The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

Breaking up is never fun. You inevitably feel like you could have done more. And it’s quite possible you could have. There is always that strong desire for closure whenever you break up with your boyfriend.  Trust me, I get it. You want to know, no make that you NEED to know what you could have done better.

Friends will no doubt tell you that now that the relationship is over, you need to put it all behind you and let the past be left where it belongs, behind you. But as most of us know when you break up, it’s not easy to just leave that relationship behind you. There are some burning questions that you really want an answer to.

And closure is a good thing, right?

Should you seek closure with your ex-boyfriend after a breakup? That’s not an easy question to answer. I know that most people feel it helps them if they do.

So we’ve come up with a list of questions you can ask your ex-boyfriend to get closure and move on with your life and hopefully find love with somebody new. And with your newfound knowledge, you can hopefully make the new relationship last.


  1. What do you think really led to the breakup?
  2. How did your friends feel about our break up?
  3. Do you actually know what you did wrong?
  4. How do you feel about me now?
  5. Do you and your friends or family still talk about me?
  6. What is that thing you will remember me for?
  7. Did you get bored with the relationship?
  8. Did you ever cheat on me? If so, why did you cheat on me?
  9. What is your most memorable date with me?
  10. What were the things we really had in common?
  11. What attracted you to me in the first place?
  12. Do you still have the gifts I bought for you?
  13. Why do you still like my pictures and view my stories on social media?
  14. What do you think we may have done differently to make the relationship work?
  15. Are you in another relationship yet?
  16. Was I romantic enough?
  17. Did you ever truly love me or it was just an infatuation?
  18. Did you regret being a relationship with me?
  19. Do you feel like it was wasted years?
  20. Did you tell your new girlfriend about me?
  21. Do you sometimes wish we were still together?
  22. Do you actually miss me?
  23. At what point did you feel you had fallen out of love with me?
  24. Did you ever dream of a future with me or it was all a fantasy?
  25. What’s the worst thing I ever did to you?
  26. Do you think I’m cuter than your new girlfriend?
  27. Am I a better kisser than your new girlfriend?
  28. Do you stalk me or you think I stalk you?
  29. Was I good to you?
  30. Do you think there is any habit I need to change?
  31. Do you think I was a jealous girlfriend?
  32. Did you ever think I flirted with other guys?
  33. Do you know you can sometimes be overbearing?
  34. What’s your present impression of me?
  35. How did you get over the breakup?
  36. Who do you think put more effort into the relationship?
  37. Do you think we can still come back together?
  38. Do you think the relationship made you a better person?
  39. What do you think is the major cause of our breakup?
  40. Do you have any questions for me? I promise to give an honest answer.

If you see some of these questions as unnecessary, then don’t ask. Consider this a guide, not a rule book. It’s a list of ideas, that you can change up to be more suitable for your own situation.

These questions are meant to help you heal, to move on from your ex-boyfriend, and find a new love as a happier, healthier, and somewhat wiser person. They say you learn from your past mistakes and that’s really what these questions are all about … learning from your past mistakes.



The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

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