These are the warning signs of gaslighting

These are the warning signs of gaslighting

You’ve no doubt heard the term “gaslighting” by now. It’s becoming a more common term but it’s something that has been around for a long time. In the 1960s, gaslighting became a term to describe manipulating someone’s perception of what is real.

So what are the warning signs that someone is gaslighting you?

  • They try and minimize your experience and convince you that the situation is not anything worth being upset about.
  • They deny what they previously said to you so that you start to down your memory.
  • They blatantly lie to your face in a way that makes you unsure if anything they say to you.
  • Sometimes though they’ll do nice things for you so you stay confused and off-kilter.
  • They undermine your beliefs and actions because of their desire to dominate you or to maintain power over you.
  • They project on to you so that you are constantly trying to defend yourself even when you didn’t do anything wrong.

Gaslighting is a form of abuse that causes a person to lose their sense of identity, perception, and worth.

  • When you’re with a gaslighter, be very aware of what they’re saying and doing around you. Pay attention to all the fine details.
  • Create an untouchable belief of yourself and what you know to be true. Your intuition is your guidance system, make sure to listen to it.
  • Keep it simple when dealing with the gaslighter and know their true motive is one thing. They are trying to make you believe what you know to be true as untrue (or the other way around.)
  • Don’t allow the gaslighter to think you believe what they’re saying. This gives them permission to continue on with gaslighting abuse.
  • Remember that nothing the gaslighter is doing has anything to do with you. They are the one who is sick.
  • Be okay with not “winning” in about between yourself and a gaslighter. Chances are, you probably won’t. This is part of the game they play. It’s few and far between that you will convince them you’re right and they’re wrong.
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These are the warning signs of gaslighting

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