Review of The Valentine Wedding Dress

The Valentine Wedding Dress is a romance novella by Sherryl Woods. Can a very special wedding dress bring about love on Valentine’s Day? Drawn to an old trunk in the attic, Lara Calhoun is unable to resist finding out what treasure her late, beloved mother had kept hidden away for all these years. Her unexpected discovery soon turns her world upside down and makes her second-guess everything she’s ever believed about her mother and about love. Will it lead her straight into Dave Lafferty’s arms, or make her turn away from the love of a lifetime?

The Valentine Wedding Dress

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  • Title: The Valentine Wedding Dress
  • Raina Rating: 5 out of 10
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Author: Sherryl Woods

I got this as a free audiobook from Audible. The basic idea for this story is that a girl’s mother had a secret … every year of her marriage she would pull out her wedding dress that she kept hidden in a box and cry over a love that never was.

It’s kind of like a big F-You to her current husband, the father of her children, no?

The whole idea of this bothered me. If you didn’t love your husband then why the heck did you stay married to him for all of these years? If your REAL love with some other guy, then I don’t know … why didn’t you just go for it instead of every year making such a big show of how you were so unhappy? That part of the story really bothered me beyond belief. I felt sorry for her husband and the father of her children.



Buy it, Borrow it, or Skip it?

I give The Valentine Wedding Dress a BORROW IT. If you can get this free like I did from then it might worth the 38 minutes of your time, but otherwise I wouldn’t waste actual money on it. The book was decent, but not worth spending money on it. It’s just to short, undeveloped and a little to unbelievable to be enjoyable.



Review of The Valentine Wedding Dress

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