The Mythical Rules of Dating

The Mythical Rules of Dating

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard about these mythical “rules” of dating. How if you follow these “rules” you will have a great and fabulous relationship. Well after tireless research I have found these rules don’t seem to be written down in any one place. That is, until now. 😉 This list is by no means complete. There are still so many of them I have left off. If you know of any great “rules” to add to my little list, please feel free to let me know.

Being the “perfect” girl means having an extreme amount of self control. That means that no matter how much you may want to do something you MUST not! That especially means you must never (for any reason) have sex with a guy on the first date! To most this is an obvious rule, yet it’s so often broken. No matter what you may think, or have heard you should NEVER break this rule if you like a guy. NEVER, EVER, EVER. The rule of thumb is to wait until you have been on a minimum of 3 dates HOWEVER it is best if you wait until you have been on atleast 5 dates, spanning over a 10 day period (whatever may be greater).

Having extreme self-control also means you must resist the urge to tell a guy that you like off! If a guy doesn’t call you after your first date (within 48 hours or so), don’t automatically assume it’s because he doesn’t like you and then shoot off a nasty email or voice mail to him telling him what a sleaze he is for not calling you. Wait a full 48 hours and then call him if you MUST but never tell him off, he may have truly just been busy with work or whatever and then you just ruined any chance you ever had of having anything with him.


Never talk about your ex-boyfriends with someone that you are currently dating. I realize that girls do this even if not on purpose as a defense mechanism when they feel scared or hurt but please don’t do it. It will only do you more harm in your relationship. Never for any reason whatsoever should you ever discuss an ex-boyfriend.

Don’t say “I Love You” for a minimum of two months. I don’t care what you may feel about him, this is just a rule. 2-month MINIMUM, 3 months preferred.

Never call a guy more than two times in any 7 day period for the first two months you are dating. There is never an exception to this rule. I don’t care how hard this is, just don’t do it. If you break this rule then there really is no other point of doing any of the other rules. Yes, it is that serious of a rule!

Never as a guy about his ex-girlfriends. It will only end up giving you a complex in some way. If he wanted to truly be with her and not you, he would. So just don’t do it. It’s not worth the stress it will give you.

Don’t ever ask a guy’s friends (male or female) if your boyfriend likes you. If he didn’t like you he wouldn’t be with you. You are dooming your relationship so fast if you make this all to common mistake. Have confidence in yourself and your relationship! If you can’t have that, then why are you in that relationship in the first place?

Always keep a $20 in your purse. You just never know when you may need it to take a cab home or to pay for dinner. Remember girls, always be prepared for anything when it comes to men and dating. You just never know and it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Never offer to pay for dinner when a guy asks you out on a date. If you have been dating someone for a while and YOU ask him out then sure, it is okay to offer to pay but that is the only time.


Don’t tell him that he’s the first guy to treat you with respect or he’ll think you are a loser. Seriously. I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with girls that do this. STOP MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A STUPID TWO BIT WHO***** TO MEN AND IN RETURN THEY WILL STOP TREATING YOU LIKE A STUPID TWO BIT WHO*****!

When a guy gets home from work, be sure and give him at least 1 full hour before hitting him with anything – that means any sort of news, good or bad. Men need to unwind from they get home from work, they don’t need to hear about the deal you got on pantyhose at K-Mart or how bad the kids were.

Don’t ask a question you don’t really want the answer to. For example, when you are walking down the street with your boyfriend and a hot – Cindy Crawford type girl walks by, don’t ask him if he thinks you are better looking than her. If he wanted to be with her, he would be – and not you.

Also, an extension of that previous rule is – Don’t ever ask your boyfriend/husband if he still finds you attractive. That’s a loaded question and a man never knows how to answer it. If you are insecure, deal with your insecurities, don’t pressure him with them. If he didn’t love/want you – he wouldn’t be with you.

When a guy calls you, be the one to end the phone call. Say something like, well I’ve got to run, I’ve got a zillion things to do. If you always seem “available” you won’t be much of a challenge for him.

Never buy a guy a gift during the first 2 months you are with him. Buying a gift implies you feel more for him than he may be ready to handle. I don’t care what reason you may have for buying the gift – just don’t do it – for any reason! We must learn to walk before we can run and part of that process means slowing down and taking things one step at a time.

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The Mythical Rules of Dating

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