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What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You For No Reason?

What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You For No Reason?

The sad truth is, not everyone gets along, and sometimes someone just flat out doesn’t like you. But what can you do when someone doesn’t like you for no reason?

Well, here are 5 things you can do about it.


It is human nature that people like and dislike each other, but it is a fact that everybody wants to be liked by others. This natural desire is observed in the majority of our society, and they want others to like them. 

To make people like them, they do certain things that make them look credible, honorable, respectable, and gentle soul. You can make people like them with your uplifting character, caring nature, humble gestures, and attention, however, making people dislike you is a simple trap. 

Certain people just don’t like anybody around them. You must have observed many around you that don’t like anybody. 

If you are the one facing the issue that there is someone who doesn’t like you for no reason, whether they are your relatives, friends, colleagues, in-laws, or neighbors, this guide might help you overcome this thought of why they didn’t like you for no reason. 

5 Things To Do If Someone Doesn’t Like You For No Reason:

If you are in this situation where someone is expressing their dislike for you, and you simply don’t know why, you can get over it by following this very simple tested checklist of what to do. 

  • Try To Know The Reason To Fix It
  • Express Your Feelings
  • Show Positive Gestures 
  • Confront 
  • Ignore 

Try To Know The Reason To Fix It:

The first thing you can do is to explore the possibilities of what makes them feel this way about it. Although you know the fact that they dislike you for no known reason, it’s mature to know any possible reason and fix it. Disliking someone in return for their behavior does not make you be yourself, it is the difference between your characters that put you apart. 

Always try to fix yourself for any possible gesture that makes people get away from you, humans always need to improve and be better beings. Fix things within yourself and let the person decide if they want to continue with their odd behavior or be as positive as you. 

Express Your Feelings:

Expressing your true feelings is always the best way to make someone like you. If you find someone disliking you for some unknown reason, you have to express your feelings and let them know how different and loving you are to them. 

Expression solves major problems like dislike and gurges for other people. It is always better to sort things out by having a talk and expressing your true self. 

Show Positive Gestures:

If you find someone dislikes you for no reason, show positive gestures towards them. Help them, show them who you truly are and what you feel about them. Sometimes a smile works hundreds of times better than a talk. 

Keep a smiling, positive gesture towards them to make them feel comfortable and pleased around you. Positive gestures help in sorting misconceptions and disliking each other. 


What we have discussed above is because of your desire to be a different person and reply to people with love even if they dislike you for no reason. If all of your efforts are wasted, and you are still facing the same issues as that person, you can confront that right in their eyes. 

Confrontation sometimes makes people ashamed of their actions and makes them regret it for good. Confrontation solves issues and helps people like each other, but sometimes it can be dangerous. Since you don’t know the reason, this might be dangerous to go and confront the person physically. Make Sure you take all precautions and your effort is really worth your time. 


Ignoring is the last and the least considerable option you have. Once you have tried all you can do for that person, and you still think that all your time and effort is not worth your effort and time, then simply ignore the person. 

If you really think that whoever the person is dislikes you for no reason ignore them and let them live with their negativity, and you will keep living with all the love and passion. It also depends upon the person you are interacting with in this scenario because if that person who does not like you for no reason is your close relative or friend, then ignoring is not a popular option there. 

Continue Liking Others Even If No One Likes You:

We have discussed some suggestions and advice regarding the scenario where a person dislikes you for no reason, but you have to keep loving others without any expectations from others. Others always love people who are filled with love for others. 

Keep on loving others and spreading love. 

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What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You For No Reason?

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