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The Salt Your Plate Life Hack I Learned from a Waitress

I love this life hack. I’m not going to lie. I always wondered if I sent my plate back because I found a hair in my food, would they just take it to the back and return the same plate to me instead of a new plate altogether?

I no longer have to worry about that with the salt-the-plate life hack. I learned this from my friend who worked as a waitress for years.

Here is how it works … next time you find a hair in your meal, salt the dish heavily. This will ensure they don’t just take it to the back, remove the hair, and return it to you.

While one would hope that would get better customer service in a restaurant you really never know. Well, that is, until now. With the salt plate lifehack, you’ll know if they returned the same old food to you as before.

The Salt Your Plate Life Hack I Learned from a Waitress


Speaking of working in a restaurant, here are some random facts:

  • 14.7 million people work in the restaurant industry.
  • Half of all adults have – at some point – worked in a restaurant.
  • 1 in 8 Americans have worked in McDonald’s
  • One-third of Americans’ first job was in a restaurant.
  • 10% of the nation’s workforce is employed in a restaurant.
  • 90% of restaurant managers started at entry-level in the industry.
  • 80% of restaurant owners started at entry-level in the industry.



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