The Love Stone. Is it real?

The Love Stone. Is it real?

Dear Tracy, I’ve been married for four years now and lately my husband and I have been having problems. We seem to fight all of the time. It’s not over anything big. Mostly about money or over little things that are just flat out trivial. I don’t know what to do and I want to find a way to bring back the closeness we once had.

I had read somewhere that there is a stone you can wear that helps encourage love and compassion. Is there any truth to this? Or am I just holding on to false hope? I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Love is never easy, and any good relationship takes a lot of effort on both of your parts. You have made the first step in mending your relationship by admitting you have a problem and actively pursuing a fix for it. However, I want you to know there is no magical fix for marital problems. These things take time and a lot of good old-fashioned talking.

When either of you have a problem, how well do either of you actually LISTEN to the other? Do you actually hear what the other says? Do you know the point they are trying to get across? I have found that when two people are fighting, they hear only what they want to hear. They reflect what THEY think the other is saying, which only worsens the fight.


For example… I was recently sick and on my way to see the doctor. On the way there, my fiance was driving in a way that would cause the car to be bumpy, and it would hurt my stomach even more. I asked him why he was driving so fast, and he flipped out, telling me not to tell him how to drive.

In reality, what I was trying to say was that his driving was hurting me. I was not trying to say that I thought he was a bad driver. But he was upset and not hearing what I was actually saying. He was only hearing what he THOUGHT I was saying.

This whole fight could have been avoided if I had expressed myself better and he had listened better. Neither of us was in the wrong. We were both wrong. Again, excuse me for not expressing myself better and not trying to hear what I was saying truly. He does that a lot, and to be honest, so do I.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship.

But not everyone knows the best way to communicate, and sometimes that means learning a new skill – that skill is “communication.” If you really want to be happy in your relationship, then you both need to learn to talk, and there are classes for that. Might I suggest the book “4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication“.

Now, as for your question about gems and their magical powers, there is actually some truth to this. Gems are a part of the earth and exude natural energy. Over the last few thousand years, people have figured out which type of energy and what each stone is best suited for.

I think you are looking for a garnet stone in your particular case. The garnet stone is associated with purification, regeneration, and warmth. It promotes new beginnings, sexuality, and prosperity and can even help you cope with daily problems.


It gives feminine strength, compassion, courage, and some say even attraction. It helps to eliminate energy blocks. It can also encourage self-confidence and creativity. Garnet is a stone of romantic love and passion. It is used in metaphysics to enhance sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy. It is said to bring positive thoughts and boost energy.

It is suggested you should place this stone throughout your home, including on the headboard of your bed, and worn on your body as either a necklace or a ring. For matters close to the heart, it is suggested you wear this stone around your heart.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these stones for them to be effective. I’ve heard some people spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on them and that’s just crazy. I found one on Amazon for under $20! CLICK HERE to see the garnet stone necklace at Amazon.

One last note on this subject, some say before putting on the stone you should purify it by putting it under running water for at least 60 seconds. I don’t know if there is any truth to this but it was worth mentioning as I’ve heard this more than a few times — Something about the natural running water and the way it connects to the earth, which is different than just a regular water flow that might have been artificially generated.



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The Love Stone. Is it real?

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  1. i hear you its the every day stuff and nothing new that makes it boring you forget why you fell in love try and talk more dont nag tell him how much you love him and miss all the fun and try to do new things together go fishing to a play try new things in the bedroom brake the cycle of bills and house and kids make it about you and him

  3. im having the same issues… and have had the you’re listening but not hearing me converstion as well… he always tells me im crazy and im “trippin” and i really dont know how else to get through to him.. i feel pushed aside alot of the times when he chooses his friends and family (dad and sister) over me.. we have a family together and that should come first.. am i wrong for thinking that?

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