What gift do I get my boyfriend?

What gift do I get my boyfriend?

I’m not going to lie, I’m a horrible gift giver. It’s in large part because I have an older sister who so incredibly good at it. She always seems to get the most amazing gift, no matter for who or what occasion. They are always the most perfectly thoughtful gifts too. How do you compete with that?

The one thing my sister always told me was that it didn’t matter what the price was – big or small, what matters is the thought that went into the gift itself.

For example, my husband is from Romania. So being in America she figured he probably missed foods he had growing up. So for Christmas, she finds a guy from Romania who is a chef and pays him to make him some Pasca, a Romanian Easter cake. How perfect was that? It wasn’t an expensive gift, but it was meaningful.


But what if you really can’t think of something unique to your boyfriend? Well, nice cologne is always a good standby.

Another great gift idea is an ancestry DNA test.

I also love my Amazon Echo and my Google Mini. Both of them are great and if your boyfriend doesn’t have one yet, I highly suggest you get him one.

Does he love sports? How about some season tickets to his favorite local sports team.

Make him his favorite dinner — just don’t forget a special dessert. Maybe his favorite cookies.

Do you live in a state that has the lottery? How about a custom gift box with a bunch of lottery tickets.

Does your man have a sweet tooth? You can make him your very own candy-filled gift basket. Someone else made one for their boyfriend for valentine’s day but this one would work for other holidays as well!

So there you have a bunch of different ideas in varied price ranges. I hope these ideas help and if you have your own idea, be sure and post it in the comments down below.


What gift do I get my boyfriend?

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