Welcome to Hell — the best #MeToo song

Welcome to Hell — the best #MeToo song

When the whole #MeToo movement began, I really thought it was great. Finally, women wouldn’t have to be sexually harassed anymore at work or put up with crap just to walk down the street. Of course, that isn’t how it is turning out and men are complaining that this whole thing just isn’t fair. I know, right? How dare a woman report a man that sexually assaulted them in their sleep? The hell you say!!!

No, but seriously, men aren’t happy about the new world we live in and to that, Saturday Night Live had THE BEST response … Welcome to hell. You’ll find the skit below and I hope you find it as amusing as I did.


My favorite part of the video has to be where the list off all the things that are ruined for women … parking and walking, and Uber and ponytails — bathrobes and nighttime and drinking and hotels and vans.


I know the whole #MeToo sexual harassment thing isn’t something to laugh about, but sometimes, things like this put it in a way that help everyone understand just how bad it really is for women out there.


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Welcome to Hell — the best #MeToo song

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