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What is mascara primer?

What is mascara primer?

Mascara primer is supposed to be the same basic concept as makeup primer. It’s supposed to be put on as a base that and they say if you do it will make your lashes appear thicker and longer.

What is mascara primer?


The problem is, I’ve never met anyone who uses it and says it works for them so I decided to make my cousin Danii give it a try. She has great eyelashes so who better to put this stuff to the test?

There are so many different brands of mascara primer there is no way that there can be that much of a kind of makeup made if it just doesn’t work all together.

So I could be sure it just wasn’t any one brand that wasn’t work or did work for me, she tried three different brands. I had her take a picture of herself so that you could see the results for yourself. Only two of the photos came out right but these two will work to prove my point. 🙂


In each photo, the left eye has primer, the right eye does not. As you can see, her eye lashes looked exactly the same. It was the same with all three brands. We both agreed that her lashes didn’t appear thicker, longer or stronger. Her mascara didn’t appear any different at all when she used primer, for any of the three different brands.

I wished I could tell you that it worked great and it was some magical makeup that if you use it, your eyes will suddenly become longer, more lush and wonderful. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.


I should mention none of these are the kind of primer that adds on those fibers. It’s just the basic white mascara primer we used.

We tried the mascara primer by L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Clinique.

These brands claimed to be lash building or to double my lashes. Clearly you can see that didn’t happen. Check out the pics, her left eye looks exactly like her right.


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What is mascara primer?

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