The most important factors of a successful relationship

The most important factors of a successful relationship

My grandmother used to always say if you want to be happy, praise, love, acknowledge, and support your partner. But what are the two most important factors of a successful relationship?  Hand down it is Chemistry and Communication.  If you aren’t physically attracted to the person you are with then your relationship is doomed.  Beyond the obvious physical attraction, you must be able to communicate with your significant other.

You must be able to easily talk to each other and listen.  It’s been said a zillion times and it is true, communication is the cornerstone to any successful relationship.  I suggest to all of my friends to read a book or two on how to communicate and then share that book with all of their friends and I suggest that to you as well.  Head on over to Amazon and pick up a book or two or three on the secrets of communication.  Even if you aren’t in a relationship right now, you will be one day so at least you get that out of the way because at the very least you know you’ll at least have the skills needed to properly communicate with him.

What are some other important things that a couple should have in common?  Well, there is a sense of humor.   I like stupid funny while my ex-husband is more into the darker humor.  What one of us found funny, the other didn’t.  We were very incompatible in this aspect of our relationship and it really did cause several problems.  I found his humor to be offensive where he found mine to be juvenile.

Another thing that you might want to make sure you are compatible with is your affection level.  I am not really a touchy-feely kind of person and as such, I wouldn’t be very compatible with someone who was.   Although I don’t mind subtle touches, I find PDA (public displays of affection) bothersome so when I am looking for a suitable mate I would want to find someone who has similar likes in the affection department and you should consider this as well.







The most important factors of a successful relationship

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