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The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

Who hasn’t wanted to know how to get closure with an ex-boyfriend?

Breaking up is never fun. You inevitably feel like you could have done more. And it’s quite possible you could have. There is always that strong desire for closure whenever you break up with your boyfriend. Trust me; I get it. You want to know, no make that you NEED to know what you could have done better.


You wonder, are there any questions to ask your ex for closure?

Friends will no doubt tell you that now that the relationship is over, you need to put it all behind you and let the past be left where it belongs, behind you. But as most of us know, it’s not easy to leave that relationship behind you when you break up. There are some burning questions that you really want an answer to.

Is Closure A Good Thing, Right?
Should you seek closure with your ex-boyfriend after a breakup? That’s not an easy question to answer. I know that most people feel it helps them if they do.

It certainly is your call to decide whether it is right or not.

How to get closure with an ex-boyfriend

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Questions To Ask Your Ex For Closure

So we’ve come up with a list of questions you can ask your ex-boyfriend to get closure, move on with your life, and hopefully find love with somebody new. And with your newfound knowledge, you can hopefully make the new relationship last. Here are 40 questions to ask your ex-boyfriend for closure:


1. What do you think really led to the breakup?

Finding the cause of your breakup may lead to saving your new relationship. So get the answer to avoid mistakes. Secondly, you might feel guilty that you cause that breakup, but by finding the answer to this question, you can lift that guilt from your shoulders.

2. How did your friends feel about our breakup?

When you ask this question, you will get the idea that her friends have anything to do with that breakup because if they do, they will certainly feel happy about it.

3. Do you actually know what you did wrong?

Breakups can be mutual or by one of you, by asking him about this, you will make him realize that he shares the same burden as you do.

4. How do you feel about me now?

If your ex is guilty of what he did or he wants to fix what he has done wrong, he will definitely want you to know how he feels about it. Moreover, the answer will help you set your course for what type of interaction you want with him.

5. Do you and your friends or family still talk about me?

Help you get the idea of your impression of your ex and the people around him.

6. What is that thing you will remember me for?

How he answers the question will give you get an idea of how you were to him.

7. Did you get bored with the relationship?

The answer will let you realize your mistakes and how you can spark your new relationship.

8. Did you ever cheat on me? If so, why did you cheat on me?

Knowing whether he cheats on you or not will lift a burden off your shoulders that you were the one responsible for the breakup.

9. What is your most memorable date with me?

This question will help you identify what you must do to save your next relationship.

10. What were the things we really had in common?

Explore what common you two share and what causes the problem.

11. What attracted you to me in the first place?

This question will help you get an idea of his true intentions. He will never share such details with you during his relationship with you.

12. Do you still have the gifts I bought for you?

If he says yes, he is a good man who respects other feelings, and if he says no, he is certainly a man who is just passing his time.

13. Why do you still like my pictures and view my stories on social media?

Such questions make him realize that you keep an eye on him and watch your back.

14. What do you think we may have done differently to make the relationship work?

This question will make you realize whether he wants to save the relationship or just wants to get rid of you.

15. Are you in another relationship yet?

If he is, then he was desperate to get away from you.

16. Was I romantic enough?

Get the idea of whether you were good enough for him.

17. Did you ever truly love me, or was it just an infatuation?

This question is what you can ask after the breakup and reveal the whole story of your breakup and how things act up.

18. Did you regret being in a relationship with me?

If it’s all fake, he surely did, but if he is sincere, he will surely answer it.

19. Do you feel like it was wasted years?

You are trying to find out if he regrets being with you or without you. In other words, does he miss you, or is he glad you’re no longer together?

20. Did you tell your new girlfriend about me?

If he does, he is open about his past and did not do anything that might hurt their present relationship.

21. Do you sometimes wish we were still together?

If he was genuine all the time, he surely wishes.

22. Do you actually miss me?

Missing a person that you loved once is natural, so he might end up saying yes but make sure you get the answer you wanted to.

23. At what point did you feel you had fallen out of love with me?

Try to be precise and get what exactly made him break up with you.

24. Did you ever dream of a future with me, or was it all a fantasy?

Check his commitment to you in the past.

25. What’s the worst thing I ever did to you?

Try to get an idea of what irritates him about you.

26. Do you think I’m cuter than your new girlfriend?

Tease him for what he did.

27. Am I a better kisser than your new girlfriend?

Don’t look desperate that you miss him kissing you.

28. Do you stalk me, or do you think I stalk you?

Know what he thinks about you now.

29. Was I good to you?

A test for your relationship strength in the past.

30. Do you think there is any habit I need to change?

It’s good to get advice from the people with whom you have spent a good time once.

31. Do you think I was a jealous girlfriend?

Get his perception about you.

32. Did you ever think I flirted with other guys?

Does he think you somehow cheated on him?

33. Do you know you can sometimes be overbearing?

Let him know what he did wrong and what habit irritates you.

34. What’s your present impression of me?

Know what he thinks of you now? As a friend, a person from the past, or an enemy forever.

35. How did you get over the breakup?

If it’s hard for him, then he was dedicated once, and if it’s easy, he was just playing with you.

36. Who do you think puts more effort into the relationship?

Dig him about what he thinks who put more effort into the relationship.

37. Do you think we can still come back together?

Just check whether he is interested in you anymore. It is your call to decide whether it is good for you to get back to him again.

38. Do you think the relationship made you a better person?

If yes, then he definitely claims you to be his life once.

39. What do you think is the major cause of our breakup?

Here you are, trying to find out what he thinks hurt your relationship the most.

40. Do you have any questions for me? I promise to give an honest answer.

Ask him about anything he wants to ask. Just be open and give him the chance to speak.

Your Call To Ask Whatever You Think Is Right:

If you see some of these questions as unnecessary, then don’t ask. Consider this a guide, not a rule book. It’s a list of ideas you can change to be more suitable for your situation.

These questions are meant to help you heal, move on from your ex-boyfriend, and find new love as a happier, healthier, and somewhat wiser person. They say you learn from your past mistakes, and that’s really what these questions are all about learning from your past mistakes.

I know that many of you have gone through a period in your life when you want to know how to get closure with an ex-boyfriend. I know I have. So take a look at the list above, pick out some of your favorite questions, and just flat out ask him.

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The questions to ask an ex-boyfriend for closure

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