Tips to a Great Phone Conversation

Tips to a Great Phone Conversation

Something people don’t seem to do anymore is actually talking on the phone. Sure, people text each other like mad, but old fashion phone chats are far and few between.

It’s sad really because a real phone call can be a great way to get to know someone, far better than just texting them. Okay sure face to face is the best way to really get to know someone, but that isn’t always possible. So that’s where the telephone comes in.


Before you call you should prepare a list of things you want to know talk about.  This will help keep your thoughts organized and keep you from having those moments of silence when you can’t figure out what to say.

Don’t do all the talking. If his replies are short or non-existent, then you aren’t asking the right questions.

Keep your questions light and open-ended. You don’t want to sound like you are interrogating him. Instead, ask about how his day was, what kind of hobbies he has and what kind of work he does. You want to ask him questions that will lead him to talk about himself.

When you get him talking, make sure you really listen to what he’s saying. Remember this call is about getting to know him. The only way you do that is to listen to what he is telling you.

Keep everything positive. Nobody likes a negative Nelly so go out of your way to find the good in anything he says.

Don’t worry about trying to impress him. That’s not the point of the call. You’re making this call to get to know HIM better and that means getting him to talk. Be complimentary, be polite and ask him questions about anything he talks about. If he tells you about a hobby he enjoys, ask him more questions about that hobby. If he tells you anything about his work, try and ask more questions about anything he told you about his job.


Just remember not to try and force it. Keep things light-hearted and positive.


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Tips to a Great Phone Conversation

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