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Relationships take a lot of work. And sometimes no matter how hard we try, there are problems. I’m by no means an expert. My name is Tracy and I want you to consider me a friend, someone who will listen to your problems and tell you what I think.

Here are some questions I’ve already answered for other people. But if you find you want to hit me up, then but sure and fill out the form below to ask your own question.

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Dear Tracy’s advice column is for entertainment purposes only. Tracy is not a love advice specialist or medical professional of any kind. The advice given here is intended to be taken with a grain of salt and is based on personal life experiences, not professional training. The reader is advised to use his or her common sense when it comes to adhering to this or any sort of romantic advice. If you are having serious relationship problems, you are advised to seek real help from a doctor, not someone you meet on the internet.

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