Jacee with pink ombre hair

What is Ombre Hair?

What is ombre hair you ask? Well simply put, it means to have multi-colors or various shades of hair.  Ombré is another way to say color gradient, which is a gradual blending of colors.

While ombré was originally the gradual lightening of the hair from dark to light, it has since changed and taken on a life of it’s own – or so it seems. Today it’s now about the fading of one color to another. It can be from dark to light or light to dark or even just one color like blonde with pink tips. In the picture you see below I have ombre hair. The top if blonde and the bottom is pink.



You can really ombre anything like your nails, your lips or even a wedding cake.


Technically speaking some people will refer to Ombre as a color ramp or color progression and I guess they are right, because you start with one color and gradually progress to the next.



What is Ombre Hair?

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