What is real love?

We live under the delusion about this concept we call “real love“.   From an early age, we are told that love is a feeling and that when we find “the one” or “Mr. Right” we’ll just know or that we’ll somehow magically sense it when it comes time.

But the truth of the matter is, real love isn’t some feeling or sensation.  Love is an action.  Love is a way we express our admiration of another person.  Love is about respect.  Love is the realization that life or relationships aren’t perfect and yet you are still willing to do whatever it takes to make that relationship work.


Just as in life, all relationships will have their ups and downs.  Relationships have good points and bad points and real love is about making it through the good times and the bad.  Real love is the willingness to make a commitment and to a person and then seeing that commitment through.  Anyone can say I LOVE YOU but it’s much harder to prove it over the course of a lifetime.


What is real love?

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