Woman cuts off man’s penis for cheating! #snip #snip

Woman cuts off man’s penis for cheating! #snip #snip

Was this the ultimate punishment for cheating? Women often joke about cutting off a man’s private parts for cheating but apparently, one woman actually did it. Oh yes, I mean full-on snip, snip!

The website Phnom Penh Post, who calls itself the Cambodian newspaper of record reported that a woman was arrested for cutting off the private parts of her husband of which she suspected of cheating.  After he got drunk and went to sleep she went to work to get her revenge.


The Ultimate Punishment for Cheating

Here is what the translated version of the story said:

A Cambodian woman was arrested in South Korea on Monday for allegedly cutting off the penis of her Korean husband, according to South Korean media reports. The Korea Times reported that the 26-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed, was arrested after severing the genitals of her 52-year-old husband, Yang, who had fallen asleep after consuming alcohol.

The husband’s genitals were later surgically reattached after he was rushed to hospital where doctors deemed the wound not to be life-threatening. Family members and neighbors testified that the couple had often quarreled since their marriage in October 2007, with some suggesting the wife suspected Yang of having an affair.

Bith Kimhong, director of the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department at the Ministry of Interior, said Cambodian embassy officials would cooperate with South Korean authorities in accordance with local law.

“We frequently get news of domestic violence cases in Korea because our people often marry with Koreans and live in their families,” he said, adding he was unaware of the specific details of the case.

Officials at the South Korean Embassy in Phnom Penh declined to comment on the story. Interesting side note, in April 2008, the Cambodian government actually banned Cambodians from marrying foreigners, however, the ban was later repealed.


What do you think? Did she go too far? Or was the woman justified?

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Woman cuts off man’s penis for cheating! #snip #snip

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