The Perfect Husband Guide

The Perfect Husband Guide

This is another one of those posts I found on Facebook that I had to share. It’s just next level!

The distinction between boys and men is that boys need to diminish women for their sense of power. Men empower women, and this feeds their own sense of power.


A woman wants to feel that you chose her from among all the women you could have, and that you exercise that level of confidence and power. It fulfills her deepest desire to be seen and celebrated.

Your capacity to see what you want and be unwavering in your commitment and desire to get it is what women appreciate and gravitate toward in men.

If she asks you to get paper towels and the store is out of the usual brand, she wants to know you’ll make the next best choice instead of calling to recite the ten brands on the shelf out of fear of choosing. Without this confidence in you, she feels forced into acting like your man and your bodyguard.

A woman wants to know deep in her heart that she can inspire you. She wants to know that her love and presence, as well as her wisdom and beauty, inspire you to create something of meaning in the world. She wants to pervade you like breath or sunshine. If her love inspires you and moves you to make a difference in the world, she is a success.

“The more you care, the stronger you can be.” — Jim Rohn

The Perfect Husband Guide


If you don’t lead, she can’t dance.

Put her first. Lead her still. Love her above all. Let her be a girl

Do whatever it takes to be fascinated with her when she deserves the attention. Put your fucking phone down.

Open doors. Every time.

Make her your possession. The only one you truly take care of till death….and with death

NEVER disrespect her in public. Ever

If she’s mad or angry, let her speak without allowing her to be disrespectful.

NEVER belittle her desires.

Always allow her to be a girl…let her sing, dance, live, move and wander if she wants to.

She’s a girl first…she’s YOUR girl second.

Never criticize or belittle her for feeling (she feels more than you ever will)

Wash her hair, brush her hair

Never hurt her, but always be ready to forcefully protect her from bad things (including herself)

Make every movement in consideration for her safety without ever revealing to her that you’re doing so.

When you decide you love her, make an immediate and permanent surrender of your life for hers if the situation calls for it.

Plan ahead and make sure she never has to take the lead. You can do this without talking about it. Involve her in decisions when she wants to be involved.

Live your entire life as a role model for other men without talking about it

Set the example for her. If she doesn’t follow, encourage her before disciplining her.

Think ahead and know exactly what she likes and dislikes. Be prepared to make decisions for her in the immediate moment she feels like she doesn’t want to or wants you to or when you feel like making the choices. Know her— fully.

Discipline her when she misbehaves. Discipline her while putting her and the relationship first.

She wants to look up to you

Be careful with money

Think before acting. No anger

All of your problems will start when you go from being giver to a taker

She WILL test you. Show courage and love at the same time. No anger.

You might hurt her pride, but never hurt her feelings…she’s YOURS

If you always try to please her, you’ll not please her at all

Read to her while she’s in the tub

Never stop caring for her and protecting her, even from the rain. You’re not her legal guardian, you are her LIFE guardian.

Regardless of how she protests at times, do what’s right.

Tell her what you like. Let her live through making your day

Dress her when you’d like to… pick everything down to the undies

If you’re not living a life of integrity and self-discipline, you’re not setting the example.

When she talks, LISTEN.

When you’re with her, be WITH her. Check-in. Don’t check out.

You’re taking care of her. Be adventurous and give her a sense of adventure in all you do together.

Never project onto her. Maintaining awareness of your own faults will help to notice when you do it.

Make an actual list of every one of her strengths and amazing qualities. Add to it all the time and look at it often. She’s your girl: make her important and let her know she’s exceptional.

Even doing dishes together can be awesome. It’s your job to make that happen.

Dance with her. Yes, even if you suck.

If you don’t want her pointing out your faults-work on them.

Live your life as an example for other men.

Being her man is a burden. It’s stressful, and only the strong man can do that without talking about how stressful it is.

Forego the gifts on special holidays. Give her gifts randomly, and when SHE feels she’s been exceptional.

If you don’t take care of her, someone else will.

No matter how mad she gets, don’t get mad back. Love her out of it, leave the room or apologize if you screwed up. Your ego will destroy you if you let it.

Ask her for advice about things she takes pride in knowing about.

Ask her to display her natural talents and pay attention.

Always assume her behavior is meant to please you. Always.


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The Perfect Husband Guide

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