huge RACIST. Says really insulting stuff towards the Hispanic, Asian and especially Black communities!(The worst thing is he seeks to date minority woman!!)
    Manipulative, controlling. Very calculative. Pretends to be sweet and harmless but then slowly use manipulating ways to undermine your confidence then break up with you when you are least prepared and says so many insulting stuff to make you feel like it’s all your fault after the breakup. But then he will internet stalk you for years and talk shit about you to everyone you know in common.

  171. #RobertEarlJonesJr also known as #bigbobbyjones #bigbobby or #jbigbobby #bigbobbyjones777 met and begin dating etc in 2017. He was kind then we both relapsed and vegan using. I got clean he didnt so I left. We both moved on with our lives then about6 months ago I cane up positive for HSV2. I knew hed given it to me I reached out he didnt care at that time he was sleeping with a friend and had knocked her up and he was also sleeping with a married women. I reached out to both these women and he got upset. I want to say beware of him he has a way of being able to make believe hes good but he isnt he has a temper and even quit talking to the pregnant friend. Its sad hes spreading hsv innocent lives changed.

  172. Will Bosland from New Mexico. Resides in Dallas.
    This a*hole will use you then *poof* gone.
    He dated my friend for three months then just disappeared when she was in a bad accident and in the hospital.
    He is selfish, do not expect him to be there for you during tough times.

  173. Kanak Raina, Ph.D. Yale University, New Haven, Principal Scientist at Halda Therapeutics (public information)

    If you are dating him, run for your life! He is an abusive, manipulative psychopath with body dysmorphia that he will project on you. He will promise you to “give all of himself”, play on your desire to have a family and a home. He will create a bubble where you are the only person he has in his life, isolating you from the rest of the world. It may be romantic at first, but you will have no one to reach out to when things do not go his way. This is when the manipulation starts happening “If only you lost this much weight for me, I’d not need anything else in my life. You know you are everything I ever wanted”. And when you are not hitting his goals, he will withdraw, not speak or be intimate with you to show what it will be like if you don’t do what he wants. This sophisticated manipulation will be presented as his care for you, and what is worse, he will find a way to blame himself as someone who has failed his feminist believes, which will make it even more convincing to keep on going with this madness. And you will keep on losing weight and stop eating altogether because he will control your food intake and what is being purchased and exercise until you no longer can stand, but it will never be enough. You are no longer perfect in his eyes, and as soon as that happens, he will leave you in the worst manner possible, right when you are about to get married, or so he said. He will threaten you when you ask for an explanation or closure. You wouldn’t even know what happened because a week ago he promised that you’d always be together.

    And once you get over him and pick yourself up and become more successful, he will reach out again and try to get back together. DO NOT GO FOR THAT. While dating you, he has a history of reaching out to his exes and trying to get back together he is perpetually unhappy and will be searching for someone to fill that whole. He did that for six months, trying to get back together, but when you stand your ground and reject his abusive treatment, he will run to the first girl who’d have him and promise her the world, because he can never be alone with himself, too afraid to face his utter ugliness. Remember, your love, praise and lack of criticism is what’s feeding him. He doesn’t love you, he loves being loved, doesn’t matter by whom. Last time I saw him in July 2020, he told me that he doesn’t care if he hurts people feelings, only if he hurts mine, and that is why we couldn’t be together…run for your life!

    1. Austin James Chandonnet (32) Peachtree City, GA, Grand Rapids, MI

      BEWARE!!!!!!!! Very dangerous and abusive conman. He hasn’t had a stable job in over 6 years, is chronically unemployed, but will pretend to be successful by making up careers and claiming to own his own business. He appears to have financial means at first because he mooches off of and literally steals from his wealthy family – yes, he has committed check fraud against his own parents. During the time we were together, he revealed himself as a sociopath and a pathological liar, constantly lying to me and going out of town “for work” all to find out he was having affairs with women he met online. The money he was allegedly bringing in from work was deposited into our bank account from his mother, making it appear like legitimate paychecks.

      Yes, unfortunately his parents are not above lying on his behalf and enabling his despicable behavior. When I became suspicious about his behavior and caught his lies, he began being physically abusive with me. He hit, punched, kicked and threw me down on the floor or against the wall multiple times, causing bleeding and bruising, and he eventually went as far as to point a loaded gun at me and threaten to kill me if I left him. When I finally got the courage to leave, he stole thousands of dollars from my bank account and bolted out of town. We owned mutual property together and he had our vehicles repossessed without my permission, damaging my credit and almost causing me to lose my job in the financial field. After fighting him in court for 4 years and the judge ruling in my favor, he filed for bankruptcy to try to avoid paying the debts he owed me, lying on his Bankruptcy documents, which is perjury of Federal Court.

      This individual has no moral conscience. He is especially dangerous because he blends in with every-day normal people and doesn’t appear to be the degenerate he truly is due to the fact his parents are more than willing to provide him with money, an apartment to live in, and a car to drive, despite the fact he would never be able to provide any of those things for himself since he does not have and has not had employment for going on a decade now. He will use you for social status, money, narcissistic supply, sex, a place to live and anything and everything else he can take advantage of. If you know Austin Chandonnet, or know a woman involved with him please reply to this comment for more information verifying the accuracy of my claims. I have pictures and years worth of court documents corroborating my statements. Also, you can look up these public court records in Fulton County and the bankruptcy in Federal Court state of Georgia.

      Please take these warnings very seriously. This is a dangerous person who will do anything and everything for his own personal gain without any remorse.

  174. Gutierrez is a covert narcissist and a con man. He used me and my family for four years until he drained me and discarded me. Google Covert Narcissistic Personality disorder and you will get a detailed description of his tactics.

    1. @Girl_Wonder ~

      Bravo & thank you!! Really well written and extremely insightful, you just described the dynamics of my involvement with an anger junkie/narcissist/autistic/addict and thanks to the damage he caused I’m in such a state that my brain hardly functions at the level I need to sound this competent. Your words are blazing in my mind and super succinct, you should write professionally if you don’t already.

      How do I comment on the main thread here? I don’t see a box other than this one… also, at BBFL admin, how come my searches for the guys listed here come up empty? I mean, what’s the point of having a list if it’s not searchable?? I can put you in touch with a bad ass coder to fix that, SHE will probably do it for free considering the hell men have put her through!

      Admin: Working on a better search feature for these listings. I didn’t even realize the new updated search was excluding your listings. I will work on getting that fixed asap! Promise!

  175. Tyler Kennedy from Harrisburg PA, now living in Nebraska: I’ve been with him for going on 12 years. We married in 2015 and are in the process of divorcing. Buckle in ladies, this is gonna be a long one.

    We met through a mutual friend and quickly hit it off. We talked on the phone for hours and hours every night. He was always texting me. He was super attentive and sweet and thoughtful. He made me feel special and I thought finally! This is a good man I could love! He had a job, he was educated, honorable discharge from the Navy. Seemed close to his family. All were things I thought were good signs. He was cute to boot, so I jumped in with both feet. Things were amazing for the first few years. We went through serious poverty, ups downs, etc and it seemed like we were forever.

    Then I noticed that he wasn’t making any effort to get us out of the situation we were in poverty wise so I did it. I got a well paid job and saved every cent, bought a house and a car and pushed him to get a job too. He finally did. Over the years, his jobs got more and more high paid. Yet we always seemed to be just barely scraping by. My parents often had to bail us out.

    Anytime I’d try to right the ship, get things going in the right direction, there was gaslighting, manipulation, anger, and fights. He was so subtle about it that I never realized until I was already really beaten down. By the time I understood what was happening I didn’t have the energy or strength to do anything but endure.

    Then my Dad died. I fell into a depression so deep I couldn’t function. He took over the bills. The car got reposessed and the house went into foreclosure. This happened twice. He’s stolen money from me anytime he knew I had any extra. He ruined my credit and my health. He cheated on me with a woman and I only found out because she called me and thanked me for letting her and her 8 yr old son move in with us and letting her date him. She said he’d told her she could move in and that I’d allowed this. I certainly didn’t. I told him to choose between us. It took him two weeks to decide. He’d never met her in person and had been chatting her up for 3 months. He told me that he loved her more than me and that my depression in the wake of my father’s death was making me a bad wife and that’s why he cheated.

    A few years later I have nerve damage. When it flares I hit an eleven on the pain scale or higher. The kind of pain that puts you in a fetal position, ripping out your hair and screaming. He refused to help me get to the doctor, said it was all in my head and I was making it up and being a drama queen. That the hospital wouldn’t help me even if I went so there was no point. I tried to call an ambulance and he took my phone away knowing I was too weak to get it back from him. He would yell at me during these times because I was disturbing his sleep.

    He would get drunk every evening and start fights with me, making up scenarios about things I’d done which never happened. He had sexual fantasies and kinks I found vile and I suffered through multiple instances of forced consent. ( this is where you are bullied into a sexual situation you dont wish to be in. Make no mistake, it is a form of rape) This man humiliated, violated, used, and stole from me for more than a decade.

    He destroyed my house. He screwed up my health. Every promise he makes is a fallacy that never sees follow through. I discovered that he’d been cheating on me online for most of the time I was with him, sending these women money. And not just his money, but my money too. When I confronted him with this he shrugged and said; “I’m sorry for the way things played out.”

    He is a pathetic, alcoholic, abusive, pretender of a man and he WILL destroy you if you let him. Don’t let him fool you. BEWARE.

  176. Bill Fetherolf is a narcissist and a pathological liar that should be avoided at all costs. He lures women in through seduction and has unprotected relations with multiple partners at one time. He trash talks his ex-partners but never takes responsibility for his part in the breakups. Bill is ALWAYS the victim. When you meet him everything will be intense. There will be dinners, trips, private time, money for some, and constant texting or calls to gain your attention. He’ll turn on the charm and make you think you’re the only one he cares about.

    Once you’re hooked, the gaslighting and devaluing begins. He is constantly looking for his next victim on Facebook dating, prostitution sites, and other online venues. Bill drinks constantly but swears he isn’t an alcoholic. After a short period of time, it will become apparent that Bill is a miserable person who hates himself and thus transfers those negative feelings and emotions onto his victims. Given enough time, this troll will destroy your health, take money from you, and ruin your sanity. The whole time you’re breaking down, he’s watching and enjoying every second of it. He is a sadistic and extremely sick person. He cheated on his first wife and had children with other females. Now he is cheating on his second spouse who refuses to even live in the same state. All the while he is fathering children with multiple females from various ethnic backgrounds.

    He swears his children, from his first marriage, are his priority. Don’t be fooled! They’re adults whom he lies about sending money. His cash flows only to the paid companions he finds online and as a payoff to the multiple baby mommas. If you get mixed up with this pig, take notes when he talks and pay even closer attention to what he does and doesn’t say or do.

    Like all narcissists, he can’t keep up the facade for very long. After about two months the real Bill will show up and the lies will become more blatant and evident. When you finally catch on to the game don’t expect empathy or sympathy. Nope, there will only be anger, deflection, bullying, statements of entitlement, projections of his insecurities, and mental issues. Forget accountability because it’s never Bill’s fault. He’ll tell you about all the people who have taken advantage of him and then tell you that he’s lived a reckless life. If satan had a face it would be Bill’s. This pig is a predator who should be locked up for life. Don’t fall for his bullcrap! All he knows how to do is lie. Bill is a 65-year-old male who has the mindset and emotional maturity of a child. Life is too short to get mixed up in his drama!!!! Skip his bs about writing songs and singing to you.

    Skip the love bombing. Love yourself enough to walk away if you’re already mixed up with this troll or be careful to not believe his lies in the first place. If you hook up with this demon you can’t say you weren’t warned ahead of time.

  177. Matt Sweex from the netherlands is a horrible skirt chaser who gets off fantasizing about a bunch of women to serve him. We talked from September then in October he got a girlfriend but wouldn’t let me go then blocked me in November this guy sucked me in then kicked me too the curb

  178. Here to report Patrick Russo a seemingly nice guy from South Florida, currently in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This guy is not my type he is chubby and hairy but he was so kind, he took me on many nice dates, took me traveling, so when he asked me to be his girlfriend I said yes how could I say no to the nicest human I had ever met? Attraction can grow right? And it did. We ended up moving in together and that was the day everything changed. He never wanted to hang out, he was almost never home but when he was he was always angry, scary angry, I prayed for our relationship daily, I tried, really tried. Always had a meal waiting for him, was constantly looking for things I could clean before he got home. For nothing, he kicked me and my child out on the street, started threatening me. I ended up filing a police report and getting help from a local church to move back home to Florida. When you’re not attracted to the nice guy… there’s a reason ladies.

  179. Daniel Rosenblatt. Known alias: Dan from Far Rockaway, NY and Woodmere, NY. Comes from a Jewish family. He has no respect for vulnerable women. He likes to take advantage of the generosity of women. He is verbally abusive and manipulative. We met via a Jewish dating app. He said I was the one and we spoke about marriage brought up by him. Flew abroad to come and see me. I opened my home to him. I picked him up from the airport and we came to my place.

    He met my family and was in my personal space. We became intimate. I told him we should use protection and he said rejected it. Said if we got pregnant, it would all be fine and “we would deal with it.” He made me believe if anything did happen, we would sort it out together. I became pregnant during his stay. As soon as I told him, he panicked and told me to get a scan to which I agreed. Before I could get a scan, he fled the country and went back to his hometown. He blocked me and then unblocked me after some time. apologized just to lure me back in. Told me he would support me only if I would “get rid of it.” Told me he wanted nothing to do with me and that he told his family and they told him I should abort as well.

    This is not common in the Jewish religion. He said I would not ruin him in the Jewish world with this mistake. He intimidated me and played with my emotions in every way possible. Made threats to make my life hell if I would not do what he wanted me to. He told me to do things I had never done before. He was so threatening. I had to start recording the conversations as he was verbally violent. He made sure to not get anything in writing and told me no one would find him and that I was crazy. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and he was pressuring me and telling me he would ruin my life. I tried to have a rabbi speak to him but he was equally rude and verbally violent towards the rabbi. He has violent tendencies when he doesn’t have his way. I want to put this story out there to warn other Jewish women of this man, so they do not fall into the same scenario I did and so they do not believe his lies.

  180. ASHLEY GOTTLIEB in Tokyo (used to live in NY). Big time cheater, and addict. Will cheat on you if he gets a chance. Prefers paid companions over normal girls because he cannot have a normal relationship. Had a threesome with 2 paid escorts in Vietnam. Cheated with other multiple girls while he was overseas. Illegal drug usage in Asia which is very risky. Abuses prescribed drugs to get high (Xanax, sleeping pills, and pain killers). Before you get hurt please run away.

    1. have to address that he had a threesome with 2 ‘ladies of the night’ in Vietnam while he was traveling with his current girlfriend. On a business trip to Thailand, he will always order takeout paid escorts to his room. Makes out with other girls in front of his GF if he likes that girl. He cannot help it.

  181. Finally a place to rate my ex bf. You really should have like a scale of 1 to 10 to rate just how bad my ex boyfriend is. Then again after reading some of these comments I guess everyone would be rating their ex bf a 1. lol

    1. Beware of BRIAN HALL ( in his late 40s) of Arlington, Va!!! He has a life long issue that he can pass to you. He’s been sleeping with several women unprotected. Two women have come forward with their results and informed him. He did not care to get checked or produce results showing that he wasn’t positive of this issue. He is a serial liar, cheater, and manipulator.

  182. Ryan Cavanaugh, Professional Banjo Player and Instructor, Nashville Tennessee. This guy is extremely toxic and has anger issues about women. He postsregularly on a sight called Quora. He makes up questions from his other accounts and then answers them. They are all about his ex girlfriends or his mother. He lures young female musicians into instruction and then sexually harrasses them. If they don’t “play ball” he black lists them with musicians in Nashville so they can’t get jobs. He asks for nude pics and then shares them with his male contacts and brags about it. He was physically abusive to me as well as the woman he lived with before me. He bragged that he has cheated on every woman he has ever dated because he wants to have the upper hand. He loves to brag about how he conns money out of older women by pretending to be interested in them for romance or friendship. He is unable to maintain any relationship. He has never been engaged or married (he is 44). He boasts that as a virtuoso banjo player, it is his right to cheat. When we broke up he stated to me “I am a bigger deal than you will ever be. I will sleep with half the women under 45 in this town before you even begin to date again” He really loves to hurt women. Please be very careful if you are ever around him.

  183. Harry Hudson from Romulus, NY. Cheater, Liar, doesn’t know when he is sexually harassing a woman. When it comes to sending inappropriate photos, he does not take no for an answer.


      Is a lying, narcissistic, poorly endowed user… he owes me around $35k. After he begged me to leave my husband, spent all of my money while he laid on his ass for 18 months, and when I could no longer work due to balance and osteoporosis issues, this 61 year old pos decided our relationship was over. I was no longer any use to him. I imagine it will be the same for any woman who falls for his ‘charms’ (word used loosely). He is egotistical for NO reason what-so-ever. He is bald, has bad teeth and shits the bed. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking…. shit, I was just horny and wanted to let off some pent up girl stuff but he fell in love and pestered me until I left my husband of nearly 17 years. Date him at your peril. He’s perpetually miserable and will make you miserable right alongside him. How I lasted as long as I did is anyone’s guess.

  184. Angier Moseley Ames or Angier Ames of Healdsburg, California and of Boston, Massachusetts drugged and raped me for 3 days. He gave me such a strong drug that I almost died 3 times. I was blacking out, passing out and I could not speak or move for hours. I tried to walk and I kept falling over and over and I could not even sit. I would occasionally wake up and he was raping me and I could not feel my body. One time I remember slapping him and crying as he raped me. He said he wanted to tie me up with jump ropes. Angier Ames gave me such strong drugs that I had extremely severe chest pain and I had trouble breathing and swallowing. I was hallucinating and I was having horrible seizures. One time I woke up and he yelled at me so much that I thought he would hit me. He told me that he was arrested for hitting his previous girlfriend who is a nurse. Please beware!! Angier Moseley Ames has a serious drug problem, he is a rapist and he beats women plus he is emotionally abusive with a short temper. He gave me such a powerful drug that I still have severe chest pain and it’s been a month. I have horrible nightmares of what Angier Ames did to me. My doctor said he gave me a drug that is like a powerful anaesthetic that is used mainly for colon surgery. So the patient is awake but feels nothing and remembers nothing. Angier Ames also told me that he likes to dress up like a woman.

  185. John Oliver Schwartzkopf of Manteno, IL went after my teenage daughter after we were engaged. After asking around found out he has knocked up a few teenagers before.

    1. Ramon Franco Jr., MD is a serial cheater and liar. He lied when we met about his relationship status, and when I found out he gaslit me. I was in love and foolish and stayed for four more years, as he continued on and off with another woman. We broke up for four years, and in a moment of weakness, we re-established a connection- though not committed. He always said he was single, but sure enough, he was with another woman (in a committed relationship) the entire time we were having causal relations from 2011 to 2018. He is a terrible human being who thinks he is great because he is a doctor!!

  186. EMIL KOTSCHESSA OF beachwood,nj
    Short and sweet he is a cheater, a lier and likes to beat on women he beat me after I found out he was married and cheating on me with 2 other women and his wife who he has 2 kids with he loves to try to draw us girls in with making us pity him and saying he is great man but he is a snake and a very evil man beware he also prays on single moms as I my self am.

  187. Ira Ney
    Vancouver WA, Elko NV
    A true pathetic piece of shit, disguised as nice sweet guy. This good for NOTHING man child mooched off me for months. Instead of getting a job, he spends 18-20 hours a day playing computer games. He pays nothing in child support for his 4 kids his poor xwife has to raise because he’s a dead beat. Paid nothing for rent, utilities, or groceries, then left me 2 days before August rent was due because he’s incapable of having any kind of adult conversation. And he had the balls to screw around…WOMEN AND MEN beware


    He is 47 as of 2020. He is Chinese, but he can’t stand Asians and frequently uses racist terms to describe them. He is a huge fan of Donald Trump, Republican values, the military, and guns.

    He has never been in the military or shot a gun. He is obsessed with the Navy Seals but is scared to death of nearly everything that they have to do.

    He is a narcissist and a moocher. He will put on the charm until he’s confident he has you in his clutches, then his normal self reappears.

    He curses A LOT, makes fun of his son for not cursing, and gets angry easily. His anger has led to violence in the past. He has taken people’s headlights out with hammers and rammed their cars with his own when they weren’t going fast enough.

    He was violent with his son in the past, hitting him and knocking him over when he was a baby. He spent tons of his ex-wife’s money ($15k +) on toys for himself and often neglected his son.

    Even now, everything is about himself, and his son is 2nd place. Then anyone else comes afterwards. He only dates people if he thinks he can benefit. If you break up with him, he will sell your stuff.

    He doesn’t even care about his parents (who are in their 80s) unless they can do something for him and he never visits them even though he lives 5 minutes away.

    Avoid him like the plague.

  189. Ladies be aware of Paul Bagby, aka Paul C. Bagby. Some user names on POF, Ashley Madison, Match, Zoosk, Tinder, Bumble are drolds350, drolds1970, 1970olds, MrMitchell, MrMitchell1614, MrBig27238 to name a few. He is a habitual liar, user, and narcissist. He told me he has one child and has actually 3! Two were from strippers that he doesn’t associate with! I uncovered a whole bunch of other lies too that just floored me. He is in debt like you wouldn’t believe and has some serious anger issues and he will take it out on you! He blames everyone else for his problems and will never own his shit!

  190. There is a guy name Will Rulong he is such a douche bag. He screwed up because he thought he be an alcoholic and take my vehicle any time he wants too. So then when I ended it and was away from my house he stole my THERAPY DOG and my DENTURES. Then had the nerve to tell the foos were something wrong with me. Now he is out on POF trying to find another women that he can suck into his web of lies….he comes off as being tender and doing everything for him and then he will change….SO BECAREFUL GIRLS

  191. MILAN KREBS aka Legends44
    RENO,NV 32 yrs old

    Cheater- Narcissistic-Pathological Liar-Sociopath- Transmits STDS- Closet homosexual- Doesn’t pay his bills- gathers information on you~ to use against you in a court of law- Uses his work to sleep with unknowing individuals (men & women) in empty apartments/houses he works in-Violent- uses his “military experience’ as a trap so you feel bad for him(claims to have been black ops sniper) BLAME SHIFTER-PREDATOR Know pill abuser and hard drug user- Needs serious Mental help- talks about fucking you in the ass and peeling your flesh off your body(with a smile on his face so you think its a joke- small D***-big ego- Owes child support (over a thousand) tickles his daughters in a cringe-worthy way and has been caught playing with in their bedroom- Very insecure- Lives disgustingly- will pretend to be a cleanly person- but one month in and he stops cleaning up after himself(garbage and nasty dirty clothes/wont do dishes or tie-up/take out garbage) PETTY/CHILDISH known to have POF and Grindr- Sex addict- Lies to his family about you if you date him and threatens to ruin your life if you try and leave- then cries when your are done with him- MASTER MANIPULATOR- his D*** gets hard if he makes your cry/hurts you- will rub his semen on your belongings- will invite men/women over to steal your things & have sex on your bed/furniture- Hacks your devices and stalks you>the old IF he cant have you-nobody can-
    Most Relatable to TED BUNDY-JEFFERY DAHMER
    BE WARNED Don’t give him a chance to speak or you’ll be his NEXT VICTIM

  192. Christopher Trent Kaplan (goes by Chris)
    San Francisco, CA

    He seems like an absolute saint at first, as he does lots of volunteer work, has worked for the Mind and Life Institute and currently works as a mental health counselor. Don’t be fooled by this!!! He is actually an incredibly predatory narcissist. A lot of sociopaths work in the “helping professions” so as to have power over others. He is emotionally abusive and very skilled at gaslighting. His dating profile will read like the perfect resume, and he will tell you about how his “crazy ex-girlfriends” have all mistreated him…even though he is the common denominator! He will use you and throw you away like garbage whenever it suits him. Then he will move to a new state where no one knows him and start this behavior all over again. He is a womanizer of the worst kind, in that he actually hates women. Again, he can act INCREDIBLY sweet and kind in order to get what he wants. It’s not real. He’s just an amazing liar. Please take care of yourselves and stay away from this sick human!

    William Thomas Benden.
    FairviewPark, Ohio.
    Knowingly spread STD’s and is a compulsive liar.
    Cannot stop cheating.
    Emotionally abusive.

  194. Victor Cesari – California, New York, and Maryland. Tinder addict. Lover of dirty girls, lies, and massage parlors. Forced me into sex. Acts cuddly like his dog named Bear. Don’t let the dog fool you. This Navy dude is a classic example of an enlisted Navy scumbag. He admitted to seeing prostitutes for blow jobs in his earlier years. He frequently enjoys “hand jobs” at the massage parlor to this date in 2019.

    Thin women and Asian foot massage fetish. Gave his ex girlfriend and I both the same cancer causing STD. He lied about being arrested for drinking and driving more than once, a simple background check confirmed it. He also forced me into sex while he was broken up with his girlfriend. I didn’t know this until we chatted much later. She confirmed there were at least 2 women he would still mess with from Tinder and avoided sex with her – classic ‘Madonna complex’ of wanting the innocent woman for his future wife and his side chick on the side. To make matters worse I was stupid enough to watch his dog while he would visit her. This narcissistic dude has it all – he will take you out for a lovely meal on the first date, tell you how much he wants a “good” woman. He will follow it up with making sure you aren’t dating other men and lock you into a relationship right away. All classic signs of abuse and narcissistic ways.

    He will treat his side pieces like crap – and all because they aren’t educated or good enough for him. Classic example of someone who drives a nice car for show and lives in a shithole apartment. Once he feels he can control you (and want to spend ALL HIS TIME with you) he will eventually pull away and start messaging the “DIRTY GIRLS” like me because the ‘good girl’ is missing something.

    Cherry on top? Once you meet him online you may find an article from his hometown in New York about him saving someone’s life. Guess WHAT? He admitted to writing the article and posting it online HIMSELF! Let’s be clear! VICTOR enjoys making himself seem better than he is. He will manipulate you into thinking he is trying to change and is a changed man! He did drugs and alcohol but doesn’t anymore. The Navy is a bad influence on him. He hasn’t changed – don’t listen. Block him on Tinder, Match, Eharmony. I only hope this is an easy google search for women as a public service.

  195. Nic Frachon. Nicolas Frachon. California.

    This man is a predator. He’s the kind of guy that will throw you overboard on your honeymoon cruise. A sex-addicted psychopath with no remorse. He’s a massive manipulator with the charm of Ted Bundy. His ego needs to take a plunge down to his IQ. There’s not one honest bone in his body. Don’t believe his lies and love-bombing used to lure you in. It makes it harder to recognize the abuse. He’ll make you think you’re crazy, but you’re not. That’s him gaslighting you. Don’t mistake his white privilege. It’s made him not mentally mature enough to care for anybody else other than himself. In reality, he’s inhibited intellectually and knows he has nothing to offer you. Remember, the devil was once a handsome angel. Don’t fall for a fraud.

  196. Nathanial Ramoska. Goes by Nate and Nathan. From Chicago, Illinois. Used to live in Missouri and Iowa for a short period of time. Huge f*ckboy. Likes to hook up with girls and leads them on for months, giving them hope for a relationship some day. While doing all that to one girl, he gets in relationships with another, and then cheats on the girl in the relationship. Uses girls for sex and money. Preys on younger girls (18-20) when he is almost 30. When confronted about his horrible treatment of women, he turns it all around and acts like a victim. He’s a gaslighter. He has the emotional intelligence of a 14 year old. He is also a trump supporter, gun nut, and racist. He even went out of the way to say he’d never date a black girl, and other incredibly offensive things about black people on our first “date”. Likes to tell stories of how his past girlfriends cheated on him, which I later found out is far from the truth. He takes his friends’ experiences and uses it as his own for sympathy. Unrelated, he is a shitty friends and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have any of his friends left at this point. Will lie and tell girls he loves them to get what he wants, which is sex. Will even go as far as to saying he wants to be in a relationship/wants you to be his girlfriend just so he can get laid, and then immediately takes it back afterwards. Expects girls he talked to to be available whenever it is convenient to him, if not he acts like a huge D*******, which is ironic because he exudes and has SMALL D***** ENERGY. Nathan Ramoska has small D***** energy and tries to overcompensate with this toxic behavior and actions. That is all.

    1. @midnightsun I am a 19 year old from Chicago, Illinois, who was sexually abused by Nate Ramoska when I was 12 years old ( he told me he was 25 at the time ). It has taken me years of therapy to cope with the sexual abuse and manipulation that he put me through as a child. So on top of being a racist, fuckboy, manipulator and gaslighter, you can add pedophile and r*pist to the list. I have even been told by others who were his friends long ago that he would brag about F*cking me (WHEN I WAS A CHILD). And if you dont believe me that’s fine but i have witnesses and physical evidence that it happened. And i was even willing to go as far as to make a police report last year only to be told that the statute of limitations had expired. Please beware this man and spread this information so that no other women make the mistaking of falling for this disgusting piece of Sh*t.

  197. Chris Linkous, Atlanta, GA
    He comes across as charming. Don’t buy it. Don’t believe anything! He claims to have a TBI from a car wreck in high school. This is not true. In actuality, he is a closet alcoholic and compulsive liar. I had to get a TPO against him, which he violated. He was arrested for aggravated stalking and is currently out on bond. His wife just divorced him, so he’s just looking for someone to shack up with and take care of him. He’ll be in love with you within a week. Don’t fall for it!

  198. Rabid Redneck Rapist: Brian Thornburg (originally of Chattanooga, TN) is a violent rapist. Whether he preys on an unconscious young woman at a house party, plots a date rape, or turns psycho on a consenting partner and leaves her bleeding, bruised, and naively confused he will find a way to take it from a woman. His only other approach to getting together with an unsuspecting female is to be entirely fake, “too cool”, lie about 100% of the basic facts of his pathetic existence, and in his “off time” scrounge up some stolen money to support his alcoholism and crack habit. Oh, & he isn’t a chef, nor is he trained in any martial arts. However, he sure can grow a lovely poneytail (gag) and adopt the personalities of the guys he latched onto like a redneck, ass-kissing parasite. He might even buy a woman’s brother a puppy figurine on their second date (Don’t ask me what the hell that is all about. Just enjoy that this truly happened. NOTE: My brother has no inclination to collect ceramic animals nor does he fancy dainty gifts from guys he met (er, was kinda stalked by) the prior week.


  199. Sam Akl who is a Physical Therapist from Brooklyn, NY. He is a very self-entitled narcissistic and controlling prick. He is 43 years years old at the time of writing this narrative.

    He hides behind a mask of generosity and magnanimity, yet the reality belies a profoundly fake, insecure and superficial petulant man child. He is an arrogant douche bag that will attempt to exploit and manipulate others in order to get his own way.

    Sam is very controlling and manipulative dumb fcuk that is whole-heartedly convinced he knows everything and that he is always right.

    Furthermore, he lies and manipulates others to get his needs met. He is a bonafide asshole with dubious values and morals. He will play the role in making you think he is such a “nice guy” but nothing is further from the truth.

    Let me add the fact that he is also a steadfast Trump supporter which should be of no surprise, another malignant narcissist jerk-off.

    Stay from this POS as he has nothing to offer but lies, manipulation and problems. He will attempt to exert his control over you awhile being dismissive and disdainful especially if your opinions or perspectives differ from his own.

    Additionally he will antagonize and act like a toddler if you happen to tell him “NO”. He likes to test and push one’s boundaries and play stupid mind games as that seems to a source of endless entertainment for him. Again, avoid this person as he unbelievably dumb, emotionally immature and a spectacular failure as a person.

  200. Sioux City, Iowa. This man Trevor Wauhob has been messing with my head for a year now. I thought his issue was drinking. Come to find out he is also a player. I found out he is on dating sites such as tinder. He also is walking around with and untreated STD. I would like to post screenshots. Is there anyway possible to do so.

  201. Sebastian Carias Hyattsville, Maryland

    Chronic cheater and user of women. Hides behind the nice guy facade but is really a snake. Uses tinder and bumble for his conquests. Also a high school history teacher who smokes weed. Was dating 3 girls at one point.


    These 2 are chronic liars and thieves. Beware of them on all the dating sites. They seem so nice at first; they are good actors. Sadistic and happy to torture you, isolate you, abuse you.

    ◦Reading the Signs Look for a lack of shame. Most sociopaths can commit vile actions and not feel the least bit of remorse. See if the person lies constantly. Sociopaths are perfectly comfortable going through their lives telling a series of lies. See if they are able to stay eerily calm in spite of their circumstances.

    ◦Look for ‘gaslighting’. Since sociopaths lie and deceive, they tend to make the victim look and feel as though they are the problem that the sociopath is causing. The medical terminology is ‘projection’, and is a calling card of the sociopath. Blaming you for what they have done to you.

  203. Kevin Innerst Chambersburg, PA

    Careful with this guy. When I knew him, he had an uncontrollable addiction to alcohol. He claimed he was going to try to get better, but never sought out proper help to do so. He is not a cruel drunk, but his personality and outlook changes. He’s superficial, caring more about appearance than personality. He cares more about sex than actually creating real connection. If he’s quickly talking about a relationship or a future together… Don’t believe him.

  204. Trevor Stottlemyer Shippensburg, PA

    It pains me to write this. I thought he was one of the good guys. Boy was I wrong.

    Met this guy through a dating app. Definitely under the impression for casual sex relationship. He likes to portray himself as a good friend sort of guy and he can be. And girls… The sex with him is great! Now if only things could have gone for the better…

    This guy has some interesting sex tastes. Nothing unreasonable, but for anyone accustomed to a vanilla sex life, they can be daunting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t express an eagerness in his tastes, he’ll try to wear you down with repeated talk about his fetishes until you’re willing to give in to him. I was worn out and eager to make him happy, so I gave in. I wish I realized what was happening before that happened.

    Now, casual relationships are fine. It’s what I would want to start with, but Trevor blurs the line. He wants to cuddle and give and receive massages, but he does this without coming straight out to talk about his expectations. He doesn’t think about if he’s leading you on… Only to tell you he’s not ready for a relationship.

    He’ll talk about how he can’t compromise himself which is all well and good, because you’d think that means he doesn’t want you to compromise yourself. No. I expressed my need for equal give and take and when I tried to discuss how unfair it was for me to have to be the only one to compromise, he later berated me for asking him what he would compromise so that I felt like we had equal give and take going on. Also, when he began to talk against having sex, I told him that I met him for the sex and if it wasn’t going to be a thing, I wasn’t interested. He then accused me of objectifying him. This coming from a guy that made frequent jokes about wanting to be able to pick up lots of girls and make money off of sex when I talked about him being good at sex. No, if what I want is sex and he doesn’t want that anymore, then I have my right to step away. No matter how many times I tried to explain what I meant, he would remark that I was objectifying him several times after.

    If you can guess, Trevor is a guy that will put words into your mouth. While I would express that I felt he said something one way and ask for clarification, he would immediately claim you meant something you didn’t. And even if you tried to explain yourself, he’d continue to hold his perception against you. You can discuss and come to a decision, making sure he is okay with it, only for him to later bring it up and say you were wrong to decide things to be a certain way. He’ll complain about you to his close friend and rather than discuss with you the concerns, he’ll accuse you of acting inappropriate. Also, while he would put words into you mouth, he would complain if you were the one to unwittingly twist his words… even if you were also asking for clarification.

    Trevor is also a guy that likes to complain A LOT. He’ll complain about his exes, his close friends, his work and how unsatisfying it is, his lack of progress towards his passion goals. From his complaints, you are left with the impression that he doesn’t have supportive people in his life, but if you try to support him, he’ll make excuses rather than take you up on your offer.

    Also, he seems to have a tendency to complain a lot about the things he wants to keep in his life. He complains a lot about his ex from over a year ago, yet will say that he still wants her back. He’ll complain about about his friends, but insist they are good people to have in his life. He’ll complain about work being unsatisfying, but lets himself stay in an absolutely miserable working situation.

    All this despite Trevor being a guy that claims he’s easy going, trustworthy, and understanding. Perhaps at first. But where you think that you can confide in him after he confides in you… Again, he’ll twist your words. I would explain that I have a difficult time trusting people, even if I want to and he’d berate me for not trusting him. But then, as I tried to be more open and honest with him, he’d complain about how I perceived things and pull away.

    So I would listen to him and try to support him as he complainedabout everything, no matter how uncomfortable it got… But when I discussed with him my deepest struggles, he blocked me out.

    This guy said he would not use me and toss me aside. He said he wanted an intellectual connection, but any attempt that could be made was replaced with his desire for sex or (when he didn’t want the sex) rebuking me instead. He is neither ready for a casual sex relationship nor a serious one.

    I won’t deny that I did not act on my best behavior all the time, but I was left feeling like I had no right to stand up for myself or speak my mind. And no matter what mistakes he could make, I felt like I couldn’t make a single one. Then while I thought things were going well, he’d have something to complain about while making me feel like it was my fault.

    I’m posting this because when he decided to end the sexual aspect of our relationship (but discussed remaining friends though he ended that himself immediately), he said he was not interested in sex or pursuing it as he needed to focus on himself. If he if pursuing sex, then he is a liar and a hypocrite. He does need to do some serious work on his sense of self and how to be willing to work towards improving himself before he drags someone else into his mess. He’s scared of what is good. No girl deserves to deal with that.

  205. Cory Allen Keene
    From Port Charlotte Florida . Can be found in North Fort Myers Florida , Thailand , and Japan .

    He is the biggest narcissist . He believes only he has rights to anything . He is entitled to everything . And his words “when a girl looks at me her panties should automatically be dripping wet . Why would they ever want any other man ? I’m the only man anyone should ever want . ”

    He’s a liar and a cheater . He cheated on his ex with me . Lied to us both . Then cheated on me with his ex . Lied to me . I found her clothes . I gave him the benefit of the doubt . I should have just left . That was our first week together . It would have saved me so much hell and mental issues .

    He is a hard core woman beater . He beat me every other day sometimes every day . For anything . I cooked and cleaned and worked all the time for him and he’d immediately take my money for his body building, anime , games , and whatever he wanted . If I wanted anything for myself he’d be angry . If he didn’t have a energy drink he’d beat the living crap out of me . I had a bruise on my face the shape of his hand . He gave me two black eyes at once before . And you know what , he beat me for “making him beat me” and for getting bruises, black eyes, and busted lips . He’d beat me for having to get make up to hide it, he’d beat me for not wearing enough to hide it . He’d beat me for not making enough money because for a while he refused to work . He beat me for being upset he threw out clean clothes on the dirty floor . He beat me for not wanting to have sex or perform on him, until I begged him and told him I was unworthy of his intimacy and he dubbed me good enough for the sexual engagement I didn’t want to begin with . Is that rape ? He beat me for crying when he beat me . He beat me until I apologized for him beating me and meant it . Best ones, he beat me for missing my daughter and family and he beat me for trying to take care of my sick dying father . HE BEAT ME FOR MOURNING MY FATHER .

    He’s a cuck . He needs to fantasize about being cheated on to get off . He’d have me pretend I was screwing other people . He needed me to . Then beat me and accused me of cheating . . .

    I tried so hard to cook clean and at some point make all the money but this is the messiest person I’ve ever known . . . I told him I was trying my hardest and he told me I want good enough . Even threw me through a wall once . As in he the me so hard into the wall a giant hole was left .

    When we broke up he told me how he fantasized about children . he like the thought of him being so much bigger and stronger .

    finally he’s really manipulative . . . he’s an idiot and he wants you to feel a certain way and he will get you there . later you are questioning yourself and why .

    I’m really messed up in the head and it’s been years . if my boyfriend wants to do something for himself , even making a sandwich , I feel like I’m in trouble , or he’s mad and he’s planning on leaving me . dumb stuff . I know it’s dumb but I feel how I do . I can’t turn it off just work on it . . . he rewired my brain , conditioned me , whatever . I hate being a victim . I hate I technically was one . I hate how he made me feel . I hate he wouldn’t allow me time with my father or family . how he’d rage that I was sad my father passed . I hate him . he was awful . and he pretends he’s perfect, he’s convinced of it . how he’s never done anything wrong . oh and real quick he’s a woman hater . he believes girls are cooking , cleaning , sex machines . if a man says something you have no right to say otherwise . when he moved to Thailand he said women there are better because they do as they’re told . if you ask them it they will always say yes . American girls are snobs because they think they have the right to say no . this isn’t even all of his crap . I hate him so much . I’m finally ready to share . so here it is .

    p.s: he wouldn’t let me play video games . have too many guys boners apparently . And he’s always scratching his balls and sniffing . Always . Purposefully not washing his hands so others can be “touching his balls” too .

  206. Andrew (Drew) Ian Tyer. From North Little Rock Arkansas.

    I want to add that he suffers depression, and uses it as a means to step away from the relationship. When he got drunk, he consumed a whole bottle of jack Daniels, bullet rye, wine bottle, and 10 beers in one night.

    I had no idea that he was a raging alcoholic. Mix it with antidepressants, you get a monster.

    He will love bomb you, make you so good and then just discard you. He finds his girls on Instagram, reddit, facebook. His looks are enticing with the nice tats, and nice built body. please save yourself, don’t fall for it.

    I wanted to die from the pain he gave me. don’t go near this man. he will make you feel like youre nothing, he will take away your value and not even look back.

  207. Andrew (Drew) Ian Tyer. From North Little Rock Arkansas.

    We met online. He is a liar, cheater and narcissist manipulator. While we were talking/dating, he told me I was the only one. Little did I know he was fucking multiple woman, ubering them to his house. I live across the states, and so we would facetime/talk all the time. He told me he loved me, while still trying to pursue other woman. While visiting me, he was still messaging woman, trying to set up dates.

    The very last time we were together this march 2020, he got so drunk, that he told me he was fucking multiple women, and when confronted, continued to spew every hateful word at me. He pinned me down, screaming obscenities. He denies ever tackling me, cause I didn’t have therefore I was a liar.

    Even when I showed him the proof of his own actions, he continued to deny it. Saying I was Crazy, that I was making shit up. He gaslit the fuck out of me. I started to even question my reality.

    In the end he confirmed, that I wasn’t the first one, and certainly wont be the last. He had another girl already lined up, and that there was plenty of fish in the sea. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM. Hes charming, handsome, and knows exactly what he was doing. Hes empty inside, and has multiple girls that he reaches out. He got me good. I loved him, and I thought everything we had was real. We were talking about moving in together, and starting a future together, only to realize he only used me for my attention, and how much I loved him. Text book Narcissist

  208. Watch out for anyone named C. Ogletree. Ask many questions and look in the background thoroughly. This waste of carbon matter makes snakes look nice.

  209. Berge Kata is a manipulative narcissistic asshole. Women beware. After I was hospitalized with surgery he had the balls to tell me i’m on my own and he’s done. He then said when he decides who he wants to have sex with he’ll let me know so he can divorce me. He’s a major lowlife loser who never has money and he’s so ugly with the ugliest dark circles under his eyes. I married him years ago because I was desperate. I paid for everything, our trips, bills and even helped him set up his now failing business because he sucks at managing people and running anything successfully. He’ a moody angry and miserable person. He’s terrible in bed and doesn’t know how to please or treat a woman. He deserves a lowlife loser like himself where they can both live in misery.

  210. Richard Beech , beechardrich – a narcissist or sociopath, still unsure which but it’s definitely one or the other. Have been through therapy to try to re-establish boundaries and regrow self-confidence and self-esteem. He comes across as very charming and presents himself as all you’ve ever wanted, will pursue you, compliment you, text you constantly and tell you you’re his soulmate and he’s never fallen so fast for anyone before.

    For me this changed within months to verbal and emotional abuse. Suddenly I was being shouted at for every minor little thing. It was impossible to act like a normal human around him as normal human statements and questions would result in him shouting or throwing adult temper tantrums. He avidly posts about feminism and domestic violence on Twitter, but would call me a slut, question how much I ate, and insult my appearance in numerous ways.

    Why do I think he’s a sociopath/has NPD? Well the above for one, plus cheating numerous times on his ex-wife because she was anorexic and wouldn’t sleep with him (his words); constant plotting to oust the CEO of his old company and take that job; casually admitting to stealing an expensive guitar like it’s no big deal; chatting up 15 year old girls on Twitter and Instagram; lying about having bipolar disorder, and threatening suicide whenever things weren’t going his way. Genuinely the most manipulative person I’ve ever met (if he reads this I’m sure he’ll take it as a compliment).

    I’m sure he’ll either end up a CEO of a company with awful working practices, or in prison for killing a romantic partner, one or the other 🙂

  211. Michael Scott Thomas, 61, Los Angeles. Uses the name Mike or Don Rust61 in dating profiles. He is charming, charismatic, funny, grandiose, critical, controlling, lying, blaming, jealous, and opportunistic. He will win you over with big gestures and words of flattery and love. He will make himself out to be your hero, do anything for you. But that will change. He stole thousands of dollars from me, writing checks to himself out of my account. Then said it was my fault because he felt he was entitled because I was going through a hard time. He blamed me. He raped me once when I was under the influence of alcohol that he gave me. He will not take responsibility for any of his actions, he will say things that happen are “unfortunate ” and he is quick to get his feelings hurt for very small things. He lied about things all the time. Especially when confronted with a situation. He has almost no close friends, and is very content to sit on his couch all day and night watching TV. His own daughter wants very little to do with him. He has been married three times, do not let him talk you into being number four!!!

  212. Ex BF Nick LaCasse very rude but smallest penis ever maybe 3 inches totally hard premature can last 15 seconds just horrible worst sex of my life and he expected head and handjobs at the end i gave him a minute and i gave him a handjob he came usually before 30 seconds

  213. Ex BF Nick LaCasse very rude but smallest penis ever maybe 3 inches totally hard premature can last 15 seconds just horrible worst sex of my life and he expected head and handjobs

  214. Adnan Shihadeh New Jersey a complete bum and loser who lets his woman pay for all his dates then complains about driving her when she lived only 15 minutes away. He has been fired from every job he has ever had in his life. I dated this guy around mid 90s and swore myself off of dating since then! When I broke up with him he called me screaming at me, flying in a full blown rage, I could hear things being thrown around and glass breaking through the phone. Then he kept calling me and stalking me for over a year. Only reason he stopped I think is because he had to move. He has serious anger management issues and doesn’t believe in having a job. Stay far away ladies!

  215. Chris Pironti Ventura CA

    Stay away from this narcissistic sociopath. He lied the entire time of our relationship and was texting/sexting other girls. Lots of “boys trips” with his married friends that included trying to hookup with girls. He is a firefighter and thinks he is gods gift. He is more like Satan. My Christmas present was him getting drunk picking a fight with me and trying to screw the desperate fat neighbor. The only reason they didn’t was because I came over to his house and we talked. After we broke up he immediately got in a new relationship and had sex with me and tried to kiss me on different occasions. Until I realized how screwed up that was. My mistake.

  216. Christopher Rae Jordan in Simi Valley, California…

    You will think you hit the jack pot with this Fraud of a man. You will think that you two have everything in common, that he is easy going, comes from a great family of “men” with deep rooted family values, and that he was a great dad before his first wife “turned his kids against him.” Don’t believe a word of it.

    What he won’t tell you is that he walked away from his first wife who stood by him for 16 years, and their two boys. Literally, walked away. He walked away because he thought the grass would be greener with another, younger woman whom he thought would wait on him hand and foot. He presented a false self to the second wife who started connecting the dots shortly after moving in with him.

    Know this: he brings nothing to the table. He is lazy, spends no quality time with his kids, is only concerned about sports and drinking, is not cultured, is negative, racist, gives a good impression of knowing a lot of things but doesn’t act on any of it, can’t fix anything, pays his bills late, you can’t depend on him for anything, he thinks cleaning is beneath him, and if you get sick you are on your own..

    He claims to be attracted to strong, independent women which, over time you, will see that is exactly what annoys him.

    You will think you two have a lot in common because all he is doing is studying you and mirroring your interests. If you pay attention to his patterns, it won’t take you long to see that his actions don’t match his words.

    Yes, he has a good job, but that doesn’t mean he’s good with money. He is very wasteful and works a lot of overtime to make up for his indiscretions.

    A relationship with him will have you feeling like the loneliest person in the world. Not at first -the beginning of the relationship will have you thinking you hit the jackpot. IT’S ALL AN ACT! As soon as he thinks he has you, he will do less and less to keep you because life is all about him. If you try to talk to him and express your feelings/concerns, depending on how new your relationship is, he will tell you what you want to hear and then go on doing what he wants to do. If you press the issue further, he will turn into a victim and blame you for not being sympathetic to the made up drama in his life that he caused.

    Also, while you are dating him, you won’t know this, but he will be badmouthing you to his family and friends. This is so that, in case you dump him, or when he gets bored with you (because he will get bored with you), and you two do breakup, everyone in his circle will already be primed that you are the questionable one, and there will be no shock to his circle of friends when you two end. I promise you, YOU will be labeled the crazy one no matter how amicable you think the breakup is, and the reason for the relationship ending will be all YOUR fault. Whatever kind of discussion you try to have with him or his friends and family – no matter how civilized – you will be “crazy.”

    This is also why he dates girls outside of Simi Valley… They are removed from his circle. He doesn’t have to worry about you getting close to his circle. He can control how his circle perceives you. He doesn’t have to worry about you asking question or comparing notes with others. So when he says he’s going to go to a particular friend’s house for a bbq, or to his brother’s, and then tells you, “I would like for you to come, but I understand if you’re not up for it,” take this as a red flag. He truly doesn’t care if you don’t come because he doesn’t want you getting close to his circle. He has to maintain his false front with them as well.

    There is a reason he has two ex-wives. The first wife had kids with him. He’ll say she “neglected him.” She did everything she could to stick it out with him for the kids. There’s a reason the second wife ran for the hills. Neither of the exes ever met. There is a reason neither of them want anything to do with him or his circle. Think about it, the common denominator is him.

    He seems like the best thing now, but the narcissist is in there. He will show himself. And when you try to leave, that is when it will be the worst for you. Spare yourself, and get out now!

  217. Do NOT try to date either Tom Alfano or Vincent J. Cutri, both of whom are located in Oswego County, NY.

    Tom friended me on Facebook and messaged me frequently, acting as though he was interested in me. However, after I sent him a current picture he cooled off right away and a couple of days later Tom started to ghost me. When I confronted Tom on his silence, I was greeted with – you guessed it – silence. So I unfriended and blocked him.

    Vincent Cutri approached me at a local Dunkin and asked to sit with me and even though he said he just wanted to be friends, he acted otherwise. At one point he gave me his number and told me to call him but blocked my number right after that. He went to the local ER without telling me but made sure mutual friends of ours found out so that I would know.

    Vinny made me worry myself sick and did not regret it one bit, blaming his behavior on a medical condition I cannot list here.

    Vinny started talking about how he wanted me to move in with him, travel together and ride motorcycles together and then poof – wanted nothing to do with me. Again, he blamed his behavior on that medical condition.

    Both men are narcissistic, selfish men who only want super-skinny women they can take to bed. Avoid them at all costs!

  218. Hunter Halsted is someone you should NEVER date, no matter how he seduces you or how he acts like he is the most caring sweet person. After almost two years he called me on Christmas Day and broke up with me for no real reason. He then blames his mental health and I promised to be there for him through it but he refuses. Then he blocks me on everything and is secretly seeing his ex. He also at one point attacked me verbally because I said how about we try friendship? I was nothing but kind to him and loving for two whole ass years and he was consistently manipulative and used sex to have power over me and gave me a fucking std and moved multiple states just to be in the town where I go to school and he still tries to remain friends with my best friend like a fucking pervert- he also tried to seduce her at one point while dating me but that is another story. He has one motive and it is to seduce woman, he actually told me it is how he measures his self worth, then when he gets bored he flips the switch and ghosts so 0 to 100 out of nowhere!! Please don’t let him fool you ladies! I know his dark sexy persona can be appealing but it is actually scary and he honestly can be so fucking mean. OH HE ALSOOOOOO broke up with me and then tried to FUCKING have sex with me while I was crying cause he was horny and he was literally laughing at me while I was crying. I also helped him in so many ways and he had the audacity to say to ME that he was sick of taking care of me?????? I was like B**** when? When we broke up he said he would never love another girl again and it didn’t have anything to do wit me and two fucking days later he is going on a date with his ex Res Benn from his freshman year of high school 7 years before- he also only ever called this girl crazy and manipulative to me???? My family took him in when he had no family….Hope him and his ex have fun being sociopaths together and ruining each others lives<33333 If he is single though RUN AWAY FROM HUNTER NICHOLAS HALSTED


    ladies, if you ever come across this sociopath, please run in the opposite direction. He will make you feel like the most beautiful and special woman in the world and then he will drop out of your life with no warning. He will leave you heartbroken, confused and feeling like trash. He also has a crazy ex wife who will make having a relationship with him pretty much impossible. He’s a spineless coward when it comes to her. Please stay away from this Loser.

  220. Keegan ‘Onefoot’ Wenkman, 37, Portland OR, St. Paul MN, Madison WI

    Former co-owner of a printshop in Portland. Uses social media and dating apps to find women. He is a liar, narcissist, manipulator, thief, and an alcoholic. Psychologically and emotionally abuses women. Uses anyone as a means to an end. Will always play the victim and never takes responsibility for his actions and the effect they have on others. Hides behind his art and the tragic artist, hobo, fun-loving persona he has built around himself on social media. Loves to lure women in by claiming to be a feminist.

  221. Stacey C Umberger

    This guy is a hobosexual-Looks for women that he can have a relationship with so he can have a place to live in. Gives you a feel sorry for me story-Abused by his adoptive father (Who was told by a cop to beat him whenever he got out of control). He’s from the Stoddard/LaCrosse, WI area. Travels through out the US. Claims that he’s bipolar. He’s an alcoholic and has no interest in changing his life. I lived with him for 2 days and all he did was sexually harass me, get drunk and lie (I told him that I was just fresh out of a bad relationship and didn’t want to be his girlfriend. I wanted a roommate, not a FWB.). Paid rent to stay there but slowly started asked rent money for booze. I kicked him out after I found out that he was lying to me…Afterwards, he started to show up at my house at random times (He did this on and off for three years). Tried to call the police but he would be gone before they showed up. Favorite places to hangout at are bars, community centers for the disabled, the public library, the mall and bus stations. Favorite targets are poor people, the disabled, women that are not too pretty or cute, Single moms. Has a warrant out for his arrest in Springfield, Missouri. (violating restraining order) Always dressed nicely.

    Also goes by the names of “Spence Umberger” and “Spence Schaefer”. He’s 45-46 years old.

  222. Rodney Graham Louisville KY
    Typical Narcissist. Charms you in the beginning, you’ll think you’ve found the one but its all an act. Once your hooked, the abuse begins. Very subtle at first, criticism, sarcasm, never happy with anything you do. Keeps it all behind closed doors so everyone buys his fake persona. He is a compulsive liar, cheater, P* addict has multiple accounts on adult websites. Drug addict, gambling problem. He works and makes good money but blows it all on drugs and scratch-offs and strippers.. plays the victim and says his exes are crazy B******. Very convincing, but total fraud. He is married and always has at least one to two girls on the side. Gets violent when he is caught lying or cheating. BEWARE

  223. Mike

    I dated this guy for a while on caribbean cupid turns out he was still on the site the whole time while we dated and he had made me delete my profile. He gave me herpes and syphilis. He was always complaining that he needs some money to pay his bills and I like a fool would pay his bills. Then the drama finale is when he moved into my place and was always “working late” so I followed him a few times….yea I know I know. He is NOT a christian, he is a two-timing liar and user. Go to the site and tell him he is an azzh! He needs to learn a lesson.

  224. Patrick Sutton-Coulson, calls himself Paddi with an ‘I’ because he’s a twelve year old girl or something.

    Nothing like most of the awful stories on here but still a little shit. He has a weird taxidermied mole and he sleeps with a toy ferret. Shit was creepy. Text dumper and ghoster. Not interested in women after he’s got what he wants out of them. Not worth the effort.

  225. Miguel angel abrego. Daly City/ San Francisco

    Emotionally abusive, cheater, user. He and his friends collect women and baby mommas like cattle. Once they can get a girl pregnant, it’s hooks in to live off them for their money, car, home etc.

  226. Jeffrey Edwin Ford Santa Clara, ca/oakhurst

    Gay/bisexual on the down low (hides it), alcoholic, adhd/bipolar. One of those guys who is not honest and a user.

  227. Broke up this year. The man in question was previously married. though he was divorced- and he seemed so sweet but had a ton of problems. Please be warned if you are vulnerable as he likes to pick sympathetic women.
    He was great guy if you want a one night fling or something not very consistent. But the major problem is (from a dating perspective) he is all over the place. He loves to talk which is a lure for us girls (right?) but basically talking is all you will get. Girls beware of any guy who wants to keep you talking on the phone at the beginning. I soon learned that he used that to really make you bond with him.And he is not young. He is middle aged now.

    After the talking and the seduction he seemed like a gift but as soon as you feel bonded and deal with all his positive affirmation BS:) that’s all that happens. He has been losing weight and working out since before I met him AM ( before during and after marriage) he was morbibdly obese I realized he just wasn’t relationship material as his whole world was what he ate, how he ate, when he ate – this isn’t a temporary thing where he wanted to lose 20 pounds and then could have a life. What he needed to do, is to have more intensive therapy as his therapy wasn’t working that well- he has spread lies about me cheating on him-untrue- but I did wise up and started dating men who were without all his baggage- (he has huge problems which I won’t broadcast here)
    He is very sociopathic-I know that is bandied about but he will spew verbal vomit on you when he first connects with you- his sad childhood- his weight- his injuries- his awful, terrible life and in most relationships in the beginning- this can be a mutual intimacy building theme- with him it is just unloading- like sex for him- unloading. Mostly, I want to defend myself on here and say I didn’t cheat on him. He lost real interest very quickly why? because there was no room in his life for a relationship to grow, no place with his eating regimen.He was obsessed with himself. He was a man child in the truest sense. He is Tim Fox and lives in San Diego.maybe by now he is ready to have a genuine relationship but when I knew him- no way !

  228. Hello everyone, I have been infected with HSV 1 & 2 which I contacted from my partner since 3 yrs with a lot of outbreak and different symptoms which almost cost me my life.

  229. Chad William Pomnitz Huntsville, AL

    I met Chad Pomnitz on POF. This guys is the worst I have ever experienced! After dating for a while it came to light that he was very addicted to opiates and very deep in denial about them. He will lie to you like a profession con! Looking back, it was obvious something wasn’t right because what 50 year old doesn’t have anything to show for his life. His only son told me that he was a dead beat dad. He is very manipulative, very emotionally and verbally abusive, and a stalker. He stole money from me, he committed credit card fraud against my account. This man’s name needs to be posted anywhere and everywhere possible to prevent other women from being prey to this horrible person!! If any of you have any other ideas of how to help others to know that this is a man to STAY AWAY FROM please let me know.

  230. Dedrick Raymone Johnson: Galveston County

    Dedrick Johnson is a vile human being. He is a manipulative liar that strives off of using others to his benefit. He cannot hold down a job and has absolutely nothing to offer anyone. Dedrick has fathered children that he cannot care for, being that he cannot care for himself.

    In addition to being a horrible human being, Dedrick hits women. He will lie and deny this but several assaults show a pattern of violence against women.

    Dedrick can cry at the drop of a dime but most of his emotion is fake.

    He cannot maintain a relationship because he is a habitual liar and cheater. He does not have it on his heart to be faithful to anyone. Dedrick will claim to be on love with you just to use you. Once he no longer has any use for you he’s on to the next.

    Dedrick is currently looking for a sponsor wife/ girlfriend. Someone committed to taking care of him for the rest of his life.

    He is truly a waste of human being.

  231. Doug Rippe— crown point indiana, manipulative, drug user, left bruises on my body. Claimed he was getting a divorce, never did. Worst kind of person.

  232. Ezra Margono (continued)

    Emotionally abusive behaviors:

    – Stonewalling/ghosting
    – Making you ask for permission to ask him questions
    – Ignore you (calls/texts) and then make fun of you for how you tried to call him and text him
    – Call you names (selfish, uptight) in order to make you be more generous to him and more “easygoing” (aka allow him to do whatever he wants)
    – He would only listen to you after you give into his demands, and even then, barely
    – He would say he wants you to “sleep on it” (a decision) until you agree with him — I pointed out that this is controlling, but he is willing to use these behaviors unless you’re strong/smart enough to draw a boundary

    Finally, he has very little insight into his mistreatment. He constantly says that he “wasn’t nice” but he refuses to recognize his behavior as emotionally abuse and exploitation.

  233. Ezra Margono (from Airmont, NY / Saratoga Springs NY)

    He is abusive because of problems around insecurity, possessiveness, and jealousy.

    If I had a work stint (away from him), he would perform nonconsensual exams because “he didn’t know who I was with” — even though there is no information from an exam that would tell you anything about if someone had any additional partners. I was calling him every day at this time to tell him what I was doing in my life.

    He would blatantly use objects that you EXPLICITLY TOLD HIM NOT TO USE to penetrate you, even if he has acknowledged that they are too large for your anatomy and he had tried to get a refund from the Amazon seller in the past.

    He is also very selfish. If you wanted to do different hikes, he would choose his. If he had the choice of visiting your family or his, he would make you visit his.

    He would also gaslight me into thinking I didn’t pay him for a month of rent, unless I kept written documentation and dates of my payments.

    BEWARE. He is charming and he always says “he didn’t know”, but no person in their right mind would say “they didn’t know” that they shouldn’t do vaginal exams or gaslight people to squeeze out every single dime from them.


  234. Laurence Sotsky Hermosa Beach CA.

    He is a disgusting, manipulative, cheater, liar, narcissist. He uses women to cover up for his massive insecurities. He wears lifts in his shoes, wears a wig, and is obsessed with his looks. His wig is so bad. You can tell it’s fake but he won’t admit it. He has no friends and every girl ends it with him because he cheats and lies.

    He will pretend he wants a kid with you. He will let you pay. He’s selfish. He thinks he’s amazing at sex but half the time his THING is soft and he’s just trying to finish himself with no concern about you.

    This man is so convincing- RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. DONT BE FOOLED BY HIS HOUSE OR CAR!!! He’s broke!

  235. Robert Blanchard, Bobby Blanchard. Orlando, Florida. charming at first. after that, when he needs to be. never takes responsibility or ownership of actions. physically abusive on multiple occasions. mentally abusive. alcoholic, to the point of spending his whole paycheck on it. claims he wants to be poly so he can fuck whoever he wants and not tell you. (if he knew what poly was really about, a big component of that is communication. something he will never do) but, he really just wants to manipulate and use people for his benefit.. really! listen to him talk about all of his ex’s. assume he has at least 2+ other girls on hand, one of whom has been his friend for years. he runs to her when his supply of women has ran out. oh.. has no problem making you feel bad for being a woman. do a court records search on him to see his alleged stalking accusation by his ex girlfriend. he will gladly tell you that he ran from the cops for a year to avoid being served.

  236. Stacy Akin of North Little Rock Arkansas is the most extreme Narcassistic sociopath I have ever met in my life. I only dated him 4 months and he destroyed my entire life, and whatever you do do not let him know any information he can later use against you, because he will blackmail you with it to the very end to get his way, he has a obsession with cheating and you will be accused constantly and if he can’t find anything wrong he’ll just make something up! He will tell you he’s smarter then you, he will be passionate at first but then he will act like he hates you, he will not reciprocate affection and it will make you think something is wrong with you. He will do anything he can to hurt you, never tell him your fears he will manipulate you with them. Verbally abusive is a understatement, he hates woman and he’s about to prove it to you, he has a massive gambling problem that you will fund, he is the worst experience of my life. I wish I could have been warned…Please get away from him. For your own good!!

  237. Michael Anthony Diaz from Brooklyn, NY. He will make you think you have found yourself the ultimate catch; attractive, ambitious, compassionate, believes in love. Whatever it is you want from a man, he will wear that mask. He is an emotional abuser and liar and a cheat. He will never respect you or treat you like an equal. He will prey on your weaknesses and use it to his advantage. Do yourself a favor and get out NOW. Do not listen to what he says, he isn’t and never will be capable of a relationship. His only relationship is with alcohol. He is a major alcoholic on top of everything else. He just hid it really well.

  238. Michael J. Jewett aka Mike Jewett or chitown_15 Naperville, Il.
    46 years old in 2019

    Textbook Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Mike first appears as charming, fun, smart, kind, thoughtful and very sensitive, don’t fall for it. He becomes the person you dream of. He is such a keen manipulator, you won’t see the real him for a long time, or possibly never. It is all about him, and getting what he needs, be it sex, money, praise, or having you do things for him. The real Mike Jewett is mean, depressed, selfish and a pathological lair. He will tell you his ex is crazy or is trying to get him back, etc. It is really him that is using her to make you jealous and control you. Chances are he is seeing someone else, possibly that “crazy ex”, regardless of what he tells you. If you think she’s crazy, you are not going to contact her, right?

  239. Stephen Michael Ross Alias: Steve. Denver. Dated him for 6 years and he is verbally and physically abusive, a pathological liar, narcissist and smooth talking con artist. He has choked me and given black eyes multiple times. I have a permanent dent in my shin from his beating me. Also is very dirty. Urinates in water bottles all over the house and also spits his mucous onto the walls and floors and refuses to clean it.

    Lives off of his mother who he argues with daily. Had to take a restraining order out on him after he was arrested for domestic violence. Went back to get my belongings recently and he stole anything he knew I loved, including my cats ashes. Also called my family to tell lies about me for over an hour while barricaded in his house trying to avoid being arrested. His nice face does make up for the mental, physical and emotional torture he will put you through. I had panic attacks for a month after the breakup. He asked me if I wanted a drill or hammer through my hands. That’s right he threatened to crucify his girlfriend of 6 years who emptied his urine bottles. Please do not date this man!

  240. James (Jim) Keith Kopin, Greater Chicago area. He’ll tell you he lives in Aurora, but it’s a neighboring suburb. Born in 1972 (so 46 as of early 2019). We met online in 2009 and dated until late 2017. He told me he was a Navy SEAL, which I was skeptical about, but he showed me the medal they get when they complete their training, and his story about which team he was on and where he was stationed matching up with searchable online information. Oh–and he’ll give you a sob story about how he has PTSD from a mission where he had to shoot a kid. And he’ll tell you a scar on his cheek is from shrapnel. And if you tell anyone that he used to be a SEAL, he’ll say that he doesn’t want you to because he “doesn’t want people to make assumptions” about him or ask him about “the missions he did” Personally, I doubt he ever was a SEAL. In the Navy? Maybe. He strung me along for YEARS and never gave me his home address because “I had an ex who would just show up unannounced and it freaked me out” and “I don’t want my kids to meet you until we’re engaged”. Yeah, I know–major red flags.

    Due to our jobs, we had weird work schedules and so were almost in a long distance relationship even though we both lived in the Chicago area. Then I moved out of state, but we both agreed to see if we could make it work long-distance–with the stated plan that HE would move to ME when his youngest kid graduated high school. So here’s me driving or flying on a monthly basis to see him. It took me FOUR YEARS to finally get him to drive to me ONCE. Clearly not anywhere near an equal division of emotional labor.

    I finally started doing some online searching and found property tax records proving that he and his “ex” wife shared the same address–and not in the suburb he said he lived in (“My name is just on the mortgage so my kids can live in a better school district.”). I also found his “ex”‘s employment website and her bio that listed him as her “college sweetheart” (“She works at a religious school and could be fired if they find out she’s divorced.”), and his “ex”‘s Facebook page with photos of the two of them together looking decided NOT divorced (“I had to go to the wedding, and also her co-workers were wondering why there weren’t any photos of us together.”). Interestingly, her page is no longer visible–so I don’t know if she deleted it or if she somehow found out about me within the past year and blocked me. Regardless, I demanded to see his divorce papers. Don’t know how he did it, but he had what looked to be an authentic document–complete with notary public embossed stamp. So I stayed with him for another year until I finally realized that I had lingering doubts about his story and he STILL wasn’t budging about giving me his home address.

    I finally told him in December 2017 that we’d run our course and it was time for us to part ways. The look of shock on his face was, in retrospect, highly amusing. I’m sure he figured that he had me hooked forever–and with me out of state, there was little chance of me bumping into him “in the wild” or of me coming into town unexpectedly. He spent the next several months texting me from time to time (which I would sporadically and tersely answer), but once I was out from under his spell, his gaslighting ways become very apparent. Finally when he wished me a happy birthday along with “If it’s weird that I’m texting you, please let me know”. So I told him that, yeah, it was–and he BLEW UP! Unleashed a super sarcastic, snide email which I didn’t respond to (I hope my silence drove him nuts). Don’t ask the question if you don’t think you’ll like the answer. We haven’t communicated since, and I don’t plan to.

    Sorry about this turning into such a novel, but I’m trying to alert you to all of his excuses, stories, and behavioral traits. Oh–and he’ll want to take intimate photos and videos too because “my ex was super uptight and never even wanted to wear lingerie”, and he’ll pout if you have reservations and ask why you don’t trust him. Never mind that he’s the most walled off, two-faced liar EVER.


  241. Joe D Tyler from San Diego, CA age 37

    For legal purposes, all said here is what happened to me and how I remember events as they occurred. .

    We met on the dating app, Bumble, and before our first meeting at Disneyland he had said everything a woman wants to hear: said he’ll take care of me financially, that he was ready to have a serious relationship, and was looking for a long-term relationship that would lead to marriage. After our first meeting, a month into the relationship, he proceeded to ask for money for Uber rides and food. Because I already had feelings for him, and believed him when he said he would pay me back when he got paid, I helped him out with those things.. The amounts exceeded $200.

    He didn’t get me a gift for my birthday…. instead I had to meet up with him in Las Vegas, using my own travel points, while he was there for work and he considered all his expenses on himself for room and board as expenses on me, when he had reserved the Airbnb to be there for work to begin with. He gaslighted me many times when I asked for him to pay me back, called me a “user” when I was the one who paid for majority of our date tabs. He would drink extensively and is an alcoholic in denial. He also told me he has used cocaine in the past. He is the epidemy of a leech type of man who would pressure me into surrendering my debit card at bars and he told the bartender to keep the tab open when it was my card. He would order 3 or more IPA beers each time. Usually I had to drive him because he was intoxicated either before leaving his house or when we needed to leave a restaurant or bar to go home.

    Even right after the 110 mile commute I would make to visit him, he would be drunk and ask me to drive so I had no rest for my legs. He would one moment be nice to me, then the next accuse me of things I didn’t do. He had me engage in rough oral sex that caused me to vomit and now I have gum issues. I tried to say it was too much but I was also afraid of making him angry because he has a temper. When his birthday came around, I was expected to get him a gift and paid over $100 in food and beverage expenses on him when I earn close to minimum wage in retail. My annual income is at poverty level. I don’t mind paying my own food and drink but always having me pay for him also ruined me financially when I was already on a tight budget before meeting him. Remember, he didn’t get me a gift for my birthday and had me travel to him for it. I always drove or road the train down to San Diego from Los Angeles but he didn’t once visit me in LA. Originally, I wanted to be the encouraging girlfriend and I tried so hard to make things work but he emotionally abused me with accusations and belittling my intelligence when I have a masters degree.

    I felt trapped by his guilt trips and gaslighting statements saying I didn’t really love him and saying if I did I would go down to San Diego right away to see him. It was a very one-sided relationship where I made all the effort because I did have true feelings for him but he was taking too much from me. I am broke. He lied to me over and over and kept me in his control for 6 months by using emotional abuse tactics like turning his commitment flaws in our relationship, into my own. My efforts of buying a new car to drive down there, see him whenever I had a day off, pay for majority of dates, and having sex where only his orgasms mattered wasn’t enough for him. My dad is dying from his recently diagnosed cancer also, and Joe still guilt tripped me saying I should drive down to San Diego if I loved him when I had to take care of my dad these past couple months.

    I finally ended it after multiple attempts at getting out of this emotionally and mentally abusive relationship and his failing to visit LA instead of me visiting him again while I needed to tend to my father’s terminal illness. I am the nicest girlfriend ever, and he reels in a nice girl like me by telling them he is well off so they can feel like he is ready for marriage and starting a family. I’m 30 so I am at the age where I feel ready to find a stable partner. Once he had me, he didn’t want to have those things anytime soon. He can’t even commit to being Facebook friends with his girlfriend. My genuine feelings for him were manipulated for his gain.

    I stayed so long despite obvious red flags because I was afraid of the consequences of making him angry and also to prove I loved him despite his many flaws. It hurts even to write this because I had true feelings for him but he is a companion with whom one can feel like you are no longer yourself anymore. He forced me to watch videos he liked too but didn’t allow me to show him entertainment I liked. Everything was about him and I was close to losing myself forever.

  242. Roger Pate from Indianapolis, In. Will gradually try and take more and more control of your life under the guise of wanting you to improve yourself. Really its wanting you to do what he wants regardless of your own thoughts and feelings. It will get to the point where he is telling you where you should work (where he works), and where you should send your kid to school, regardless of where your kid is currently and how well they are doing there. Constantly demanded for oral sex to be preformed on him, even immediately after I broke down and told him I had been sexually assaulted years ago that way!
    Would say he was excited to move in together (which we didn’t, thank the gods) and start a life and family together, then if I did something he didn’t like, such as not give him his way completely he would become dismissive and detached for awhile. Like he was trying to punish me. I see now he is completely emotionally immature and cowardly.
    Stay away for your mental and emotional well-being!

  243. Cameron Burrell Bradley, San Diego, CA. For legal reasons, the following is my OPINION based on my own experiences, and is true to the best of my knowledge

    Biological father murdered his stepmom and died shortly after. Brother diagnosed with bipolar. Planned to kill self (got taken away by police on 72 hour lock down and tazed in own bed), threatened to kill/stalk me (police report filed/police escort offered twice), put fist through a door, throws / breaks things, tore up most of childhood photos in a fight with his mom, gaslighter (does negative things and doesn’t believe you when you try to talk to him about it), manipulator, major control freak, plays mind games / manipulates your mind until you have no self confidence left, another ex girlfriend couldn’t even say her own name when introduced at parties after a while because she was so torn down by his games, jokes about sleeping with your family members, threatened to break up if I didn’t meet a literal list of standards that most people I know could not meet or if I talked to my family for too long on the phone, did not work 90% of time, his mom was provider of living expenses/school bills/ tickets, I was the provider of nearly all other costs (groceries, meal prep, pet supplies, items he wanted online), did not even help me carry in groceries I bought for us or open a jar most of the time because he was “busy” playing video games, plays video games all day and tries to make you do both the tasks of the man and the woman, will say to your face, creepily, smiling, “I don’t give a F what you think” even if you are crying / distraught / trying to maturely problem solve a real issue. A major let down. Do not date at all costs. F ing crazy. You will be disgusted with yourself and lose years of your life. Is super nice and charming at first (charms and talks his way out of lock downs and getting meds he needs from therapists), so you might not believe me until its too late. He might say I wrote this because I am crazy. Your call. I have nothing left to gain or lose by this, just trying to save a fellow sister from going through the same pain I went through.

  244. Jim or James Metzenheim. He is from Fort Lauderdale and currently lives in Port Orange Florida. Imet him on Tagged the dating site. We talked For one month before we moved in together. I should have known better since he was living in a men’s shelter for alcoholics when we met. After living with me for two weeks he got kicked out of my condo and because I wanted to be with him I moved out myself. By January which was five months later I was $31,000 in debt and really nothing to show for it! He is a crack addict and an alcoholic and is high maintenance beyond words. He is a user, a manipulator and the only person he really cares about is himself. He exemplifies narcissistic personality Disorder!! And of course the addiction and the alcoholism were hidden from me until only two weeks in the living together. The man knows Nothing except how to use and take until there’s nothing left to give.

  245. Scott Francis Carrig Beverly Hills Florida. Beware! This guy is a master manipulator, Alcoholic, Cheat, Lier, Smooth Talker that will lure you in with pretty words, make you dinner, Set the table with candles, Make you Steak and Bacon wrapped Shrimp ( Seems to be a speciality of his) all to lure you into his bed. This guy can’t even get it up, but will grope you till you just want Scream! He’s into sick sex and gets angry if you don’t want to play along. He prefers to call it making love, he says he doesn’t like to call it sex. This guy is in his mid 50’s but acts like 24! He is after money and if he finds out you don’t have any, he’s on to his next victim. He will take anything he can get from you, and while he is texting and calling you, sweet talking you with the baby and honey, be assured he already has another lined up he is saying the exact same things to. Ladies, he is a master at game playing.. a Player above Players! He isn’t good looking, but thinks he’s God gift to women. He drinks everyday at a bar in Crystal River Fl. He passed out drunk at my house while his phone was ringing off the hook with his newest victim besides me. He will tell you he’s a one woman man.. flavor of the day is more like it. This guy cannot be trusted as far as you can pick him up and throw him. He rides a Ducati motorcycle and has a German Shepard dog he doesn’t take care of. If you catch this guy in a lie he will look you right in the eye and tell another lie to try and cover… If he sees your not buying it he becomes violent and will threaten you with “I’m a Marine”! He’s a low life piece of crap that will abuse you physically and mentally. He’s had felony’s in the past for abusing and stalking women, including his ex wife and next door neighbor.

  246. Nicholas Esler (Nick Esler) from Duluth Minnesota.

    I first met Nick on OKCupid. He said he was in an open marriage. I feel disgusted, betrayed, and violated. Nick is, to my knowledge, still dating or trying to date most of the polyamorous people in Duluth. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH NICK ESLER. He is NOT someone you can trust! He will lie his face off… and the worst part is, he’s good at it. You will never know you’re being deceived until it’s too late.

  247. Jeff Taylor lives in Chicago area now from Boston. You will meet him and ‘fall in love’. He is charming, cute, claims to be so sensitive. He will pull you in but he is a classic narcissist and possibly sociopath. If you look up those characteristics you will see he fits. He will date you, maybe claim to ‘love’ you but tell you how messed up he is do to his divorce. You’ll want to help him. He doesn’t care. He is drawn to attention. I’ve lived it and actually have been contacted by ex girlfriends who have said the same. Makes you feel stupid when you think you have the connection with him only to find out he has done the same to others.

  248. Joshua Hammett of Columbus, Ohio. Went out of way to meet me, put in an immense amount of effort to get to know me, begged for weeks for a first date. Once he got that date, he seemed to be smitten. Called whenever he could, made copious amounts of time to visit… you know, the usual idiotic “in love” man actions. Then, one day told me he HAD to see me…. I agreed and when he walked in, immediately asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes! Things were nice for a while… then he started dodging calls and ignoring texts. Okay, I can take a hint. I asked him what was going on. He said he was just busy with work… okay, cool. Fast forward to my birthday… he literally goes MIA for four days. No call, no visit…. nothing. So, I’m assuming I’ve been ghosted. K… thanks for the wasted time/emotion. He finally calls and he sounds TERRIBLE. He’s been sick with “the man flu”. Okay, so this disappearing act goes on, so I just call it off. He flips. Says he loves me, yadda yadda yadda. Then I notice hes all but disappeared from my social media. I do some investigating and his Facebook hasnt been touched in a week, but his ig is hoppin! Awesome! One girl in particular is liking everything hes posting and I see hes doing the same. I follow her and she immediately contacts me saying shes his gf and has been wondering who I am………………….. Hold on…. you’re his WHAT?! We start talking and realize we like each other and do more digging. THERE WERE FOUR OF US. ONE OF WHICH WAS A LIVE. IN. GIRLFRIEND. So, I go to his work to ask and he (with a straight face) says he doesnt understand what the big deal is. He should be able to see different people to see what he wants, and that itt wasnt like we were official or anything…….. uhmm he had met my parents and my child. And didnt he ask me to be his girlfriend? Tell me he loves me? Make these beautiful future plans for us? Long story short, he thought I was nothing and didnt matter at all. He did this to at least one other girl in the group. I just wish I knew why. Why lead me on? Why lie? AND HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU HANDLE MORE THAN ONE WOMAN AT ONCE??? DONT YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT WE ARE?

  249. Jeremy Berg of clovis, ca is a HORRIBLE boyfriend. Tells you everything you want to hear, but then behind your back to EVERYONE ELSE talks mad crap about you, making every one think he is stringing you along which makes the girlfriend look like a fool. He is very charming, and funny, and generally seems like a great catch, but he will make you fall in love with him, then break your heart, over and over again. I was his longest relationship. 7 years i put up with him, along with his yearly break up thing, in which i was left devastated every time. He will also turn every situation around to make it look like your fault, though its not. He is very good, RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN NOW. He makes for a great friend tho if you keep him at an arms distance. Can also get somewhat physically abusive, not real bad tho. Just RUN

  250. TJ Urglavitch
    Location: Pennsylvania, Dallas, Colorado

    He is manipulative. Will say he has feelings for you, will also make up fake emergencies, and then just disappear once you are good and emotionally attached. Current age 33, but turns 34 this year. Appears normal, but likes drama and over exaggeration.

  251. Ruby Heart, aka Matt Wysocki,
    Age 31
    Originally from Michigan, spent several years in Los Angeles, and is currently spending time in Florida.
    I don’t even know where to begin. This man is a compulsive liar with circular logic. He got me pregnant and promised to be there, but never was, and one day began trashing my things and trying to get me to leave our home (while I was pregnant with nowhere to go) He even dumped my makeup drawer into the toilet. He ended up putting his hands on me and getting himself arrested, and that was the beginning of the end.

    The utilities were in his name, and he had a previous bill (from before we moved in together) of $1100… he never paid the bill while we lived together, and when he moved out the electricity got shut off and they would not turn it back on unless the entire balance was paid in full. Of course, he refused to pay it or even talk to LADWP, and did not move somewhere where he needed to get electricity in his name… Forced me to pay almost $2k in electric bills.

    He later lied and said something I did or said caused him to stab himself in the leg and get 30 stitches, and that he contracted HIV from me… (this is all a lie… I tested clean when I got pregnant, and again recently, and if he did get stitches his recovery time was remarkable…. I’m not sure which is crazier–this actually happening, or lying about it happening)

    Ruby/ Matt is also almost always on cocaine or some other drug. But usually cocaine.

    Says he hides 10K in “paintings” but it’s actually prop-money. He got the idea from me when I told him about Piero Manzoni canning his feces and selling it for the weight of gold.

    If you meet him–BE AWARE!!! This man will ruin your life. Always keep him at double arms length.

  252. Catholic women, be aware of this man, he pretends to be a devoted Catholic that attends church daily, John Schafer, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. He immediately wanted to be my boyfriend, and when I didn’t want to go to his house he was upset and stonewall me.. He is not an honest person and goes after Catholic women. Be careful, she seems he has slip personality disorders.

  253. Jeff Scott Arnold of Pflugerville, Texas. He is 43, has two teenage sons and works in IT at Trend Micro. I am sharing this in the hopes that if you meet him online or in person, you RUN as fast as you can in the opposite direction. The only woman, if you can call it that, who puts up with this deceitful, shady, manipulative loser, is another deceitful, manipulative loser – a morbidly obese, video game and fast food addicted, pill popping, alcoholic blob named Stephanie Lewis. Do you remember the humans from the movie Wall-E? Well, two of them appear to be alive and well in Texas,

    Please take my advice and jump off this crazy train while you still can, because it’s headed for a cliff.

  254. James Baskin
    DFW Texas
    Age 55
    Cons: Emotionally distant, unsupportive and unavailable; Deeply money oriented (everything is about money), narcissistic behaviour, intense gaslighting, sexually inept, too adventurous sexually, borderline physically abusive, verbally and emotionally abusive, always has to be right, and have the last word.
    The story: I started dating it a year after it was dump by its ex who then got married after she dumped it. It WOULDN’T stop stalking it’s ex… Stalking her FB saying she wasn’t married… I wanted to give it some closure, and I found the marriage records, and that her FB was updated with her new marital status. He says it’s been hacked and that’s not hers and that she didn’t get married… So I left the subject alone. It was always emotionally distant, and didn’t want to be near me unless it wanted me to “help it out”. It can be a charmer and acts almost Human, don’t be surprised if suddenly it “loves” you after only 3 days. That should have been my warning… But alas, I failed to heed it. I was with it for over 2.5 yrs… It promised to marry me, and after I dug up the fact that it’s still married to its “ex-wife” it did it’s gaslighting bit and said it never said it wanted to marry me. That should have been my second warning. I was devastated, but I stayed… We had fought quite loudly average it, and it had told me to leave and never come back, so i took all my belongings… And I lived in my car for 3 days in the middle of winter, before it begged me back, saying it didn’t mean for me to leave… Anyways, to make a long story short…ER… Lol… It’s only worried about how much money it makes… he will pay for everything, but he’ll only keep you so that you’re available for its “need”, your needs as a human are not regarded.

  255. Frank James Ramirez Jr of Dallas Texas, 42yo Hispanic/white…What do you get when you take the over inflated ego of a philosophy professor, the condescension of a prick who thinks he’s ALWAYS right, roll that up with the unmatched sense of entitlement one has when one suffers from “affluenza”, throw in just a smidgen of a Napoleon complex, and then make him a raging I.V. heroin addict? You get THIS guy, Frank, aka Dino, aka Sarge. This guy likes to treat girls who leave the safety, comfort, food, and warmth of their HOMES to sleep under a BRIDGE with him, like shit. If they get a “smart mouth” with him, he likes to pop them one, and yell at all the other homeless people that he has no compunction about hitting a B**** in the mouth and if they have a problem, take it up with him. He gets chicks strung out on heroin, and if they piss him off, he withholds drugs so they get sick as punishment. He doesn’t mind handling random people’s urine in order to pass his drug test at probation(which he is on for stabbing his ex in they thigh on the train), and he supports his heroin habit by stealing HUNDREDS of dollars worth off merchandise DAILY from stores all over Dallas. He also enjoys telling girls that he loves them, making a BIG deal out of how he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it, making her feel like shit every time she questioned his authenticity on the subject, and telling them that they both need to go to detox so they can get straight and get to be together forever, and he can be a better provider for her. After detox(which SHE had to do COLD TURKEY, without ANY meds to ease HER discomfort) his mommy said he could move back in, so he did, never speaking to the poor, dumb, girlfriend again. The last thing he said to her was the night they were going in to detox, he smothered her face in kisses, told her he loved her, held her so, so tight, and told her he was proud of her. What a piece of shit.

  256. Jon Davis aka blucifernyc aka blueyedbanditt aka blueyedboy from New Hyde Park, NY (long Island). He sleeps with all women but he is a white male who prefers black women. Sex addict, pathological liar and master manipulator. PLEASE PLEASE protect yourself from his lies and deceit and stds, he will sell you the world and cause emotional turmoil and then walk away. He practices unsafe sex with random women constantly. He frequents dating apps and websites POF and Okc are his favorites. He is married with 2 children and will use them to get close to women as well. He is broke and can offer nothing but pain. He is mentally ill and addicted to sex run away as soon as he approaches.

    1. OMG he is the worst PLEASE ladies save yourself the aggravation, he is definitely the devil in the flesh. Jon Anthony Michael Davis. He also says his name is Chris, Anthony and other names. He is a supreme liar. He is on the sites hard as blueyedboyss or some variation of it. He has bad teeth and vapes all the time. He will ask you to go to sex clubs and to give him threesome sex. All of this while living with his wife who is aware of it but still lays with him. It is a complete horror show. Drives a chevy equinox and he is a painter. Run the other way

  257. Dave Pettitt from Nottinghamshire, UK – Is a narcissistic abuser. He will make you feel like a million dollars then gradually psychologically and emotionally abuse you – chipping away at everything he made you feel, gradually making you feel worthless. He is 44 years old and has never been single. He is on his 2nd divorce and since I left him 6 months ago, he has dated several women, bringing them back to our marital home, visited “Thai bride” websites, seen prostitutes, and tried to have an affair with a married woman at work – all while trying to get me back!! Watch out for this one ladies – he’s sly and cunning and very mentally damaged – but like all good narcissists comes across as charming and like he’s got it all together! Beware! He HAS NOT changed and he will do the same to you. You only need to see 2 sets of divorce papers saying the same thing to know I’m speaking the truth!

  258. Lorne Rogers from Edmonton Alberta Canada is a master manipulator and will bleed you dry of your money.. I took him to court and won. He owes me over $20,000. and hasnt paid a sent. He used my credit card without permission.

  259. David Partain, he is in gulf shores al but can be found in jackson ms area. Uses ex girlfriiend crystal marie fox homan to help manipulate and con others. He is a pathological liar and narcissist. He will play you for anything he can and lie about everything. His favorite thing is larger women with big breast. White or black. But he will take advantage of anyone. When he is finished using you, he will not even tell you he’s throwing you away he will just disappear. Cuz he’s too big of a coward to face anyone he’s the biggest weasel I’ve ever met and sorry excuse for a man and the girl that hangs around him Crystal, the dark headed girl that has buck teeth and her gums show, she is overweight loud obnoxious and has tattoo sleeves and she believes that he loves her even though he’s used her and his scams for many years. David partain is Handsome and charming, he will make you believe anything that comes out of his mouth just beware you will regret it if you get into a relationship with this man.

  260. Robert D Shettles, best friend is KaLynn Mayo, living in madisonville, tx, both from Mississippi. Beware, they are a lying, 2 faced duo. They were together under my nose for 3 months, as well to add he cheated on me with 2 other girls. I left for what was supposed to be a few days, he was sleeping with her, KaLynn, that night.

  261. Drew Scofield aka Andrew B Scofield lives in Arbuckle CA. He preys on women in Yolo and Colusa county and maybe further out. Years ago, he reduced my BF to an emotional wreck. It took her a long time to get over how he treated her…and I just found out he did the same to the woman who came after my friend, even though we tried to warn her off. So it’s beyond time to out this assh*le.
    He is a total player who comes off charming and has money to spend because he lives rent-free in his grandmother’s house. He thinks he is a big shot almond farmer. He doesn’t care if his targets are married or single b/c he is looking for pussy, and as much of it as he can get. He will tell you anything you want to hear to get to you and keep you available for sex. No matter what he says, he is damaged goods, incapable of sustaining a real adult relationship and at some point will go back to his player ways. He shows a woman a good time, to show off. Nice dinners, fancy seats at baseball games and meeting up at the casinos is how he charms the ladies. His looks are OK and he is physically fit. What he won’t do is ever be honest with you about who he really is. He is a drug addict, and he has bedded and played more women than you can imagine. Dozens at least. He will lie about using protection with other women, he will lie about who he was with and how often. He believes he can know if a sex partner has an STD or not just by looking.
    If he targets you as a long term prospect, some of the charm wears off. My BF used to call him a belching farting no good SOB. He does favors for his women and drops cash on them to buy them off for putting up with all kinds of rudeness, emotional distance, being late for everything and generally treating others like crap. When he starts to get tired of a girlfriend, the verbal and emotional abuse starts up. You’re supposed to be grateful for his money and his favors and never call him out on his bullsh*t. If you get him mad he will explode with anger and call you every name in the book. He will turn things around so that nothing is his fault and everything is you. Near as I could tell he was not ever a physical abuser, but given what he will do to you emotionally it almost doesn’t matter. He has zero honesty or integrity though he will demand that from others. He pulls off this hypocrisy really easily because he has no feeling for others and even fewer emotions. His life is all about getting what he wants….and that means his entitlement to use women for his own pleasure. Outwardly he has a lot of swagger and self confidence. He is apparently good in bed and proud of it. If you actually fall in love with this guy you are in for every kind of heartbreak. The woman he screwed over most recently (the poor dumb thing blew over five years trying to make it work with him) was depressed and so clingy-needy…easy prey for this jerk. He does not care about you no matter how much he makes you think he does…know that you are being manipulated. Deep down he knows he is a piece of sh*t (and doesn’t care) but will whine all the time about how no one respects him and how bad people treat him. He totally works the “oh poor me” thing. But if you want to see him come out fighting, call him on actually needing to be a man and keep his word and treat people with respect. He has used sites like Plenty of Fish and others in the past to hunt women…if you catch him at this he will deny he ever meets up with them. I’ll wrap this by saying that I heard his last girlfriend dumped him after finding texts from seven other women he was screwing (unprotected) behind her back after swearing he only had safe sex…after the time she returned from a trip to find another woman’s panties in her bed….he “never touched that woman”. Ladies, you’ve been warned.

  262. lance roane, is a sorry piece of crap, used my friend, moved in with her family didn’t pay rent, for food or give anything towards the house, got her pregnant and when she had a miscarriage he left her to deal all by herself he has no house of his own so he goes from chic to chic if you see him RUN he’s in md so beware he smokes weed and drinks until he passes out he’s good for nothing

  263. BEWARE of Bruce Bryan Jr,, Bruce Lyle Brian JR, Bruce Blacksheep, Bruce the Blacksheep, Tn,,,,,,

    Multiple DUI’s in Sumner, Davidson and Rutherford counties in Tennessee
    Theft over 10k in Davidson County Tennessee
    Failure to pay Child support on one of his kids in St Johns county Florida (he has 2 kids)
    Failure to appear on the DUI and Domestic Assault in Sumner and Davidson County County
    Convicted of Felony in Tenessee
    Ex DJ for radio stations in Florida and Tennessee

  264. Douglas Bosworth- Burning Man, Sonoma County, Mojave Desert, Los Angeles. Family in San Diego Very Dangerous. Extremely controlling and delusional. He is very talented and extremely manipulative. Likes to hold a girl against her will, choke hold, break one’s phone when she tries to call for help. Forces a woman to work against her will without pay. Takes her phone & takes car keys so she cannot leave. Locks her in the house with him while he verbally and psychologically terrorizes. Verbally abusive, psychologically abusive. Likes to do very dangerous things while you are driving. Leaves women in financial ruin. He lies constantly. Lies about his “Ivy League” education. There wasn’t one. Nothing that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. He lies constantly. Cannot be trusted with paying back loans or following through with financial agreements. Two strikes, three DUIs and Grand Theft, Burglery charges- many Domestic Violence Charges. Loving drunk turns into Scary Drunk if the winds change direction. Has no care for anyone but himself, blames everyone but himself. Cruel beyond anything I have seen of another human being up close. So delusional about reality that you think he actually believes it. Destroys lives.

    Michigan Allen Park, Taylor, Ecorse, Detroit, River Rouge, Lincoln Park, Georgia, Mississippi and more

    He is a woman beater and to the fullest extent. He will punch a womans face until it is unrecognizable and steal from you. he is a horrible drunk and crack and weed addict. He is good at charming someone male or female to get what he wants and once he does he will con you from money or your home and is violent with a history of cheating.

  266. MessageAnthony Vacchio-currently in LI, New York. Serial user and emotional abuser. Not capable of feelings of true love. His typical type is overweight women who have good paying jobs, and places or houses of their own. He reels you in by telling sob stories about his childhood and how mistreated he was–mind you he is a grown 44year old man. Then he will be as sweet as pie, will buy gifts, tell you how you are an angel sent from above. As soon as he gets a place to live-in your home- he will fix it up to earn his keep and will stop working for money. He may go as far as marrying you to convince you of his love, but BEWARE he will leave you dry and gasping for air! Has handfuls of victims. Protect your heart, your soul and your wallet!

  267. MANUEL FRED TORRES aka FLACO from FRESNO CALIFORNIA is nothing but a loser deat beat dad he has 4 kids from different females. A criminal background with Two strikes and is a Sexual Offender he has to register as a SEX OFFENDER!! Doesnt have a job or car. BEWARE LADIES OF THIS TATTOOED ALL OVER THUG WITH A RIDICULOUS BACKGROUND THATS LURKING IN FRESNO …..

  268. Brandon Harvey Warren, MI Oxford, MI Rochester, MI Pontiac, MI
    Lazy, looking for a sugar momma and a free ride. He finds someone new every 6 months to sponge off of. He cant and/or wont get a job. He talks to women like they are dumb. He is arrogant and cocky. Beware. Also goes under the name Damien Christian.

  269. Brian M. Beck, Dayton, OH
    Very cute, adorable, funny and charming but don’t let that fool you. He’s rapid cycle bipolar, an alcoholic (been thru rehab several times, hits the bottle again days after getting out) and displays paranoid behavior. Brian is very good at lying and manipulating. He will put words in your mouth, accuse you of things you didn’t do or say and twist your words around to use them against you. He will trick you into believing you and he are in a relationship–then when you fall for him (which is his goal), he will push you away and tell you it was never any more than a friendship. He tires of women quickly, usually getting “involved” with several in a year’s time. He will not want you to have sex with anyone else, yet he will **** other women behind your back….and lie about it. Every bad thing that happens to him is everyone else’s fault, never his. Everyone is the Bad Guy, he’s always the “victim”. He will want you one day, then kick you out of his life the next. Brian is very unpredictable, due to the rapid cycle bipolar disorder. You never know how he’s going to be from one day to the next. He will cheat on you too, no matter how good you are to him. Has to have another woman in the shadows, then he will start a fight with you so he can chew your ass out and run to the other girl. Then when he’s tired of her, he’ll search you out, wanting to be a part of your life again….and again….and again. Brian isn’t a monster, he’s just definitely NOT relationship material. My advice is just don’t get involved with him, do not reveal too much of anything to him, do not talk or associate with his friends/family, take all he says with a grain of salt and keep your distance and your guard up at all times around him. Sad, but just trying to save you all the pain and heartache I went thru with him.

  270. Mike O. Jones, Roanoke, Va
    He is a liar, plain and simple. He a gambling addict and a loser and he’ll gamble away his entire paycheck and go after yours. He claims to be a man in integrity, but you’ll soon find that he is a user. He’ll try to use you until there’s nothing left.
    Don’t let him, I got out when he started asking me for money and not smalls sums either. He had the nerve to ask me for $500!!! and then got pissed when I said NO!

  271. Shane Boudreaux, New Iberia, La be careful when you try to break up with this guy because he will literally try to break you. When I did he pulled a gun on me (such a real man) and proceed to throw me around like I was a rag doll or something. Don’t worry ladies, cops were called and he was arrested but not before I got a few punches in myself. This was years ago but I needed to let everyone know. He’s nuts. Unlike other people on this page (post #266) I actually dated this guy, I didn’t chase after him pathetically wishing for me then try to blast him when he rejected me. Sorry boo boo, but suck it up.


    Lured me in with his sweet and charming ways. Made me fall totally in love with him. Called all the time, took me out and then just disappeared. Comes to find out that he recently got out of prison and has been in and out since 2005. LADIES BEWARE! He will suck all the life out of you and then move on to the next victim!

    Below are just some of the convictions. He also has several misdemeanors which include Family Violence and Resist Arrest:




  273. Jacob Bell Lafayette La. Ok ladies time to fill you in on Loser. He has an incredible way of charming women but he lies. He cheated on his long time girlfriend so many times she finally dumped him. He told me he has always wanted to be with me and after I slept with him he goes and sleeps with my best friend. He has slept with his friends girlfriends. He thinks every girl wants him. He tells everyone he owns a sporting goods store but his daddy is the one who owns it. He only makes $15.00 an hour. He is such a loser he is 28 and lives at home with his mother, he is bipolar, he is a pill junky and he has a very small penis. Stay as far away from this piece of &*%$ as you can.

  274. Michael Gijsbertsen. Ede, Gelderland, NL (Netherlands) – if any of you ladies go here, becareful of him. I’ve dated him off and on for the last two and a half years, and he has lied, cheated and manipulated me. He has tons of female friends, and makes time for them, but never you. Flirts with all of them, out in the open and then denies anything is going on, even when he’s been found out. DO NOT trust him, you will fall for his sweet and charming demeanor and then, you will find out that he’s scum and end up heartbroken.

  275. Eoin Sheehan Dublin Ireland. Told me he loved me and wanted to marry me so we would have sex, gave him my virginity and the next day, he told me it wasn’t anything serious and couldn’t be because he is 22 and I’m 15. and now I have an STD, and he was the only guy I’ve ever been intimate with.

    1. Gareth Grehan – You fuck over your friend in real life then precede to slander him online. This is despicable, but then a lot of things you do are. You should off at least picked a less obvious username.

  276. John Michael Treppard- Chattanooga, TN area- AKA Mike or Michael. Ex drug and alcohol abuser and counselor (got fired for sexual harrassment). Liar, abusive, Sex addict and Bisexual cheater. He Thinks hes better than every woman and pretends to be all sweet and Gentleman like but once he gets you, he cheats with both men and women, calls her out of her name (anything but prefers CU**) Emotionally/Physically abusive.. He likes short skinny redheaded women with VERY little boobs & cute feet. (teenage looking women).. NOT worth ANYONES time.. Oh, and he throws childish temper-tantrums when he doesnt get his way or when hes called out on his actions.

  277. Toby Passauer Cranbourne Australia. Cant stand his own company, moves from one girl to the next yet still ‘visits’ his exes whilst with current g/f. Liar, cheat and user. Believes he is superior and will leave you feeling like Crap. Doesn’t have the guts to end long term 4 year relationship to your face, will simply send text message and move on to next girl.

  278. Leotha Anderson, Peoria Illinois. He is abusive, controlling, manipulative and a big pothead, worst of all a thief. He will steal your heart and your money. He will tell you tales of his hard life, make you pity him, accuse you doing stuff that he is actually doing and kick your teeth in if you confront him or try to leave him. BE AWARE this man is crazy and will ruin your life. NOT WORTH THE AIR HE BREATHES.

  279. Eric Afful. He acts like the sensitive type, but he’s really a jerk. He shows up late–if ever. Basically, he has no regard for your time and doesn’t bother to call you on a regular basis. After I broke up with him, he continued to text and call me for months. I didn’t respond until two weeks ago, when I finally had enough of it. He claimed that he missed me, still loved me and apologized for what he did. I told him that it would take a lot for him to get back in my good graces because I didn’t trust him. He said that he would do whatever it takes. Well, guess what? No follow up from this guy, which I expected anyway, but it is yet another example of how men never keep their word and like to play games.

  280. Bill Maynor. He sweet talks you, treats you nice, and then goes off and says I can’t be in a relationship, but can be committed. Then leaves you when you’re at your weakest and gets into another relationship with a girl. He is NOT worth the time.

  281. William Gannon aka William Cooper – after 16 years of marriage and 2 sons he remarried, took HER last name to run and hide from child support. Yea – and his mother doesn’t speak to him to this day (this happened in 1989) she talks to me tho – haha that says it all. You changed your last name and your mother won’t speak to you? LOSER!! CHEATER!! LIAR!!!

  282. Chris Perrott. Known Alias: LucasWolfox, luciusheldfether, thantusgrimfist, PSN: L_W_F. He’s a gentlemen at first and what every girl dreams about but he will romance you for a few months and then stop talking while he romances someone else. He will blame you saying you don’t trust him, you forced him to cheat and where smothering him. He is very vain and constantly thinks of his self image in that he will only do the ‘right thing’ at anytime if he thinks other people will notice. For this reason he will not breakup with a girl because he’s truly a coward and doesn’t want trys to desperately make up exhausts to his friends and family why you are a bad person. He will not breakup because he doesn’t want you to think badly of him because he is simply looking for different girls to add to his list. He is also secretly bi but is completely afraid of what others will think of him but will use girls as his cover!!! He will romance a girl to take home to his friends and family as a show to cover up the not so credible girls and guys he’s dating on the side.
    Be careful girls he’s a very smooth romantic talker but knows what he is doing and so say to have you fall for him. He thinks he’s a honorable guy and always do the right thing but he doesn’t and is really a true coward. He is even willing to abandon his dog he’s had since a puppy for ten years so he can not have responsibility. He will say it’s because he truly cares and it’s for the best. That’s his favorite line but who would do that to there dog?! That’s how much a slime he is.

  283. Gary – A bald, fat ugly looking man with no morals or sense of responsibility. Disguised as pleasant, caring, and loving you will think that he is a nice person when you first meet him. But you only get a few weeks that is how long it takes for him to become unable to repress his true self any longer. He subjects a person to anger, emotional and mental abuse. He will rank you on the bottom of his priority list. When you become emotionally involved with him, he will show his true colours. He is the type of person going around telling his mates that he is so brave and intelligent but truly he is a male pussy. If there is any problem he backs out, because this man does not love anybody for who they are but for pleasing him.
    Trash mingles with trash, that’s why we didn’t get along after awhile because you are trash, and I am not. Grow up, grow a pair and settle down with a broad who is at the same low class level as you and has no shame.

  284. Dan Shell, Cincinnati, Ohio- is a sociopath who abused my friend of nearly thirty years. She is physically disabled, and was living in The same apt. building as this monster. To make a long story short, they ended up together as a couple, and he used her financially due to the fact hew was too lazy/high to get/maintain a job. As his drinking/ drug use got worse, he began beating/ assaulting her in every way imaginable. my friend is no angel; never was, never will be. But no human being should ever be treated this way. Scared, lonely, and in a new city, she made the mistake of befriending then falling in love with a “person” who used her in every way he could, and left her with physical/ emotional scars that will never heal. He is unpredictable and violent; a pathological liar.

  285. lee d a ups driver in modesto calif a maried man with five children, a childrens football coach and all around seemingly nice straight laced man who is a habitual cheater. he lures women into his truck for sex. he talks crap on fat people but is screwing a five hundred pound chic on hhis route . an all around ass who needs to be found out.

  286. Luke Paxton, Cleveland, Ohio. Pathological Liar. May be a sociopath. Is a drug addict and liar. He was the worst thing that ever happened to my life.

  287. Shane Lane: Alias: Shane, Hercules Tampa, Fl;Ocala,FL;Albany, GA – I was with this man for 7 years. We had two children together and were married. He cheated on me with a man for money and lied to this man telling him that he was gay and that he wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. He is an abusive, controlling alcoholic and unless you don’t want friends and don’t care if you ever talk to your family… DON’T DATE THIS GUY!

  288. Shane Lane: Alias: Shane, Hercules – I was with this man for 7 years. We had two children together and were married. He cheated on me with a man for money and lied to this man telling him that he was gay and that he wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. He is an abusive, controlling alcoholic and unless you don’t want friends and don’t care if you ever talk to your family… DON’T DATE THIS GUY!

  289. Steven Ellis…Sumter, SC. This bastard beat the hell out of me. I was only 13 years old when he started to physically abuse me, it didn’t start until 8 months into the relationship. It went from a push to a slap, and then one day he just snapped and broke my nose and blacked both of my eyes. He chased me around his apartment with a knife threatening my life. He slammed my head into a counter multiple times and bashed my face into a microwave so hard I cracked the plastic part of the door with my face. I took his ass to court with a blackened and bruised face and all I got was a temporary restraining order, no justice for me. It didn’t him away of course and I made it clear he was not welcome in my life anymore. He got to the point where he was obsessed and still is, he is still stalking me after 5 years. So girls, if you are smart you will stay clear of this woman beating prick, no relationship is worth risking your safety and I learned that the hard way…

  290. Travis Deshotel…from Sumter, SC. We were together for almost 2 years and at the end of our relationship, I got knocked up. Him and his B***** mother basically begged me to get an abortion multiple times but even though I thought about it I knew I wasn’t capable of doing it so of course I was planning on having our baby (I was 17 at the time). Well when I was about 7 weeks prego (also the day before my birthday!) I had a miscarrige, which wasn’t a surprise from all the stress and hell I was going through. He wanted to have sex with me THE SAME NIGHT I MISCARRIED OUR CHILD, I should’ve run then!!! Finally exactly 16 days after that he broke up with me and wanted nothing more to do with me, while I was still miscarrying our child…what a fuck head! Girls, stay away he is a loser and a mommas boy…I think it was her that pushed him into dumping me. He is a liar, manipulator, and lazy pot-head LOSER.

  291. Darick Gayden

    This guy is a jerk. Stay away from him. He cheated on his dying wife. He drinks like a fish, but states that he is a man of GOD. He did and will not honor the state of marriage because he is Mississippi jerk.

  292. Bruce Lyle Bryan Jr…..AKA BRUCE THE BLACKSHEEP OR JUST BRUCE BLACKSHEEP HE IS AN EX DJ OUT OF NASHVILLE TN FORMERLY FROM florida. This guy is a predator the preys on women that may be older than him and are able to support themselves,and he seems to target single moms. He came into my life presenting himeself a guy that just had bad things happen to him, and after I helped him get them straightend out we got married….then he told me he wanted us to have sex with other people. He is also an alcholic and cannot ever hold a job. He has schizophrenic delusions but when diagnosed refused to take medication and beat me almost to death. And could not understand why we would not get back together after that. I have bought him a jeep which he was to pay, but then defaulted and hid the jeep. I had to file bankrupty to protected myself. He wants older women to use their money while he is out with the younger ladies behind your back I found out too late. He is always running from florida child support enforcement from a daughter that he has never seen,and also has a son down there that he has nothing to do with. He stole from me, lied to me, used me and took everything he could from me. He even tried to tell people that the bruises he had on him from me defending myself, were where I had started attacking him, and he had no choice but to get me off of him. He is verbally abusive and was mean to my children but tried to convince me the children were lying about it. RUN AWAY FROM THIS MAN HE IS DANGEROUS…he also now has a felony record along with everything else in Nashville tn public online records. HE TORE APART MY FAMILY AND MY LIFE

    He was engaged then cheated on her while she paid his way through school and paid for his brand new jeep. She broke it off with him and he ended up marrying the girl he cheated on her with. That girl knew he was engaged too! Well long story short, after he gets married he starts contacting his ex again says he loves her, wants to hook, and whenever he drinks he gets bitter about the whole thing! WTF! I want so bad to contact his wife now and say “you knew he cheat on his girl with you, you really didn’t think he would cheat on your ass”! Women come on!! Once a cheater always a cheater!! He was always lying, contacting his ex-girlfriends. He was looking for someone with money. Family wealth. He needed the image. He was all about image. He would tell you what to wear. He was even physically abusive at times. He seems nice. Everyone loves him but he is quite different behind closed doors. He is cheating on his wife. He is bad news! Stay away from this manipulative creep.

  294. Brian Lee from poughkeepie ny. If I were you I would stay away from him. He may come off as a great guy like all men do but let me tell you he is far from it. Any boy that would cheat on you while you were pregnant with his baby. Send you into per-term labor due to stress. Have our daughter 2 months early, have to have an emergency c-section and have a 4lb 2 oz baby girl you can’t bring home till a month later is no man at all. Then to top it all off leaves you 2 weeks after Christmas with 4 kid’s. no money, bill’s up the ass, no job cause I was caring for a sick baby and find out he left you for yet another chick. He is no man. Than for two years straight he claims your children who he never supported on his taxes and takes the money to get things for his new apartment and to buy a new motorcycle is no man. Then he keeps coming back to you saying how much he wants to make it work out and then plays you like your a fool. That is no real man. Now he really want’s nothing to do with his children at all. He takes them maybe once every 3 or 4 months if that. So yeah if I were you I would stay away from him. He is nooooo good

  295. More about John Charles Burtis Jr., Hyde Park New York also forgot to mention he has cheated on every single woman he’s ever been with including his ex-wife. He starts cheating with a woman then leaves his current girlfriend for the girl he cheated with. He’s done it every single time and he will never change. He’s a real piece of work…and that’s being extremely nice.

  296. John Charles Burtis Jr., Hyde Park New York. We were together for 6 years and I found out he’s been cheating on me for 5 of those years. He’s a pathological liar, a serial cheater and physically abusive. Do Not Go Near Him!!!

  297. Jeff Morser, from San Diego but has resided in Jacksonville FL, Tulsa OK and Bloomington IL. Ladies, do not go near him. He is definitely a guy who seems too