What not to say on a first date

What not to say on a first date

Everyone is nervous when going on a first date. You know that first impressions matter so people get nervous about doing or saying the wrong thing. Don’t worry, we are here to help with our list of things not to say on a first date!

Don’t Criticize

Nobody is perfect and if you go into this looking for perfection, your only going to be disappointed. So if something goes wrong on your date, let it go. Even if your date shows up not quite as polished as you might have expected them too.  People get intimidated if you start to point out their mistakes. And that’s not a way to impress someone on the first day.

Your Ex Should Never Come Up

I mean this one should be obvious, but the topic of your ex should never be brought up on a first date.  Bringing up the topic of your ex will spoil the entire date. Your date is not interested in your ex and by you talking about them, it only shows you aren’t over him (or her) and really ready to move on.

Don’t Be a Negative Nancy

There is something to the saying, the power of positive thinking. Being positive pushes forward positive energy around you. And on the flip side, being negative is thought to push negative energy around you. Your first date should be filled with positive things and that includes complimenting your date and talking about all things good.

Don’t Discuss Hot Topics

There are some things you’ll want to avoid talking about which includes politics and religion. Over time you can get to know the person better and find out how they feel about these subjects but it’s really not something you want to get into on the first date. When on your first date, you want to put your best foot forward and take things slow. Hot button subjects are to be avoided at all costs on a first date.

Don’t Talk About Money

Talking about how bad the economy is, or how bad things are for you financially is not something you should be discussing on a first date. Any subject about money would be inappropriate, about finances or your dates. It’s just bad form and may lead your date to think you are one of those kinds of people are all about money.

Don’t Discuss Sex

Obviously, sex is a part of relationships. But it’s not something you should be discussing on a first date. You should wait until the third or fourth date to talk about romance-related things. This will show your not the kind of girl who is looking for just a physical relationship.

Your first date should be a positive and enjoyable experience to make you both look forward to meeting up again for another date. The more he (or she) enjoys spending time with you, the more they will want to spend with you and that’s what you want to be careful on a first date.


What not to say on a first date

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