The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

We’ve all had bad boyfriends and even some good ones but I couldn’t help but wonder, what makes the PERFECT man? Here is your chance to tell us what YOU think makes the perfect man.

The Perfect Man

I say the perfect man is a man who can put up with my mood swings, a man who can be sensitive of my needs during that time of the month and a man who I can trust 100%, without question.   But the question is …. how do you define “the perfect man”?


Tell us who you think is the perfect man in the comments down below!

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Tracy Tegan
Tracy Tegan has spent the last seventeen years as a professional blogger about relationships, dating, and issues pertaining to gender equality at In her spare time, she writes romance novels that are available at Amazon.  You can check out Tracy Tegan's latest romance novel, Crescent Moon at Amazon.

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The Perfect Man

68 Responses

  1. Wow… I am overwhelmed by the anger in regards to this topic. I don’t believe that anyone is perfect. We all have our faults/quirks that means men do to. We can’t change them and they certainly can’t change us but to find someone who accepts us for those and maybe even embraces them as part of the package we are then that’s not a bad start.

    My perfect man would be intelligent, strong physically, mentally and emtionally. He would have a killer sense of humour and a contagious smile. He would be the perfect balance of sensitive and manly and would know in each situation when to be what. He would accept me for all my faults and would be comfortable with himself to show me his. He would be my friend and would have see the importance of intimacy and sex.

    Am I dreaming…. maybe but that is what I see as My perfect man.

    Having said that…. I am single. lol

  3. Well >_>, I’ma man myself, and I hate men. Dunno if you guys will even like me, but ya >_>, guess I contribute with this.

    There really is no ‘perfect man’ They’re all douchebag pricks. They’re pigs, cheaters, abusers, inconsiderate >_>, I hate them all.

    Some men are good at least >_>, some aren’t all that bad. But almost every last man is awful >_>, I can’t stand them. But if ya really wanna pick out the best ya can out of a man, you can get any of these qualities, but not all of them >_>.

    If you ever do find a man who is perfect on the inside, let me know >_>, I’d love to meet him.

    I seriously hate men though >_>, and I am a man, so yeah, idk how it works. Hate the fact that I’m a man, I’m ashamed of it. I seriously try my best to please my GF as much as possible, I’m always there for her, I’m always keeping her positive, no matter what I love her, I love every last bit of her, the bad things too. It’s just too bad that she don’t wanna be with me anymore : /.

    So what really would be a perfect man? A man who actually tries, because no man can actually do all of these things, but if they try then theres a difference.

    :/, wish I was a girl

  5. Is there really a “perfect” man? I don’t think there is. The “perfect” man would be respectful towards your feelings and your needs. He would understand your point of view and say that we’re right even when we’re not. He would comfort you when you need it, or even when we don’t. He wouldn’t do things that make us even the slightest bit unhappy, expecially when he knows that we are. He would do special little things to make us smile without us even expecting a thing. He would go places with us, that he doesn’t enjoy, just to be with us and make us happy. He would actually pay attention to us when we talk and not just say anything just to get us to stop talking. He would take things seriously instead of thinking it’s a joke. He would pay more attention to us then his TV or video games. He would spend more time with just US then be with us and his friends at the same time, most of the time. They wouldn’t make you cry. When they found out your upset about something they did, they would try and fix it by talking to us about it, then stopping whatever it was that they were gonna do, no matter how stupid. They wouldn’t be stupid. But, all men are.

  7. The words “perfect man” do not belong in the same sentence, in my opinion. There is no such thing as “the perfect man”. I am so done with men, sucking up my energy and time and I end up giving giving giving and for what? No thanks spending my energy and time on ME.

  8. There is no such thing as a perfect man. Everyone has faults, as krazybytch28 said earlier. My man isn’t perfect, but I’m not about to change him for anyone else.

  9. the perfect man for me is a guy that is my friend and all that falls under being a REAL friend. communication, love, trust, fun, common interests, respect.. all of that. i know it’s almost impossible and that is why i’m single and always will be. i don’t think it’s asking too much but i sure can’t find it. and i’m not willing to settle anymore for less than i deserve or want. personally i don’t think men and women are compatible for too long. we are just too different and the games it takes aren’t worth it.

  10. You wont ever find a perfect man or woman. Every one has their faults to them. If you can’t accept some one for who they are then you should not be with them…

  11. The perfect man isn’t a man at all. All the qualities we’re looking for aren’t male attributes. We want them to be strong and lift stuff, kill the bugs, carry their own weight financially, not mooch off our parents and families, not lie or cheat or call their ex wives houses every day of the year and then try to lie about it, we want them to act like us…in other words the opposite of how they really are.

  12. I’m not as good as I once was but I’m as good once as I ever was. ( yeah right. So a minute and a half is “good” in your book? don’t stop the Viagra prescrip it’s your only hope)

  13. A man… Who… understands you, listens when you cry instead of turning over and sighing. A man that’s not too sensitive, but not too masculine and full a pride to take you around his friends no matter how weird you are. Another thing, he loves you for you because in a way, you two share similar past experiences, therefore making you soul mates.One whose body is bulky and overpowering, but perfectly average, just right for you to snuggle close to with out feeling suffocated or feel as if you are suffocating him. His body would be beautiful… Not ‘Hot’ like body builders, but sensual…

  14. Before posting my criteria, I’d like to address the inaccurate, not to mention hypocritical, ramblings of one JohnDeer. Dear John, You are delusional. You claim men are the more logical gender. Not only do I disagree, but I assert that WOMEN have more logic in their little fingers than men have in their entire bodies. It is certainly no secret that men commit the majority of violent crimes & incite wars, for no reason other than to compensate for their own lack of insecurity in their masculinity. This is, without a doubt, textbook EMOTIONAL behavior. For some reason, when the term “emotional” is used to describe an individual, it is typically associated with moodiness, someone who is quick to tears, people who wear their heart on their sleeve, clingy behavior, etc. But, all too often, we forget that anger is indeed an emotion, and let’s face it, men cornered that market long ago. The rage & hatred displayed by so many men all over the world is proof-positive that you are all a VERY emotional lot. So, kindly take your “scientific research” (which was undoubtedly conducted by biased *male* scientists) and stick it where the sun shall never shine. You are a hypocrite. How many times have we heard men say that they are sick & tired of being used for their money? And… how many times have these exact same men hooked up with the very type of gold-digging trash they *claim* to despise? Women don’t want “nice guys”? What a coincidence! Men don’t want nice girls. Let’s be honest, shall we? The only thing most of you take into consideration is petty physical attributes. Now, if we are talking about casual sex, this particular mentality makes sense. However, many men actually base entire relationships on a “nice ass” or “big titties”. Not only is this the wrong reason to get serious about anybody, but, again, this proves that men do not possess a single, solitary ounce of logic. Men are slaves to their sexual organs, and as such, they are incapable of rational thought when the penis rears it’s purple head. : P You are certainly NOT a “nice guy”. You came up in here and invaded a website that is for women, and brought your uncorked bottle of WHINE with you. Uh, in my books, that isn’t atypical “nice” behavior. Needless to say, you have reaffirmed my theory regarding the non-existent “nice guy”. You & all of the other men who dump out this load of malarkey are flat-out liars. Your kind is far worse than any “jerk” could ever hope to be. At least the jerk is easy to spot, predictable, doesn’t whine about how he can’t get laid (Because he actually CAN get laid, and for free, I might add), and is good in bed. Men like you, on the other hand, wallow in a pig’s sty of self-pity, hatred, jealousy, and a heap of dirty laundry. VERY sexy…. NOT. Lastly, you are a coward, JohnDeer. You were just soooo eager to unload your steaming pile of faux logic… yet, at the conclusion of your *release*, you allowed yourself an all-too-convenient out; you refuse to respond to any replies because, in your own demented universe, your truth is the only truth, and everything you plopped out was “irrefutable logic”. That is both a joke… and the biggest cop-out EVER. Check your back, you may find that a yellow stripe has emerged there, due to your immense cowardice (A very unattractive quality for a man, btw), or maybe it’s just yellow because you need a bath? LOL Ewwww. Anyhow, now that I’m done with that loser, here is my description of “The Perfect Man”, per my own standards: Dark hair, dark eyes, large muscles, tattoos, kinky & open-minded in bed, high sex drive, spontaneous, doesn’t take life too seriously, isn’t looking for a serious relationship, enjoys simple things, non-materialistic, doesn’t base his worth on the balance of his bank account, confident & aware of his sexual appeal, is VERY responsive to sexual stimulation (moaning, groaning, etc.), enjoys walking around the house naked or in a pair of tighty-whities, loves to live out his fantasies (Oh, and mine too : D), capable of engaging in sexual activities all day long, can match or beat my energy level (Good luck! LOL), loves to receive “oral pleasure” (If ya know what I mean. teehee), Lives one day at a time and doesn’t worry about tomorrow or the distant future, is a non-conformist and doesn’t care about social “norms” or what people think… basically, he does what he wants to do and never allows ex-girlfriends, relatives or buddies to influence his decisions, and, most importantly, he’s non-religious.

  15. One who will at least care about your ideas thoughts and love you for who you are all togethher kids and all! I also think that he should say yes dear all the time.

  16. the perfect man is …. Honest, kind, funny, strong when it counts not just borish bravado. understands that being intimate doesn’t always mean sex. Loves animals and helping the environment.EMPLOYED, has his own place,responsible and spiritual.enjoys rock music,festivals and road trips.

  17. Dear JohnDeer, How right you are, I feel compelled to argue with you. Firstly, yes, women in general are emotional thinkers but this woman has some logic. On that note, shall we begin? I do have to agree with you that women are very contradictory in their description of the ‘Perfect Man’, mainly because none of us know him, but your examples take it to the complete extreme and display a great deal of emotional disappointment and bitterness towards women and their choice of men. The detail in which you describe ‘women across the U.S.’ implies some first hand experience of this nature. This would, if I am correct in my assumptions, cloud judgment and cause outrageous remarks. Now, I wonder if you agree with me if I said women want to feel protected but independent at the same time. A contradiction, I know, but to have someone with whom you are completely yourself creates this odd effect of being able to be self-sufficient but choosing to be taken care of and, in turn, take care of the one you love. You mention the nice guy and the jerk. I would like to change this distinction to safe and exciting respectively. Unfortunately, so many times a woman will choose someone with whom she has no compatibility because he’s exciting and passionate. The nice guy you refer to is safe. Women like to be swept off their feet. Of course, sexual passion is a major factor in the outcome of a relationship. However, the nice guy is able to be passionate. I would like to end with the fact that there is no ‘Perfect Man’. Just a lot of men who like women are looking for someone with whom they can spend their life. The ‘Perfect Man’ is as flawed as the next man but in a way that a woman can tolerate. The ‘Perfect Relationship’ is one that still has the bad parts but you still want to be in after all the hard times. Please, John, pick holes in my logic if you can find them. I await your answer with anticipation. Thank you, Elizabeth

  18. Someone who will be close, but will also be somewhat distant. Someone who will be rich, but doesn’t care about material things. Someone who will love women for who they are and think with his penis. Someone who does what his “significant other” says, but doesn’t let anyone walk all over him. Someone who makes his woman the most important thing to him by trying to make her happy, and puts himself before anyone else. Those are the attributes a perfect man would have to a woman. Notice how they contradict each other. This is because of the difference in what women say they want, and what women look for. Ever notice how women across the U.S. complain about how all men are jerks? Also, did you ever notice how women across the U.S. will not only willingly date someone who treats them like shit, but will repeatedly go back to him, all while ignoring the nice guy she threw away with the phrase “let’s just be friends” after he listened to her bitch about the latest asshole she’s dating even though she claims to not like assholes? You can try to argue against this, but you will fail. However, since women always think they’re right and for some reason think they’re good at arguing even though a psychologist will tell you that women are emotional thinkers and that men are the logical one, I expect a response to this. You should expect me to not dignify your faulty logic with a response.

  19. I think the perfect man is one who goes out of his way to remember the small things such as the way you like your dinner salad or how you wear your hair up when you are stressed. The perfect man is also decisive and goes out of his way to use good manners. He is also mature, responsible and focused on his future, not living for today.

  20. My perfect man doesn’t lie hang out in bars til 3AM or later. And he doesn’t kiss other women. O’ alil help with the kids would be nice.

  21. I do not think there is such a thing,it is in their DNA to lie, cheat,and abuse women.I have 2 sons and hope to GODESS they turn out better than most the men I know,Ihave raised them to be respectful to everyone and honest so far so good!!

  22. I don’t think there is a perfect man. I think to come close we need at least 5 different men to fill the role of a “Perfect Man” For example: 1.We need one that’s a great lover but he’s probably not too cleaver at much else (only enough blood for one head at a time, if you get my drift). 2.We need a man that’s good at the physical stuff like fixing things and making your home look great, but they tend to be the mans man type, bear swelling down the pub blokes (big bear guts n bum cracks… yuck). 3. Then you need a sensitive one that will watch sloppy movies and cry with you and totally understands shopping, but their usually the gay ones. 4. Then we have the intellectual ones with loads of money that stimulate your mind and lavish you with gifts, but don’t quiet have the bits n bobs to finish the job. 5. Then last you need the guy that’s great fun to be around who makes the perfect host and is great with the kids, but alas they are just big kids too and don’t have any sense of responsibility…..the stupid ones that do before thinking. If we could find a man that has the above qualities then I think we would be close to our perfect man. …but in the mean time, one man will just not suffice. I’m a believer of 5+ a day ……for a healthy balanced diet of men. Thats my thoughts! 😀

  23. The perfect man is one who doesn’t seduce you, disappear for seven months, reappear to seduce you again, then disappear again, all because he is indecisive and paranoid of having his heart broken.

  24. someone who will never exist. we create this illusion to feel better when we havent found someone, and it gives us something to search for, when in reality we alter it unconsciously yet continuoulsy when someone gets remotely close because its in our nature to eith screw it up or want more than is earthly possible. or maybe thats just me? lol

  25. The perfect man would be smart, charming, handsome, loyal, caring, kind and has respect for women. He wouldn’t judge someone by their beliefs, looks etc. He would want to be with you for more then just your looks. I’m sad to say but only 1% of all the men in the world are like that.

  26. He would be, kind, funny, serious, smart-protective but not possessive, friendly but not patronizing, and cool without trying. He’s almost to good to be true, wait…he is!

  27. I read everyone’s comments on this impossible topic and honestly I have nothing better to say than I completely think Tarnz said it best with the 5 men a day diet:-) That was so on point, no one could say it better! 🙂

  28. He is humble, mild mannered, respectful and trustworthy. Looks and wealth are of no importance to me. I will NOT tolerate FRIENDS treating me like crap, why would I allow it in a man, my life partner?

  29. I already met mine, although I never dated him. Smart, funny, full of interesting and sometimes far-fetched ideas, into anything and everything, nice, patient, my religion. I hope he dosen’t see this, god that would be soooooo embarassing! (Public distaster. Involved me, him, a school dance and god knows how many friends. Use your imagination. Or don’t.)

  30. After the last 3 failed relationships, I don’t believe that there is a perfect man, they all are pigs. When the shit gets deep they run. I don’t think none of them know what they want or how to treat a woman.

  31. You are kidding, right? A post for “the perfect man” on the “MenSuck” website. OK, well, here are the criteria that my friend and I came up with: intelligent, interesting, attractive, self-starter, not a financial liability. They must meet all five to get a chance. The problem is this: even if they meet the criterian, and many do, everything goes immediately south as soon as they open their mouth.

  32. A guy who will make you laugh when you’re happy and hold you when you’re sad; a guy who will treat you like you’re a human being and not just a sex object; a guy who is loyal and doesn’t cheat.

  33. he,s 6t3in hes very blond (or he was now he’s grey)he has stunning green eyes and after 21yrs he still loves me.Hes a beautiful rugged Australian Harley riding yummy bit of man.Yes he annoys the absolute crap outta me. Today is valintines Day and he forgot ok no big deal i hadnt got him anything but he made me and the kids b16.b14.g13.b10 a lovely romantic dinner for 6 lol he really is my perfect man

  34. A man who is strong enough to make you feel safe and protected, yet sensitive enough to never hurt your feelings. He would care about your feelings and give you butterflies in your stomach when you think of him.

  35. A guy who is rich, has a great since of humor, ripped, nice, honest, loves you for you, makes you feel like you can take on the world. Sadly we all know that there is no real guy lke that in this world or anywhere for that matter.

  36. A FairyTale passed down from generations of women who still have some hope that the next generation of women won’t be so disappointed. But if I was to design him myself he’d be my ex, my only true love… Without the temper!

  37. Someone who does not smother you. Someone who does not mind you spending time with firends – males or females. Someone who is not there everytime you turn around. Or someone who does not try to buy your love.

  38. my perfect man would want to spend time wit me more than an hr a week would understand when things happen that are uncontralable wants to make love and not jus have sex is there for you no matter what espicaly when you lose his baby

  39. The perfect man would have to be an attractive man who works out and takes care of his body. He would have to be kind and caring and truely love me. He would have alot of money ofcourse. And he wouldn’t mind just being my friend for years and years while I was dating other men, no matter how much it hurt him to do so, until I was ready to settle for him. He would, ofcourse, die and leave me all his money right after the wedding. That would be the perfect man to me.

  40. He doesn’t exist All females should have established that and thats okay cuz there’s just no perfect person but i think most of us would settle for one who genuinely tries, who whatever little you get from him you always know is the best he has to offer you especially his time, affection and keeping his word

  41. No one is perfect, but a man should try to be as perfect as possible b/c he cares about you and dosen’t want to let you down. He should put efort into the relationship, and be willing to protect you (what ever that means to you).

  42. No one is perfect, I know that. But im not having another relationship again until i find someone who isn’t absoloutley terrified of love, who doesn’t feel the need to ‘experience new things’ – like other women, who isn’t totally arrogant and who isn’t only worried about how much action his dick gets. Are they that hard to find?

  43. Hmm. I don’t think that anyone is perfect. But a good man should be kind, loyal, honest, hard-working, funny, smart, loving, and not afraid of commitment. He should be grounded, open-minded, and in short your best friend.

  44. there is no perfect man … but there are some that could be close. Mine has to be intelligent, funny, quirky, listen to good music (ex: punk, screamo, metal, ect), be attractive, knowing how to cheer me up when i get depressed, not ditch me for other women unless they’re family, be an animal in bed and still be able to cuddle with me under the stars. that’s what my close-to-perfect man would be … to bad he doesn’t exist!

  45. PERFECT MAN? Yeah, right. That’s like saying the PERFECT chocolate dessert when you’re on a diet is Double Fudge Brownie Fudge Ice Cream with Extra Dark Fudge Sauce.

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