What Does the Dating Scene Look Like in 2023?

What Does the Dating Scene Look Like in 2023?

It’s been a turbulent ride these past few years, and life has not lent itself well to building relationships. So, What is the dating scene looking like so far in 2023? What should you look out for and expect from dating apps and their users?

We’ve got you covered.


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Infla-dating may seem like a strange term, but it’s actually not very complex at all. There’s no denying the fact that prices have been on the rise and have, without a doubt, been putting a strain on your wallet. How can you afford a romantic dinner when eggs are a luxury? Therefore, couples may need to be creative and find cheaper or free alternatives to keep the romance alive. Infla-Dating is a practical solution to help couples continue to enjoy each other’s company without breaking the bank during times of economic uncertainty.

Budget-friendly dates are all about being creative and finding fun activities to do together without spending a lot of money. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can have a great time. Here are some ideas for budget-friendly dates:

  • Picnic in the park: A picnic in the park is a classic and affordable date idea. You can pack a basket with some of your favorite snacks, fruits, and sandwiches and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. You can also bring a frisbee, ball, or any other games to play together.
  • Movie night at home: Instead of going out to the cinema, you can have a movie night at home. You can rent a movie or find one on a streaming service and make some popcorn or snacks to enjoy while you watch.
  • Cooking a meal together: You can plan a date night in the kitchen and cook a meal together. It can be a fun and intimate experience to work together to prepare a delicious meal.
  • Museum visit on a free day: Many museums offer free admission on certain days of the week or month. You can plan a date around one of these free admission days and enjoy exploring art or history together.
  • Outdoor activities: Hiking, biking, or going for a walk on a scenic trail can be a great way to spend time together in the fresh air without spending a lot of money.
  • Game night: You can have a game night at home and play some board games or card games together.
  • Explore a new neighborhood: You can plan a date to explore a new neighborhood in your city or town. You can walk around, check out the shops and cafes, and discover new places together.

Sober Dating

Now, don’t get too hurt over this one. It’s not like you can’t let loose and have fun every once and a while, but many singles that are ready to mingle are looking to reevaluate the consumption habits of themselves and any potential partners.

Sober dating is on the rise for several reasons. One significant reason is that more people are choosing to live a sober lifestyle, either by choice or due to addiction recovery. As a result, there is a growing population of people who prefer not to drink alcohol, and they seek like-minded partners who share similar values.

Moreover, the sober living movement has been gaining momentum, with more people recognizing the benefits of sobriety for their overall health and well-being. Sobriety is now seen as a lifestyle choice, and many people are embracing it as a way to live their lives to the fullest.


Another factor contributing to the rise in sober dating is the changing attitudes towards alcohol. Alcohol consumption has long been considered a social lubricant, but more and more people are realizing that it doesn’t have to be the only way to connect with others. Sobriety is becoming more mainstream, and people are finding that they can have just as much fun and connection without alcohol. Many people are becoming more health-conscious and are aware of the negative effects that alcohol can have on their bodies. They are opting for sober dating as a way to prioritize their health and well-being while also building meaningful relationships.

Overall, the rise in sober dating reflects a shift towards more conscious and intentional living, where people prioritize their health, values, and personal growth. So, don’t be alarmed if you come across those looking for a more sober-friendly lifestyle.

Open Dating

“Open Dating” refers to people who are open to dating a wider range of people than their usual “type.” The term sounds similar to that of an ‘open relationship’, but they are not the same.

There are several reasons why this phenomenon might be on the rise. One significant factor is the increasing use of dating apps, which has expanded people’s dating pool beyond their immediate social circles. This allows people to explore new and diverse dating options that they may not have considered before.

Moreover, people’s preferences and values may evolve over time, and they may become more open to dating someone who falls outside of their usual “type.” This can be a result of personal growth, changing priorities, or a desire to try something new.

Additionally, some people may feel that limiting their dating options based on a specific “type” can be too restrictive and may prevent them from finding a compatible partner. By being open to dating a wider range of people, they increase their chances of finding someone who is a good match for them.


Wanderlove is within the same idea base as open dating. It refers to people who are searching outside of their immediate area or city for a potential partner. There are several reasons why people might search for a partner outside of their city. Here are a few:

  • Expanded dating pool: By searching for a partner outside of their city, people can expand their dating pool and increase their chances of finding a compatible partner. This is especially true for people living in smaller cities or towns where there may be fewer dating options.
  • Personal preferences: Some people may have personal preferences that are not common in their immediate area, such as a preference for a certain culture or lifestyle. By searching for a partner outside of their city, they can find someone who shares their interests and values.
  • Career or lifestyle: People who have demanding careers or lifestyles that require them to travel frequently may find it more practical to search for a partner outside of their city. This allows them to have a relationship without having to sacrifice their career or lifestyle.
  • Online dating: The rise of online dating has made it easier for people to connect with potential partners from all over the world. By using dating apps or websites, people can search for and connect with people outside of their city who they may not have met otherwise.
  • Relocation: Some people may be planning to relocate to a new city or country in the near future and may be searching for a partner in that area. By starting a relationship with someone in their future destination, they can have a support system and familiar face when they make the move.

Conscious Dating

Meeting someone new and getting to know them can be fun and exciting. Who doesn’t love going on cute dates? But, as we get into 2023, it’s becoming clear that people aren’t looking for something casual, or that could be referred to as a ‘situationship.’ There is nothing more frustrating than being with someone and not knowing if there will ever be a next step.

There are several reasons why people may be looking for more serious relationships and avoiding casual dating:

  • The desire for emotional connection: Many people want a deeper emotional connection with a partner, and a serious relationship can provide that. Casual dating may not provide the level of emotional intimacy and connection that people desire.
  • Time and energy: Casual dating can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. Many people are busy with work or other obligations and may not have the time or energy to invest in casual dating. A serious relationship can provide a more stable and predictable environment.
  • Age and life stage: As people get older and reach certain life stages, such as settling down, getting married, or starting a family, they may be less interested in casual dating and more interested in finding a long-term partner.
  • Trauma or past experiences: Some people may have had negative experiences with casual dating, such as getting hurt or feeling used. This can lead them to seek out more serious relationships where they feel more emotionally secure.
  • Changing cultural attitudes: There has been a shift in cultural attitudes towards casual dating and hook-up culture, with more people valuing long-term relationships and commitment. This can influence people’s preferences and desires when it comes to dating.

This list is a mere drop in the grand, complex ocean that is the modern dating pool. That being said, hopefully, you’ll be a little more aware of what people are looking for in a partner in 2023 and won’t be blindsided. Get out there, have fun, and stay safe.


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What Does the Dating Scene Look Like in 2023?

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