The Sleep Number Bed Sucks

I see commercials for the sleep number bed all of the time on TV. In fact, I don’t think there is any bed advertised as much as this one. Because I’ve heard so much about this bed and supposedly how great it was, I decided to buy one. I purchased a king size bed and couldn’t wait until it arrived.

From the moment it arrived I found it wasn’t the great quality bed it appeared to be on TV. The bed itself is really nothing more than two air mattresses with bed padding over it. Still, my husband convinced me to give it a try. Surely for the nearly $1500 we paid for the bed, it can’t be all THAT bad, right?


Well, it was. The concept of the number system is simple enough … the softer you want your bed the lower the number, the less air in the mattress. One side of the bed can be a 5 while the other side can be a 9. This is supposed to be a great selling point in that each person can have the mattress they want on their side of the bed but what I didn’t like is the massive lump in the middle of the bed from the difference in levels of air in the bed. Who doesn’t at some time or another rollover, even if just a little on to the other side of the bed? Well if you do, you without a doubt will not like this bed.

Next is the stability of the bed. Ever have a reason to sit on the foot of your bed? Well, you won’t be able to do that with this bed. This bed doesn’t come with any screws, everything just snaps together or lays on top of each other. They use this as a selling point, but for anyone who actually has one of these beds knows that it’s far from a benefit because if you forget and sit on the foot of the bed, the front part literally lifts off of the rails.

So if you are considering purchasing this bed, don’t.

The Sleep Number Bed Sucks

The Sleep Number Bed Sucks

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