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Tips for impressing men on Facebook

So you met a sexy guy and you want to impress him.  The two of you connect on Facebook, so now what?  Well fear not my friend … there are a few things you can do to greatly improve your chances of attracting his attention.

  • #1  Don’t post pictures of yourself without makeup or in a bad light.  Although this one should be obvious, apparently it’s not.    If you are trying to impress a guy, why in the world would you post pictures of yourself with no makeup or your hair not done?
  • #2 Put your best foot forward.  And by this I mean don’t post negative things.  Keep your drama off of Facebook and instead only post on fun, positive issues.  Don’t post about how you hate this or hate that.  Any posts you make should be about how you love this or like that or how something is really cool.
  • #3 Don’t be a drama queen.  Go out of your way to be the best person you can be.  Don’t pick fights with others and don’t get involved in other fights.
  • #4 Don’t try and make him jealous by flirting with other guys.  Trust me when I say it will only backfire on you.
  • #5 Don’t be to needy.  By this I mean a) don’t post to much and b) don’t always freak out if he doesn’t respond to something you post.
  • #6 Highlight your best attributes without being obvious that is what you are doing.  Maybe you can make some cookies and post pictures of how cute they turned out.  This will show him that you like to cook.  Maybe you can discuss picking up some food or clothes for the homeless shelter you are going to donate them too and how much you appreciate your friend (whoever) going with you to help.



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