Vampire Lipstick

Vampire Lipstick – Vampire Lipstick Tutorial

I recently dyed my hair black, did I mention that already? Well if not, what do you think? Is it me? My sister joked and said that now I needed to wear some vampire lipstick. This got me thinking … yeah, that really might look good, especially since it will be Halloween soon!

Jacee with Cat Eyes Eyeliner

Only I wasn’t exactly sure about the best way to pull it off so I decided to do some research and I found a great tutorial on how to do it. I wouldn’t have thought black and red ombre lips would look so good together, but going by this video, it really did turn out well as vampire lipstick … don’t you agree?



When I first started this I thought, oh cool I can finally have a use for my new black lipstick. But turns out, not so much.



What she did was basically used black eyeliner to outline her lips and then filled in the corner of her lips with the eyeliner like it was lipstick. Next, she put red lipstick in the center and then used a small brush to blend the black.

I should note that vampire color lipstick is not the same as just black lipstick. It’s an ombre effect using both red and black. So if you want a vampy lip you really have to use multiple shades. You want the blood of the red and the goth of the black. It’s the only way to truly get the perfect shade.





Vampire Lipstick – Vampire Lipstick Tutorial

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