What Men Think

What is “What Men Think”?

I’ve been hard at work lately surveying hundreds and hundreds of men for a book I’m writing about finding love and dating.  It was then I realized that I should be offering this kind of information here at the site as well.  So with the help of my friend Brent, we can finally find out WHAT MEN THINK!   In short, we will present him with a question (yes you can submit yours too) and he will tell you what he thinks.

Brent is a friend of mine who I asked for his help with the site.  He’s a real estate investor from Houston,  Texas.  He’s 42 years old, widower with no children.  Actually, I’ll just copy and paste his message for you here so you can get to know him.

Hi.  I’m Brent.  I’m a 42-year-old real estate investor.  I’ve been married once and have no children.  My wife died about 3  years ago.  I was born and raised in the Houston area, where I’ve lived all of my life.  I went to the University of Houston where I studied finance.  I have one brother and two sisters.  I don’t claim to be a relationship expert or even pretend to be able to understand women but if you want me to tell you what I think, I’ll give it a go.

I have traditional, deeply southern values with inevitably influence the way I see things.  However that being said, I want to make it clear that contrary to what some people may think, not all men are the same.  The way I see things may not be how other men do.  I can only tell you how I feel or what I think about the questions you ask me.

So there you have it, ladies.  We now have a man on staff to answer your questions.  So if you ever wanted to ask a guy what he thought about something, then click here to submit your question(s) to Brent and find out what men really think.


What is “What Men Think”?

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